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Category: Business
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You've found the Crowdfire Stories. Let me take you on a journey to meet our users. Crowdfire users are those brave enough to step out on their own, as a personal brand. They challenge the 9 to 5. We know their struggle and we celebrate triumphs.

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Aloha Podcast Network

Hawaii Podcast
Podcast Episode's:
Making Videos For The World
This is the story of a couple that loves to travel, photography, cooking, books and cats! They're wandering thru Mexico and the world to share their experiences in video. They've built a successful YouTube career out of their passion. Find out how and what's different about making content for an International audience vs a local audience. https://www.youtube.com/user/PataDeGatoTV https://twitter.com/PataDeGatoTV http://www.facebook.com/patadegatotv https://www.instagram.com/patadegatotv/
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How To Get Paid To Make YouTube Videos
Ettore built a business of YouTube. He started out gaming but now his videos help people market themselves on everything from YouTube to Snapchat. In July 2011 he created the YouTube channel that would be his most popular. He accumulated 7.5 million views and 16,000 subscribers yielding $13,000 in ad revenue. He also worked with several brands to create promotions and product reviews, which was his introduction to influencer marketing. https://www.youtube.com/Ettore/videos https://twitter.com/ettorefy http://ettore.us https://www.linkedin.com/in/ettoref/
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What This Professor Thinks About Blogging
Regg is a professor and a blogger. His mission is complex and the simplest aspect of humanity all rolled into one. He describes it as "I have had all sorts of jobs some cool, some not, some paid well some not. I’ve learned that, while styles and customs evolve and technology is changing our world at lightning speed, human nature and relationships—what we want and need in life, how best to get it, and how to cope when we don’t—remain constant." His blog covers every aspect of men's lifestyles and you can read it here: http://worldwideregg.com/ To find him online: https://www.pinterest.com/worldwideregg/ https://www.facebook.com/WwRegg/ https://twitter.com/WwRegg
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How To Land Your First Client
Sam Olliver left school at sixteen years old to start working. He had a great experience in the property industry with leadership training. He realized that there was a more fulfilling career for him in helping people with cognitive behavioral coaching. On today's episode, he tells the story of his journey and gives his advice for how coaches can take the leap and land their first clients.  You can find him online:  https://chatfuel.com/bot/olliverenterprises https://twitter.com/olliventerprise http://www.olliverenterprises.com/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClhwxdX3uJ1K_UiKFr5wTbg https://www.linkedin.com/in/samolliver https://www.instagram.com/olliverenterprises/
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How To Say No To Reach Your Goals
Laura is an International Online Marketing Coach, Consultant, and Trainer, as well as a Professional Speaker, Author, and College Instructor. She's an expert in social media marketing and she's super fun. Her passion leaks through with every answer she gives. Her episode is packed with useful advice for everything from how to use Twitter to when to say "no" in order to grow your business and reach your goals.  You can find her online here: https://socialsavvygeek.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/lauraepence/ https://twitter.com/SocialSavvyGeek https://twitter.com/LauraEPence https://www.facebook.com/SocialSavvyGeek/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrAz3_anxRaBfEUOzuuXYCQ https://www.instagram.com/SocialSavvyGeek
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How To Make It In The Music Industry
Boom as he likes to be called has defied the odds to create platforms to help musicians connect and thrive. When no one else believed in him he believed in himself. His motto is "You Are Not Your Past. You Are Now. #ProveThemWrong" www.reverbnation.com/pagesandpoets www.youtube.com/channel/UC4ihuGCz…Hh07dN4OEyQ/about twitter.com/BoomTheBoxLIVE www.facebook.com/BoomTheBoX/
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How To Start A Podcast With Your Best Friend
I sat down Jeff and Logan of Cyber Squid radio to asked them how exactly they went about building a BFF podcast where they discuss the latest news with their take on science and pop-culture. This is a geeky love fest and the perfect opportunity for anyone who has ever thought about starting a podcast to get a how to from two guys who know all the ins and outs. https://www.cybersquidradio.com/ https://www.facebook.com/cybersquidradio/ https://twitter.com/cybersquidradio https://soundcloud.com/cybersquidradio
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Cryptocurrency: What Is it & Can It Make You Rich?
