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Category: TV/Film
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Here on the Large Marge Sent Us podcast, Sweety and Sweetie are our names and nostalgia is our game! Once a week (or more if you're lucky!) we watch movies from the 80s and 90s that shaped our childhoods

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Podcast Episode's:
Episode 55: Ace Ventura Pet Detective
<p>The Sweeties are back from their Cali trip and ready to dive back into the hits with 1994's Ace Ventura Pet Detective! Starring Jim Carrey in his groundbreaking role as a lovable eccentric pet detective, Ace Ventura exists in the Sweetie canon of our top 10 flicks. We'll talk about our many levels of confusion involving (but not limited to) blowjobs, Einhorn's history as a missing hiker/failed football star, and, sexual intercourse and the importance of '3 times'. We'll also 'choose our own comedy' by indulging the listeners in our favorite misheard quotes AND fall down a rabbit hole of famous old lady actresses (Spoiler: they're all dead now! :(   )</p> <p>Theme song performed by Deidre Cullen. Logo designed by Frankie Donlon. </p> <p>Follow us on Twitter @TheSweetieClub and on Instagram @LargeMargeSentUs</p>
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Episode 54: The Sandlot
<p>The Sweeties are busy flying to L.A., so enjoy this sweet episode where we talk about everyone's favorite kid baseball flick--The Sandlot! We'll talk about the epic hotness of one Benny 'The Jet' Rodriguez, get into a discussion of the sexism that existed in 90s sports movies, and share stories of our short lived baseball careers. We'll ask important questions like, Why does Benny keep a spare hat in his pocket at all times? Did the kids just imagine the Beast's ferociousness AND was James Earl Jones a hoarder or did he just not give AF because he was blind? </p> <p>Theme song performed by Deidre Cullen. Logo Designed by Frankie Donlon.</p> <p>Follow us on Twitter @TheSweetieClub and on Instagram @LargeMargeSentUs</p>
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Episode 53: Return to OZ
<p>In 1985 a Disney movie was born and quickly wormed its way into the fears of every child known to mankind. Sorry too dramatic? But for realz. Return to OZ is the movie that still haunts many of us today and is the reason why most of us panic and abandon a shopping cart at the first sign of squeak. Join us as we discuss those pesky Wheelers, the awesome/horrifying Princess Mombi and her weird man voice, and take a deep dive into Sweetie's latent fear of rock people wearing hidden dress shoes. There's no place like home but seriously, there has to be a better place than Kansas...Am I right?</p> <p>Theme song performed by Deidre Cullen. Logo designed by Frankie Donlon.</p> <p>Follow us on Twitter @TheSweetieClub and on Instagram @LargeMargeSentUs</p>
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Episode 52: Wayne's World
<p>IT'S WAYNE'S WORLD! PARTY TIME! EXCELLENT! *Guitar noises* The Sweeties are back and we're bringing you one of the movies on our top 10 lists! Wayne's World, released in 1992 is the SNL skit brought to life. Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar have a cable access show in a basement in Aurora, Illinois. Someone comes along and tries to exploit it, but that's not important because this movie is all about the hilarious one liners and even though we were a mere 9 and 6 years old, this movie soon became our most quotable--- even if we didn't get 85% of the jokes! So get in your Mirth mobile and grab your Fender Stratocaster and listen along as we chat about all the lines that we use in our daily life (Car! Game on!), our favorite Cassandra outfits and favorite Crucial Taunt songs, how much we miss windbreakers/tracksuits, and how Bohemian Rhapsody and Queen are best things since sliced bread. Plus, a fan favorite segment (Call Carol) returns! Do we know how to party or what?!</p> <p>Theme song performed by Deidre Cullen. Logo designed by Frankie Donlon.</p> <p>Follow us on Twitter @TheSweetieClub and on Instagram @LargeMargeSentUs</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p>
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Episode 51: Who Framed Roger Rabbit
<p>Look out guys, today we're covering everyone's favorite movie that combines animation with live action (sorry Space Jam fans!). That's right, Who Framed Roger Rabbit! Released in 1988, Who Framed Roger Rabbit stars the delightful Bob Hoskins as a down on his luck and drunk detective who embarks on a mission to find out who framed cartoon Roger Rabbit and why. We'll discuss whether or not it's possible to have sex with a cartoon, our favorite cartoons from back in the day and BONUS... Sweety lives out her fantasy as a lounge singer! We're not bad. We're just drawn that way. </p> <p>Theme song performed by Deidre Cullen. Logo designed by Frankie Donlon.</p> <p>Follow us on Twitter @TheSweetieClub and on Instagram @LargeMargeSentUs</p>
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Episode 50: The Goonies
