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Podcast that focuses on missing persons cases, cold cases, unsolved mysteries and much more.

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Podcast Episode's:
Fake tips and Death threats – Maura Murray
As some of you know, I received a series of fake tips which were sent to NHCCU and which they investigated. I also received a series of death threats. I have been trying to figure out who was behind it until yesterday when I found something rather interesting. As it turns out Tim Pilleri and Lance (whatever his last name is) also used Ghostmail.com for their Missing Maura Murray podcast. Now back in 2016, ghostmail.com was closed down and all the users of Ghostmail.com received the following email: Dear GhostMail user/visitor, GhostMail in its current form will be closed down as per 1. of September 2016. Since we started our project, the world has changed for the worse and we do not want to take the risk of supplying our extremely secure service to the wrong people – it’s simply not worth the risk. In general, we believe strongly in the right to privacy, but we have taken a strategic decision to only supply our platform and services to the enterprise segment. We hope you understand this decision and we refer to other free services available, as an alternative to our platform i.e. Protonmail. PRO users will be refunded and contacted directly. Best regards, The GhostMail Team. As you can see from the email Tim and Lance would have received back in 2016, they would have been referred to Protonmail.com. Most users of Ghostmail.com migrated to Protonmail.com. The reason I'm writing this and doing my podcast is because I want the community to know about this. It's my belief that the fake leads came directly from Tim and Lance. I also believe the death threats also came from Tim and Lance. Why they are doing it is beyond me! It's clear that these two don't like me and the feeling is mutual, however to go as far as sending death threats using protonmail.com because you know police can't get access, well Tim and Lance, you are trash! ~Acdetective~
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Maura Murray Update
In the following podcast, I discus death threats I've received form someone in the community following Maura Murray's disappearance. I also discuss my frustration with the community and certain people within this community which is clearly no longer trying to find Maura Murray but instead their goal has become to follow James Renner and Tim and Lance.
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Interesting find in Maura Murray’s disappearance
In this podcast, I discuss some new findings on Maura Murray's disappearance. Here is the newspaper article which I reference in the podcast: http://jop.stparchive.com/Archive/JOP/JOP02182004P08.php https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByBfe6nS9-d4bXFhZnhkNmxTMTA/edit
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Default title
Was it really this simple? - Maura Murray Lately I've been reading old articles on Maura Murray's disappearance. I felt like I had reached a dead end in my search. I had theories but no facts to back them up with. Well this all changed tonight when I read an old interview someone had with Faith Westman. The person who interviewed Faith was called Angela Pitrone-Nason and the interview took place on January 8 2006, less than two years after Maura disappeared. There were certain sections in the interview that really peaked my interest. If you would like to read the transcript of the interview, you can find it here: https://mauramurray.createaforum.com/evidence/another-westman-interview/msg319/#msg319 What caught my attention was the comment made by Faith Westman, have a look: “They never saw anyone else around that car besides that one person and never saw any other vehicles stop, prior to police arrival, other than a school bus.” What this statement confirms is that there were no vehicles that passed in front of the Westman's between the time Butch left the scene and Cecil arrived. The reason this statement is important to helping solve Maura Murray's disappearance is that it limits the roads her abductor could have taken. If no vehicles passed in front of the Westman's then it only leaves two roads or options for her abductor. He either made a right turn from Bradly Hill Rd to 112 heading east and the other option is if a vehicle was heading west on 112 and makes a left turn on Bradly Hill Rd. Here's another interesting statement by Faith Westman in this interview: “Both Tim and Faith Westman say they are positive that nobody walked by their house (back towards Route 10)...they said that they could see clearly out in front of their house and would have seen her go by...plus the officer came from that way and didn’t see her. (I was there when it turned dark and the light is fairly bright and the house is close to the road). They feel that she must have walked the other way.” This means Maura Murray did not head west, but in fact headed east of the crash site. This is also supported by evidence when the search dog tracked her smell to approximately across the street from the Atwoods. We know that there was a 7-9 minute window between the time Butch left and Cecil arrived. We also now know that no vehicles where seen between the time Butch left and Cecil arrived. Now in my opinion this means her the abduction took place between 7:37 - 7:45. So when we put all of this together, it shows that Maura headed east after the crash and her abductor either lives east of the accident site or was east of the accident site when the 911 call came in because the Westmans claim there were no vehicles to pass in front of their home between the time Butch left to the time Cecil arrived. Assuming Maura Murray was abducted, her abductor lived east of the crash site and was about a 10 minute drive from the crash site when the call came in at 7:27 PM. Now if you take this into consideration and trace out the path 10 minutes from the crash scene and east of the crash scene, you get this. When I saw this I was shocked because this is where Rick Forcier claimed he saw Maura Murray the night she disappeared..... ~Acdetective~
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My final podcast episode on the disappearance of Maura Murray
This will be  my final episode covering Maura Murray's disappearance.
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New information on Maura Murray’s disappearance
In this podcast I disucss some of my new finds in Maura Murray's disappearance.
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TADP – Season 3 Episode 9 – Contradiction – Maura Murray
Putting this together was very difficult so please be patient. The other day I was researching Maura Murray's disappearance when I stumbled on an article that flips this case on it's head. It was an article featuring quotes from Butch Atwood. Here's an extract from the article: “The next thing he knew, Haverhill Police Department Sgt. Cecil Smith was banging on his bus window. Smith asked him if he had called in the accident and seen anyone at the scene. Atwood told Smith he had seen a girl about 20 with dark hair. Smith said when he arrived, Murray was no longer with her car. In the seven to nine minutes between the time Atwood had left Murray to call for help and the time Smith arrived, Murray had vanished. "I took a ride around the back roads," Atwood said. "I was gone about 15 minutes. Then I took a ride to French Pond." He even drove about a mile down the road to the store in Swiftwater to check and see if she was there. She wasn't. When he returned to the accident scene, a New Hampshire State Police trooper was there. Atwood said they checked the woods in the immediate area to see if Murray had gone into the forest. There weren't any tracks.”   So why is this so important? Well it completely contradicts the statements made by John Monaghan on the Oxygen documentary. Here is what John Stated: First he claims to have been near the Wire Mill in Lisbon NH. This area is approximately a 17 minute drive from Maura's crash site. So if John as he stated began driving in the direction of the crash site, he should have arrived no later than 7:47 PM, a minute after Cecil arrived, but clearly by Butch's statements, this isn't the case. Monaghan claimed to have made two stops, one to a dark colored Subaru. He asked the driver if she saw a female walking. This is another problem since Monaghan claims Cecil Smith called dispatch to advise that a female was missing, yet in reality when Cecil Smith arrived on scene, he called dispatch to have the license plate run. It came back to being owned by Fred Murray of Weymouth MA per an article written in the journal opinion. Here is Cecil's statement: “On Feb. 9 at 7:29p.m., a 911 call was placed by residents on Wild Ammonoosuc Road about a motor vehicle accident. At 7:46 p.m., Grafton County Dispatch received a call that Sgt. Cecil Smith arrived at the scene. Smith found the vehicle locked and without a driver. He had dispatch run the license plate for the black 1996 Saturn 4-door. He was informed that the car was owned by Fred Murray of Weymouth, MA. “ Oddly enough, John Monaghan never once comments on this! John also claimed that he ran into Welma Robinson who was working at the switwater stage stop. She was on her way home from working her shift. Again, in Butch Atwood's statement he claims to have driven to that store in his bus however there is no mention by Welma of ever seeing Butch Atwood at that store. Also, if Butch Atwood left shortly after Cecil Smith arrived on scene and knocked on his window, then wouldn't Butch and Monaghan crossed paths? According to John he claims the caller said that they couldn't see her anymore, however he doesn't specify if it's Butch or if it's Faith. The problem here is that it's unlikely that it's Butch since he had a hard time getting throught, but either way we have the transcripts of the 911 calls and there was no mention of this conversation ever existing. It's like John made the whole thing up! Now we know from Butch's statement that John Monaghan was on scene when he returned from his 15 minute drive. Check out what John claims in the documentary: “so, when I got to the scene, [00:07:30] I pulled up and Cecil Smith was already there and I saw the car kinda smashed into the tree, on the side of the road. And I rolled down my passenger side window and said, hey, what's up? And he goes, I don't know. There's a box of wine in here and it looks like she's been fillin up a soda bottle with wine. Um,
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Some more thoughts on the disappearance of Maura Murray
I've put together some more thoughts on the disappearance of Maura Murray.
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The past week in the Maura Murray community
Hey everyone, I've decided to make a short podcast to discuss a few things that have happened in the online community. If you hear some noise in the background, it's my Boston Terrier lol. Feel Free to leave a comment.
