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Category: Health
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Jannine Krause is a naturopathic doctor & acupuncturist here to give you your dose of health, fitness, nutrition and stress management tips to take control of your health to live a fun active healthy life.

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Podcast Episode's:
Ep 023: Move Like You're a Teenager With Mobility Enhancement Techniques
<p>Have you noticed that you can’t bend over and stand on one leg to put on your socks or shoes as easily as you used to? Feel like your muscles are super tight? Chronic knee pain or low back pain that you keeps blaming on arthritis? Doc J breaks down how your lack of mobility and tight muscles are might be the cause of your chronic pain, lack of flexibility and contributing to your arthritis.</p> <p> </p>
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Ep 022: Fast 3 Days a Month to Reset Your Gut, Immune System, Prevent Disease & Increase Longevity
<p>Your digestive system is designed to go without food.  Your sympathetic nervous system is able to deal with it.  Fasting promotes energy burn of reserves.  Fasting allows gut bacteria to work on their neighborhoods vs focus on digesting food all the time.  Bacteria get worn out easily so fasting allows them to store nutrients and proliferate, it’s like a vacation for the gut bugs.  Our gut lining turns over every 3-4 days so why not fast a few days a month to let it reset.  Doc J breaks down how fasting resets your gut and immune system while preventing disease, helps you manage stress and increases longevity.</p>
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Ep 021: Fix Metabolism Issues, Recover Better From Workouts and Increase Longevity by Taking Care of Your Mitochondria
<p>Do you feel you are aging too fast?  Are you tired all the time?  Told you are prediabetic, and cholesterol is too high?  Too tired to go to the gym, not able to lift the amount of weight you want to at the gym or extremely wiped out after a workout?  Gaining weight despite eating healthy?  Have a long history of burning the candles at both ends, eating out, eating processed food and perhaps a few too many alcoholic beverages over the years?  You might have mitochondrial fatigue, a condition where your mitochondria, the energy making factories in your cells are not working properly.  Optimal mitochondrial function is the key to a long vital disease free life, learn about how to assess your mitochondrial function as Doc J talks about how her approach to assessing and treating mitochondrial dysfunction.</p>
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Ep 020: Can Genetic Testing Help You Lose Weight?
<p>Have you tried every diet in the book? Are you sick of getting hooked on a certain super food only to be told that it’s not good for you? If you are struggling to lose weight, frustrated because popular diets haven’t worked for you or you’ve hit a plateau, it might be time to get your genes tested. We now have the ability to determine what type of foods, exercise and habits that suit our genetic make-up. In this episode Doc J breaks down her own Pathway Fit genetic testing results from Pathway Genomics to give you the scoop on whether genetic testing is worth checking out.</p>
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Ep 019: Can Artificial Sweeteners Cause Leaky Gut?
<p>Are you avoiding sugar but drinking diet soda and making low carb sweet treats with sugar substitutes?  Depending on your use of artificial sweeteners you might be doing more harm that good in your quest to avoid sugar or stick with your low carb diet.  Research has shown that consumption of artificial sweeteners, including some processed forms of stevia can irritate your gut lining and kill your good gut bacteria.  In this episode Doc J discusses what's in these artificial sweeteners that are irritating your gut, killing your good bacteria and causing leaky gut symptoms.</p>
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Ep 018: Use Your Blood To Treat Bald Spots, Fine Lines, Wrinkles and Scars
<p>Your plasma contains proteins that have all you need to stimulate hair and tissue growth to treat signs of aging & injuries. Eliminate scars, wrinkles, fine lines and treat old or new injuries with your own blood. Doc J goes into the details of how using your own plasma can provoke tissue regeneration to heal injuries and turn back the clock on signs of aging.</p>
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Ep 017: The Secret to Staying Active as You Age is Acupuncture
<p>Did you ever wonder how little needles can stop headaches, relieve pain, increase mobility and melt muscle tension?  Are you debating trying acupuncture or have tried it and want to know what’s going on with those needles?  Want to eliminate pain, improve your joint mobility and stay active into your 100’s?  Doc J goes into the details of how needles initiate a response in the body, what happens when the needles are in, how far they go in, what to expect during a treatment and how it helps her patients daily to remain pain free and active.  </p>
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Ep 016: Is Food Allergy Testing a Scam?