<p>BIG NEWS guys! Large Marge Sent Us has just hit 50 episodes and The Sweeties couldn't be more proud! In honor of such an amazing milestone, we thought it was time to trot out the movie that Sweetie deems responsible for shaping her childhood.... THE GOONIES.  Is there a better movie out there that captures 12 year old hijinks involving: a one eyed pirate, an Italian crime family, and a deformed possibly 40 year old with an unfortunate nickname? And no, this isn't the plot of The Godfather. We laughed, we cried, we argued about whether One Eyed Willy's boody, I mean booby traps would have ever really worked, the truth behind Sloth's deformities, clarify a list of Chunk's bullshit stories, and come up with an idea for a prequel which involves the life of Chester Copperpot (also our next Team Trivia name btw) and how he came to an unfortunate end (or did he???) searching for all that rich stuff. BONUS, we talk to the one, the only Hayley Nickerson (Sweetie's bff) about her love for The Goonies and make her prove if she's really a Goonie with a short quiz.  Thanks to our amazing listeners for helping us get to Episode 5-0! We love ya! </p> <p>Theme song performed by Deidre Cullen. Logo designed by Frankie Donlon.</p> <p>Follow us on Twitter @TheSweetieClub and on Instagram @LargeMargeSentUs</p>
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Episode 49: Weekend At Bernie's
<p>Remember that time when we were houseguests at our boss' Hampton's beach house, but when we showed up he had killed himself by od'ing on coke (just kidding he was murdered by a hitman, also doing lots of coke), and instead of calling the police we thought it was a better idea if we pretended he wasn't dead so we could continue to party, drink champagne, and make out with girls in thong bikinis?! Oh wait.  That never happened but it IS the plot to everyone's favorite movie about that loveable corpse, Weekend at Bernie's! Coming straight out of the golden year of Sweetie Sinema, 1989, Weekend at Bernie's is a horrible movie that for some reason continues to crack us up through it's slapstick humor and the hilarious duo of Richard and Larry.  Tune in as we talk about our consensus that this movie's real intention is to provide commentary on 90s yuppie culture, how Gwen is the oldest 21 year old we've ever seen, and which of Bernie's rich bitch toys we would want for ourselves. BONUS, we play everyone's favorite game: Andrew McCarthy or Emilio Estevez AND also get into an argument about Martin Sheen's real name (It's Ramon!) Happy Friday! </p>
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Bonus Episode: American Gladiators!
<p>Continuing with our awesome Bonus Episode series, we watched an episode from everyone's favorite show about normal people vs. body builders.....AMERICAN GLADIATORS! Join us as we talk about our favorite Gladiators, how lame The Eliminator really was, and how all we ever wanted in life was to go to a live taping at Universal Studios but it just never happened! We'll also discuss some awesome 90s commercials (raper vans! chocolate milk! 79 cent Subway sandwiches!), lament about how bullshit it was that the female Gladiator uniforms gave them perma-wedges (and possibly nip slips) AND we determine who the hottest Gladiator of them all was (NITRO 4EVER). (Uhh Sweety here, what about LASER Sweetie?)</p> <p>Theme song performed by Deidre Cullen. Logo designed by Frankie Donlon.</p> <p>Follow us on Twitter @TheSweetieClub and on Instagram @LargeMargeSentUS</p>
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Episode 48: The Craft
<p>The Sweeties are back and we're bringing you THE movie that brought Sweety's childhood fantasy of being a witch to life. The Craft, released in 1996 and starring Fairuza Balk and Robin Tunney, is the ultimate good vs. evil or gothic person vs non-gothic person tale of what happens when four teenagers discover their powers and then do whatever the fuck they want. The Craft taught us that you should probably not shop lift from the nice witch lady's store, that having burn scars all over your body also means you don't have to shower, and that in the 90s Skeet Ulrich was typecast as a sleazy rapist pretending to be a good guy. So join as as we call the four corners and invoke the spirit!</p> <p>Theme song performed by Deidre Cullen. Logo designed by Frankie Donlon.</p> <p>Follow us on Twitter @TheSweetieClub and on Instagram @LargeMargeSentUs</p>
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Episode 47: Back to the Future
<p>This weekend we lost a rock legend. Chuck Berry died at the age of 90 years old, and we instantly knew we had to watch the movie that first introduced us to him--Back to the Future. Released in 1985, Back to the Future is THE ultimate time travel movie and really drives home the point that time travel is confusing AF but pretty frickin cool. Join us as we relive the finer points (which is all of the points) and talk about important things like how we hope to God Lorraine got some counseling after that 'casual' sexual assault, and how the prequel we really want to see is about Uncle Jail Bird Joey and how his life of crime began. Sp grab your guitars, skateboards, and flux capacitors...we're going back in time!</p> <p>Theme song performed by Deidre Cullen. Logo designed by Frankie Donlon.</p> <p>Follow us on Twitter @TheSweetieClub and on Instagram @LargeMargeSentUs</p>