Ever heard of crytocurrency? What about bitcoin? You're about to meet the man who is trying to evolve our currency. He explains, "We live in a world where we are seeing the emergence and popularity of digital currencies developing at an exponential rate, yet we have yet to see mass cryptocurrency adoption. Our vision is arm businesses with the knowledge and tools to prioritize cryptocurrency as a means of significant financial exchange in order to spur the acceptance of cryptocurrencies on a global scale." That's quite the mission and this is quite the podcast episode. https://cryptoimprovementfund.io/ https://www.facebook.com/cryptoimprovementfund/ https://twitter.com/cif_team
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Never Give Up On Your Dreams
I sat down with your favorite Canadian Nerds who love investigating the world around us by exploring tombs, ancient cultures, evolution, the latest technology, and the universe around us. I asked them why they started a podcast. What the challenged they faced were and why they keep going. http://www.letusgetnerdy.com/ https://twitter.com/letusgetnerdy https://www.facebook.com/letusgetnerdy/ https://www.instagram.com/letusgetnerdy/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_5DeE2CCqnXYFBdX3Fd_BQ
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Learning About Money Doesn't Have To Be Scary
Kevin has been on both sides of what he calls "the cashless, debt hemorrhaging, personal finance situation – making very little money and having debt as well as making a lot of money and having debt." In both situations, he was able to dig himself out and learn from his experiences. Now, he's teaching others how he did it in a way that makes personal finance easy even if you're not a financial planner, not a millionaire and didn’t receive some massive inheritance. https://twitter.com/fillingthepig1 www.fillingthepig.com
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Can You Financially Profit From True Love?
Alexis works with women who are fed up with dating. She explains "They don’t understand why dating has become so hard and frustrating when it used to be so fun and easy in their early 20s. They’re beginning to lose faith in love and wondering if it will ever happen for them, as they see all their friends beginning to get married." After completing a graduate program at Harvard, she found herself with similar feelings, but she found the way out. She's now a Dating Expert and Results Coach for women looking for love. She founded the Crazy Wild Love Academy and regularly writes for Huffington Post, Maria Shriver, Thought Catalog and others. https://www.facebook.com/Meads.Alexis https://twitter.com/AlexisMeads https://www.instagram.com/alexismeads/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCHpUMNr2LyLAWjBjNltatw
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Painful Bullying To Published Author & Successful Entrepreneur
Alizabeth suffered from horrible bullying, chronic illnesses, and mental health issues. She turned all that pain into wildly ambitious success. She's written 17 books. She has a makeup line and a soon to be clothing line. She's a blogger and an activist. This is the Wonder Woman we should all be following. In her words, "There is no one in this world who will ever be able to replace you. And when you put your mind to it, I promise that you are an unstoppable energy that has the ability to impact this world for good. You can do it, babe. I believe in you. While it’s not going to be easy, I promise that we will learn to love ourselves together." http://www.curvyhipsandtintedlips.com/ https://twitter.com/curvy_lips https://www.instagram.com/curvyhipsandtintedlips/ https://www.pinterest.com/Tintedlips/
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What Will You Say To The Blogger Who Needs Your Help?
Mary wanted to get back to a better way of life. She wanted to help others eat local sustainable healthy and most of all delicious food. She started a blog to help share recipes and information. She explains, "That’s why I created this blog, to help us all learn more about eating healthy whether that is organic vegetables or grass-fed beef or pesticide free fruit." Her blog is so successful it's being monetized now! http://www.maryslocalmarket.com/ https://www.instagram.com/maryslocalmarket/
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Making Money With Tiny Revolutionary Death Stars
Patricia went from not liking crocheting at all to building a little fiber art empire. Her blog PopsDeMilk sells patterns, teaches how to crochet and has an awesome community who love Patricia's creations. It is hard not to love tiny fiber death stars and adorable crocheted bunnies to be fair. Patricia is wise enough to play off of what's trending right now to make an art with the stereotype of being for older people cool again. https://popsdemilk.com/ https://www.facebook.com/popsdemilk https://www.instagram.com/popsdemilk/ https://twitter.com/popsdemilk
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Travel The World And Save Money!