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TADP Season 3 Episode 7 – Discussing the disappearance of Maura Murray
In this podcast episode, I discuss more information on Maura Murray.
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TADP Season 3 Episode 6 – The unsolved murder of Barbara Agnew
In this episode, I discuss the unsolved murder of Barbara Agnew
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Maura Murray and the Becket School
The purpose of this podcast is to discuss my latest findings in Maura Murray's case.
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TADP Season 3 Episode 4 The unsolved murder of Pamela Webb
It was the summer of 1989 in a small New England town. It had rained the previous 3 straight days. Pamela Webb, a 32 year old woman from Winthrop Maine was getting herself prepared to make the trip up to Mason NH to visit her boyfriend, Josh Cloud. Pamela had been working at Digital Equipment Corp out of Augusta Maine. Digital Equipment Corporation was a major American computer company from the 50s to the 90s. The company was later bought out by Compaq and then later purchased by HP. She had met Josh Cloud while working for Digital Equipment Corp. Pamela was a well liked young woman and was known by her family and friends as being family oriented and also known for having a very strong faith and someone close to God. Pamela packed up her blue 1981 C-10 Chevrolet pickup truck. She brought several items including her handbag, a Bible and her pet beagle. Today actually marks the 30th anniversary of the discovery of her truck at mile 30.4, southbound on the Maine turnpike near Biddeford ME. Unfortunately Pamela never made it to see her boyfriend Josh Cloud. According to Pamela's turnpike ticket, she entered the roadway in Augusta at 9:52 pm on July 1 1989. What happened after this is uncertain. What's known is that her blue 1981 C-10 Chevrolet pick up truck was located, and she was no where to be found. The disappearance of Pamela Webb from Winthrop ME had all the earmarks of foul play. There were two large blood stains found near the disabled pick up truck beside the southbound lane of the turnpike. There was also signs of unspecified struggle. The lead investigator in the case, Steven McCausland said the following “We are very concerned about her well being”. Police also gathered clues from the scene and analyzed them at the Main State Police crime Lab in Augusta Maine. They also began soliciting potential witnesses to come forward. One of the samples analyzed at the crime lab was the blood stains that were found near the vehicle. Police wanted to be able to determine if the blood was that of Pamela Webb. The subsequent searches for Pamela Webb were intensive. State police, game wardens and special search teams from the Brunswick Air Naval station were all involved in the searches as were several K-9 units. The searches spanned both sides of the Maine Turnpike and went all the way from mile 7 to mile 30 searching for clues in Pamela's disappearance. Pamela had left on July 1st which was a Saturday and her vehicle was located at approximately 2am the following day. Law enforcement theorized early on that something happened to Pamela while she was changing her tire on the side of the road. During the searches there were 43 people from Brunswick, at least a dozen police state troopers, a dozen game wardens and three canine teams. An all points bulletin was issued for Pamela Webb. She was described as slightly built, 5 feet 1 inches tall, with brown eyes and brown hair done in a french braid. She was also wearing a blue denim mini skirt, new white sneakers with pink decorations on them and a sweater like shirt of unknown color. The search itself spanned a total of 23 miles. A total of 75 people told law enforcement that they spotted Pamela's vehicle in the breakdown late the night she disappeared. Others even called to report suspicious activities that happened to them. Unfortunately, the searches were unsuccessful. It was only 16 days after Pamela Webb disappeared that her body was finally recovered. One such incident of suspicious activities was the ordeal a Cornish NH woman had suffered not long after Pamela disappeared. During this suspicious event, a Cornish woman was forced to stop her car on a quiet New Hampshire road. It was believed that this incident may be related to Pamela Webb's disappearance. Now remember, Pamela's vehicle had a flat rear tire. In this incident, a man in a pick up truck pulled up alongside the Cornish woman. He told the woman that she had a bad tire and was signal...
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Rebuttal to the latest Missing Maura Murray podcast episode.
In this episode, I discuss the latest attempt by the part of Tim and Lance to attack me at Crime Con. It's very raw and uncut. I didn't really do any editing so sorry in advance for my breathing etc. Please leave a comment. Thanks.
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Maura Murray and Season Three updates
Updates on upcoming podcasts and Maura Murray.
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New Hampshire cold cases and their potential ties to the disappearance of Maura Murray
In this episode, I discuss my research into several New Hampshire cold cases and their potential ties to the disappearance of Maura Murray. The episode's transcript will be made available to the Armchair Detective Podcast's patron's. To become a patron, simply click on the become a patron button on my blog main page. I will upload the transcript on patron tomorrow. You can become a patron for only 1 dollar per month. I hope you find this episode interesting. Feel free to drop a comment.   ~Acdetective~
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Clearing out all the Red Herrings in the disappearance of Maura Murray
Today we learned that Cecil Smith is no longer with us. My thoughts and prayers go out to Cecil's family and friends. My co-host Kasey and I decided to do a podcast episode to clear out all the red herrings in Maura Murray's disappearance. During this episode, we talk about a list of questions I had sent to John Healey, a private investigator who looked into Maura's disappearance. There was a total of 40 questions I sent him and out of the 40 questions, all ended up being red herrings in his opinion! Please feel free to leave a comment.   *Edit*   Below is the list of questions sent to John Healey: All of these are red herrings... For those not familiar with the definition of a red herring, it is something, especially a clue, that is or is intended to be misleading or distracting.   The night Maura Murray had a breakdown and cried supposedly because of a call from her sister Kathleen about her drinking. Do you believe this has any impact on Maura’s disappearance or is it a red herring? There were rumors about Maura packing her things in the dorm as if she was moving, is there any truth to this or is it a red herring? There was a lot of different speculations about Fred Murray and the $4000. What do you think about this and would you qualify this as a red herring? The Petrit Vasi hit and run was for the longest time a source of rumor and speculation in Maura’s disappearance. Do you believe Maura hit Petrit Vasi, if not do you believe this is a red herring? The accident and party the night of the accident that Maura had with Fred’s vehicle in Hadley, do you believe this has anything to do with her disappearance or is it a red herring? The ATM video was for the longest time a source of speculation in Maura’s disappearance. Do you believe this to be important to her disappearance or just another red herring? The Londerry ping was for a long time a source of speculation. Do you believe the Londerry ping is important to Maura’s disappearance? If not, do you think it’s a red herring? There were also many speculations about the accident scene and potential staging of the accident scene. Do you believe there was any tampering with either the vehicle or the accident scene? If not, do you believe this is a red herring? The rag in the tailpipe was for the longest time a source of speculation. Do you believe it’s prevalent to Maura’s disappearance, and if not do you believe it’s a red herring? The witness statements given by Butch Atwood changed several times during the following days/weeks and years after Maura disappeared. Do you believe Butch Atwood was telling the truth? If not, do you believe he knew more? Or was his witness statement another red herring? There was another witness knows only as witness A for the longest time. She claimed to have seen a police cruiser 001 (suv) parked nose to nose with the Saturn. Is this true and if not, is it a red herring? The tip given by Rick Forcier three months after Maura disappeared where he claims to have seen someone fitting Maura’s description near 112 and 116. Do you believe this tip to be accurate or is this another red herring in this case? The so called “loon mountain three”, do you believe this to be a credible lead, if not do you think it’s a red herring? The pickup truck with the Massachusetts plates seen at the store less than a mile from the crash site, do you believe this to be a credible lead or a red herring? Author James Renner believes Maura was pregnant when she disappeared. Is there any truth to this or is it a red herring? There were some internet rumors that state Maura Murray fled to Canada to start a new life. Do you believe this to be credible or a red herring? The rusty knife supposedly given to Fred by one of the Moulton’s, do you believe this to be related to Maura’s disappearance? Or is it a red herring? In the same note, do you believe that the A-frame house was involved in Maura’s di...
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Potential lead in Maura Murray disappearance
I was discussing the case with my future co-host when she told me about this and I thought it may be a break in the case. Feel free to leave comments.
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TADP – Update
Hello everyone, I've decided to do an update podcast to let you know what I have in store for 2019. Please feel free to contact me if you have any ideas or suggestions. Thanks!
