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Category: Comedy
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Trends In Low Places is a comedic exploration of the hottest and dumbest trends of the day. If you’re in desperate need for unqualified analysis of our world’s most pressing issues, these are the guys for you.

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Podcast Episode's:
TILP 63: 4D Kong Dong Experience
<h5>This week, we unlock the memories trapped inside Dino DNA and spoiler alert: they’re pissed. Michael introduces the No. 10 worst apocalypse of all time, Mike explores atheist horror, and good buddy Curtis puts Universal Studios on notice.</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li>Evacuate now. [2:45]</li> <li>The Prehistoric Return of NBA Science [13:50]</li> <li>Top 10 Apocalypses - You won’t believe No. 9! [24:10]</li> <li>Chestbusters and facehuggers [29:30]</li> <li>Call Fieri By Your Name [34:30]</li> <li>Behemoths in the ring. [37:00]</li> <li>Double Dare Redux [45:00]</li> <li>Fort Collins Musical Revue [49:00]</li> <li>Hey Universal, Stop Spitting on Me [53:50]</li> </ul>
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TILP 62: Husky Boars Section
<h5>This week, we issue some updates on vital stories. Mike reveals his frog-fear origin story, Michael revisits last week’s most pressing stories, and we howl like wolves. No one knows where aliens come from.</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li>Read one dang book. [4:20]</li> <li>Feetsies in sneaksies [6:30]</li> <li>Poowatch No. 2 [10:30]</li> <li>Robo Lobo [18:45]</li> <li>Drunken debits [31:50]</li> <li>Australian spidermen. [40:00]</li> <li>Vampire problems. [50:30]</li> </ul>
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TILP 61: The Wedgie Sutra
<h5>This week, the boys hunt for shoe deals along the macabre shores of the Pacific Northwest. Mike breaks out his wizard robes for some extreme roleplaying, Michael has a full-on Mac attack, and everyone wonders where this guy’s poop went. Become transfixed by your own reflection, because it’s our best yet.</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li>Leg Bone’s Connected to the…Oops</li> <li>Well, bully for you.</li> <li>Dongus Leviosa</li> <li>Andy Poofresne</li> <li>Daddy Mac Will Make You Wanna…Puke! Puke!</li> <li>Nukeov Smirnoff</li> <li>Weedtasia: Dance of the Howards</li> </ul>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TILP 60: POTUS Wrestling Federation
<h5>This week, the boys get a tour of Fort Collins’ finest hotel from returning Good Buddy, Curtis. Michael wonders how two grown men become entangled with a robot, Curtis shares the worst MLK Day gift of all time, and Mike pushes the limits of presidential authority. Everyone gets progressively, aggressively drunk. Sorry.</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li>Football for the Lord [4:16]</li> <li>A Mannequin Knight’s Tale [6:20]</li> <li>Watermelon for my sham friends. [14:00]</li> <li>Not Fergalicious at All [19:40]</li> <li>Air Bud: Governator [27:10]</li> <li>A brief hotel tour [33:15]</li> <li>You like pepper spray, brah? [38:00]</li> <li>Smirnoff Ice contracts [41:00]</li> <li>OKStupid.com [43:45]</li> <li>No Dry Bristles [50:30]</li> <li>Never gonna click you up. [53:40]</li> <li>Can You Smell What Barack is Cookin’? [54:45]</li> </ul>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TILP 59: Sting’s Tantric Torrent
<h5>This week, the boys discover that the only thing Hogan Knows is failure. Mike realizes he missed out on all the hot space camp action. Michael defends us from the worst scum of the universe. We turn rumors into terrible reality and reimagine the Alaskan sex scene. It’s our best yet.</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li>Galaxy Defenders [2:40]</li> <li>Space Camp Orgy [10:38]</li> <li>Pastamania Runs Wild [14:26]</li> <li>Rumor Has It [36:30]</li> <li>Flamin’ Hot Fashionista [44:45]</li> <li>Santa, The Ultimate Arbiter of Justice [51:10]</li> <li>Sled Doggy Style [58:50]</li> </ul>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TILP 58: Crawmom Prime
<h5>This week, the boys welcome a special guest to help us fight off merciless hordes of European crayfish. Mike ponders the price of anonymity, Michael licks Doritos dust off his fingies like a trash bear, and Curtis explains how to smuggle a pizza into a movie theater. It’s our best yet.</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li>Clone armies and Old Bay [5:05]</li> <li>Illuminati Oscars invite [16:30]</li> <li>#brands and trash bears [27:40]</li> <li>One Dollar Daydreams [43:00]</li> <li>Ham babies and pizza spies. [55:15]</li> <li>Robo problems. [72:00]</li> </ul>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TILP 57: A Gull’s Porpoise
<h5>This week, the boys explore the unrealistic beauty standards of the world’s dromedaries. Michael finally reveals some young Howard content and Mike wonders: what if big beans?</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li>High time for fry time. [1:45]</li> <li>Supervillains and Humanity Stars. [8:15]</li> <li>@WeRateCamels [18:30]</li> <li>Two ends of the animal love spectrum. [26:30]</li> <li>What’s. On. Asia! [37:40]</li> <li>HUGE BEANS? [45:22]</li> <li>Newsflash: Florida is weird! [56:15]</li> </ul>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TILP 56: A Real Bad Apple Boy
<h5>This week, the boys remind you to see a doctor if you have a purple dinosaur lasting longer than four hours. Michael fruitlessly attempts to prove a conspiracy theory wrong. Mike cuts through the crap. We wax nostalgic for the only camping experience worth having.</h5> <ul><li>Dino bones [0:35]</li> <li>Johnny Appleripper [7:04]</li> <li>There’s always money in the Mattress Firm [21:31]</li> <li>MMOMG [27:21]</li> <li>Valet Horseplay [37:45]</li> <li>King of the wild buffet [45:50]</li> <li>Raised with the blade [53:00]</li> </ul>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TILP 55: Bourbon and Gravy
<h5>This week, the boys dive headfirst into mail crimes and welcome a new ruler to the throne. Michael serves us up a hot mug of the worst drinks of all time, Mike eats from the trash, and we learn the magical art of cleaning up.</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li>Amazon crimes</li> <li>Mail crimes</li> <li>Drink crimes</li> <li>Pizza crimes</li> <li>It’s mostly crimes.</li> <li>Yassss queen.</li> </ul>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TILP 54: Dildo Daddins