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Episode 46: Edward Scissorhands
<p>Remember in 1990 when Johnny Depp was a 120 pound weakling with scissors for hands who happened to be an excellent dog groomer/hair stylist/ice sculptor and had a crush on Winona Ryder who had strawberry blonde hair and was dating the geek from The Breakfast Club who was now hopped up on 'roids?!! Well, WE do. I just described the plot of everyone's second favorite Tim Burton Film, Edward Scissorhands! Listen along as the Sweeties discuss all there is to know about this trippy little film including: does Edward have a penis and can he make little scissorhanded babies, how Alan Arkin and Diane Wiest are fucking national treasures, and how Tim Burton used to be great but now he's just okay and we're upset about it.  So grab your Colt 45s, tape them to your hands, and listen to Large Marge Sent Us today!</p> <div id=":6d.hw" class="fkp8p"> <div id=":9b.mw" class="tk TmwRj Sn GjkoZd"> <div id=":9b.ma" class="Tn"> <div class="KL"> <div class="ci">Theme song performed by Deidre Cullen. Logo designed by Frankie Donlon.</div> </div> </div> </div> </div> <p>Follow us on Twitter @TheSweetieClub and on Instagram @LargeMargeSentUs</p>
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Episode 45: Raiders of the Lost Ark
<p>What your favorite movie about Nazis? Go! Well for the Sweeties, no one literally whips Nazi butt like our pal Harrison Ford in Raiders of the Lost Ark.  Predating the birth of the Sweeties by two years (1981!), Raiders of the Lost Ark was one of our Dad's favorite flicks and soon became ours once we were brave enough to actually watch all the face melting and spider crawling goodness.  We'll discuss why Nazis are the best bad guys, the hotness factor of Harrison Ford, how Marion Ravenwood is badass yet screechy AF, and clear up not just one but TWO moments of sweetie confusion. Yeah, we're wicked smart.  Hold on to your bull whips and Nazi saluting monkeys, it's time to get biblical! </p> <p>Theme song performed by Deidre Cullen. Logo designed by Frankie Donlon.</p> <p>Follow us on Twitter @TheSweetieClub and on Instagram @LargeMargeSentUs</p>
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Episode 44: Ghostbusters
<p>Hey guys, when there's something strange in your neighborhood who ya gonna call? THE SWEETIES obviously. That's right, we're covering 1984's classic comedy flick Ghostbusters and we're very excited about it. Join us as we discuss why Dana Barrett is a crazy fame whore, our cool idea for a Ghostbusters prequel AND the confusion about the logistics of this crossing the streams solution. (Still dubious). Obviously we love this movie, and we know you do too. So let's quit talking and start busting up dem ghosts!</p> <p>Theme song performed by Deidre Cullen. Logo designed by Frankie Donlon.</p> <p>Follow us on Twitter @TheSweetieClub and on Instagram @LargeMargeSentUs</p>
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Episode 43: Ferris Bueller's Day Off
<p>Look out you guys, Sweetie is BACK from vacation. Unfortunately she was a tad jet lagged, but hopefully you'll enjoy our discussion of the John Hughes classic, Ferris Bueller's Day Off just the same. Made in Sweety's birth year of 1986, Ferris Bueller spoke to us as children, but now feels like it's been used as a yearbook quote one too many times. Join us, as we discuss how Jeannie has now become our favorite character, why the bizarro fan theory of Ferris being a figment of Cameron's imagination is a bunch of bullshit and find out whether or not the Sweetie's were school skippers or not. OH YEAH. (bum bum) </p> <p>Theme song performed by Deidre Cullen. Logo designed by Frankie Donlon.</p> <p>Follow us on Twitter @TheSweetieClub and on Instagram @LargeMargeSentUs</p>
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Episode 42: Clueless
<p>As if we'd do a Podcast about our favorite 80s and 90s movies and not bring up Clueless! Released in 1995, Clueless is pretty much the reason we have souls. Aside from being one of the best things to come out of the 90s, Clueless taught us that two learners permits do NOT make a license, that breaking in your purple clogs might take some time, and that you can avoid sexual harassment if you just stay away from creepy Cranberries fans who give you random hugs and kisses. We'll talk about favorite lines (hint: all of them) favorite parts (also all of them) and ask important questions like: 'WAS Cher Jewish?' 'DID Murray ever have hair?' 'WERE they really friends with Amber?' You don't want to miss this one!</p> <p>Theme song performed by Deidre Cullen. Logo designed by Frankie Donlon.</p> <p>Follow us on Twitter @TheSweetieClub and on Instagram @LargeMargeSentUs</p>
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Bonus Episode: Are You Afraid of the Dark?
