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Category: Comedy
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Faith Choyce is joined in the booth by comedian, writer, and actor friends to discuss what's new in their world...plus a couple of secrets.

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Aloha Podcast Network

Hawaii Podcast
Podcast Episode's:
Episode 65 - Curtis Cook
Comedian and writer Curtis Cook (Jim Jefferies Show)chats with Kai about standup misconceptions, racism fails, domestic bliss & more!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 64 - Anna Valenzuela
Comedian and writer Anna Valenzuela chats with Kai about ninja life lessons, the comedy/fighting connection, Brown Panthers and more.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 63 - Sydnee Washington
Unofficial Expert Podcast host and comedian Sydnee Washington on love triangle misdeeds, giving up riches for standup, and more.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 62 - Atsuko Okatsuka
Comedian and actor Atsuko Okatsuka on growing up in LA undocumented, honorary chola status, and parallels to the Jussie Smollett case.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 61 - Jared Goldstein
Kai chats with comedian and actor Jared Goldstein about getting hit by cars, being a child star, and why drugs are maybe not so bad after all.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 60 - Em Allyn
Comedian Em Allyn on elderly thots, having many step moms, being disease proof & more!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 59 - Heather Rae
The Moth winner Heather Rae on when animals attack, cursed sexual experiences, and more.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 58 - Toby Muresianu
Up Close & Political's Toby Muresianu on starting comedy in college, the dirtiest road work, math class with Mark Zuckerberg & more.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 57 - Doug Garza
Kai chats with the hilarious Doug Garza about youthful crime, pioneering hashtags, which military branch is the gayest & more.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 56 - Laura Crawford
Comedian Laura Crawford on sibling wars, crashing gay prom, neuroatypicality and more.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

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