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TADP Season 2 Episode 12 – F.B.I Most Wanted Fugitive Robert Fisher
F.B.I. MOST WANTED ROBERT FISHER     Welcome to another episode of the armchair detective podcast, I’m you’re host the armchair detective. Today’s episode will be much different than my other episodes. While in this episode I will be talking about a missing person, this missing person also happens to be on the FBI’s most wanted list. His name is Robert Fisher. This case was brought to my attention by youtube follower Ben. Thanks Ben for your suggestion. If anyone else has suggestions on cases you would like me to feature on my podcast, please let me know. My goal is to have the listeners of the armchair detective podcast to participate in this podcast so again if you have suggestions, or if you would like to participate in an episode by co-hosting an episode about a case that is important to you, please send me an email and let me know.   As I mentioned in my last episode, there will be a few things to look forward to in the upcoming months. I will have some promotional events on the podcast where I will give away promotional gifts to listeners of the podcast. I will also be putting out an e-book in the next few months which will detail my journey into true crime podcasting and will be discussing never released materials about some of my early podcast episodes. I actually already began writting this ebook and will post it to my website armchairdetective.org. The ebook will be sold for $5 per digital copy, however patrons of the podcast will receive free copies.   Now onto today’s case. In today’s episode I start by discussing the details surrounding the tragedy that struck the Fisher family. Then I will discuss the aftermath and subsequent police investigation and I will finish the episode with a call to action. So lets get started:   Scottsdale Arizona, a city known for it’s rich European roots and arid climate. The winters are quite mild to warm however the summers are extremely hot. Scottsdale is also known for it’s tourism industry which is it’s primary employer, accounting for 39% of the city's workforce. "The West's most western town" prides itself in its rich Western history, preserving while heavily promoting its plethora of "western" activities and events. The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show has taken place since 1955. Today, the show attracts thousands of visitors and tourists, to see nearly 2000 purebred Arabian and Half-Arabian horses competing for various prizes and recognition.   Scottsdale is also home to a variety of high-end nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, lounges and bars. This is evident by the growing number of style-conscious hotels that have opened up throughout Downtown Scottsdale which equally cater to the nightlife crowds. The city is also the spring training home of the San Francisco Giants, who practice at Scottsdale Stadium in Downtown Scottsdale.   Though none play specifically in the city of Scottsdale, all of the "Big Four" North American major league sports organizations have franchises and play within the Phoenix Metropolitan Area – NBA's Phoenix Suns, NFL's Arizona Cardinals, MLB's Arizona Diamondbacks and NHL's Arizona Coyotes, as well as a WNBA franchise, the Phoenix Mercury.   Robert Fisher was just one of over 200,000 Scottsdale residents. Fisher was a U.S. Navy veteran and he married his wife Mary Cooper in 1987. He has worked as a surgical catheter technician, respiratory therapist, and firefighter, and is an avid outdoors man, hunter, and fisherman. He was described by those who knew him as a cruel and distant control freak who was awkward with his children, but tried to keep an image of a devoted husband and father. His mother-in-law, Ginny Cooper, told investigators that, "Fisher didn't socialize often with family because of a fear of getting too close to people and losing them."   It’s clear by this comment that Fisher suffered from abandonment issues. Fisher's mother told investigators that she had been a "yes-sir" wife who didn't ...
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TADP Season 2 Episode 11 – The mysterious disappearance of Denise Martin
      The disappearance of Denise Martin     Welcome to the armchair detective podcast, I’m you’re host the armchair detective. Today I will be discussing the disappearance of Denise Martin. This is a recent disappearance that was brought to my attention from Kirsten, a follow of the armchair detective facebook group. Thanks for the suggestion Kirsten, if anyone else has suggestions on cases you would like me to feature on my podcast, please let me know. I absolutely want my audience to be part of this podcast so if you have suggestions, or if you would like to participate in an episode by co-hosting an episode about a case that is important to you, please send me an email and let me know. Also, there are a few things to look forward to in the next few months. I will have some promotional events on the podcast where I will give away promotional gifts to listeners of the podcast. I will also be putting out an e-book in the next few months which will detail my journey into true crime podcasting and will be discussing never released materials about some of my early podcast episodes. This will be posted to my website armchairdetective.org so keep a look out for this soon. Now onto our case today. In today’s episode I start by discussing the details surrounding Denise Martin’s disappearance. Then I will feature some theories from other armchair detectives from different websites on the internet and I will follow this with my own conclusions on Denise’s disappearance. Denise Martin is 22 years old. She is Caucasian with brown hair and blue eyes. She is approximately 150 lbs, and she is 5 feet 3 inches tall. She has a tattoo of a sun on her lower left shoulder area near her upper chest. She is most likely wearing black oval glasses and possibly carrying a black backpack. She is also wearing black shorts and a red or orange top at the time of her disappearance. Virginia Beach Police said Martin has been missing since about 7 or 8 a.m Tuesday June 19, 2018 . She was last seen at a home by her father in the in the 2600 block of Dunlace Way in the Red Mill section of the city. However, Martin’s best friend, Miriam Loya, said police have confirmed that a neighbor saw Martin sitting by the front yard at 8:22 a.m. Martin’s friends and family said that this is very unusual for her to disappear like this and that she has never disappears for an extended period of time before. “She left her keys, wallet, ID, phone, and car behind,” Loya said. “I know her, she would never leave her phone behind.” Loya said Martin’s boyfriend, Jordan Stroud, drove from Ohio to be with the family. Her father was the last person to interact with her before leaving for work June 19. By 9:30 a.m., Denise’s brother found her phone, keys, wallet and ID, but she wasn’t at the house. Her brother and father searched around on their own before filing a missing-person report with Virginia Beach police. Martin’s friends and family say she would never leave without telling someone. Denise’s baffling disappearance last week has prompted friends and family members to gather in her Virginia hometown to track her down. Friends and family of 22-year-old Denise Martin started leading a search party to find her. The search began at 8:30 a.m., according to a Facebook post. Volunteers are searching in wooded areas and dense vegetation. Family and friends continued to search Thursday for a 22-year-old woman who was reported missing two days earlier. People who are interested in participating in the second search party can find information on where and when to go on Loya’s Facebook page. Loya has created the facebook account, #BringDeniseHome. Jordan Stroud has also created a twitter account @jstroud97, to share information about Denise Martin’s disappearance. You can also find Stroud’s facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Jordan.Stroud13. Just two days ago, Jordan wrote the following on his facebook page “In a few hours we will have hit one w...
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TADP Season 2 Episode 10 – The mysterious disappearance of Brookelyn Farthing
The mysterious disappearance of Brookelyn Farthing     Today’s podcast episode will focus on the disappearance of Brookelyn Farthing. I went on http://www.findbrookefarthing.com website and read the following from Brookelyn’s sister:   “My sister Brooke was a spunky, tell you how it is, loveable person. She loved animals and the outdoors. But she was a true girly girl, who loved pink and camouflage. She would do anything to help anyone. She had the sweetest deep long country sounding voice you can only find in Kentucky. Not a day goes by I don’t wonder about her.”   My entire goal with my podcast is to help the grieving families of missing loved ones, which is why I always encourage people to share the episodes over social media. The more we raise awareness the closer we get to getting answers for those grieving loved ones.   Brookelyn has been missing from Berea, Kentucky since 06/22/2013. At the time of her disappearance, Brooke was 18 years old and today would be 23 years old. She is described as being 5 feet one inches tall, she is a caucasian female with Blonde hair and brown eyes. Brookelyn’s nickname is Brooke. She has pierced ears and a birthmark on her left hip.   At the time of her disappearance Brook was wearing A gray t-shirt with the Madison County FFA (Future Farmers of America) logo and light blue denim shorts.   Brookelyn was last seen at a friend's house in the 100 block of Dillon Court in Berea, a small city located about 40 miles south of Lexington Kentucky in the early morning hours of June 22, 2013. She had attended a party the night before with her sister, a cousin and some friends. Eventually, most of the others left, and Brookelyn stayed behind at the party.   She had a friend there who was going to give her a ride home, but the two females argued and Brookelyn’s friend left without her. She sent multiple text messages overnight trying to get a ride home, saying she felt scared. She wanted her ex-fiance to pick her up, but he didn't get off work until later in the morning. The last text from her phone was sent at 5:30 a.m., saying "Never mind, I'm okay. I'm going to a party in Rockcastle County."   Randall Walker, Brooke’s step father said the following to the huffington post:   "She started texting people to pick her up and give her a ride home," Walker told HuffPost. "She was texting her ex-fiance -- they were separated but still friends. He was at work and she texted him that he needed to come get her when he got off work. At 4:26 that morning, she texted him to hurry 'because I'm scared.'"   "Another friend of hers was drunk and needed to get home," Walker said. "A gentleman known to Brookelyn's ex-fiance was at the party and he offered her his vehicle to give the boy a ride home."   The huffington post article continues to say :   From what information Walker has been able to gather from investigators, Farthing purportedly drove her friend home in the man's vehicle and then had to bring the vehicle back to the man's house — a home with no electricity that was in foreclosure.   It was not long after Farthing arrived at the man's home that she started to text friends about needing a ride.   "There was another text was sent from Brookelyn's phone at 5:30 a.m., an hour before her ex-fiance was to get off work and come pick her up. The text said, 'Never mind, I'm okay. I'm going to a party in Rockcastle County,'" Walker said.   "I do not believe that was a text from Brookelyn," he continued. "I think something had already happened between the time she sent the text [in which she said] that she was afraid and that text. She had plans for the next day and would not have gone off to another party," Walker said.   The huffington post article continues by saying the following:   At about 7 a.m., the owner of the home Farthing was visiting called the fire department and reported a blaze inside the home.