<p>Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society..I call this story: The Tale of an Awesome Bonus Episode! This week Sweetie and Sweety each picked an episode from the SNICK Classic Are You Afraid of the Dark? and then talked about it. Join us, as we discuss The Tale of the Doll Maker where a dollhouse turns young girls into dolls and their creepy china hands fall off. And the Tale of Locker 22 where a kind Hippie Ghost rewrites her past after giving a foreign exchange student some magic beads. We'll talk about Sweetie's crush on Gary, the first time the Sweeties ever watched Are You Afraid of the Dark? and why it's annoying to insert a question mark into the title of a show. Just kidding we didn't talk about that, but we're realizing now it makes for annoying episode description writing.</p> <p>Theme song performed by Deidre Cullen. Logo designed by Frankie Donlon.</p> <p>Follow us on Twitter @TheSweetieClub and on Instagram @LargeMargeSentUs</p> <p> </p> <p> </p>
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Episode 41: Flight of the Navigator
<p>1986 was a magical year.  Sweety popped out of Carol’s womb and BONUS Disney brought us Flight of the Navigator! The ultimate alien abduction story with a twist! It’s 4th of July in 1978 and David goes to fetch his little brother from his friend’s  house, falls into a shallow ravine, wakes up and BOOM it’s 8 years later. David has no memory of the last 8 years and he hasn’t aged a day. Meanwhile, a mysterious spaceship has idled in Fort Lauderdale and NASA is like What dis? Turns out David and the spaceship are connected. How? To find out, you’ll have to listen to this awesome episode where we talk about how much we love time travel movies (even though they hurt our brain), how little brother Jeff turns into a hottie, and how a robot voiced by Pee Wee Herman CAN get annoying. Compliance!</p> <p>Theme song performed by Deidre Cullen. Logo designed by Frankie Donlon.</p> <p>Follow us on Twitter @TheSweetieClub and on Instagram @LargeMargeSentUs</p>
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Episode 40: Death Becomes Her
<p>The year--- 1992. The VHS that Sweety rented every time she went to the video store---Death Becomes Her! Starring Goldie Hawn, Meryl Streep and Bruce Willis, Death Becomes Her gave humanity a special gift in the form of eternal life and frenemies and reminded us that the 90s was kind of a terrifying decade. We'll discuss whether we'd rather go through life with a hole in our stomach or have a broken neck, how amazing Bruce Willis is in this movie AND get super philosophical and freak each other out when we talk about the concept of living forever and what being dead might feel like. Plus Bonus! Sweetie tells us a personal story about Doberman Pinschers! Grab your shovels and highly fashionable stretch pants, it's time to get spooky!</p> <p>Theme song performed by Deidre Cullen. Logo designed by Frankie Donlon.</p> <p>Follow us on Twitter @TheSweetieClub and on Instagram @LargeMargeSentUs</p>
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Episode 39: First Wives Club
<p>Happy Valentine's Day Sweeties! 1996 brought us The First Wives Club, basically the best movie you have EVER seen about getting back at your weasel dick husband who leaves you high and dry to bone somebody younger, hotter, and dumber. True, we were mere elementary schoolers when this movie premiered but the theme was not lost on us; when men get you down, grab some gal pals and tell that boy bye! Starring the comedic triumvirate of Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton, and Bette Midler, this movie now rounds out Sweetie's top ten and hits all the notes of comedy and drama (Sweetie cried again!). We talk about which first wife is our favorite, how Diane Keaton continues to be the Hollywood version of our mother, and sing A LOT.  Buckle up your prenuptial agreements people and get ready for sisters to do it for themselves!!! </p> <p>Theme song performed by Deidre Cullen. Logo designed by Frankie Donlon</p> <p>Follow us on Twitter @TheSweetieClub and on Instagram @LargeMargeSentUs</p> <p> </p>
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Episode 38: Troop Beverly Hills
<p>It's cookie time! Join the Sweeties as we discuss everyone's favorite 1989 flick about <span style= "text-decoration: line-through;">Girl Scouts</span> Wilderness Girls----Troop Beverly Hills! Starring Shelley Long as the ditsy yet optimistic Phyllis Nefler, Troop Beverly Hills taught us about the importance of friendship and the importance of NOT getting a perm. We'll discuss our favorite Phyllis ensembles, our favorite kind of girl scout cookies AND we come up with our very own Large Marge marching chant. Don't miss it!</p> <p> </p> <p>Theme song performed by Deidre Cullen. Logo designed by Frankie Donlon.</p> <p>Follow us on Twitter @TheSweetieClub and on Instagram @LargeMargeSentUs</p>
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Bonus Super Bowl Episode! The Little Giants
<p>GIANTS! GIANTS! GIANTS! Dude. We hate football but we love the Little Giants. So come celebrate Super Bowl Sunday in the best way possible by getting drunk and watching the Little Giants with us! Made in 1994, and starring Rick Moranis (Best, most adorable movie Dad of all time) and Ed O'Neill, (Kind of hot in that tight shorts, aviator shades, gum chewing way) The Little Giants is a feel-good sports movie about a rag-tag group of misfits who don't know a ton about football but don't really give a fuck. It celebrates woman power thanks to Becky the ICEBOX and re-re-awakens Sweetie's sexual appetite with Devon Sawa! So grab your football gear, cheerleader's skirt and Go-Kart and GO GIANTS!</p> <p>Theme song sung by Deidre Cullen. Logo designed by Frankie Donlon.</p> <p>Follow us on Twitter @TheSweetieClub and on Instagram @LargeMargeSentUs</p>
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Episode 37- Milk Money