Kamelia grew up thinking that travel was expensive and not accessible for someone like her. She took my first big trip in 2006 and was instantly bitten by the travel bug. Working as a nurse, she wasn’t rich, but she was determined to live the lifestyle she craved on a budget she could afford. She started hacking! She's now a master travel hacker and regularly finds international travel deals at insanely low prices! I ask how she monetized such a unique career that she clearly loves. https://www.instagram.com/thehackerette/
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Social Media Marketing Advice From The Man Who Made It His Career
Samuel Odekunle is a Social Media and Branding Expert, Entrepreneur and IT Consultant with over 15 years of cross-industry experience. On the podcast, he explains how he built his thriving business and he spills the tea on how to build your own social media marketing. http://samuelodekunle.com https://twitter.com/samuelodekunle
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How To Make Money With Your Travel YouTube & Blog
A love for adventure is in Alice's DNA. Her father started taking her on adventures at a young age. In school, she bloomed as an athlete. After college she found a way to combine her love for adventure with her physical abilities to become a stuntwoman including working on Ender’s Game, Now you See Me and Transformers 4 & 5. She's taking those skills one step farther with her adventure & sustainable travel youtube channel and blog. http://www.alicesadventuresonearth.com/ https://twitter.com/AliceLFord https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjGNpX42QLX8OYBLrEJ_Uhg
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How To Travel The World And Get Paid For It
Mitch grew up with two passions, the great outdoors and technology. Now, as an adult he's on a mission to combine his love for travel with tech. He's succeeding in a big way. He's grown a massive online following. On the podcast, he tells us a little bit about how he built this new travel empire. https://www.unexpectedjourney.co/about-us https://www.instagram.com/unexpectedjrne/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Z9w9L_cC7o44xDvy0UVLA/about https://twitter.com/Mitch_Summers
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Fashion, Music, Business, Justin Explains How To Be A Mogul
Justin is a young entrepreneur. He's still in college but he owns a fashion line and a social media marketing business. He also has a fashion company. I sat him down to ask how he does it all. He gave us great advice on how to create a social media network to help grow. https://twitter.com/imjustinray https://www.instagram.com/imjustinray/
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Dream of Being A Famous Songwriter?
Kim started playing music in the school band. Fast forward and she's released ten albums, completed three tours; 21 States, Caribbean and the UK. That's not all. She's written songs for exclusive ABC and NBC TV network catalogs, a Sony Store music project, charted on Billboard again, and the published one of her first children's book series. She's a natural artist and she has a world of advice in her story for musicians. http://sidefxband.net/about.aspx https://www.facebook.com/SideFXandKimCameron https://www.instagram.com/sidefxandkimcameron/ https://twitter.com/sidefxband
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Fame? Fortune? How Lukus Became King Of The Nerds
Lukus has built a following around his love for all things nerd! You might think that this was just for fun, right? Talking about comics and movies all day sure sounds like fun, but he did so much more with his passion. He built a social media marketing business. He used his own accounts that he built around what he was passionate about for social proof to prospective clients that he had the chops to build their audiences too. https://twitter.com/LukusIsRight https://www.instagram.com/LukusIsRight/
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What Does Americana Sound Like & How Do You Profit From It?
Grant Maloy Smith is what America sounds like, a singer/songwriter of American Roots music. He describes his sound as "a blend of old country, bluegrass, folk and Celtic influences" He is a member of NARAS (The Grammys®), The CMA (Country Music Association), and The AMA (Americana Music Association) We sat him down and asked him to tell us what he's learned on his journey as a musician. http://www.grant-maloy-smith.com/ https://twitter.com/grantmaloysmith https://www.instagram.com/grantmaloysmith/ https://www.facebook.com/GrantMaloySmithOfficial
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What Happens When Analytics & Creativity Blend Perfectly?
John is a musician and a photographer by night and a project manager by day. His very different occupations have created a unique person in John. He's incredibly creative but when he describes his music or art he can describe it much like a project manager. He's built his community around his natural desire to reach out and connect with others not only via music or art, but also via Twitter. Hear John's story on today's episode. https://twitter.com/John__Burns http://www.reflectingme.com/
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Trey Pearson Found His Greatest Success By Being True To Himself