<h5>First off…we’re very sorry. This week, Mike jumps in a freezer and waits for death. Michael introduces the worst possible dildo experience of all time. It’s our worst episode yet, complete with a Marvel Studios-style post-credits scene. Enjoy?</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li>You can’t outdeal the Devil. [1:45]</li> <li>Damn you, Zach Braff. [4:00]</li> <li>Iguana PSA [7:25]</li> <li>Freeze me, beat me, kill me. [14:40]</li> <li>Become one with your toots. [21:10]</li> <li>Put some pep in your butt. [30:00]</li> <li>Testicular explosion disorder [40:00]</li> <li>The Ballad of Newman [45:00]</li> <li>Pump, pump, pump it up. [47:10]</li> <li>The literal worst FML of all time. [55:10]</li> </ul>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TILP 53: Don’t Drink the Water
<h5>This week, we are back and ready to roll into the new year. Mike and Michael make excuses for their laziness. Mike sees dead people. Michael gets high on catnip. We go for a little dip in Silicon Valley poop-water.</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li>Ooh, piece of candy [7:35]</li> <li>Sometimes Swedish dudes just hypnotize me [11:33]</li> <li>Pandacists are not welcome here [22:51]</li> <li>Merry Catmas [27:24]</li> <li>River of Giardia [35:01]</li> <li>Don’t beat me again Daddy [51:03]</li> </ul>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TILP 52: Platinum G-String Anniversary
<h5>This week, it’s our ONE YEAR anniversary, and we look a gift-frog in the mouth. Mike uncovers the hidden truth about aliens and tries to cover the unhidden truth about your cat’s butthole. Michael asks not what zombie Jesus can do for you, but what you can do for zombie Jesus. We go deep into the story of one man’s very horrible drunken mistake.</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li>Luketose Intolerance [3:22]</li> <li>Blink UFO [9:49]</li> <li>R2-DFruit [20:18]</li> <li>Fightin’ ‘Round the Girls [28:30]</li> <li>Lord Zombo Christ [37:30]</li> <li>Class Up That Cathole [46:55]</li> <li>Bronze Dildo Pogo Stick [54:18]</li> </ul>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TILP 51: Please Sue Us Mr. Ocean
<h5>This week, we find out what Jesus was hiding in that holiest of holes. Mike warns of the dangers of both confined spaces and horny ghosts. Michael reveals TILP’s newest sponsors and Mike shares our possible new theme song. We treat you all to the dulcet tones of The Michaels Ocean.</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li>This is My House [01:20]</li> <li>Mr. Dumb, Bad Robot [03:30]</li> <li>Badonkadonk Jesus [11:35]</li> <li>Binge Mode [23:15]</li> <li>Pirates of the Caribbean Queen [31:45]</li> <li>Sponsored Content [35:55]</li> <li>Ghost 2: Erotic Boogaloo [41:28]</li> <li>Secret Japanese Game Show [52:06]</li> <li>Come At Us Billy Ocean [58:16]</li> </ul>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TILP 50: Avalanche of Love
<h5>This week, we unleash an avalanche of pure sexual energy that explodes in a prism of mouth machines. Michael delivers Grim Truths about the Hunger. Mike once again reveals the limits of Christian science education. We learn some hard truths about all of Rudolph’s lady pals.</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li>Cush suits up. [3:00]</li> <li>Well, it’s erotica time. [11:45]</li> <li>Flower autopsies. [41:00]</li> <li>Sorry, Reindeer Games. [47:15]</li> <li>Absolute panda-monium. [55:55]</li> </ul>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TILP 49: Claus and the Real Girl
<h5>This week, we break off a piece of brain and absorb all of Einstein’s power. Michael invites some stinkpeople into his yard, Mike takes some rich people slummin’ with Tiffany, and everyone learns a thing or two about the Cushing family Christmas.</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li>Cover up your heat. [1:45]</li> <li>Dear Prudence, OH GOD NO. Naughty in North Pole [4:00]</li> <li>Gnome for the holidays. [16:00]</li> <li>How the other half lives. [28:00]</li> <li>You can’t just have this brain. [44:10]</li> <li>Remember when Albert Einstein invented the Cupid Shuffle? [51:30]</li> <li>National Treasure 3: JFK Brain Nuggies [53:00]</li> <li>This slip is bananas. [61:00]</li> </ul>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TILP 48: Chubby Chaser
<h5>This week, Mike takes time to nurse a litter of opossum pups before just absolutely ruining Thanksgiving for everyone. Michael finds the best Internet name contest of all time, and everyone takes a moment to praise our new saucy savior. It’s our best yet.</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li>Is the patriarchy even worth anything anymore? [2:25]</li> <li>Turkey drop update. [11:00]</li> <li>Here come the Hot Cops. [19:00]</li> <li>Time to play opossum mom. [25:20]</li> <li>2 Fat 2b Furious [35:00]</li> <li>A portrait of the messiah in ketchup. [41:40]</li> <li>Gritty McGritface [50:40]</li> </ul>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TILP 47: The Pork Knight Rises
<h5>This week, we open the show by forgetting the name of every famous artist. Mike takes a tasty bite of our Lord and Savior, Michael breaks some fake news, and we wonder why David Blaine won’t commit card crimes against ISIS.</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li>Someone please make Rush Hour 4. [5:15]</li> <li>The Colonel and His 12 Disciples [10:30]</li> <li>Blake Shelton and his no-good, unsexy balls. [18:10]</li> <li>Bless this holy pork roll. [26:45]</li> <li>Fake Penis News [33:15]</li> <li>I can feel it, honkin’ in the air tonight. [38:00]</li> <li>The Fart of the Deal [42:45]</li> <li>Card Crimes Against ISIS [49:40]</li> <li>Shaping young minds. [56:00]</li> </ul>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TILP 46: Air Bud 12: Attorney at Paw
<h5>This week, we uncover definitive proof that Donald Trump is not an ancient werewolf and is, in fact, just a dumb old man. Mike armors up for a neighborhood brawl. Michael delves into the Dark Web. We dive right into a pizza orgy.</h5> <ul><li>Accidentally in judged. [2:15]</li> <li>You have to tell me if you’re a cop. [6:00]</li> <li>Perfect dark web. [10:15]</li> <li>Daylight shut up Time. [18:40]</li> <li>Garfield hates cumdays. [21:15]</li> <li>Home on the ranch. [28:00]</li> <li>More like Taxgiving. [33:50]</li> <li>The Colonel’s good blessings. [41:30]</li> <li>Werewolves and Papa John triggers. [50:25]</li> <li>I. AM. IRONMAN. [57:45]</li> <li>Pizza orgies and Yoshi Yoshis. [64:45]</li> </ul>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TILP 45: Step Up 4 Deez Nutz