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Sneak Peek – Bonus patron podcast episode 1 – Maura Murray
I've created a podcast episode which is only for the patrons of the show. I've uploaded the episode to the show's patron page. I have included a short sneak peek for those interested. I will be uploading more content soon. The next content will be about the disappearance of Brian Lawson. Thanks for listening and supporting this podcast! For more information on how to become a patron, please click on the following link. https://www.patreon.com/thearmchairdetective   ~Acdetective~
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TADP Season 2 Episode 9 – The mysterious disappearance of Brian Shaffer
The mysterious disappearance of Brian Shaffer: Brian Shaffer on February 25th 1979. He was a medical student at the Ohio State University at the time of his disappearance. At the time of his disappearance, Brian was 27 years old and today he would be 39 years old. Brian is described as 6 feet two inches tall and weighing about 165 lbs. At the time of his disappearance, he was wearing an olive green short-sleeved polo shirt over a white long-sleeved shirt, blue jeans, white Adidas sneakers and a yellow rubber cancer awareness bracelet. Brian is a Caucasian male with Light brown hair and hazel eyes. Shaffer has a tattoo of a Pearl Jam symbol on his upper right arm; I have included a copy of the photo on my website. He also wears wire-framed eyeglasses. Shaffer has a black spot on his left iris. Shaffer grew up in Pickerington, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus, the state capital, where The Ohio State University (OSU) is located, the older of Randy and Renee Shaffer's two sons. He graduated from the local high school in 1997 and went to OSU for his undergraduate work. Six years later he graduated with a degree in microbiology. Following that, he began studies at Ohio State University College of Medicine in 2004. During his second year there, in March 2006, his mother Renee died of myelodysplasia. His friends say that although he appeared to be handling it well, her death was hard for him. Renee was not the only woman important in Brian's life. He had become romantically involved with a fellow second-year medical student, Alexis Waggoner. She, along with their families and friends, believed that Brian would probably be proposing marriage to her later that year, most likely on a trip to Miami the couple had planned for spring break at the beginning of April. On March 31, a Friday, classes at OSU ended for spring break the next week. Brian and Randy Shaffer, his father, celebrated the occasion by going out for a steak dinner together earlier that evening. The older man noted that his son seemed exhausted from having pulled all-nighters earlier in the week cramming for some important upcoming exams. He did not think Brian should go out with a friend, William "Clint" Florence, later that night as he planned to do, but did not express his reservations to his son. At 9 p.m., Brian met Florence at the Ugly Tuna Saloona, a bar in the South Campus Gateway complex on High Street. An hour later, Brian called Waggoner, who had returned to her home in Toledo to visit with her family before the two went to Miami, and told her he loved her. He and Florence went bar-hopping, visiting several other drinking establishments and working their way down to the Arena District. At each stop the two had one shot each of hard liquor, according to Florence. After midnight, the two met Meredith Reed, a friend of Florence, in The Short North. She gave them a ride back to the Ugly Tuna Saloona, where they had started the night, and joined them there for a last round. While the three were there, Brian separated from his companions. Florence and Reed had been trying to find him, repeatedly calling him. They left with other patrons when the bar closed at 2 a.m., waiting outside for Brian. When he was not among the departing crowd, they assumed he had gone back to his apartment without letting them know. Waggoner and Randy Shaffer both tried to call Brian later that weekend but he did not answer. On Monday morning he missed the flight to Miami he and Waggoner had scheduled long before. He was reported missing to the Columbus police. Now Brian Shaffer was last seen at the Ugly Tuna Saloona, which at the time was a bar near the Ohio State University (OSU) campus, between the hours of 1:30 a.m. and 2:00 a.m. on April 1, 2006. He had gone there to celebrate the beginning of spring break with several male friends, and drank several shots of hard liquor. Brian was last seen having a conversation with two college-age women inside the bar.
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TADP Season 2 Episode 8 – The disappearance of Richard Petrone and Danielle Imbo
Richard Petrone Jr. and his friend, Danielle (Ottobre) Imbo, were last seen around 11:45 pm on Saturday, Feb. 19, 2005 leaving Abilene’s bar at 429 South Street in Philadelphia, where they met with some friends. They were heading for Richard’s 2001 black Dodge Dakota pickup truck, PA license plate # YFH-2319 parked in the neighborhood. Richard, Danielle, or the truck haven’t been seen since and there have been no traces or clues as to their whereabouts. They planned to spend the night at Danielle’s house in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. The next day, Richard was to come back to his apartment on Snyder Avenue near 16th Street in South Philadelphia to watch the Daytona 500. No one knows if the couple ever made it to Danielle’s house Saturday night. Richard was 35 years old, 5 feet 9 inches tall, 200 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes. He had an “Angela” tattoo on his left arm and clowns on his right arm. Richard was wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt, jeans, and sneakers. Danielle was 5 feet 5 inches tall, 117 pounds, with hazel eyes, fair skin and brown hair. She had a tattoo of flowers on her lower back. She was wearing a black jacket, cream-colored sweater and blue jeans. Richard worked with his father at Viking Pastries, the family-owned bakery in Ardmore, PA. He had been working there since he graduated high school . He used to live in Ardmore but moved to South Philadelphia to be near Angela, his then 14 year-old daughter. Danielle on the other hand had a 1 1/2 year old son. Both Richard and Danielle knew each other since they were 15 years old. Petrone and his girlfriend, Danielle Imbo, were last seen at Abilene's (sometime's spelled "Abeline's" or "Abiline's"), a bar and restaurant in the 400 block of South Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on February 19, 2005. They had drinks with friends at the establishment before leaving between 11:30 and 11:45 p.m.; they stated they were going to Imbo's home in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Neither of them have been heard from again. Their friends stated that both of them behaved normally and seemed happy that evening. Petrone's vehicle is also missing: it's a black and silver four-door 2001 Dodge Dakota or Dodge Ram pickup truck with the Pennsylvania license plate number YFH2319 and possibly a NASCAR #99 sticker in the rear window. Photographs of the truck and license plate are posted with this case summary. Neither Imbo nor Petrone have accessed their bank accounts or used their credit cards or EZ-Pass cards since they went missing. Their cellular phones have stayed turned off. Petrone and Imbo have one child each; Imbo has a toddler son and Petrone has a teenage daughter. Their loved ones stated they would never have voluntarily abandoned their families, whom they were close to. The couple knew each other in high school and began dating ten months before their disappearances after they separated from their respective partners. Both Petrone, then 35, and Imbo, then 34, were described as dedicated parents with nothing in their lifestyle that would suggest they could be targets of foul play. Authorities have questioned associates of both people. Petrone and Imbo's estranged husband had allegedly exchanged threats with one another over the telephone and Imbo had made multiple failed attempts to reconcile with her husband, who was involved with another woman. Shortly before she disappeared, Imbo told her husband and Petrone that she wanted "space" from both of them; she was reportedly considering ending her relationship with Petrone altogether. Their loved ones believe foul play was involved in their cases, and both families have accused members of the other family of causing their disappearances. Investigators stated that very little evidence is available to indicate what happened to Petrone and Imbo, but they have ruled out kidnapping and think a random act of violence is also unlikely. Their disappearances are being investigated as a double homicide,
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The truth about Brianna Maitland and Maura Murray
Here is a podcast about some of the things i've been discussing on my subreddit page. Please feel free to comment. Thanks.