With his band Everyday Sunday, Trey Pearson has sold hundreds of thousands of records, and amassed millions of streams. He has scored 5 #1 U.S. singles and 20 Top 10 hits. His song “Wake Up! Wake Up!” was the most-played Christian rock song of 2007, and his 2009 album, “Best Night of Our Lives,” broke onto the coveted Billboard 200 chart. Pearson has toured in all 50 states and 20 countries, playing with top Christian musicians such as Toby Mac, Switchfoot, MercyMe, Jeremy Camp, Relient K and others. Recently, Trey Pearson, the founder and owner of Everyday Sunday, has come out of the closet to make national news. His announcement started a national conversation with a television appearance on The View. It has been covered by The New York Times, Billboard Magazine, CNN and more, as he became the most trending topic worldwide on Facebook. http://treypearson.com/ https://www.facebook.com/treypearson https://twitter.com/treypearson https://www.instagram.com/treypearson/
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Getting Advice On Being Honest About Money & Music
Yamica was born in Portsmouth, NH. She is the oldest granddaughter of the late Jean M. Jones, Portsmouth’s ‘Lady of Song’ and she is great-neice to local jazz legend Sharon “Brown Sugar” Jones. At age 3, she gave her first performance and has been singing ever since. This singer/songwriter can be found performing all over the seacoast with her father, also a local legend in blues, R&B and funk, Pete Peterson https://soundcloud.com/msyamicapeterson/if-you-only-knew-cd-cut https://www.facebook.com/msyamicapeterson https://twitter.com/msmicapeterson http://msyamicapeterson.com/
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Advice From A Cinematographer Traveling The World In A Van
From Nitro Fuel to Philanthropy, Jes Stockhausen is an ambitious young director living on the road...in his van. In his mobile studio, on top of traveling project to project, he is currently en route to travel the Pan American Highway in his custom built camper van. His professional career launched working as a staff photographer at the eyewear beast, Oakley. He has worked with world class athletes and numerous philanthropic ventures including the Infinite Hero Foundation, Onesight and Team Red,White and Blue. Since, he has worked with companies such as The Enthusiast Network, Oakley Standard Issue and the Vail Vally Foundation and had work published with National Geographic Yourshot, the Matador Network, Topo Designs, Justin’s Nut Butter and more. Find out how he built this dream career on today's episode of #CrowdfireStories http://jesstockhausen.com/ https://www.facebook.com/pg/jesstockhausenphoto http://yourshot.nationalgeographic.com/profile/854486/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/joseph-jes-stockhausen-a8212a21
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True Story: How To Go From Drugs To Being A Famous Author
New York Times bestselling authorJaQuavis hit the scene with his high school love, Ashley, at the age of seventeen. Born and raised in the most notorious neighborhoods of Flint, Michigan, it was only natural for the pair to write about the street life they knew all too well. During their freshman year in college they received national publishing deals, and with the Cartel series they have solidified themselves as two of the best in their genre. On the podcast, he tells us how they did it and how other authors can grow. https://twitter.com/RealJaQuavis
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How To Make Money As A Blogger & Do What You Love
Meet Sara of @LifesLittleSweets, an architectural designer turned work-at-home Mom. She is the creator of the food & lifestyle blog Life's Little Sweets and Owner of Maniez Design Studio LLC. We sat her down on today's episode of #CrowdfireStories to get the step by step on how she turned a blogging hobby into a business 🎤 http://www.lifeslittlesweets.com/ https://uk.pinterest.com/LifesLilSweets/ https://www.instagram.com/lifeslittlesweets/ https://twitter.com/lifeslilsweets https://www.facebook.com/LifesLittleSweets/
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How To Make Your Commitment To Your Dreams Your Success Story
"You have now entered the Domain of a True Lyricist." Prepare to follow Krutial on his journey to Greatness and become inspired along the way. Krutial is a Hip-Hop Recording Artist out of Nashville,TN. His groundbreaking flows and versatility to appeal to a large audience makes him a force to be reckoned with in Music City, as well as the rest of the world. https://itunes.apple.com/album/id1219739551?ls=1&app=itunes https://twitter.com/KRUTIAL615 https://www.facebook.com/Krutial/ https://soundcloud.com/krutial
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This Founder Created A Solution To Make The World Smarter
Nathan Bashaw is the founder of @hardboundco. He was running into a learning problem in a past job. He created a brilliant solution that let people absorb the information you'd typically read an entire book to learn in just a couple of minutes. He also built it into a really fun interactive way of learning. That solution became #1 on Product Hunt   and runner-up for “App of the year.” Fast Company named it one of the top 10 apps of 2016. Apple featured it as one of the “best new apps,” and said that their stories are “so well designed we didn’t want to stop.” That's how Hardbound was born. https://www.hardbound.co/ https://www.instagram.com/hardbound_co/ https://www.facebook.com/hardboundco