<h5>This week, the boys carefully back away from a small dog possessed by Endless Hunger. Mike laments a rift in the world’s most important family, Michael explores innovative toilet options, and we sift through Bin Laden’s movie collection.</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li>Go, go Kitchen Gadget [1:30]</li> <li>Mustache things [5:15]</li> <li>Fancy Feast [11:00]</li> <li>Strangerest things. [18:00]</li> <li>Fast 9: Civil War [19:30]</li> <li>Alternative toilets [30:30]</li> <li>Spread them cheeks, boys. Please. [39:20]</li> <li>Osama Bin Downloadin’ [50:10]</li> <li>WE ARE IMMORTAL. [61:00]</li> </ul>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TILP 44: The Spice Doctor
<h5>The boys are back after an unforced error, and we’re back with some greatest hits. Mike wants to crowdfund UFO hunters, Michael takes us to the dumbest doctor’s appointment ever, and we wonder if Donald Trump is actually a rogue AI hellbent on human misery. Nah, probably just an asshole.</h5> <ul><li>Ain’t no rule says a dog can’t be mayor [11:25]</li> <li>Hygiene Oopsies [24:00]</li> <li>Angels and UFOwaves [30:00]</li> <li>Melania Lavigne [37:15]</li> <li>Hot and Spicy Deuces [46:00]</li> <li>C+C Scream Factory [53:40]</li> <li>A tail of horror. [63:30]</li> </ul>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TILP 43: Dance Dance Revolutionary
<h5>This week, the boys step into the timestream to alter reality in a number of dangerous ways. Mike unveils a new underwear personal defense system, Michael weaponizes Jello, and we pull a Freaky Friday with Kim Jong Un.</h5> <ul><li>Welcome to Christian school. [2:00]</li> <li>Two scoops of blown mind. [9:00]</li> <li>I really ain’t afraid of no ghost. [14:00]</li> <li>Dance my way to the top. [18:45]</li> <li>It’s the sound of meme Police. [37:00]</li> <li>Slipping into the timestream. [41:10]</li> <li>[insert angsty lyrics here] AFK. [53:35]</li> <li>Family Circus Serkis Circus [61:00]</li> </ul>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TILP 42: Insane Ghost Posse
<h5>This week, we talk about ghosts in all the wrong places and get a lesson in Juggalo life from a listener. Michael asks how far we’d go for love, Mike gets uncomfortable, and everyone learns a thing or two about the grim specters of death.</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li>Haunt me. [5:00]</li> <li>Toilet ghosts. [10:40]</li> <li>Frogshank Redemption. [19:30]</li> <li>Pumpkin spice kayak. [21:40]</li> <li>Fireside chat with Scrubby Josh [25:40]</li> <li>A match made in weed heaven. [49:00]</li> <li>Marital problems. [59:10]</li> <li>Wrongfully accused. [68:00]</li> </ul>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TILP 41: Spliffhanger
<h5>This week, we follow in Twitter’s footsteps and take it to 280. Michael talks about being a young intramural hothead, Mike instigates a new burger war, and we lament the state of the male stripper meat market.</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li>Mad pooper updates. [6:15]</li> <li>Flat Earth sobsciety. [9:00]</li> <li>Everybody needs a Higgins. [16:45]</li> <li>Theoretical autumn. [23:00]</li> <li>A packed pocketbook. [28:00]</li> <li>2 High 2 Walk [33:15]</li> <li>NFL, the flag and Cheeto Prez [37:00]</li> <li>Baby, you got IT [49:45]</li> <li>Classroom crimes. [58:30]</li> </ul>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TILP 40: Humping Iron
<h5>This week, we get back to our roots: dongs and poop. Michael provides a helpful PSA about sticking things where they don’t belong, Mike reveals childhood scent trauma, and we uncover Chick-fil-A’s Sunday chicken crimes. Someone gets us to a Swiss toilet, immediately.</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li>My milkshake brings hot cops to the yard. [4:00]</li> <li>Weight weight, don’t tell me. [9:15]</li> <li>Jogging logger. [15:30]</li> <li>Poop Tin of an Artist as a Young Man [26:10]</li> <li>There’s always money in the Swiss toilet. [32:40]</li> <li>The Sick Scents. [39:00]</li> <li>2/10, would not review again [48:15]</li> <li>I hope you burn your damn hands off. [56:15]</li> <li>Don’t honk at me. [59:50]</li> </ul>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TILP 39: Never Go Grass To Mouth
<h5>This week, love is in the air…and the water, the dirt, and the train station. Michael forms a very deep connection with Mother Earth, Mike gets space insurance, and we celebrate the smartest concert-goer of all time. Seriously though, we laugh at eco-sexuals for a solid 30 minutes.</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li>A certified shrub banger. [4:30]</li> <li>Lovebugs and sex witches [14:30]</li> <li>All aboard the love train. [26:00]</li> <li>The friendly green skies [32:00]</li> <li>Memory short enough to forget you’re lonely. [38:40]</li> <li>Hot tub time machinations. [42:00]</li> <li>The Fur Baby Economy [47:45]</li> <li>Brilliant boozy booty [52:50]</li> <li>Never gonna give up this download. [59:40]</li> </ul>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TILP 38: A Well-Regulated Dog Militia
<h5>This week, the boys practice their used car sales pitches. Mike worries that clowns may have damaged their brand beyond repair, Michael investigates a very messy date, and now we’re running for mayor, and Hell’s coming with us.</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li>No. 1 All Star [4:30]</li> <li>Cover my tab? [6:40]</li> <li>Sorry clowns, this is pretty on-brand. [12:45]</li> <li>Peppa Pig’s piss-poor proposal. [16:55]</li> <li>Head Down, Windows Up, That’s the Way I Get My Poo [20:30]</li> <li>Simulated unicorn love. [30:40]</li> <li>Welcome to Hell, peasants. [36:25]</li> <li>Please don’t trust chug. [44:00]</li> <li>Waffle House special forces. [51:30]</li> <li>Time to cut those strings. [55:00]</li> </ul>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TILP 37: Carry On My Faygo Son
<h5>This week, we fall straight down the Juggalo hole. Michael puts his deductive skills to the test, Cush fights for the only acceptable pumpkins in August, and we find the only good time in a Porta-Potty. Seriously though, we can’t stop talking about Juggalos in this one.</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li>A millennial by any other name. [2:25]</li> <li>The Tumnus Disco Experience [6:00]</li> <li>Matchbees 20 [14:00]</li> <li>A Pay-Per-View event for everyone. [19:00]</li> <li>Ratpocalypse and toad salads. [31:00</li> <li>Maybe stick to sex tips, Cosmo. [40:05]</li> <li>Winning the war before it starts. [46:30]</li> <li>The Tayluminati. [51:35]</li> <li>Back off, you stupid orange gourds. [55:40]</li> <li>Just the faqs, please. [61:00]</li> </ul>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TILP 36: Beep-Boop, Grandma’s Dead