<p>Milk Money, released in 1994, is the heartwarming tale about a young boy who grew up without a mother but who also loves boobs, so goes to the Big City with $100 saved to hunt for boobs + a mother.  Yes, this plot is insane but this movie is not! Starring Ed Harris and Melanie Griffith, Milk Money has been a favorite of the Sweeties from day one, not only because we love stories about prostitutes with a heart of gold but also because this movie is highly entertaining! Listen along as we discuss whether or not we could be prostitutes, the finer points of Ed Harris's career, and our real life struggles with milk money. Did you prefer chocolate or whole? We tackle it all and shockingly do absolutely no singing! (Your loss or is it?!) </p> <p>Theme song sung by Deidre Cullen. Logo designed Frankie Donlon.</p> <p>Follow us on Twitter @TheSweetieClub and on Instagram @LargeMargeSentUs</p>
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Episode 36: Flashdance
<p>What a feeling! That's right we watched Flashdance and are now dancing all over the place wearing our black leotards, legwarmers and baggy gray sweatshirts! Join us as we discuss the 1983 classic that turned everyone into maniacs (on the floor). We'll list the many reasons Mawby's Bar is probably the best place to work in Pittsburgh, talk at length about Jennifer Beals fierce fashion statements AND decide whether or not listening to the Flashdance soundtrack on repreat everyday is too much (spoiler: it's not). </p> <p>Theme song sung by Deidre Cullen. Logo designed by Frankie Donlon. </p> <p>Follow us on Twitter @TheSweetieClub and on Instagram @LargeMargeSentUs</p>
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Episode 35- License to Drive
<p>Get out of our dreams! Get into our car! Just kidding we don't own cars but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the 80s realness that is 1988's License to Drive! Join us as we discuss what happens when you fail your drivers test, lie about it, steal your Grandpa's car and take the hottest girl in school out for a wild night on the town. We'll decide who is the fairer Corey, get confused about the rules and regulations of the California DMV, AND share some of our very own learning to drive stories! </p> <p>Theme song sung by Deidre Cullen. Logo designed by Frankie Donlon.</p> <p>Follow us on Twitter @TheSweetieClub and on Instagram @LargeMargeSentUs</p>
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Episode 34: Can't Buy Me Love
<p>Money can't buy you love BUT it can get you pretty darn close....am I right?! That's right, we're talking about the 1987 Teen rom-com classic--Can't Buy Me Love starring a baby Patrick Dempsey in all his flopsy mop glory! Join us as we play "Things I'd Rather Buy for $1,000", name some other movies named after songs and vent about the totally ugly white suede fringe outfit that is the driving plot point of the entire movie!! So grab your beret and start practicing your African Anteater dance, it's time to get spazzy!</p> <p> </p> <p>Logo designed by Frankie Donlon. Follow us on Twitter @TheSweetieClub and on Instagram @LargeMargeSentUs</p>
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Episode 33: E.T.
<p>E.T. phone home? More like E.T. you're terrifying and we could never watch this movie because it freaked us the fuck out! Here at Large Marge Sent Us, we were a bit young to appreciate the finer points of this Steven Spielberg classic which came out in 1982 and was the highest grossing movie until another Spielberg blockbuster broke that record (Jurrassic Park!). Tune in as we talk about the great 80s nostalgia that surrounds this film, how much the E.T. death thing freaked us out, how confused were were then (and now!) by this plot, and how we had our own Sweetie E.T. moment when we raised our own beta fish, who preceded to die a couple days later and then came to life and flew back to their spaceship! Just kidding. We buried them in our backyard. Elllliiiiiiiotttttttt.</p> <p> </p> <p> </p>
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Episode 32- Overboard
<p>Seeing Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell trending in the news because they are the only Hollywood couple still together is sad AF, but it also reminded us of one of our very favorite movies--Overboard! Released in 1987, Overboard taught us that a housekeeper/slave can easily be obtained as long as you know that someone has a birthmark on their butt, and that ALL women intuitively know how to cook and clean (it just takes practice). OK OK, you're right we're being mean. Even though Overboard is slightly creepy plotwise, it still is one hilarious flick and we can't get enough. So grab your sequined wardrobe out of your oak closet (nay-- CEDAR!) and come get short fat and slutty with us!</p> <p>Logo designed by Frankie Donlon. Follow us on Twitter @TheSweetieClub and on Instagram LargeMargeSentUs</p>
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Episode 31- Baby Boom
<p>Big news you guys! Our big sister Liz has given birth to a sweet sweet nugget baby and in honor of our recent Auntie status, we are bringing you our favorite movie about babies of all time----Baby Boom! Baby Boom may have been released in 1987, but it still holds up as a testament to the struggles working mothers deal with everyday. Plus it has one of our very favorite people, Diane Keaton! So come join us as we wax poetic about some full blown patriarchal bullshit AND get ready for a brand new segment finally coming to fruition--- "Ask Carol" We are SO excited about this and you better be too. </p> <p> </p> <p>Logo designed by Frankie Donlon. Follow us on Twitter @TheSweetieClub </p>
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Episode 30: Star Wars! A New Hope
<p>What the fuck you guys, Carrie Fisher died! We are so dismayed and wanted to cheer up by watching Star Wars (and silently crying). Star Wars means more to the us than just about anything else in our lives and we're excited but terrified to finally talk about it. Hopefully we can do it justice and make Carrie proud. We'll hum a lot of great theme songs, play a fun and challenging game about theme songs AND discuss our very first memories about watching Star Wars! Get ready for some Tosche station realness ya'll!</p>
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Episode 29- Gremlins