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Maura Murray’s outburst on Feb 5 2004 New theory
I've recently read an article about Maura's disappearance and the momments surrounding the night of Feb 5 2004 which is believed to be tied to her decision to leave Umass Amherst on Feb 9 2004. Please feel free to comment, I would love feedback on this. Thanks.   ~Acdetective~
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My theory about a potential serial killer in New England
Today I'll be discussing a theory that I’m working on. It involves unsolved murders and missing persons around the I-91 and I-93 and I-95 in New England. Now keep in mind this is simply a theory I have and should be taken as such. What led me to research this phenomenon was the disappearance of U-Mass Amherst nursing student Maura Murray back on February 9th 2004. There have been some thoughts that her disappearance may have been the result of a serial killer and I wanted to look at other disappearances or unsolved cases which had similar circumstances. This led me into the state of Maine and the unsolved murder of Pamela Webb. She was a 32 year old woman from Winthrop Maine and was reported missing on July 1st 1989. Pamela Webb was on her way to see her boyfriend in Mason NH when she disappeared. Her 1981 blue Chevrolet pick-up was located on the road in a southbound lane on I-95 in. There were signs of a struggle near the truck and also signs that her vehicle had problems since one tire was flat and a replacement tire was next to it. Her body was later found in the woods off route 3 in Franconia NH. Now Franconia is located about 100 miles and about 2 hours and 20 minute drive from where her vehicle was located. So I asked myself, why on earth would someone abduct someone then drive 100 miles to dump her body. That’s when I was reminded of the Green River Killer. Gary Ridgeway is one if not the most prolific serial killers in US history. Ridgeway was a truck driver for the Kenworth Truck factory. What he would do is pray on vulnerable women, kill them and then dump their bodies along his truck route. He would also dump the bodies across different state lines to throw police off (especially if law enforcement looked for the missing woman where she was last seen)…. Ridgeway would also have mass dump sites for his victims and was known to return to the scenes sometimes moving bodies. The person who picked up Pamela Webb drove past two state lines (Massachusetts and New Hampshire) then dumped her body near Franconia Notch. Jessica Briggs, 16 was found Portland waterfront in 1989. She had been stabbed to death. I’m not sure if this case is related, however it has been speculated that it may be tied to the Connecticut river killer. Note that there was an arrest in this case. Anthony Sanborn was arrested but his sentence was overturned when it was revealed that the only eyewitness to Jessica’s murder, Hope Cady, was found to have very poor eyesight and as such her testimony was unreliable. She later admitted that she had been cohersed by Portland police to implicate Sanborn. The location of Jessica’s body is only 18 and a half miles to the location of Pamela Webb’s vehicle. Laura Kempton was found on Sept 28, 1981 in her apartment. It was apparent that she had been beaten to death. She was a 23 year old student at the Portsmouth beauty school in Portsmouth NH which is just off the I-95. Tammy Little was found in a similar fashion as Laura. She was in her apartment and had also been beaten to death. Like Laura she was a student at the Portsmouth Beauty school in Portsmouth NH which is again off the I-95 and located about 36 miles or a 40 minute drive from where Pamela Webb’s vehicle was located. Keep in mind, Pamela’s abductor would have needed to drive past Portsmouth NH in order to get to Franconia where her body was dumped. Jaclynne Snyder, 22 had been visiting Pourtsmouth NH when she went missing on September 4, 1977. Her body was found on Route 155 in Lee, NH on On September 14, 1977. Her cause of death is undetermined due to decomposition. Stella Bolton and James Moore 68 were both stabbed to death before their house was set on fire in Portsmouth NH on February 16th 1991. Now if you go up from Portsmouth NH up to the NH-16 you find more victims. Maurice and Ellen Wilkinson, a couple in their 40’s was found in Center Ossipee, NH on August 16, 1974. Now keep in mind,
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TADP Season Two Episode Three – Rebuttal to Missing Maura Murray Ep 69
Hey everyone, I've decided to do a rebuttal to the Missing Maura Murray Ep 69 episode. In this episode they discussed the murder of officer Bruce McKay and the shooting of Liko Kenney. Feel free to comment. Thanks.
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Could this be the answer to the Maura Murray disappearance?
The past few days I've been sifting and reading old articles regarding the disappearance of Maura Murray. I took the articles from the subreddit that was created by the user HunterPense http://reddit.com/r/mauramurrayevidence. I pulled every article regarding Maura's disappearance what was created in 2004 and compiled a word document. The document itself was over 100 pages. I will be doing another podcast to discuss some of my findings on the articles. The podcast episode will be very long, but has many interesting never before discussed insights. However this podcast episode was very different. I wanted to discuss an article I found which startled me and made me rethink the entire case. Below is the article in question: The Caledonian-Record May 31, 2004 Another Vermont Woman Reported Missing - Police Find Her Jeep By Gary E. Lindsley Lamoille County authorities are asking for the public's help in finding a 35-year-old Johnson woman who hasn't been seen since Thursday morning -- the third woman to disappear in Northern New England since Feb. 9. Jodie Whitney, who has a 3-year-old child, was last seen by her husband, Edgar, before he left for work Thursday morning. She not only failed to show up for work at Stoweflake Resort in Stowe, but she also did not return home. Like the two other women who are missing, Whitney is described as a petite woman. On Feb. 9, 21-year-old University of Massachusetts at Amherst nursing student Maura Murray disappeared after she was involved in a minor one-car accident on Route 112 in the town of Haverhill, N.H. A little more than a month later, 17-year-old Brianna Maitland of Sheldon, Vt., disappeared after she left work at the Black Lantern Inn in Montgomery late the night of March 19. Maitland's vehicle was found about a mile from the Black Lantern Inn, partially ensconced inside an abandoned building. Sheriff Roger Marcoux said Whitney's white Jeep Cherokee was found within a 5-mile radius of her home by a citizen Friday afternoon. Marcoux is not releasing where the vehicle was found because it's part of the ongoing investigation. He said the vehicle is being looked at by a Vermont State Police crime lab team. Kellie Maitland, Brianna's mother, was heartbroken to learn another woman had disappeared. "I believe it's (the work of) a serial killer," Maitland said. "And the clock is ticking. "One is too many," she went on to say. "Enough is enough! They (law enforcement) should pull out all the stops." Marcoux said there isn't anything to lead investigators to believe there is any connection between Whitney's disappearance and the disappearances of Maitland and Murray. "We have no evidence to tie them together at this point," he said. Marcoux said police are conducting a missing person's investigation into Whitney's disappearance because nothing so far has indicated a criminal act has been committed. He said Whitney is a reservations supervisor at Stoweflake Resort. She was supposed to be at work at 8 a.m. When she had not returned home by 10 p.m. Thursday, her husband reported her missing. "This is very out of character for her," Marcoux said. "She seems to be a very responsible person ... she has a young 3-year-old child at home.” Co-workers and members of Whitney's family have been interviewed, he said. "Everything seemed fine," Marcoux said, referring to Thursday morning when Whitney's husband last saw her. Investigators are tracking down some leads. One, according to Marcoux, came from officials at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. They reported they had a woman in the hospital possibly fitting Whitney's description. Investigators went to Dartmouth, but the woman was not Whitney. Marcoux said about 50 law enforcement officers and the New England canine team, led by Vermont State Police Search and Rescue, conducted a ground search Saturday of an area consisting of a 1-mile radius of where Whitney's vehicle was fou...
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TADP Season Two Episode Two – More thoughts on the Maura Murray disappearance
In this podcast I discuss some more thoughts on the Maura Murray disappearance, focusing on the more recent comments made by the Missing Maura Murray podcast guys Tim and Lance, also some of the prominent trolls in the online community and several other thoughts. Please leave some feedback. Thanks.
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Armchair Detective rebuttal of Missing Maura Murray EP 64
In this episode I speak about my opinions on the missing Maura Murray episode 64 podcast
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TADP Season 2 Episode 1 – My thoughts on Maura Murray’s disappearance
Hello everyone, I've decided to relaunch my podcast as you can see. I will be bringing some changes to the podcast to make it an easier listen. I will be giving my opinions on some unsolved missing persons cases as well as unsolved mysteries. Fell free to contact me if you have any suggestions or if you have any information on the cases that I will be showcasing.   ~acdetective~ airmchairdetective@mail.com Facebook link Twitter link  
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TADP Episode 31 – True Crime – Online How To’s on how to disappear
As most of my listeners by now have noticed that my podcast focuses on missing person’s cases so I figured why not look into the phenomenon that is the “how to disappear guides” that are floating around on the internet today. The internet is a very useful tool but when people create articles of this sort it can unfortunately give someone who is considering disappearing the tools to do so. These articles have been around for years but now are getting more and more present. I do not condone this, I simply want to talk about some of the things mentioned in these articles as a cautionary tale for those with loved ones who may use these guides. The more you know about these guides the more prepared you’ll be and more attentive you can be to the warning signs as well. I also want to discuss cases that I have already looked into where some of the things mentioned in these guides clearly are present in these people’s disappearances… Ok, before jumping into the guide, lets have a look at who are susceptible to run away and disappear and what drives them to do so. One that I’ve seen is children and especially teenagers running away from their families because of something that happened at home. Sometimes it can be something very small, for some people it doesn’t take much. Sometimes it will be a spouse looking to run away from an unhealthy marriage or situation. It could also be that someone is running away from law enforcement or even the IRS or immigration officers. Sometimes they will try and run away from a difficult situation, however sometimes there is no explanations. The guides list consequences to drying to disappear, mostly because this can lead loved ones to search for them and assume the worst. One legal ramification can be if a search party is sent out with the task of searching for you, the cost will need to be reimbursed once you are found. This is why people that have run away are reluctant to return home. There are also legal ramifications to those seeking to fake their deaths or to disappear since it’s a serious and potentially illegal act. Acquiring false documents and false identities is also a serious and illegal act. Now to the guide, the first thing they say is always travel alone. The odds of you being discovered increase significantly if you bring others especially a child. For example if you disappear with a child, you could be charged with kidnapping even if you had good intention. One of the other things it talks about is getting rid of personal possessions. In other words if someone you know decides to pack things up for no apparent reason, or starts selling or giving away their possessions, then you know something might be up. Another thing they say is to burn or destroy pictures of you because they say that family members and close friends will use the pictures to try and find you. They also say to abandon your car and to not bring any mementos since it will tie back to your old life and make you want to go back. So before you say, I know they would never leave without this or that, they probably left it behind on purpose. Something else they mention is to destroy your hard drive or wipe the hard drive so that none of your internet history which might lead back to you is recovered. Another thing they say is to slow down your online activity especially on social media with the eventual goal of deleting your facebook or twitter or other online profile you may have. They say this way investigators won’t have information to follow up on. The guide goes on to say leave early when your parents are sleeping or after school if your parents work late. The article is clearly targeting young people. The article goes on to say to get rid of plastic (debit and credit cards) and to carry cash and pay using cash only. It says consider riding a bike or travelling by train or bus or walking as these modes of transportation do not require a driver’s license. Flying anywhere is not recommended since you would need a...