<h5>This week, our cup runneth over with delicious conspiracy theories. Michael takes his last rites from the world’s dumbest robot, Mike revels in the second coming of our Lord Steven, and the boys finally realize why everyone loves Pitbull so damn much. We finally say what everyone’s thinking: “Let’s blow up that grumpy old moon of ours.”</h5> <p>Highlights include:</p> <ul><li>Snowflake boys unite. [3:00]</li> <li>Let’s blow up that stupid, nasty old moon. [5:00]</li> <li>Steven H. Christ! [11:50]</li> <li>Get your AI to Mars [22:45]</li> <li>Hello human, I sense pizza-hunger. [29:00]</li> <li>Pitbull’s Eternal Underpass Party. [38:00]</li> <li>Alternative FAQs. [44:30]</li> <li>The life-changing magic of thief-cleaning [51:00]</li> <li>Bridge jumpers, baby mailers and millennial crisis. [55:30]</li> </ul>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TILP 35: The Plug of Extraordinary Gentlemen
<h5>This week, we chat a little bit about Charlottesville and segue from those human dildos to actual sex robots. Michael wishes for a brighter Keith Richards timeline. Cush tries to be Cockney, lands in Australia. We air out some hamster crimes.</h5> <p>Highlights include:</p> <ul><li>Charlottesville, the ACLU, and human garbage. [2:00]</li> <li>Cush gets a 4:20 education. [9:50]</li> <li>Michael does some tortilla sins. [19:20]</li> <li>Would you like to play a (sex) game? [27:00]</li> <li>For the discerning gentlemen. [32:40]</li> <li>You failed us again, Keith Richards. [38:00]</li> <li>Dale Bearnhardt and Cheez-It’s last ride. [43:00]</li> <li>Glittermom’d! [52:45]</li> </ul>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TILP 34: Zuneboy, King of Skynet
<h5>This week, we take a break from ruining your childhood favorites to ruin the Bloomin’ Onion. Sorry, they’re Satanic now. Michael invites everyone to a family exorcism, Cush lays plans to become king of Skynet, and we wonder how long it would take us to become jerks in Westworld. THE SAND MYSTERY DEEPENS.</h5> <p>Highlights include:</p> <ul><li>Love is dead, and Marvel Studios killed it. [1:05]</li> <li>#AaronsParty starts swinging. [4:20]</li> <li>Possibly the worst contraceptive of all time. [7:30]</li> <li>Science editors having a good time. [21:50]</li> <li>Looks like you’re trying to destroy humanity. Want some help with that? [25:45]</li> <li>Green investments [35:20]</li> <li>Hipster barfights [44:00]</li> <li>Exorcism tomorrow? START PLAN. [47:30]</li> <li>Footsteps in frosting. [61:25]</li> </ul>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TILP 33: Cocaine Poolboys
<h5>This week, we bring a special guest onto the show to explore the Cushing family’s brush with a notorious Florida drug queenpin, Michael’s eyes are opened to the deeply Christian nature of every 90s rock band, and Cush connects the dot on the highly sexual global conspiracy emanating from the Hundred Acre Wood.</h5> <ul><li>The horrifying Bezos dog mill. [2:00]</li> <li>These cookies are so good I can’t feel my face. [10:40]</li> <li>Winnie the Pooh: Weibo hero, Illuminati member, and insatiable sexual deviant. [30:30]</li> <li>Hey asteroids, let’s bring it on back. Finish the mission. [49:50]</li> <li>Hater dater data. [54:50]</li> <li>Blessings from Dr. Coppertone. [60:15]</li> <li>Was there an owl? [64:50]</li> </ul>
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TILP 32: Pollo Sensual
<h5>This week, Michael introduces a brand new fashion craze, Cush calls out the cowards of #DriveByDunkChallenge, and the great Atlanta sand mystery deepens. A raccoon meets a grim end, and we find the weirdest video on the Internet. We did it.</h5> <ul><li>Michael gets his giblets checked. [4:20]</li> <li>Let’s just not, HBO. [9:15]</li> <li>Sir, please turn off those headlights. [15:30]</li> <li>They see me (not) rollin’, they hatin’. [26:00]</li> <li>The sand mysteries. [28:25]</li> <li>Do you want rabies? Because that’s how you get rabies. [31:20]</li> <li>Well, that’s one way to fertilize an egg. [38:40]</li> <li>Spicey’s Feisty Ice Heist. [51:30]</li> </ul>
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TILP 31: Inflatable Tube Discourse
<h5>This week, the boys throw a grim #AaronsParty, revel in old commercials, and struggle to find sympathy for the skydevil. Mike takes payment technology to the next level, Michael brings your eyes to Flavortown by way of hell, and every listener owes us 1,000 hours of community service. Ha! Gotcha, suckers.</h5> <ul><li>The Game of Sheerans [1:15]</li> <li>#AaronsParty takes a dark turn. [3:45]</li> <li>411, not just for olds. [8:00]</li> <li>Terms and Conditions? Never heard of ‘em. [13:05]</li> <li>Welcome to Skylaw, dummy. [18:55]</li> <li>Short, gross passwords. [27:00]</li> <li>Balloony Bin [34:10]</li> <li>It’s toilet time, a-holes. [41:30]</li> <li>The poop is out there. [44:35]</li> <li>Sunny Flavortown beaches. [50:15]</li> </ul>
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TILP 30: Needledick Penisgun
<h5>This week, we explore the Flat Earth civil war and geriatric social media. Michael introduces the world’s most devious 10-year-old, Cush gets a hankerin’ for seitan, and we talk about punching kids for the 5th episode in a row.</h5> <p>Highlights include:</p> <ul><li>Cush’s fun weekend plans [2:25]</li> <li>#Buttholegate [4:50]</li> <li>‘Cause we’re all creeeeeps. [14:40]</li> <li>Crisis on Infinite Flat Earths [20:05]</li> <li>Voice-to-Tweet Technology [27:05]</li> <li>Cards Against Your Childhood [33:20]</li> <li>Needledick Penisgun [35:55]</li> <li>Celebrity crushbones [43:45]</li> <li>False flag murder diary [52:00]</li> <li>#Disguisting #allwomen [64:25]</li> </ul>
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TILP 29: Buff Up Your Beef
<h5>This week, Michael returns from the beautiful Greek isles to…this whole mess. The boys talk in depth about which children they could defeat in single combat, Cush expands your penile workout regimen, and we lament Ed Sheeran’s exit from Twitter. What’s On Weibo makes a tasty return.</h5> <ul><li>Bronzed Greek god [3:00]</li> <li>A helicopter dick for the modern era [12:00]</li> <li>Got a case of the munchies. [28:15]</li> <li>Magnum Pleasure Pop-Up [34:10]</li> <li>Taste the Racebow [45:20]</li> <li>Fancy a biscuit? [51:30]</li> <li>Clash of Kids [54:00]</li> <li>Dogmergency [63:00]</li> </ul>
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TILP 28: Too Many Sweet Moves