<p>Happy Christmas from the Sweeties to you. We're bringing you the 1984 non-traditional Christmas classic flick Gremlins! Starring the cutest Mogwai in the biz---Gizmo! Although we're more familiar with Gremlins 2, we loved re-watching the original and bathed in all its dark, scary glory! Join us as we get confused about why Billy's dad thought a Mogwai would be a the perfect present for a guy that already owns a dog (?), and why no one else seems confused or excited about the introduction of a new species. Also, we'll sing a N'Sync Christmas classic and annoying electric supplier scammers interrupt us at the end of our podcast. Christmas surprises for everyone! </p> <p>Logo designed by Frankie Donlon. Follow us on Twitter @TheSweetieClub</p> <p> </p> <p> </p>
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Episode 28- Beetlejuice
<p>Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! The Sweeties are sick of Christmas, so we decided to watch Beetlejuice and call it a night. Released in 1988, Beetlejuice is Tim Burton's classic flick about ghosts, demons, and shrimp hands and boy did it scare the crap out of the Sweeties! Starring Michael Keaton as the bio-exorcist, Geena Davis in a horrible printed house dress, and a slim and trim Alec Baldwin, Beetlejuice introduces us to some friendly ghosts (for the love of god not Casper!) and an alternative to the whole heaven/hell thing. We'll discuss a possible Alec Baldwin reading disability, shit that scared us the most, and how Delia should dump sculpting and become an accessory designer instead.  Hat game on point! </p>
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Episode 27- Home Alone
<p>Merry Christmas ya filthy animals. The Sweeties are bringing you the seminal Christmas favorite about home invasion and booby traps--Home Alone! Released in 1990 Home Alone taught us that you should always give the creepy snow shoveling old man a chance, the furnace in your basement is not out to get you, and being home alone is nice for awhile but mean burglars may be out to kill you.  We'll discuss some definite plot holes, does Chevy Chase pronounce his name Chevy (like the car) or Chevy (like no word I know) and what happened to the pizza guy?! Bonus: free style rapping that goes amok plus a new segment "Large Marge Sent Us" Alumni! Hooray! </p> <p>Logo designed by Frankie Donlon. Follow us on Twitter @TheSweetieClub</p> <p> </p>
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Episode 26- Babes in Toyland
<p>Look out it's time to discuss the groundbreaking and highly well-known Christmas flick of 1986---BABES IN TOYLAND. A TV movie starring Keanu Reeves and Drew Barrymore, how can it get any better?! OK OK we're kidding only about 5 people know of this movie because it's pretty bad but still amazing in its own right. Come join us to discuss the uselessness of Little Joey, how this might just be Keanu Reeves' best role to date (seriously) and if we'd rather date Zack or Mack. The Christmas season has begun come join the Sweeties and get cozy!</p> <p> </p> <p>Logo designed by Frankie Donlon. Follow us on Twitter @TheSweetieClub</p>
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Episode 25- Honey I Shrunk the Kids
<p>Happy 25th Episode! We celebrated by sliding down giant blades of grass and taking joy rides on giant bees. Just kidding---we watched Honey I Shrunk the Kids! Released in the 'Golden Age' of 1989, Honey I Shrunk the Kids stars Rick Moranis and some other people and gave us a real awareness of the fragility of ants and how much of a dick scorpions are. Join us as we discuss the finer points.... WHY was Little Russell the least appealing love interest of all time? DID Amy ever get to go to the Mall? WHAT are 'plumbing issues'. So come on over and get shrunk with us!</p> <p> </p> <p>Logo designed by Frankie Donlon. Follow us on Twitter @TheSweetieClub</p>
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Episode 24- The Addams Family
<p>Join us as we celebrate the spook and macabre that is The Addams Family! Released in 1991, we were lucky enough to own this treasure on VHS (thanks to the golden era of McDonalds) which allowed us to practice our Mamushka as long as we needed to. (Sorry more parentheses but please turn your attention to that scene to catch the hilarious stunt double that in no way, shape, or form resembles Raul Julia!) Gold star for anyone who counts how many times we use the word 'macabre' during this episode!</p> <p> </p> <p>Logo designed by Frankie Donlon. Follow us Twitter @TheSweetieClub</p>
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Episode 23- The Karate Kid
<p>We're back home on the Cape and bringing you a special episode recorded from our Mom's basement! Join us as we talk about one of Sweetie's best hangover remedies--The Karate Kid! Released in 1984, the Karate Kid taught us about the importance of waxing on AND off plus it introduced us to the teenage paradise of Golf N' Stuff which got rid of its waterslide but is probably still cool. So grab your bonsai tree and ready your crane pose so we can kick some butt! </p>
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Episode 22- Dirty Dancing
<p>Nobody puts Baby in the corner. And nobody told the Sweeties when they were little that Dirty Dancing is a thinly veiled cautionary tale about abortion rights.  Just kidding! It's about dancing you fools.  Dirty Dancing to be precise.  We really had the TIME OF OUR LIVES talking all about Patrick Swayze's hotness factor (RIP), how we wanted Jennifer Grey's fancy schmancy ballroom dancing shoes, and break down the psychological reasons why the sister Lisa was a big old bitchy mcbitchster throughout most of the movie.  So join hands, hearts, and voices. Voices, hearts, and hands. At Large Marge Sent Us we talk about movies that we were too young to be watching but did anyways because our parents were awesome and didn't care. Truth.</p> <p> </p> <p>Logo designed by Frankie Donlon. This episode brought to you by Andrew Yaksic.</p>
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Episode 21- Earth Girls Are Easy
<p>ARE Earth Girls Easy? The answer is yes! Join the Sweeties as they watch one of their favorite movie musicals of all time--1989's Earth Girls Are Easy starring mega-babe Geena Davis and Sexy (?) Jeff Goldblum. In this episode we have a cow when we realize that Michael McKean was Woody the surfer bum pool guy, we lament about the lost art of the dance off, and we swoon over Jim Carrey's sexy years. So come sing along and shake it all night with us. </p> <p> </p> <p>Logo designed by Frankie Donlon. Follow us on Twitter @TheSweetieClub</p>