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TADP Episode 30 – True Crime – Phylicia Thomas follow up
In this episode I discuss the disappearance of Phylicia Thomas with her family and their family friend Judy. If you have any information about the disappearance of Phylicia, please email findphylicia@gmail.com with the information or call the Pennsylvania State Police at 570-697-2000.
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TADP Episode 28 – True Crime – Phylicia Thomas missing
  Phylicia Albina Thomas has been missing since February 11 2004 from Lake Township Pennsylvanian. She is described as being 5 feet 6 inches tall. She is a Caucasian female with brown hair and blue eyes. Both of her arm are scared due to dog bites and she freckles on her face. Phylicia is also a cigarette smoker. At the time of her disappearance, she was wearing a rust colored wool sweater, a blue colored polo with the words pump and pantry on it and white pants and grey nike sneakers, a blue pump n pantry had and a homemade hemp necklace. Phylicia had finished her shift at the Pump-N-Pantry at approximately 11:30 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. on February 11, 2004. According to her co-workers, she was in good spirits when she left work. Afterwards, she went to her home in the vicinity of the 100 block of Route 118 in Lake Township, Pennsylvania. Her boyfriend, Ed Rudaski, says he was sleeping on the couch and woke up when she came in. They had a brief conversation and she asked him for a beer. He told her the beer was outside in his all-terrain vehicle (ATV), then he went back to sleep on the couch. When Rudaski woke up again an hour later and went to their bedroom, Thomas was not there. He drove his ATV to a friend's house, thinking she might be there, but she was not, so he went back to their home to wait for her return. She has never been heard from again. Rudaski believes Thomas left their residence of her own accord. There was no sign of forced entry to the house, and he heard no suspicious noises. Investigators believe Thomas's disappearance is suspicious. Rudaski has cooperated with the investigation and is not being called a suspect. The man who gave Thomas a ride home from work the evening of her disappearance has also been interviewed and cleared of suspicion. She was carrying her cigarettes with her at the time she went missing. Searchers found some mysterious notes while looking for Thomas. The notes alluded to a body which was supposedly behind the Mountain Fresh Supermarket in Pike's Creek, Pennsylvania. Police looked in that location but found nothing. The supermarket is only about a tenth of a mile from the Pump-N-Pantry where Thomas worked. Investigators searched the home of Steven Allan Martin, a friend of Rudaski's, for evidence relating to Thomas's disappearance. They would not say what, if anything, that they found. Martin claims he called the Rudaski/Thomas residence shortly after 11:30 p.m. on February 11 and spoke to Thomas. He says he asked to speak to Rudaski and she told him he was sleeping. This would corroborate Rudaski's version of events. Curiously, Martin is connected to the case of another missing young woman from Lake Township. He is the last person known to have seen Jennifer Barziloski, his girlfriend's eighteen-year-old sister, before she disappeared from Edwardsville, Pennsylvania in 2001. Shortly after she vanished, her friend, Phylicia Thomas, told her mother that she believed she knew what happened to her and that she knew who was responsible. Then, in 2004, Phylicia herself vanished without a trace. Then, in April 2010, Jennifer's skull was located in Hunlock Township. No other remains were uncovered. The cause of death is undetermined but her family believes she met with foul play. Her and Phylicia's cases remain unsolved. Some media accounts suggested that Thomas and Barziloski's cases were connected, but authorities have found nothing to support this hypothesis beyond the fact that the two women were friends and Martin was the last person known to have contact with them. He is, however, considered a person of interest in both cases. One of Martin's associates was Hugo Selenski, who was charged with several counts of murder after human remains were found in his backyard. Selenski confessed to several killings, including the murder of Hyun Jong Song, a college student who disappeared from State College, Pennsylvania in 2001 and was never found.
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TADP EP 27 – True Crime – Brandon Lawson Missing
  Brandon Lawson was a 26 year old man from San Angelo, Texas. He was an oil field worker and father of four children and he also had a common law wife named Ladessa Lofton. He is described as being 5 foot 9 inches tall and weighing approximately 230 pounds. He was a Caucasian male with brown hair and blue eyes. Lawson has multiple tattoos on his arms and has a scar on his chin and left knee and one of his ears is pierced. At the time of his disappearance, Lawson was wearing a yellow shirt, camouflage-print shorts and white 2013 Air Max shoes. August 8, 2013 was the last time that Brendon was seen in San Angelo, Texas. He and his longtime girlfriend got into an argument which led to Brandon leaving the home at around 11:54 p.m., with the intentions of going to his father's residence. Approximately 45 minutes later, Brandon called his brother Kyle to tell him that he had run out of gas. What is known is that following his phone call to his brother Kyle, something happened and Brandon phoned 911 and advised the dispatcher that he was "in a field" and needed help and that he needed a cop. The dispatcher heard Brandon say "I ran into somebody" and responded to him , "Ahhh, ran into them? Ok." Another call was made to 9-1-1, by a passer-by (Trucker) regarding Brandon's truck parked crooked on side of the road, posing a hazard. Kyle and his Kyle's girlfriend Audrey went out to bring Brandon their gas can. Kyle, and his girlfriend Audrey, phoned Ladessa to tell her that Brandon ran out of gas and he needed their gas can. Ladessa told him she would leave on the porch as she was going to have a shower and heading to bed. Kyle's check however did not clear in his bank account so he had no money to fill the gas can but figured when he got to Brandon with the can he would drive him to Stripes Convenient Mart and Brandon could pay for the gas...and he would drive him back to his truck and he and Audrey could be on their way back home. The truck was located on U.S. 227 four and a half miles south of Bronte, Texas, and close to a rest stop, and parked haphazardly. By the time Kyle arrived, at 1:10 am, August 9, 2013, there was no sign of Brandon. There was also a Sheriff's Deputy that arrived at the truck at about the same time as Kyle and Audrey. There was no visible damage to Brandon's truck and his keys and his cell phone were missing. It is understood that the Deputy, nor Kyle, were aware that Brandon phoned 9-1-1 asking for "a cop" as well as stating, "please hurry!" While talking with the deputy, Kyle received a call from Brandon, in which Brandon's cell was going in and out and he was hard to understand. Brandon claimed that he was "ten minutes up the road." He also mentioned that he was bleeding. The phone went dead at this point. What Kyle understood was "I'm in the field." Kyle, felt maybe Brandon was hiding in the field due to an outstanding warrant from 2 years ago (that Brandon himself just learned and was going to address it the following week) so Kyle made no mention to the deputy of Brandon being the phone call he was listening to. Had Kyle known Brandon phoned 9-1-1 he would never have assumed his brother was "hiding."It was confirmed that the gas tank was in fact empty. His cell phone was a Motorola Droid Razr. There was an extensive search of the area which turned up no sign of him, however; he has never been heard from again. Lawson’s family were unaware that he called 911 that night and only found out when they viewed his cellular phone records. At around 1:18 Audrey sent Brandon a text saying"A cop is at your truck" it is assumed she did such as she wanted to warn him due to his warrant. At this time they were not aware that he himself phoned 911 asking for a cop and to please hurry. In statements given to police, as explained by the family, they did admit Brandon's earlier call to them in which he told his brother, and Audrey, that "he was ten minutes up the road, and was bleeding.