<h5>This week, Cush stumbles upon a glitch in the Matrix and Michael comes to a stark realization about his tolerance for haunted children. We explore the secret history of the Bible, the imperfections of modern technology, and lament the kickboxing Predator that could have been. Somehow, we forgot to talk about porn AGAIN.</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li>The right time to punch your child [5:30]</li> <li>A cold key is a safe key [7:55]</li> <li>Alexa, I’m drunk - buy everything. [13:35]</li> <li>A glass half deadly [16:35]</li> <li>A sweaty, splitty mess [22:30]</li> <li>Jurassic Park Genesis: Origins – Noah Begins [33:15]</li> <li>The worst Uber Pool [39:10]</li> <li>Sommelier all the things [46:25]</li> <li>I believe in the sand beneath my toes. The beach gives a feeling, an earthy feeling. [56:45]</li> </ul>
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TILP 27: Ghosts, Goats and Guy Fieri
<h5>This week, we talk about onion ring conspiracies and start a fight with the whole dang animal kingdom. Michael introduces some real tight swimwear. Mike pitches a new pastime for bored rich people. We get in touch with our animal roots.</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li>The Ghost Babysitter’s Club [2:00]</li> <li>Lorde of the O-rings [10:20]</li> <li>Pig with a full tummy. [16:05]</li> <li>The strength of 5 go-rillas! [28:15]</li> <li>How Now Chocolate Cow [30:30]</li> <li>Comey, Comey, Comey Chameleon [34:00]</li> <li>Nice, tight man nips. [41:10]</li> <li>Billy Goat Gruff [48:50]</li> <li>Ninja Chronicles [75:00]</li> </ul>
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TILP 26: All the Pretty Faces
<h5>This week, a listener submission turns into the horniest episode in this very dumb show’s history. Michael introduces the world’s favorite sex positions. Cush goes all-in on new chicken-ordering techniques. The boys explore the conspiracy at the end of all things. This episode contains: a lot of faces and a heaping helpin’ of porn.</h5> <ul><li>Turns out insects are animals. Who knew? [2:10]</li> <li>The Vin Diesel roleplaying experience. [5:30]</li> <li>We are all on James Deen’s face. [12:15]</li> <li>Pornhub’s big, hard data. [19:30]</li> <li>Gotta stay butt to butt. [25:20]</li> <li>What’s the J for? [29:20]</li> <li>KFC meddling with forces beyond its understanding. [33:00]</li> <li>The Vin Scully of Sex Commentary. [37:00]</li> <li>OK, now simulate a universe with penis bones. [41:30]</li> </ul>
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TILP 25: The Bourbon Anniversary
<h5>This week, the boys pull out all the stops and deliver potato-quality audio for their 25th episode. Michael explores innovative bacon options. Cush joins the ranks of chain-hating Millennials. In this week’s conspiracy theory, we crack the hollow shell of the Earth to explore its deepest mysteries.</h5> <ul><li>Back in the saddle. [2:20]</li> <li>The high price of Tom Hanks endorsements. [6:25]</li> <li>It’s getting hot in here. [9:15]</li> <li>This candy idea has legs. About 8 of them. [17:00]</li> <li>No thanks, Bill Maher. [26:00]</li> <li>Finally, a Millennial cause I can get behind. [33:45]</li> <li>Dudebro barometer: use of female. [38:40]</li> <li>No Boys Allowed. [43:30]</li> <li>Welcome to Shamballa, surface-dwellers. [47:30]</li> <li>Your bits are buzzing. [64:00]</li> </ul>
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TILP 24: RompHim Stompin’
<h5>One of our good, good boys was hunting raptors in Scotland this week, so Michael brought it some special guests to help him out. We did a real interview with one of the founders of the <a href="http://www.romphim.com">RompHim</a>, and he pretended to like all of our design ideas. We closed out the show with some listener questions, where Michael was sure to remind everyone that penises do not, in fact, have a bone, Curtis reveals his childhood plans for world domination, and we make a plea to Sam Muthafuqqin Jackson.  </h5> <ul><li>Curtis makes his long awaited return! [0:45]</li> <li>RompHim? Damn near killed him! [2:50]</li> <li>Listener Questions! [38:35]</li> </ul><h5>Be sure to check out <a href="http://www.romphim.com">RompHim.com</a> for more information about the RompHim!</h5>
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TILP 23: The Raptor Chronicles
<h5>This week, the boys unashamedly become a conspiracy theory podcast. Cush explores the surge of power married people feel at the reins of a single person’s dating app. Michael investigates the horror that walks among us. Everyone learns a thing or two about the depth of human stupidity.</h5> <ul><li>Don’t Ken Bone the Rock. [2:25]</li> <li>Slipped a disc there, huh?. [8:35]</li> <li>Chicago continues to be the most dangerous city in America. [12:45]</li> <li>Sand and pee buddies. [18:05]</li> <li>Overlords from the great beyond. [22:20]</li> <li>Just a deep misunderstanding of physics. [41:00]</li> <li>Your Honor, may I please heckle the bench? [48:15]</li> <li>Ride the R2D2 lightning. [52:00]</li> <li>Shitty First Dates. [54:35]</li> <li>Sapiosexuals. [61:30]</li> </ul>
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TILP 22: Bromper Buddies
<h5>This week, the boys take a shot at the original king of the male romper. Cush steps to the wrong side of history to defend Nickelback for some reason. Michael introduces two very insane conspiracy theories and receives assurance he’s just the prettiest boy. Shockingly, we talk a lot about butts again.</h5> <ul><li>Ghost riding your own whip. [1:45]</li> <li>The worst of men’s fashions. [3:40]</li> <li>Bros and Butts. [8:55]</li> <li>The gross laws of attraction. [19:40]</li> <li>Marry me! [25:35]</li> <li>I’m just an impostor boi. [34:20]</li> <li>A Poorly Thought Defense of Nickelback. [41:00]</li> <li>I’ll take one art, please. [48:15]</li> <li>The Finland Conspiracy [58:20]</li> </ul>
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TILP 21: The Bird Supremacy
<h5>The boys are back in action to chat drinking leagues, bad names for genitals, and the darkest secrets of our parents. Michael doesn’t trust our criminal jiu-jitsu system. Cush takes a trip among the stars and demands a Bill Clinton Animorph Experiment. We talk about being naked for maybe too long?</h5> <ul><li>Drinking league aggression. [1:35]</li> <li>No more front-bottoms and wee-wees. [7:40]</li> <li>A time and place to be naked. [17:20]</li> <li>Falconry, the sport of sexy presidents. [25:30]</li> <li>Kill me, Jason Statham. [34:35]</li> <li>Tim Gunn, deadliest man alive. [37:40]</li> <li>Very bad things, RV-style. [44:40]</li> <li>The price of infidelity. [54:20]</li> </ul>
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TILP 20: From Dusk Til Dong