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Risking Everything To Make The World Happy
I think that today there isn’t enough music that makes people happy“, Ollie states. "I’m not a preacher nor a saint but my songs come from a place of joy, deep love and a lot of happiness“. Ollie Gabriel is from a small town in Louisiana and grew up in a family of artists. After his move to L.A., OLLIE GABRIEL continued to work hard towards his goals. He even went through military life to make his dream in music happen. https://twitter.com/olliegabriel https://www.facebook.com/OllieGabrielOfficial https://www.instagram.com/olliegabriel/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwS4SBXHi0LGvRBIQ4mF5lQ
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How To Make The World Sports Empire You Dreamed Up At A Pub
"When we were kids, it was okay to hang posters of our favorite team all over our walls. When we grew up, as much as we loved our team, our girlfriends (and later our wives) wouldn’t have a giant Man U banner hanging above the mantel (even if they were big fans). And while it was a tough decision—loyalty to team or girl—we came up with an ideal solution" Art of Sport, a series of limited edition, living-room worthy prints that brings a modern design aesthetic to your favorite team, while subtly incorporating team history, colors, names, and mythology. Today, you meet founder John Paul Stallard and get his inside story on how Art of Sport came to be. https://artofsportstore.com/ https://www.pinterest.com/artofsportstore/ https://www.instagram.com/artofsport/ https://www.facebook.com/artofsportstore https://twitter.com/artofsportstore
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Step-By-Step On How To Succeed As A Writer
Susan Day is an established author who helps grandparents connect with their grandchildren through literature. She's also on a mission to get 100 guest blogs published. She's made her own way as a successful writer but in today's episode, she teaches other writers how to do it themselves. https://www.facebook.com/sdayauthor/ https://twitter.com/@susandayauthor/ https://www.instagram.com/susandayauthor/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/astrosadventures/ http://www.astrosadventuresbookclub.com/
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Advice On How To Become A Famous International TV Star & Musician
Chase Coleman is most recognized for his role as Billy Winslow in Season One of Boardwalk Empire, as well as guest starring on The Good Wife, Gossip Girl, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and Kings. He has had many starring and supporting roles in independent films such as New York City Serenade, Catahoula, and God Don’t Make the Laws. He also played the lead of Andrew in the off-Broadway play My Big Gay Italian Wedding. He founded the production company Bloodstone Productions and created the short film Into the Rose Garden that he wrote, directed, and starred in. Coleman guest starred as Robert in the pilot of the TV series The Americans in the summer of 2012, as well as filming Season two of In Between Men in autumn 2012. He is currently working on the hit TV show The Originals as the werewolf character Oliver. He's also touring with his band, Mercy Mode. https://twitter.com/ChaseRColeman https://twitter.com/MercyModeBand https://www.facebook.com/ChaseRColeman https://www.facebook.com/mercymodeband
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Can You Really Be A Famous Magician For A Living? Yes
Chris Cox is the stand out star of BBC Three’s award winning ‘Killer Magic‘ and headlines the hit West End magic show ‘Impossible.’ He’s a multi award winning mind reader who can’t read minds. Not only that but according to The Guardian he is ‘one of the most exciting entertainers in Britain. http://magiccox.com/ https://twitter.com/bigcox https://www.youtube.com/user/christhemindreader https://www.facebook.com/ilovecox https://www.instagram.com/magiccox/
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Advice From A Decade Of Building Famous Fandoms
Madalyn Sklar is the host of the #TwitterSmarter Twitter chat and podcast, and weekly #SocialROI chat. She blogs, creates, speaks, and teaches courses at MadalynSkar.com. A business coach, consultant, and Twitter marketing expert, Madalyn is a real force to be reckoned with. She’s known for being the #1 social media influencer in Houston, a city of more than 2 million. She’s been founding communities online since 1996. https://twitter.com/MadalynSklar http://www.madalynsklar.com/about/ https://www.instagram.com/madalynsklar/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/madalynsklar/ https://www.facebook.com/madalynsklar https://www.youtube.com/user/SN4M
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How To Connect With Fans To Find Success
Growing up in an abusive household where his life was put in danger constantly and dealing with neglect, TH3SLK found his outlet through music. He has a growing hiphop music career and works to make life better for his own child now. He's the most inspiring story you'll hear today. He finds a way to truly connect with his audience so they know not only do they hear him but he hears them. https://twitter.com/th3officialslk https://www.facebook.com/TH3SLK/ https://www.instagram.com/th3officialslk/ https://th3slk.bandcamp.com/
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Can This Woman Actually Change The World For Moms Like Her?