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Episode 20- Look Who's Talking
<p>The election results made us want to die so we needed a movie that would make us laugh and feel better stat! Look Who's Talking did the trick because how can talking babies not make you feel better? Released in 1989 and directed by the fantastic Amy Heckerling, Look Who's Talking taught us that the 90s was a very unsafe time to be a baby and that pregnancy tests were actually small science experiments done in the comforts of your bathroom. Join us as we reminisce about the good old days of non-creepy John Travolta and what happens when you eat too much fruit. </p>
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Episode 19- Adventures in Babysitting
<p>Nobody leaves this place without singin' the blues--and nobody leaves Large Marge Sent Us without watching Adventures in Babysitting. Not only is it a fantastic movie but it's one of TWO movies about babysitting that Keith Coogan starred in. What are the odds? We've always loved this movie and never hesitate when asked to sing a few bars of 'Babystting Blues'. So grab your Thor costume, your gloves and official Joe Gipp blue leather jacket, it's time to go babysitting! </p>
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Episode 18- Uncle Buck
<p>In honor of John Candy's birthday, we decided to kick November off with one of our family faves--Uncle Buck! Released in the golden age of great movies (1989) Uncle Buck is a John Hughes movie that furthers the stereotype of the dangers of Chicago. Remember kids...don't go to bowling alleys alone! We loved this movie as kids and still love it today. Who wouldn't? Join us as we discuss the finer moments---giant pancakes, creepy men at bowling alleys and public transportation conundrums. PLUS special cameos and bad birthday singing. What more could you want?</p>
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Episode 17- Teen Witch
<p>Holy crap you guys we love Teen Witch more than just about anything. Released in 1989, Teen Witch taught us the value of a well placed scrunchie, the spell to conjure winds AND how to get the rich man's Tom Cruise to fall in love with you. We ask important questions like: DID Louise and Brad do it in the weird house? ARE Polly and Louise still friends? And most importantly... IS Shana upset that she gave her most prized possession to a random girl she doesn't know? Join us on this magical adventure and sing along with the Sweeties as we round out our Halloween month right! TOP THAT. </p>
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Episode 16- Casper
<p>Released in 1995, Casper is the sequel to Now and Then, where Devon Sawa's character dies in a sledding incident and comes back to haunt Christina Ricci. Just kidding. It's a movie about a lame white ghost who is friendly and stalks a living human being. Sorry to say, the Sweeties do not like this movie. At all. It's not our fault nothing makes sense and they included too many plot points for their own good. Join us, as we vent about how this movie is too willy nilly about death and complain about how Christina Ricci had a really hard time fake crying in the 90s. Hey, they can't all be hits!</p>
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Bonus Episode- Mr. Boogedy
<p>BOOGEDY! BOOGEDY! BOO! We watched Mr. Boogedy every time it came on TV, which probably explains why we have a deep seeded fear of pilgrims and bad wigs. Released in 1986, Mr. Boogedy was part of the Walt Disney's Magical World of Color series and it was a doozy. Hilarious, scary, clever---it has it all! Plus, Kristy Swanson, sticky green footprints, and spooky music. What's not to love!?</p>
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Episode 15- Hocus Pocus
<p>Come little listeners, I'll take thee away...into a land of witches and Hocus Pocus! The Sweeties are back to talk about everyone's favorite Halloween flick Hocus Pocus! Released in 1993, The Sanderson Sisters really left us feeling envious of their excellent bosoms and singing ability but we love them all the same. Join us as we struggle to remember Omri Katz's name, sing a lot, AND talk about our favorite parts and what really made us cringe in terror (pointy shoes yuck!). We put a spell on you and now you have to listen....mwahaha!</p> <p>Follow us on Twitter @TheSweetieClub</p> <p>Logo Art by Frankie Donlon</p>
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Episode 14- The Worst Witch
<p>There's a moment in everyone's life when you realize that one of your favorite childhood flicks is actually a really bad movie. For us that movie is the Worst Witch! Lucky for us though, The Worst Witch is one of those 'So bad it's good' type movies so everybody wins! Released in 1986, and starring a young and sweet Fairuza Balk, The Worst Witch taught us that anyone can write a song--you just need a pen, some paper and a word you can rhyme everything with! Sit back and grab your cat, it's time to get witchy. </p>
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Episode 13- The Monster Squad
<p>What movie brings together Dracula, The Mummy, Wolfman, Gill-man and Frankenstein's Monster?! The cult classic, The Monster Squad! Filmed in way back when 1987, The Monster Squad is a combination monster flick + gang-o-kids movie and is a rollicking good time; scary, yet side splitting with some amazing 80s humor. We'll answer all your need to know questions such as does Wolfman have nards? Is the Mummy a good candidate to have on your monster squad? And what are two ways to kill a vampire? So get your silver bullets and sharpened wooden ready to go. #squadgoals</p>
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Episode 12- The Witches
<p>WITCHES-WORK-ONLY-WITH-MAGIC! And so does the Large Marge Sent Us Podcast. Join us as we kick off October right with one of the scariest movies you saw as a child. Released in 1990 The Witches brought us nightmares in the form of Anjelica Houston's purple laser eyes and Roald Dahl's creepy AF witch mythos. You'll never look at little old ladies and their ugly square shoes the same ever again! Happy Halloween you guys!</p>