<h5>This week, the boys celebrate Ja Rule’s return to the public eye and mourn our lost opportunity to sell dumb stuff to Instagram kids. Cush delves into the great Shaved Cat Mystery of 2017. Michael breaks down a meaty feud between Portland strip clubs. We all yell about “woke” commercials.</h5> <ul><li>The summer’s hottest jams.  [3:00]</li> <li>Fyre away! [8:45]</li> <li>Fake Woke Brands [17:45]</li> <li>Naked &#38; Afraid: Honeymoon Edition [27:20]</li> <li>Get paid, Barack. [34:25]</li> <li>Trump parodies…but why? [38:00]</li> <li>Shaved kitties and Dane Cook. [42:30]</li> <li>Vegan Strip Club vs. Steakhouse Strip Club. [50:40]</li> <li>Pee and Primanti Bros. [63:00]</li> </ul>
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TILP 19: Ass-assin’s Creed
<h5>This episode starts with Cush whiffing hard on pop culture and goes downhill from there. We investigate eels where the sun don’t shine, Michael tracks down the sickest beats on the planet, and Cush gets pretty worked up about British people. The boys talk a lot about butts, poop and murder. So… pretty standard episode.</h5> <ul><li>Smart Cities and Soft Lumber. [2:00]</li> <li>Eels in your bumbles. [6:00]</li> <li>Home witchdoctor remedies. [12:30]</li> <li>DJ Geriatric. [19:15]</li> <li>Marsupeople. [25:20]</li> <li>Big Parasite’s Tourism Play [29:05]</li> <li>Fun with nuclear reactors. [33:50]</li> <li>Y’all basic. [40:10]</li> <li>Juicegate. [45:10]</li> <li>Lock it up, Britain. [52:30]</li> <li>Faux terrorism and just a real big damn dog. [57:40]</li> </ul>
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TILP 18: Gwyneth Paltrow’s Downstairs Mixup
<h5>This week, the boys weigh the benefits of flying dildos. Michael wonders why Gwyneth Paltrow wants to shove bad things up vaginas, Mike relives tragic Easter memories, and we examine the darkness that lies in the hearts of men. No big deal.</h5> <ul><li>Uranus. Hehehe. [3:35]</li> <li>You’re a smart feller, I mean a fart smeller. [7:00]</li> <li>Cards Against Humanity, the ultimate barometer of cool. [7:55]</li> <li>Internet vigilantes, leave it to Liam Neesons. [10:00]</li> <li>Dildo all the things. [13:10]</li> <li>Easter grudges linger. [17:20]</li> <li>Back on that grind(r). [22:00]</li> <li>Looking for jade in all the wrong places. [28:12]</li> <li>OK Google, give me an Angry Cyanide Whopper. [33:30]</li> <li>Somehow a worse Donald Trump. [40:20]</li> </ul>
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TILP 17.5: Guess Who Is Coming to Furious
<h5>We watched Fate of the Furious, and y’all…well, we weren’t sober. Please enjoy this rowdy breakdown of the newest installment of the finest movie franchise of this, or any, generation.</h5> <h5>Alternative episode titles include: Diesel Team One, Mr. Diesel If You Nasty, and Punching You In the Dick All Day.</h5>
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TILP 17: Tuna Fast Tuna Furious
<h5>This week, the boys discover there’s such a thing as too much bacon. Cush introduces your favorite new phrase. Michael explores Canada’s strategic porn reserve. Our Shanghai field reporter issues her first communiqué, and it’s killer. Everyone gets a Bible lesson.</h5> <ul><li>Sean Spicer’s Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Press Conference [2:40]</li> <li>Choke artists unite. [6:50]</li> <li>#JasonSegelEatMyFace [8:20]</li> <li>Berenstain Bears and Too Much Bacon. [14:40]</li> <li>Highly skilled Chinese labor. [22:01]</li> <li>Tuna – it’s in your mouth. [26:30]</li> <li>Breakup music. [34:15]</li> <li>Preserving Canada’s rich cultural heritage. And sex comics. [40:00]</li> <li>Crucifixion, you know for funsies! [46:40]</li> <li>The next wave of Biblical edutainment. [53:40]</li> </ul>
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TILP 16: Do a Barrel Heist!
<h5>We finally pulled off a live show, and it’s a banger. We talk about crackheads, the restorative properties of Publix chicken tenders. Michael investigates the greatest heist of all time. Cush betrays a severe misunderstanding of science, which should not surprise long-time listeners. The boys advocate healthy pee habits.</h5> <ul><li>Chicken tendies cure all ills. [1:45]</li> <li>The Highway Collapse of Northern Aggression. [3:05]</li> <li>#shotsfired [7:15]</li> <li>The sweetest crime in history. [9:03]</li> <li>The last action punchboy. [26:00]</li> <li>Flapjack failures. [28:50]</li> <li>The fanciest, dumbest fruits. [34:45]</li> <li>What are you doing, Yahoo? Just what are you doing? [45:00]</li> <li>The tricky side of male contraceptives. [47:20]</li> <li>Hit me with that creamy filling. [56:50]</li> </ul>
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TILP 15: Dr. Rendezvous’ Punch Society
<h5>Reunited, and it feels so, so good. This week, the boys swap fishing stories, ponder the impact of bringing an Xbox to an orgy, and yell at a train. Cush tries to get to the bottom of a dirty story, Michael explores why NBA players go so crazy, and the boys ask if fake news is ever OK. But really, we talk about an orgy for a very long time.</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li>Michael discovers the Big Chicken [3:15]</li> <li>Red Lobster rules, and we won’t hear differently. [6:05]</li> <li>Hometown orgy goes awry. [10:51]</li> <li>Hey dudes, maybe just try being smarter and less shitty? [14:35]</li> <li>Mind the gap between fake news stories. [25:35]</li> <li>Shaquille O’Neal joins the Flat Earth Society. [34:40]</li> <li>Buzz Aldrin punch club and the best nickname of all time. [40:15]</li> <li>We continue our war on New Zealand. [45:25]</li> <li>Bathroom cameras, but for weirder reasons than you think. [47:26]</li> <li>Canada’s two-ply aggression intensifies. [53:50 [...]</li></ul>
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TILP 14: March Badness
<h5>The boys recorded this one last week, so we called our shot on a March Madness champion - we both missed by a country mile. Cush introduces the least necessary movie reboot of all time, Michael waxes poetic on religion, and we both talk about Pornhub. Maybe too much?</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li>The boys dunk on March Madness </li> <li>PSA: Don’t read and drive.</li> <li>Gladiator II: Fightin’ ‘Round the World</li> <li>We rank some Dans.</li> <li>A Bible theme park adventure - now 100% less creepy.</li> <li>Michael gets his wires crossed on the Moses and Jesus origin stories.</li> <li>Breaking down the numbers on porn and dating.</li> </ul>
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TILP 13: Father Ralph’s Demon Emporium