<p>Do you have digestive issues, itching, rashes, throat swelling, sinus congestion, cough or difficulty breathing with certain foods? Noticing that you are becoming less tolerant of certain foods as you get older? Struggling with constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating or chronic abdominal pain? Chances are you have food sensitivities due to a leaky gut not actual food allergies. Food allergy testing tests for foods that you have created an immune system reaction to and developed an immediate, IgE or delayed IgG reaction to. Doc J breaks down how food allergy testing is useful in determining the status of the gut lining barrier and if you have a leaky gut that has caused food sensitivities versus full on allergies.</p>
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Ep 015: Reduce Cancer Risk by Addressing PMS, Menstrual Headaches, Insomnia and Irritability
<p>Are you a hot mess the week before your period? Irritability, insomnia, fatigue, mood swings, breast tenderness & weight gain frustrating you? It’s possible to end the misery with estrogen detoxing and the right hormone replacement therapy for you. Even if you are not in menopause it is still possible to benefit from hormone replacement therapy. In this episode Doc J breaks down how estrogen dominance contributes to PMS and how many women find relief in balancing their hormones before hitting menopause.</p>
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Ep 0014: What Your Doctor Doesn’t Test to Evaluate Your Thyroid Function But Should
<p>If you have low energy, cold hands and or feet, constipation, acne, dry skin, thinning hair, low heart rate & body aches you might have an underactive thyroid. It’s possible that your doctor tested only 2 tests for your thyroid function and told you that your thyroid is completely normal. These 2 tests, TSH and free T4 are just a quarter of the picture of evaluating your thyroid function completely. If you are convinced that there’s something wrong with your thyroid and your labs keep coming back normal, don’t miss this episode as Doc J breaks down all the tests you need run to fully evaluate your thyroid function.</p>
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Ep 013: Hormone Issues? Toss Out Your Frying Pans & Spatulas!
<p>There are chemicals lurking in your kitchen routine that are affecting your hormones and metabolism. These hormone disrupting chemicals can cause obesity, infertility, hair loss, thyroid conditions and even certain types of cancers. In this episode, Doc J goes through the common chemicals in our daily lives that might be disrupting our normal hormone function and slowing down our metabolisms.</p>
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Ep 0012: A Must Have Resource To Get the Best Health Care
<p>Struggling with a chronic condition and not getting answers or enough information out of your doctor in your short visits? Learn how to go to a doctor’s visit prepared with the right questions to maximize your appointment time. Join Doc J as she interviews Dr. Joshua Fink, MD, a double board certified internist and pulmonology disease specialist plus the founder of mymediclique.com, an interactive website dedicated to helping people collect quality research to present to their doctors to get their questions on their conditions and treatments answered. Dr. Fink discusses his free website and how the forums as well as research have helped many all over the world get the answers then need to get the most out of their doctor’s visits.</p>
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Ep 0011: Why Chronic Digestive Issues Aren’t Always A Gut Problem
<p>Struggling with digestive issues despite multiple diets, detoxes and supplements? Doc J Krause interviews Elicia Miller a specialist in helping people see their symptoms as a gift. Elicia describes how she overcame her battle with digestive issues by exploring the connection between the effect of unfulfilled needs and trauma in childhood on the digestive symptoms. She now connects others with their triggers, traumas and needs to free them from their symptoms. In this episode Elicia describes how she helps clients and significant others determine their repressed emotions that are causing their chronic symptoms.</p>