Natalie is the Director of TypeFaceGroup, an award-winning marketing agency. You might think that was enough success, but for Natalie you'd be wrong. Natalie realized that other moms like her with young kids need a different work model in order to care for their kids while they grow their career. Keep in touch with her: https://twitter.com/natalietfg?lang=en
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Confessions Of A Famous Radio Host & Social Influencer
@OnAirWithRick is a super fun On-Air Radio Personality who recently started his own podcast. He has a verified Twitter with over 24,000 followers. He is teaching you how to step out on your own as brand, how to grow an audience and be brave enough to put your personality out there authentically on the podcast. https://twitter.com/OnAirWithRick http://onairwithrick.com/ https://www.facebook.com/OnAirWithRick https://www.instagram.com/OnAirWithRick/
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From Fitness To Being A Best-Selling Author
David is a strength coach, bestselling author, and founder of http://howtobeast.com. David quit his 9-5 job as a software engineer to follow his passion of strength coaching. David teaches two aspects of what he considers "being a beast" physical transformation in strength coaching and mental transformation in confidence coaching. He's also an Instagram influencer. https://www.youtube.com/c/howtobeast?sub_confirmation=1 http://www.howtobeast.com/ https://www.instagram.com/howtobeast/
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Spotlight: How To Go From Freelancer To Social Influencer
Meet Justin, the author of the Social Media Rocket Series. He evolved from freelancer to Digital Business Advisor and Speaker. He's also now a Social-Media Influencer and founded iboommedia. He's been featured in Forbes and Huffingtonpost. He can teach you how social media can take you from freelancer to founder or influencer and how that translates to financial success. He held nothing back in our interview. It's jam packed with specific strategies to find success. https://twitter.com/jmhhacker http://www.jmhhacker.com/ https://www.facebook.com/justinmatthewsocialmedia https://www.facebook.com/checkmatesocialagency https://www.instagram.com/Jmhhacker
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Confessions On Making Money As A True Artist
Laura fell in love with the mountains pretty early in life. Being born in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, how could you not? Any time she spends outdoors, she's forever in awe of how truly beautiful nature is. Often stumbling as she looks at her surroundings and not so much where she's going. She can't help but see a painting in everything she looks at. Her photographs are really just plans for future paintings. Over the years, her work has evolved to depict what she sees only far more vivid. She tends to go where ever her brush takes her and she's currently in LOVE with her journey thus far. "Nature is love and the landscape is most DEFINITELY not dead." ​ #longlivethelandscape https://www.colorfullybananas.com/ https://www.instagram.com/colorfullybananas/ https://twitter.com/ColorfullyLaura
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What You Need To Know To Succeed As A Creative Photographer
Today, you meet William Petruzzo. He says his dad’s photography has always inspired him to create and find meaning in images, but he gets his creative juice from his practice of "contemplating the strangeness of existence." I think you'll love his outlook. "I believe a happy life is one with people you love, and passions you have the freedom to pursue." https://www.petruzzo.com/ https://www.facebook.com/petruzzophotography https://twitter.com/petruzzophoto
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What This True Child Prodigy Did To Make His Dreams Happen
Since 2010, Shawn Tempesta has been Las Vegas’ premier on-air host. Every morning, Shawn can been seen on ABC 13’s “The Morning Blend”. Then each afternoon, Shawn can be heard on one of Las Vegas’ most listened to radio shows on Mix 94.1. He has also been seen and heard both locally in markets like Boston and Providence, Rhode Island and nationally on TLC and Comedy Central. What’s more, Shawn has become one of the leading producers of radio station television commercials in the nation with his business HitThePost.net, and he is the co-inventor of Better Bands, which are holding up microphones from ESPN to market 200. Shawn lives in southwest Las Vegas On this episode, he tells us what it's like being a media personality and how marketing factors in. http://www.shawntempesta.com/ https://twitter.com/shawntempesta https://www.instagram.com/shawntempesta/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/shawntempesta/ https://www.youtube.com/shawntempesta
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This Artist Will Make You Get Real About Stereotypes
MillionsMods, is a name, picked up in the tattoo industry as she explored her way through the art world. The daughter of a photographer and now working in the world of film, Millions is a natural born artist. She lives to create art and creates are to live. We talk about everything from mediums to selling out on this episode of #CrowdfireStories https://www.instagram.com/millionsmods/ https://www.facebook.com/millionsmods/?ref=br_rs&pnref=lhc https://about.me/millionsmods https://twitter.com/millionsmods
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Making Money As A Famous Fitness Couple
Kyle and his wife Georgie are fitness entrepreneurs. They balance their relationship and business with extreme dedication. In just six years, Kyle went from trying out group fitness to being a Reebok sponsored athlete. In today's episode, you'll hear from Kyle on how marketing impacted his success and how his passion keeps him motivated. https://www.instagram.com/kylehfitness/ https://www.facebook.com/KyleHubbardFitness/
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How One Man Made His Dream An Olympic World Record
Mikel is a 3 time Olympian, a native of Trinidad and Tobago, who spent most of his life growing up in Brooklyn, New York. Despite the fact he showed he could sprint and hurdle, being 5’ 8” discouraged many from wanting him in the high hurdles, but only motivated him. With this new found support he has been able to lower his personal best and rewrite the national records of Trinidad and Tobago, but he's not done yet. https://www.instagram.com/mikel_thomas https://twitter.com/Mikel_Thomas https://www.facebook.com/MikelThomas110/
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Is Being A Cityscape Photographer The Coolest Job In The World?