<h5>Though half the duo was profoundly hungover, the boys turn in a real banger of an episode. Michael fixes healthcare, Cush takes a surprising stance on demonic possession, and What’s On Weibo makes a surprisingly non-sexy return. We celebrate the sacred tunes of Journey.</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li>Mike and Michael make bad choices [1:35]</li> <li>After All These Years, still Daylight Saving Time? [4:00]</li> <li>When You Love an International Women’s Day [10:50]</li> <li>We go Separate Ways on demonic possession. [23:30]</li> <li>Who’s Crying Now? (It’s Cush, playing a VR demon experience. [33:33]</li> <li>Lovin’, Touchin’, Stabbin’. [33:40]</li> <li>Steve Bannon’s Seinfeld money. [40:05]</li> <li>I’ll Be Alright With You, Chinese Police Robuts [41:50]</li> <li>The Party’s Over, pandas suck now. [47:35]</li> <li>Don’t Stop Bein’ Dumb, Canada [50:40]</li> <li>Journey joke. [56:05]</li> </ul>
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TILP 12: Danger Little Sweetmeat Jones
<h5>This week, the boys discuss the merits of weaponizing the dang moon. Michael reveals what happens when sex technology goes too far, Cush teaches Michael a new word, and we explore some of the finest baby names this side of a trash pile.</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li>Cush is full of pink goo. [1:45]</li> <li>To the moon, Elon. [7:05]</li> <li>It’s about ethics in space rocks, Michael. [13:25]</li> <li>Wearable Technology in Low Places [15:50]</li> <li>Teleconferencing, but with dildos. [26:41]</li> <li>You’re dangerous, Mhavrych. [29:40]</li> <li>Venture deep into the storied lineage of the Sweetmeat clan. [34:23]</li> <li>How far would you go for a doctor’s note? [40:22]</li> <li>Looking for love in all the pun places. [48:45]</li> <li>DJ Pauly D doesn’t respect contracts. [56:50]</li> </ul>
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TILP 11: Welcome to Piña Coladaburg
<h5>Ostensibly the hosts of a show about current events, the boys forget to talk about anything current or relevant. Cush struggles to accept a world in which a live-action Cinderella movie exists. Michael uncovers gnome-based meth economies, and we chat for far too long about alcoholic malt beverages. Better step back, friend – this is New Kids on the Block turf.</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li>Where carb bonanzas are a pleasure [1:00]</li> <li>2017 gets into the murder business [2:15]</li> <li>The Cushing family’s dark history with While You Were Sleeping [7:20]</li> <li>The boys throw an #AaronsParty [11:05]</li> <li>Cinderella’s gaslight ball [19:55]</li> <li>What’s up with all these 90s, though? [24:41]</li> <li>The Smirnoff ISIS Counterinsurgency [32:35]</li> <li>Crank: High Gnomage [37:27]</li> <li>The worst party bus in history [47:50]</li> <li>Master-Pieces of Pig Theater [53:30]</li> </ul>
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TILP 10: That Girl is Poison
<h5>Welcome to the episode so nice, we recorded it twice. This week, we delve deep into the secret history of the world (spoiler alert: everything is fake and nothing matters). Michael introduces us to a man of utmost conviction and infinite misfortune. Cush discovers his dumb brain is full of dumb movie quotes. We explore the most ineffective corporate training of all time.</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li>Turns out George Washington can tell a lie. [3:40]</li> <li>You know what else is a lie? Turns out, all of history. [6:15]</li> <li>The NBA All-Star Game, not just for sick dunks anymore. [17:20]</li> <li>World’s Funniest Home Accidental Assassinations [21:50]</li> <li>Hey. Japan. Can you slow it down on the game shows, please? [26:50]</li> <li>Some monkeys play nice. Some rip your face off. [38:00]</li> <li>Rabies? In my brain? It’s more likely than you think. [48:05]</li> <li>The corruption of American youth, one lifelike doll at a time. [52:45]</li> <li>I’ll take [...]</li></ul>
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TILP 9.5: Trends in John Wick Places
<h5>We just watched John Wick Chapter 2, and felt it deserved its own episode. The boys examine John Wick’s good, good murder, his thirst for vengeance, and celebrate that his dog survived until the end. Also, a dick may or may not have been chopped clean off. This has been Trends in John Wick Places, with your hosts John Wick and John Wick, with special guest, John Wick. </h5>
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TILP 9: All Hail Techno-Buddha
<h5>Love is in the air, and this Valentine’s Days the boys whipped up one hell of a horny episode. The boys explore alternative condom applications, Cush recounts his limited sexual education, and Michael draws a hard line on poop pranks. We take our first radical steps down the Noble Eightfold Path.</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li>I left my heart (and shoes) in N’yaaahlins. [0:40]</li> <li>Condoms on your head. No, the other head. [7:15]</li> <li>Male birth control, yes please. [11:35]</li> <li>Sage fatherly advice. [17:53]</li> <li>The greatest generation wreckin’ fools. [24:38]</li> <li>We find poop in all the wrong places. [34:10]</li> <li>High on donuts. [38:22]</li> <li>TechnoBuddha drops that beat. [45:05]</li> <li>Michael Cushing fan club poll results! [51:50]</li> </ul>
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TILP 8: Fine Corn Cannibals
<h5>This week, the boys chat about the interpretative dancers who opened and closed the Lady Gaga concert. Michael votes with his wallet, Mike admits to some very light animal neglect in the name of love, and the boys explore alternative ocular health services. Also, BREAKING NEWS: Comcast is a garbage company with a garbage service.</h5> <ul><li>Super Bowl and The Wiser Bud [1:00]</li> <li>Where’s the poop, Harry? [6:25]</li> <li>#Boycotts and #SquadGoals [12:25]</li> <li>Dating profile shenanigans [20:45]</li> <li>King’s Hawaiian Rolls &#62; Breitbart News [31:10]</li> <li>Is that tongue on your HMO? [33:50]</li> <li>Breaking News: Teens are Dumb [42:40] (Sorry about the audio issues)</li> <li>Cannibal Hamsters [47:05]</li> <li>Operation Donut Drop [54:50]</li> </ul>
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TILP 7: They Don’t Stop Coming
<h5>This week, the boys take a page out of the Indiana Jones playbook and get down to the important business of punching Nazis. Michael explores our grim future of pig-human hybrids, Mike ponders health food, and we play Smash Mouth for THE ABSOLUTE LAST TIME (don’t hold us to that). We get our mouths on the tastiest trend: the newest creation from the Taco Bell test kitchen.</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li><span style="font-weight:400;">Michael reveals his search history</span><span style="font-weight:400;"> [0:30]</span></li> <li><span style="font-weight:400;">Modern day Captain Americas (Captains America?) [9:15]</span></li> <li><span style="font-weight:400;">Planet of the Pigs? [20:45]</span></li> <li><span style="font-weight:400;">Cowabeetus [27:20]</span></li> <li><span style="font-weight:400;">Taco Bell does it again [33:10]</span></li> <li><span style="font-weight:400;">Way too much of a good thing [43:29]</span></li> <li>The Michaels Face/Off [48:34]</li> </ul>