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Ep 0010: Want Thick Healthy Hair – Fix Your Gut
<p>Are you noticing that your hair is falling out, you have patches of hair missing or thinning hair chances are this is an inflammatory reaction that started in the gut. Stress, poor food choices and nutrient deficiencies can all lead to hair loss. In this episode Doc J breaks down what you need to do to reduce gut inflammation so you can start absorbing nutrients to grow hair again.  </p>
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Ep 009: The Secret To Clear Glowing Skin Is Your Gut
<p>If you have problem skin – acne, rosacea, melasma, hyperpigmentation or even excessively dry skin chances are you’re not eating the right nutrients for your skin. All too often we focus on the topical treatment systems to manage our skin issues when we should be working on our skin from the inside out. In this episode Doc J breaks down how skin issues are connected to problems in the digestive system and how enhancing your digestion to absorb key nutrients your skin needs will get you the clear glowing skin you’ve always wanted.</p>
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Ep 008: How To Stress Less By Having Fun Every Day
<p>[et_pb_section admin_label="section"][et_pb_row admin_label="row"][et_pb_column type="4_4"][et_pb_text admin_label="Text" background_layout="light" text_orientation="left" use_border_color="off" border_color="#ffffff" border_style="solid"]</p> <p>Stress is a manifestation of not having enough fun in life. How long has it been since you’ve had fun – I mean really had fun? We have rules in our head that are total BS about having fun that need to be broken. Learn how to break the rules you have about having fun and rebel your way into having fun every day with tips from Doc J.</p> <p>What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:<br /> • How to erase the rules in your head keeping you from having fun • The plan you need right now to work fun into everyday • Why you need a hobby • The health risks of not having fun</p> <p>Resources From This Episode:<br /> • <a href= "http://tinybuddha.com/blog/hobby-can-boost-motivation-change-life/"> How A Hobby Can Boost Your Motivation and Change Your Life</a> – Jessica Freeman http://tinybuddha.com/blog/hobby-can-boost-motivation-change-life/ • <a href= "http://tinybuddha.com/blog/how-to-have-more-fun-in-life-keep-your-thoughts-from-pulling-you-down/"> How to Have Fun In Life</a> – Lori Deschene http://tinybuddha.com/blog/how-to-have-more-fun-in-life-keep-your-thoughts-from-pulling-you-down/ • Trent Hamm – The Simple Dollar – <a href= "http://www.thesimpledollar.com/the-frugal-introvert-fifty-ways-to-have-fun-by-yourself-on-the-cheap/"> 50 Ways to Have Fun By Yourself on the Cheap</a></p> <p>Enjoy The Show? Never Miss An Episode<br /> • Subscribe, Rate and Review the show in iTunes<br /> • Subscribe via Stitcher or RSS feed<br /> • Send us feedback via Email<br /> • Leave a comment below</p> <p>Want to stay young for as long as you possibly can? Click below now! [/et_pb_text][et_pb_text admin_label="8 steps to slow down aging button - text module" saved_tabs="all" global_module="6468" background_layout="light" text_orientation="center" use_border_color="off" border_color="#ffffff" border_style="solid"]</p> <p><a id="eightStepsButton" class= "et_pb_button et_pb_button_0 et_pb_module et_pb_bg_layout_light" href="#" name="eightStepsButton">8 Steps To Slow Down Aging Guide</a></p> <p>[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]</p>
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Ep 007: Anxious, Depressed, Irritated, or Stressed? End Your Mental Anguish with Psychobiotics
<p>The benefits of taking probiotics for gut function has been well established however, recent research is now showing that our good gut bugs can also regulate our moods and responses to situations. Certain probiotic strains have been found to regulate cortisol, dopamine, and serotonin production. In this episode Doc J breaks what probiotics to look for, how to take them and maintain them to be in a good mood every day!</p>
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Ep 006: Is Leaky Gut For Real?