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TADP EP 26 – True Crime – Bryce Laspisa Missing
On August 30, 2013, Bryce David Laspisa, a young 19-year-old man from Castiac California, went missing near Castiac Lake. It was discovered that Bryce drove away from Sierra College, where he had recently begun his sophomore year, with the apparent intention to return to his parents’ home in Laguna Niguel. Missing any hard evidence, Bryce’s disappearance has been surrounded mysteries and some painfully unanswered questions. Bryce is described as being 5 foot 11 inches tall and weighing approximately 170lbs. He is a Caucasian male with red hair and green eyes. He has a tatoo of a taurus bull head and his birthday in Roman numerals on his upper left arm. At the time of his disappearance Bryce was wearing a blue and white checkered Tshirt, white cargo shorts and size 12 red and white Nike shoes. Bryce was originally from Illinois and graduated from Naperville High School in 2012. After Bryce spent the summer with his parents, he appeared to be eager to start his sophmore year at Sierra College. Bryce’s friends however reported that he was drinking heavily and using prescription drugs during his first two weeks back on campus. He had also abruptly ended the relationship with his girlfriend and was under the influence the night he left campus. Also troubling was that Bryce had reportedly gaven away some of his possessions, including diamond earrings from his mother, before going on the road. The drive to his parent’s house should have only taken Bryce a few hours, however he was on the road for over 20 hours. During this timeframe, Bryce had his car serviced, he talked to his parents on several occasions and was even questioned by police. Everyone that spoke with Bryce, in-person and on the phone, insists that he was lucid during this strange timeframe. Police found it strange that Bryce was reluctant to call his parents on the phone and Bryce even told his mother not to come pick him up. Bryce mentioned to his parents he had something important that he wanted to discuss with them, however refused to give more information. What is it that Bryce wanted to talk his parents about and why was he reluctant to get home? These questions are central to the investigation for the police and also for the private investigator who have been working with Bryce’s parents. When taken into consideration his recent substance abuse and reported erratic behavior, many are questioning if Bryce had a psychotic break. Is Bryce currently living off the grid and not in the right state of mind to get in contact with his family? Bryce’s 2003 beige Toyota Highlander was found overturned. His laptop and wallet were still inside the vehicle. The back window of the vehicle had been removed and Bryce’s blood was located on the seats. Police are question if Bryce drove off the round intentionally, heading down a steep and rocky terrain towards the nearby Castiac Lake. Despite numerous searches following the troubling accident, investigators never located Bryce’s body and dogs tracked his scent from the crash site to a nearby gas station. Could Bryce have sustained a head injury or concussion and just wandered off? Regardless of Bryce’s mental state, police working the investigation do not believe that he met his demise at Castiac Lake. Next I want to discuss some of the search efforts in the days in weeks following his disappearance. UPDATE Sept 4 2013 – Police were called to a brush fire around 6 a.m. Wednesday about three miles north of Lake Hughes Road by a cyclist. When fire crews arrived, they instead found a burning body. There is some speculation the body could be Bryce but the medical examiner will need to determine the identity. (Body later identified as Lamondre Deon Miles). UPDATE on Sept 11 2013 – “They’ve been searching different areas, they’ve been searching by horseback,” Jones said. “We have all-terrain vehicles — we’re searching everywhere we can. We’re trying to search the whole area and leave no stone unturned,
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TADP EP 25 – True Crime – Dylan Koshman Missing
Dylan Koshman, a 21 year old young man from Moose Jaw, Sask, Canada was last seen on October 11, 2008 on the south side of Edmonton. Dylan is described as being 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighing approximately 181 pounds. He is also described as being a white male with hazel eyes and black hair. At the time of his disappearance, he was wearing white shoes and a black t-shirt. Both of his ears are peirced and he has a scar just below his eyebrow on the left eye and also another scar on his cheek which looks like a deep dimple. Koshman grew up in Moose Jaw, Sask., and moved in May 2008 to Edmonton where he had two cousins. It was the first time he had lived so far away from home and he was excited to begin his new life. He took a job working for a pipe fitting company and was in the process of getting an apprenticeship. Since he didn't know a lot of people in the city, Koshman spent much of his time going to the gym. On the evening of October 11, 2008 just hours prior to his disappearance, Koshman was attending a party with his cousins at their rented home in the area of 104 Street and 33 Avenue. Police say that the four young men began to argue and Dylan Koshman stormed off shortly after 2 a.m. Koshman had allegedly been drinking and his roommates asked him to leave after the argument. Koshman left from his backyard and was last seen at the southwest corner of 34 Avenue and Calgary Trail. He was reported missing to police by his girlfriend four days later on October 15th. There hasn’t been any activity on his cell phone or on his bank account since he disappearance. He hasn’t been seen or heard from since. Sgt. Neil Zurawell with the Edmonton police missing persons unit said that the investigation is still open and ongoing, however police haven't received any tips of late. Every leads that police has checked out failed to come up with the answers they were looking for. In order to generate fresh tips, a Crime Stoppers re-enactment has been made. Police aren't saying whether the case is suspicious because they don't have enough information. All they can do, said Zurawell, is keep an open mind, looking at every possible aspect. Koshman was a bodybuilder, soccer player, son and boyfriend and much more to those who knew him. His disappearance has left a hole in the lives of many. Every year just before thanksgiving, the family and friends of Dylan Koshman make the trip to 34 avenue and Calgary Trail in Edmonton to hold a vigil for the missing young man. Someone out there knows what happened to Dylan Koshman and I’m asking this person or persons to come forward and end the nightmare that his family has been through since his disappearance. “My family is struggling. Just because seven years has gone by doesn’t mean that we don’t feel the pain. In some ways it’s worse. With no answers we can’t really say goodbye to him,” said Melanie Alix, Dylan’s mother. “Until we get those answers, we’ll just keep searching.” she said. “I would beg you to come forward because we have suffered long enough,” said Alix. “We just want some closure, so we can have some peace in our lives.” If you have any information on the disappearance of Dylan Koshman, please contact the Edmonton Police Service at 780-423-4567 or if you wish to remain anonymous, you can call the Edmonton Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or submit your tip online at www.tipsubmit.com. Please reference the EPS file number 08-136304 when submitting your tip.
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TADP EP 24 – True Crime – Luke Joly-Durocher Missing
Luke Joly-Durocher, a 20 year old young man from Temiscaming, Quebec is described as being 5'8" and weighing approximately 150 pounds. Luke has dark curly hair, a slim build and braces on his upper teeth. At the time of his disappearance, he was wearing a dark navy American Eagle jacket, dark blue jeans and old New Balance black running shoes with green stitching. Luke was in North Bay in the District of Nipissing visiting with friends. He was staying with his friend at an apartment located at 683 Sherbrooke Street. Just before midnight on March 4, 2011, Luke and his friends went Cecil's Eatery and Beer Society. Luke was however denied entry into Cecil’s Eatery due to his level of intoxication. His friends were allowed entry into Cecil’s Eatery and remained at the bar without him. Luke was last seen on video being denied entry to the bar and leaving westbound on Main Street. Luke’s coat was later located at his friend’s apartment along with his cell phone and glasses. It’s believed that Luke did return to his friend’s apartment on Sherbrooke Street. Luke’s debit card was later found in a snowbank just down the street. Phone records indicate that the missing young man texted his father at 8:51 p.m. on the night of his disappearance. This was the last call recorded from his cellphone. His bank account hasn’t been accessed since the day he went missing, when he withdrew $20.   On June 14th 2016, the North Bay police and the Surete du Quebec searched a home on Boucher Street in Temiscaming for clues in Luke Joly-Durocher’s disappearance. The police arrived at 8 a.m. and were still at the scene late in the day. “We will find him. We're never going to give up,” said Rob Joly, Luke's father. “We're still looking to talk to anyone who may have some answers.” Joly said the heartbreak and pain hasn’t lessen over the years, even though his son has now been missing for five years. “It's not getting any easier even after five years.” "You know, it's my son and I can't give up. I want to do anything and everything that I can to let the public know that Luke is out there, and he's missing and we want him back," said Rob Joly. His father, Rob Joly, said he believes there is someone in the community that has information about his son and hopes the increased reward will encourage them to come forward. “As a father, you can’t give up hope on your son,” he said. He said that until he knows what actually happened, he still maintains the hope that “Luke’s coming home.” The young man's family has made countless pleas to the public and conducted numerous searches in hopes of finding answers. North Bay police did not say if anything was found at a Temiscaming home that was searched for almost 14 hours. Police say the investigation is open and ongoing. Witnesses said police remained at the scene until 10 p.m. and returned the following day searching for clues in the Luc Joly-Durocher case. The lead detective in the case says officers are sifting through recent tips to figure out which stem from false information and which are credible. After his disappearance, two women were charged with making up stories about what happened to him. Detective Dave Wilson said the misinformation has made it hard to figure out which leads are legitimate. The Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, in conjunction with the Ontario Provincial Police, are offering a reward of $50,000 for anyone who comes forward with information concerning the person or persons responsible for Joly- Durocher’s disappearance Someone out there has information about the disappearance of Luc Joly-Durocher and that person or persons could end the nightmare and grief caused to his family and friends. It just takes that one tip to bring closure to his family. If you have any information on Luc Joly-Durocher’s disappearance call the Ontario Provincial Police at 1-888-310-1122 or North Bay police at 705-497-5555.