Roman moved from Moscow to New York at just 17. Now, he is a photographer in NYC who captures amazing cityscapes. The inspiration for his photos comes from seeing them develop on the screen much like they used to develop in the dark room and then being able to share those developed pictures. How work has been published in Dodho Magazine, Popular Photography June 2014, Bloomberg, Popular Science, Business Insider and a book called "How to Photograph Everything" https://twitter.com/rkruglov https://www.instagram.com/rkruglov/ http://www.rkworld.com/index
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Turning Being An Expert In Tech To Speaking Around The World
Mike's job doesn't sound glamorous. He's a software tester, but he took his expertise and evolved his career. Mike's courage reminds us all that we are all capable of being influential in whatever we are passion about. https://mikelyles.wordpress.com/ https://www.facebook.com/MikeLylesBusiness www.linkedin.com/in/mikewlyles https://twitter.com/mikelyles
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How Vonshell Didn't Let His Disability Win Will Make You Inspired
My friend Vonshell is the biggest inspiration I have ever met. Vonshell was born with cerebral palsy. He's had over 20 surgeries in his life. After a surgery that didn't go as planned, Vonshell was trapped in a bed for four years. He didn't let that stop him though! He decided to start a YouTube channel to have a career. I promise if you've ever needed motivation today's episode will give it to you. https://www.instagram.com/vonshellmorgan/ https://www.youtube.com/user/trayhurrikane https://www.facebook.com/VonshellMorgan/
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Building The Revolutionary Podcast You Need To Know About
Loren Kling’s love for comedy began at a young age, when he was glued to his father’s collection of comedy albums. It wasn’t until he gave the Best Man speech as his brother’s wedding – tantalizing the audience’s attention for 10 minutes… plus an encore – that he discovered his own comedic talent. Since then, he’s put his sharp wit and unique sensibilities to good use as a television host, voice actor and producer. Loren currently hosts and produces 5 Things That Changed Your Life, a 12-episode podcast series where guests share 5 stories, events, or experiences that had an impact on their lives, and A Conversation With…, an “Inside the Actors Studio” style interview series where he sits down with top-tier voice-over artists, emerging actors and media influencers. Recently, Loren indulged in a childhood passion for classic TV game shows by creating and hosting The Best 3 Questions Ever!, a live game show with a talk show twist. https://twitter.com/lorenkling http://lorenkling.com/ https://www.facebook.com/LorenKling https://www.instagram.com/lorenkling/
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What Happened To This Writer To Make Him Hang Out in Cemeteries
Kale is a veteran and a writer, but when you learn about what he writes about you'll be surprised. Kale is very interested in genealogy. He believes every cemetery has character, and are filled with characters, whether they are lawmakers or lawbreakers, heroes or homeless. Each cemetery in its own, can reveal the unique history of a community if you are brave enough to take the time to walk through its gates. https://leprechaunrabbit.com/about/ https://twitter.com/leprchaunrabbit https://www.instagram.com/leprchaunrabbit/
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You Want To Hear What This Successful Photographer Has To Say
Based in Vancouver, B.C., Kyrani is a professional photographer who, since 2005, has specialized in capturing the true essence and emotion of the people she shoots in her portraits. Her portrait and editorial work has been featured in publications like Canadian House and Home, People Magazine, the Vancouver Sun, TV week, the Westender to name a few. Now, she's on the podcast to drop entreprenurial wisdom and guide other photographers to her level of amazing success. http://instagram.com/kyrani http://www.linkedin.com/pub/kyrani-kanavaros/1/653/a04 http://www.kyranikanavaros.com/
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Advice On How To Manage A Viral Blog
Jennifer was an independent film-maker. She learned the ropes of running a business and marketing creative goods. She realized she was a wealth of knowledge for other femprenuers. She created SocialBizBabes which is a column in her blogazine, The Awesome Muse, for female entrepreneurs, freelancers, and creatives. https://twitter.com/socialbizbabes https://www.facebook.com/theawesomemuse https://twitter.com/theawesomemuse https://www.instagram.com/theawesomemuse/
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From Marine To Viral World Social Influencer
Jessica van Dop DeJesus is a Washington, DC – based travel media specialist with a focus on food and attainable luxury travel. She began traveling as a young Marine almost 20 years ago and has been to 45 countries on and off duty. In 2012, after many years away from the United States, she decided to repatriate to the United States. She currently lives in Washington, DC where in addition to her travels, she blogs about the local food scene and explores the best attractions the city has to offer. https://www.instagram.com/diningtraveler/ http://www.diningtraveler.com/ https://twitter.com/diningtraveler https://www.facebook.com/diningtraveler https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMjgccFK_8NrUmIHr_UT_WQ
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How This 21 Year Old Built A Famous Wedding Business Will Make You Motivated