<p>Leaky gut is a concept that the cells of our gut lining are inflamed from the foods we eat, environmental toxins, stress as well as hormonal and nutrient deficiencies. Leaky gut gets it’s namesake as molecules of food, viruses, bacteria, fungal organisms, medications and environmental toxins that should stay in the digestive system to be eliminated end up passing through “leaks” in the gut lining to the blood stream. Once these molecules end up in the blood stream the body sees them as foreign molecules and goes to attack them. The body’s overactive immune system response causes a host of issues from muscle & joint pain to skin rashes, hives, acne, headaches and brain fog along with multiple food sensitivities.</p>
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Ep 004: Why The Fittest People On The Planet Do Squats
[et_pb_section admin_label="section"][et_pb_row admin_label="row"][et_pb_column type="4_4"][et_pb_text admin_label="Text" background_layout="light" text_orientation="left" use_border_color="off" border_color="#ffffff" border_style="solid"] In the quest to be fit we often spend too much time doing the wrong exercises. The lower half of the body has the largest muscles, strengthening them is our key to longevity, eliminating low back pain, increased fat burn and energy. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, a weekend warrior or new to getting fit Dr. Krause breaks down how to do a squat properly, how to strengthen the muscles you need to do a squat with perfect form and how to incorporate them into your daily routine. What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode: • How to hack your metabolism with squats • Why squatting more prevents low back and hip pain • What squatting does to improve your pooping • How having strong legs boosts your mood and energy Resources From This Episode: • <a href= "http://doctorjkrausend.com/resources/">Best day ever routine</a> – add the squats in a break time and fun time – do squats with your dog • <a href= "http://-%20http://www.annarenderer.com/%20https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPYCiuiB4PA"> Perfect Squat Video – Anna Renderer</a> • <a href= "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_5lvGvxJMg%20Articles">Spend more time squatting when hanging out – Kelly Starrett</a> • <a href= "http://www.roguefitness.com/becoming-a-supple-leopard-2nd-edition?gclid=CK-ogrmqsNECFc-FfgodW_ADQQ%20And%20other%20resources%20mentioned"> Kelly Starrett’s Book – Becoming a Supple Leopard</a> • <a href= "http://www.functionalmovement.com/experts">Functional Movement Assessment Certified Folks Directory</a> • <a href= "http://www.fitnessblender.com">Fitness Blender</a> • <a href= "https://www.muscleandstrength.com/workouts/38-beginner-leg-workout.html"> Basic Leg Strengthening with machines at the gym</a> • <a href= "http://www.health.com/health/gallery/0,,20695946,00.html/view-all"> Basic Leg Strengthening with bodyweight and light dumbells</a> • <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRhFRdxExv0">Chair squats</a> • <a href= "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvJtsXGr2Vo">Squatty Potty</a> • <a href= "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iplXILXT9CE&t=42s">Squatty Potty Song For Added Fun Every Day</a> – Be Careful: you’ll find yourself humming this song way too much Enjoy The Show? Never Miss An Episode • Subscribe, Rate and Review the show in iTunes • Subscribe via Stitcher or RSS feed • Send us feedback via Email • Leave a comment below Want to learn more about how to defy aging? – Check out my anti-aging resource guide below! [/et_pb_text][et_pb_text admin_label="8 steps to slow down aging button - text module" saved_tabs="all" global_module="6468" background_layout="light" text_orientation="center" use_border_color="off" border_color="#ffffff" border_style="solid"] <a id="eightStepsButton" class= "et_pb_button et_pb_button_0 et_pb_module et_pb_bg_layout_light" href="#" name="eightStepsButton">8 Steps To Slow Down Aging Guide</a> [/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]
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Ep 005: What Everyone Ought to Know About Pooping
<p>Everyone poops but how often and are you looking at your poop daily is the question. Perhaps it’s not lady-like to talk about poop however, it’s the best way to tell if you are healthy or not. Your digestive system makes up the majority of your immune system and contains signaling molecules that control your mood while balancing hormones. Dr. Krause breaks down what you need to know and do right now to poop daily to reduce bloating, increase energy, improve your mood, reduce anxiety and get clear glowing skin.</p> <p> </p>
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EP 003: What Your Doctor Doesn’t Tell You About Fatigue But Should
<p>Why are we so fatigued as a society? Is it our environment, our food, our digestion or our inability to manage stress? Learn how to have energy all day every day well into your 100’s as Dr. Krause discusses the processes in the body that lead to fatigue and how to manage them to slow down the aging process.</p>
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EP 001: Reduce Stress In One Day With The Best Day Ever Routine
<p>Dr. Jannine Krause debuts her podcast giving health nuts their weekly health fix by jumping right into setting routines to reduce stress. Doc J explains how taking your best day ever and adding parts of it into your daily routine can reduce cortisol levels, slow down aging and allow you to have fun every day!  </p>
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Ep 002: 8 Signs You Might Be Aging Too Fast
<p>Do you blame your health issues on aging? Join Doc J Krause as she breaks down common symptoms that we often ignore but shouldn’t if we want to slow down the aging process. Maintaining your health should be easy and she outlines what you need to know and do right now to preserve your youth.</p>
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