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TADP EP 23 – True Crime – Tracy Ocasio Missing
Joe and Liz Ocasio lived every parent’s worst nightmare when their daughter Tracy went missing on May 27th 2009 at around 2:30am. Their daughter Tracy was born on August 10 1981. She was a 27 year old Orlando woman who was described as being 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighing 120lbs. She is a Caucasian female with brown hair and brown eyes. At the time of her disappearance, she was wearing either a dark colored hooded sweatshirt or Jacket, black tank top, jeans and a green and white baseball cap. Ocasio had attended highschool in Fredericksburg Virginia and had moved to Florida with her parents in 1998. She had worked in a series of restaurant and retail jobs the decade prior to her disappearance and was considering enrolling in college to study radiology. She has two pet lizards, two pet scorpions and a pet cat and her parents stated that she was a big Orlando Magic fan. She was actually watching an Orlando Magics game at the bar the night she disappeared. Foul play is suspected in her disappearance. The evening of her disappearance was the last time anyone ever heard from her again. Her vehicle, a two door chevrolet cobalt LS with the florida plate number J051EC was found unlocked and abandoned on Franklin St in Ocoee Fl at 7PM on May 27th. Her vehicle was located only 3 miles away from the residence that she shared with her parents. Her parents stated that it was very much out of character for their daughter to leave the vehicle in this area since it is not well lit and dark and their daughter was afraid of the dark. Her keys, wallet and her verizon LG voyager cell phone all went missing along with her. James Virgil Hataway is the prime suspect in the disappearance of Tracy Ocasio. She left the bar with him that night. He claims that she drove him home in the 100 block of Lyme St (which is near where her vehicle was located I might add). He also claimed that Tracy wanted to smoke marijuana however didn’t like the drugs he had and left quickly. Her cell phone record however completely dismiss Hataway’s story since her cell phone records show her being there until 8:30am. In other words, she leaves the bar with Hataway at 2:30am and is there until 8:30am (for six entire hours). What happened to Tracy Ocasio during that 6 hour period? After Tracy’s disappearance, James Hataway was arrested on drug related charges when police found drug related paraphernalia at his home. Hataway has a lengthy criminal record which includes robbery, burglary, theft, criminal mischief and possession of drug paraphernalia. Also, from 1993 to 1998, Hataway was in and out of juvenile hall. He has an extensive record of drugs, DUI and traffic violations. There are also some undeniable similarities between the disappearance of Tracy Ocasio and the disappearance of Jennifer Kesse. Both of their vehicle were found abandoned the same bars. Jennifer worked in Ocoee, the same city where Tracy Ocasio disappeared. In August of 2008, Rachel Clarke drove James Hataway home from a party, similarly to when Tracy Ocasio had driven James home. When they arrived at the location, they gave eachother a friendly hug, however when James’s advences were turned down by Clarke, James became very viloent. He began chocking Clarke, and when she exited the vehicle, he chased her down, tackled her to the ground and began hitting her head on the sidewalk. He then attempted to break the neck of Rachel Clarke. Thankfully Clarke was ok, but she did accused James Hataway of chocking her and slamming her head on the ground. She subsequently needed a neck brace following the attack. No charges were initially filed since Clarke was not co-operating with the investigations, however in June of 2009, at Clarke’s request, Hataway was charged with aggravated battery, robbery and burglary in connection with the incident however the battery charge was later upgraded to attempted murder. He agreed to causing the injuries to Clarke but denies having attempted to murder her...
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TADP EP 22 – True Crime – Opinions on Maura Murray Missing
Discussing opinions I have on the disappearance of Maura Murray.    
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TADP EP 21 – True Crime – Shirley Ann Mcbride – Rachel Elizabeth Garden – Laureen Ann Rahn Missing
Discussing the disappearances of Shirley Ann Mcbride, Rachel Elizabeth Garden and Laureen Ann Rahn
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TADP EP 20 – True Crime – Kimberly Ann Cruickshank Missing
Discussing the disappearance of Kimberly Ann Cruikshank
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TADP EP 19 – True Crime – Alissia Freeman Missing
Discussing the disappearance of Alissia Freeman
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TADP EP 18 – True Crime – Jean Spangler Missing
Discussing the disappearance of Jean Spangler.
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TADP EP 17 – True Crime – Lynne Schulze Missing
Discussing the disappearance of Lynne Schulze.
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TADP EP 16 – True Crime – Brianna Maitland Missing
Discussing the disappearance of Brianna Maitland
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TADP EP 15 – True Crime – Abigail Andrews Missing
Discussing the disappearance of Abigail Andrews
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TADP EP 14 – True Crime – Terrance Williams & Felipe Santos Missing
Discussion on the disappearance of Terrance Williams and Felipe Santos.
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TADP EP 13 – True Crime – Revisiting Maura Murray Missing
Discussing the disappearance of Maura Murray
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TADP EP 12 – True Crime – Macin Smith Missing
Discussing the disappearance of Macin Smith
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TADP EP 11 – True Crime – Danielle Stislicki Missing
Discussion on the disappearance of Danielle Stislicki
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TADP EP 10 – True Crime – Madison “Maddy” Scott Missing
Discussion about the disappearance of Madison "Maddy" Scott.
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TADP EP 9 – True Crime – Leah Roberts Missing
Discussing the disappearance of Leah Roberts
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TADP EP 8 – True Crime – Claudia Lawrence Missing
Discussing the disappearance of Claudia Lawrence.
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TADP EP 7 – True Crime – Jami Springer Missing
In this podcast episode I look at the disappearance of 27 year old Jami Springer from Moncton New Brunswick. Please Share! If you have any information regarding Jami Springer's disappearance or her wheareabouts Please contact the RCMP at the following Crime Stoppers contact: by calling 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) texting TIP212 + your message to 'CRIMES' (274637) or by Secure Web Tips at www.crimenb.ca Email contact: airmchairdetective@mail.com Twitter contact: @armchairdetecti Facebook contact: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012112902698 Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/638323412983795/?fref=nf Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/SeekTheMissing/
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TADP EP 6 – True Crime – Jennifer Kesse Missing
In this episode I discuss the disappearance of Jennifer Kesse. I review the timeline prior to her disappearance as well as the timeline following her disappearance. Please share!   Again if you have any tips, below is the contact information for law enforcement: Tips: If you have a tip on this case please call the following Law Enforcement agencies: Call Central Florida Crimeline: 1-800-423-TIPS (8477) and remain ANONYMOUS! or Call FBI at 407-875-9976 or toll free at 866-838-1153 with any and all leads Also here are some links where you can find more information about this case and also where you can follow me online: Email contact: airmchairdetective@mail.com Twitter contact: @armchairdetecti Facebook contact: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012112902698 Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/638323412983795/?fref=nf Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/SeekTheMissing/   ~Acdetective~
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TADP EP 5 – True Crime – Ray Gricar Missing
Discussing the disappearance of Ray Gricar. Contact info: airmchairdetective@mail.com http://armchairdetective.org Twitter: @armchairdetecti Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012112902698  
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TADP EP 4 – True Crime – Steven Koecher Missing
Continued discussion on the disappearance of Steven Koecher Contact info: airmchairdetective@mail.com http://armchairdetective.org Twitter: @armchairdetecti Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012112902698
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TADP EP 3 – True Crime – Steven Koecher Missing
Discussion on the disappearance of Steven Koecher Contact info: airmchairdetective@mail.com http://armchairdetective.org Twitter: @armchairdetecti Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012112902698
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TADP EP 2 – True Crime – Maura Murray Missing
Continuation on the discussion about the missing Umass Amherst nursing student Maura Murray. Contact info: airmchairdetective@mail.com http://armchairdetective.org Twitter: @armchairdetecti Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012112902698
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TADP EP 1 – True Crime – Maura Murray Missing
In this first episode I take a look at the disappearance of Maura Murray, a 21 year old Umass Amherst Nursing student who disappeared on Feb 9 2004 in Haverhill NH. Contact info: airmchairdetective@mail.com   http://armchairdetective.org Twitter: @armchairdetecti Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012112902698
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