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Category: Games/Hobbies
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The Furry Knitter Podcast follows knitwear designer and teacher Rachel Frank (and her cats). She entertains, educates, and empowers knitters giving them a sneak peek into the world of deigning and experimenting with different techniques and tools.

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Podcast Episode's:
Episode 5 Kit the Stash
In this episode of The Furry Knitter, Rachel shares whats been going on the past 9 months.  There are a lot of furry finished objects both large and small.  Castonitius has struck big time and Rachel has some grand plans to kit her stash and knit some amazing projects in 2018.  We say hello to…
Watch: vodcast - video/mp4

Episode 4 Prepping for the Big H
In this episode I share my annual PSA about endometriosis for awareness month, but this year has special meaning for me and I reveal a major milestone in my battle with this disorder. Then we move onto some WIPs where my battle with gauge continues. Hint: the socks are winning lol. I have a couple…
Watch: vodcast - video/mp4

Episode 3 Butter and a Batwing
In this episode I share some works in progress, battle it out with my gauge, and reveal a new shawl designs that makes me think of the new lego movie (Batman oh ya!).  You’ll also get to see some mischief from Butter (the adorable Siamese baby in my social media profile pictures).
Watch: vodcast - video/mp4

Episode 2 Everyone Needs a Yarn Pillow
In Episode 2 of the Furry Knitter Podcast, I share progress on my knitting nemesis (so far everyone is playing nice together).  There is also a new beaded WIP,  finished project, and progress in the design corner with a baby shawl in the works to experiment with patterns.  Plus you get to meet Bast (shhh…
Watch: vodcast - video/mp4

Episode 1 Good To Be Back
In Episode 1 of the Furry Knitter Podcast, host Rachel Frank will share her works in progress, reveal her arch nemesis, show off some finished knitting and weaving, and gives you a sneak peek in the design corner.  Her favorite resources for the week include Craftsy, Mirrix looms, Cascade 220, Penguin Soup, Shi-Bui, Slipped Stitch…
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