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Episode 11- The Wizard (Savage September Flick #4)
<p>Video games! Fred Savage! Video Games AND Fred Savage? A match made in heaven. Released in 1989, we had to make The Wizard the final stop on our Savage September tour because it combines Fred Savage with classic video games--two things we hold near and dear to our hearts. Plus, bonus random Tobey Maguire cameo AND 3 new original songs (with stolen melodies) sung by yours truly. Honestly, is there any other way to close a fantastic Savage September?! Didn't think so.</p>
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Episode 10- Little Monsters (Savage September Flick #3)
<p>IS there anything scarier than having Daniel Stern as your father? Oh probably just having Maurice the gross monster as your best friend! Released in 1989, Little Monsters is the 3rd stop on our tour of Fred Savage classics. Although we love this flick, we can't help but point out that it's very gross and that it's probably best if you do not eat during it. So grab your flashlight and see if you can find out who pissed in your apple juice, it's Little Monsters time!</p>
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Episode 9- Vice Versa (Savage September Flick #2)
<p>Get excited for the best body swap movie to come out of 1988! Not the most well known of the Savage September selections, but Vice Versa starring Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage holds a special place in the Sweetie's collective hearts mostly because it's the only movie where you'll find an 11 year old swearing like a sailor and drinking martinis aka a typical Saturday night for us! Just kidding. But we're not kidding about the fact that Fred Savage is at peak adorbs-ness here.  So hold onto your freaky Thai statues, say I wish, and get ready to swap bodies with your 45 year old, overworked yuppie dad!!! <br />  </p>
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Episode 8- Big
<p>Wooga wooga wee, jacks! Released in 1988, Big has been a part of our family's favorite movie canon since oh...forever! Join us as we discuss the finer points of the flick like Zoltar's scary devil eyes, booby grabbing and what thing in Josh's phat loft style apartment you would most want to own! Note:  We experienced some sound issues during this one and while we think we operated successfully enough on it there might still be some hiccups--so hang with it!</p>
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Episode 7- The Princess Bride (Savage September Flick #1)
<p>Look out, it's SAVAGE SEPTEMBER! This month we're diving head first into our favorite Fred Savage flicks. This week we're catching up with our buds Westley and Buttercup as we wax poetic about the ultimate cult classic: The Princess Bride. Made in 1987, the Princess Bride was a true family fave filled with sword fighting, giants and Rodents of Unusual Size. So grab your MLT sandwich and get ready to get Savage. September. Oh yeah. </p>
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Episode 6: In Memoriam Gene Wilder in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
<p>Our good buddy Gene Wilder died this week at the age of 83 and in his honor Sweetie and Sweety recorded an in memoriam episode dedicated to the best movie that came out of 1971, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! This movie came out quite a bit before our time, but we were obsessed with it as children.  Don't miss our in-depth discussion of our favorite songs and chocolate bars from the film and BONUS Sweetie warbles off an amazing (i.e. horrible) rendition of Veruca Salt's "I Want It Now".  RIP GW, you'll always be our everlasting gobstopper!</p>
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Episode 5: Harry and The Hendersons
<p>The year was 1987. The place - Seattle, Washington.  And the hero is the world's most famous Bigfoot, Harry! Harry and The Hendersons is a gem and a half as far as 80s cinema classics go and taught us not to judge a Bigfoot by its.....big feet? Starring the always electric John Lithgow, Harry and the Hendersons stomped into our hearts and never let go. Join us as we unpack it, one smelly mythologized beast at a time!</p>
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Episode 4: Pee Wee's Big Adventure
<p>I know YOU are but what am I? We are Large Marge Sent Us and Pee Wee's Big Adventure is one of our favorite, favorite films so much so that we named our totally awesome podcast after a pivotal character! So buckle up and get ready for a thoughtful yet somewhat silly deep dive into Tim Burton's 1985 masterpiece featuring everyone's favorite man-child, Pee Wee Herman! FYI our intro got cut off so you've been warned.  Ack, technical difficulties of your amateur podcaster! </p>
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Episode Three: The Chipmunk Adventure
<p>We're taking it back to 1987 this week, with The Chipmunk Adventure, everyone's favorite animated romp that involves unrealistic world travel with unsupervised chipmunk children via hot air balloons! Large Marge Sent Us dives in so get your diamond dolls and high pitched voices ready!  </p>
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Episode 2: The NeverEnding Story
<p>Released in 1984, The NeverEnding Story taught us how imagination triumphs over all, stealing books from cranky old men will get you far, and never, ever take your horse into the Swamp of Sadness. Sweetie and Sweety break it down, one luck dragon at a time.  </p>
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Episode 1: Jurassic Park!
<p>Released in way back when 1993, Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park is an integral part of the Sweetie Movie Canon.  We were 10 and 6 years old when our parents dragged us to this whopper of a good time movie and we proceeded to poop our pants and cry out of sheer terror.  23 years later it's one of our favorite films and the one we thought most appropriate for our inaugural episode.</p> <p> </p> <p>This episode is brought to you by Alice Bergin</p>
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