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TILP 6: All-Star, but with an Extra Bone
<h5>You gotta fight for your right…to remix Smash Mouth songs on YouTube. This week, when Mike goes low, Michael goes high. Michael espouses tyranny of the skies, Mike misunderstands basic male anatomy, and somehow Australia finds a new way to commit murder. The boys are joined by their first honest-to-goodness expert to dive into the incredible world of Japanese bidets. Everyone says “butt.” Like, a lot.</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li>Women&#62;&#62;&#62;&#62;Trump [0:35]</li> <li>Smashmouth, but it’s actually good [9:08]</li> <li>Toilet Talk, with Oded Eshel [18:08]</li> <li>Smashed knees, porn buffs and crowning babies in the friendly skies [27:44]</li> <li>Mike reveals the limits of Christian school anatomy education [37:46]</li> <li>Did Beyonce teach the world nothing?! [47:53]</li> <li>Australia has one more thing to kill you [54:53]</li> <li>The Official Michael Cushing Fan Club [60:38]</li> </ul><h5>Thanks to RoccoW for use of our theme song, Welcome. Che [...]</h5>
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TILP 5: Snake Plisskengate
<h5>Someone check on Jason Priestley, because we’re pretty sure 2017 has rendered all celebrities immortal (please don’t prove us wrong). This week, Mike struggles with Internet personalities, Michael explores China’s most vicious gangs, and everyone deals with random urinal buddies and the hilarity of Trump’s inauguration. Mike takes issue with how we label scandals; things get loud.</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li><span style="font-size:10pt;">Hey Wikipedia, check your shit.</span></li> <li><span style="font-size:10pt;">#saltbae</span></li> <li><span style="font-size:10pt;">PeeBuddies4lfye</span></li> <li><span style="font-size:10pt;">Bruce Springsteen and the Z Street Band</span></li> <li><span style="font-size:10pt;">John Lewis is all action; we’re all talk</span></li> <li><span style="font-size:10pt;">LOTS OF WEIBO</span></li> <li><span style="font-size:10pt;">Snakes gettin’ sexy, Channing Tatum gettin’ noodles</span></li> <li><span></span></li></ul>
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TILP 4: Bed, Bath & Beyonce
<h5>This week, Mike and Michael take a break from the unceasing torrent of celebrity death to explore survival in deep winter conditions, question why Georgia babies are so thirsty for murder and pitch celebrity product endorsements. What’s On Weibo makes its triumphant, highly sexual return.</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li><span style="font-size:10pt;">Why can’t you spell, you dumb idiots? </span></li> <li><span style="font-size:10pt;">I Want It That IPA and other boy band beers. </span></li> <li><span style="font-size:10pt;">Dumb shit from CES 2017. </span></li> <li><span style="font-size:10pt;">Ugh, MILLENNIALS and how morons pander to them. </span></li> <li><span style="font-size:10pt;">Funeral strippers. </span></li> <li><span style="font-size:10pt;">Reptile people, and is Gucci Mane a clone? </span></li> </ul><h5>Thanks to RoccoW for use of our theme song, Welcome. Check out Rocco on Bandcamp: roccow.bandcamp.com/album/-</h5>
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TILP 3: Don’t Be a Dick
<h5>This week, Michael and Michael dive into the unrelenting hubris of humankind, Christmas miracles and the delicate masculinity of sweet, fragile boys. We’re joined by our first guest, Curtis, to goof on Star Wars, explore nerd ownership and much much more.</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li><span style="font-size:10pt;">The Insurgency Against Christmas </span></li> <li><span style="font-size:10pt;">Dildo Nativity, Satanism and Morrissey Hates You </span></li> <li><span style="font-size:10pt;">OF COURSE MORE PEOPLE DIED. </span></li> <li><span style="font-size:10pt;">Rogue One, Gender and Race in Nerdery </span></li> <li><span style="font-size:10pt;">Fragile Masculinity and White Genocide (whoopsiedoodles!) </span></li> </ul><h5>Thanks to RoccoW for use of our theme song, Welcome. Check out Rocco on Bandcamp: roccow.bandcamp.com/album/-</h5>
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TILP 2: Fewer Problematic Opinions!
<h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li><span style="font-size:10pt;">2016’s reign of terror continues unchecked.</span></li> <li><span style="font-size:10pt;">When good technology goes bad, automation and Mike Rowe</span></li> <li><span style="font-size:10pt;">Why are baseball players so friggin’ WEIRD?</span></li> <li><span style="font-size:10pt;">Snapchat, and Michael is old.</span></li> <li><span style="font-size:10pt;">Tribalism and toxic masculinity in sports culture</span></li> <li><span style="font-size:10pt;">Dumb police punishments</span></li> <li><span style="font-size:10pt;">Satire in an absurd world</span></li> <li><span style="font-size:10pt;">Ed Sheeran returns to the fold.</span></li> </ul><h5>Thanks to RoccoW for use of our theme song, Welcome. Check out Rocco on Bandcamp: https://roccow.bandcamp.com/album/-</h5>
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TILP 1: We’ll Fix This in Post
<h5>In the first episode of Trends in Low Places, we explore the shallow end of the deep abyss of the Internet. We make plenty of mistakes, and tiptoe around some problematic opinions (we’ll get better!).</h5> <h5>Highlights include:</h5> <ul><li><span style="font-size:10pt;">Cush mispronounces Louis Tomlinson of One Direction’s name (many times), and Michael has no idea who that is. </span></li> <li><span style="font-size:10pt;">Michael rambling about a Taco Bell trip </span></li> <li><span style="font-size:10pt;">Jeff Foxworthy (is he still alive? maybe!) </span></li> <li><span style="font-size:10pt;">Trump and stuff </span></li> <li><span style="font-size:10pt;">Rent-A-Jew service in Germany and the migrant crisis (we go deep!) </span></li> <li><span style="font-size:10pt;">Asian people selling naughty pics on a 2-day old payment platform </span></li> <li><span style="font-size:10pt;">Hudson News </span></li> <li><span style="font-size:10pt;">Bachelorette parties and their [...]</span></li></ul>
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