Hayley is lead planner for the FP team and the daughter half of our mother-daughter duo. She started Fairytale Pursuits in early 2015 because she LOVES weddings. From the dress, to the vows and “I do’s”, to dancing the night away with the love of your life, every aspect of a wedding enthralls and excites her. At the very young age of 21, she went into business with her mom and less than two years later she's booked solid and featured in over a dozen publications! https://www.instagram.com/fairytalepursuits/ https://twitter.com/FP_wedding https://www.facebook.com/fairytalepursuits
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How To Make Revolutionary Jazz All Over The World
"We are funky. We are jazzy and we like to have fun. " That's how Capra Hircus was broken down for me. This jazz-rock band has members in North Carolina, Philly, and Japan. They still find a way to make music and promote it online. While their music is DEFINITELY worth listening to this podcast episode is almost as cool. https://www.instagram.com/TheCapraHircus/ https://twitter.com/TheCapraHircus https://www.facebook.com/caprahircusmusic/ http://www.caprahircusmusic.com/
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Confessions About Entrepreneurship & How To Party With Bill Murray
Jessica built a community of like-minded photographers who photograph everything from weddings to food and architecture but building a business can get real in a lonely way. Jessica talks transparently about the struggles about entrepreneurship and the high moments like when she partied with Bill Murray. https://www.instagram.com/craftandrecord/ http://www.craftandrecord.com/ https://www.facebook.com/craftandrecord
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What This Viral Fashionista In South Africa Dreams Of
Cari is a fashion design student in South Africa, but she's breaking down borders to her future with her genetic entrepreneurship. Her mother had her own fashion line in her 20's. Now, Cari is working on her first line but in the meantime she's also selling guides to elements of fashion and design like pattern making. This young star's Instagram photos of her work have us drooling. https://www.instagram.com/caristquentin/
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Letting Recovering Addicts Tell Their Story For The First Time
The Way Out Podcast is a place for those in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction to share experience, strength, and hope. We see trivial things on our social media all day, but this firestarter knew social media could be more, could do more to impact lives. https://twitter.com/TheWayOutCast http://www.wayoutcast.com/ http://thewayoutpodcast.blogspot.com/ https://www.facebook.com/TheWayOutPodcast
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Barry Has Made A Career Out Of Walking On Fire & Glass
Barry is the founder of The Phoenix Firewalk. His firewalk gives people the opportunity to experience something truly special. Whether it's corporate team building, fundraising for a cause or charity, or for their own personal development, The Phoenix Firewalk takes them outside their comfort zone to the place where transformation happens. https://twitter.com/PhoenixFirewalk https://www.instagram.com/phoenix_firewalk/ https://www.facebook.com/PhoenixFirewalk/ http://phoenixfirewalk.uk/
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She Made It. Now, Here's Advice To Biz Ladies Like Her
Allie helps women develop their skills so that they can work from home or start a side hustle. She's virtual assistant who has been working from home for almost two years now. She's taken that skill at being a female entrepreneur and formed the shield sister's initiative. She found her lady BFFs and business partners on social media. Now, they're taking on empowering other women entrepreneurs. https://twitter.com/alliewahm https://www.instagram.com/alliewilliamsco/ https://www.facebook.com/jitterbuggann http://www.alliewilliams.co/
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How To Make This Puppy Fetch Money For You
WorkPuppy’s mission is to empower employment using social media as a virtual job market. They’re striving to organize all the world’s open positions into one place, making them easy to find and searchable for everyone by bringing together the three key players in the job market: Employers, Job Seekers and Recruiters. WorkPuppy shares all of their posted jobs socially through their job streams on Facebook, Twitter and very soon – Google Plus. Their Twitter job feed currently receives over 20,000 impressions a month and is growing. WorkPuppy is poised to become one of the largest social job engines in the US. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/workpuppy-inc Twitter: www.twitter.com/realworkpuppy Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/workpuppy/ www.WorkPuppy.com
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How This Famous Actress Makes Money With Her Viral Food Empire
Lynn Chen is an Asian-American actor living in Los Angeles who is also a blogger, food host, podcaster, and body image activist. Her blog, The Actor’s Diet, is not a plan to tell you how to lose weight or look like someone on screen. It’s her practical guide to balancing out the harsh reality of Hollywood’s expectations, and life in general. Lynn created a blog to talk about her struggles with eating disorders and food. What was once a personal blog about her own struggle grew to help some of the other 8 million people suffering from eating disorders. Lynn started to branch out and write recipes to help promote healthy eating. Now, she's a star in your television and a star on your laptop. Follow Lynn: https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/actors-diet-3695442 http://theactorsdiet.com/ https://twitter.com/MsLynnChen https://www.instagram.com/actorsdiet/ https://www.facebook.com/actorsdiet https://www.pinterest.com/MsLynnChen/ https://www.youtube.com/user/LynnChenTube?sub_confirmation=1 https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-actors-diet/id665642429?mt=2 https://plus.google.com/117531213233622958403
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