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Category: Health
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A journey towards a better life as told from the perspective of a man coming back to health from obesity. A blunt and honest look at a variety of topics as it pertains to living the best life possible

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Podcast Episode's:
Success-Episode 2, Season 2
<p>Success-simply defined as "the accomplishment of an aim or target; the achievement of popularity or profit".  For many of us, especially the Type A's of the world (such as myself), the quest for success is a driving force.  We construct our lives around the concept.  My career, my lifestyle, my education are all focused around this nebulous "prize" that I wanted to achieve.  How many times have I deconstructed and reconstructed my life in order to achieve "a dream"?   Somehow, I have often found myself feeling as though my dream never measured up.  Despite all that I have earned and worked for, it just wasn't enough.  Oddly, I realized I was never asking myself the right question.  Who defines my success?</p> <p>Reflecting on life, I realize that what I once used to drive my success is no longer what I see my success as.  As I have gotten older, I realize that I am successful, but on my terms, and not those that other place on me.  In this episode, I explore the concept of success and how while it can be a motivator-it can also become a noose.  It started with a simple Facebook post, that really got me thinking. Hopefully, it will also encourage you to think about success and decide what truly matters most in YOUR life, on YOUR terms.</p> <p>Thank you for continuing to listen.  Look for new episodes on the 1st and 15th of each month!  Please like, share, comment as you see fit.  Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and leave a review if you feel up to it!</p>
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Episode 1, Season 2: In My Skin
<p>Welcome back to the podcast!</p> <p>After 2 years, I am pleased to share the newest episode of Until the Race Is Run.  It has been a long time coming, and I am thrilled to be back at it!  In this episode, I reflect back on the times I have felt uncomfortable in my own skin.  I explore my feelings and the reasons why I was so uncomfortable.  Ultimately, I have come to realize that often the times I have felt the most uncomfortable were the times I have seen sides of myself that I do not like.</p> <p>Further, I look at how being uncomfortable has kept me from many different things in life, including possible friendships and opportunities.  More importantly, I look how some of this translates into my current life. I have struggled to learn to navigate those who have significantly different beliefs than I do.  Ultimately, I am learning how to navigate those differences and embrace them.</p> <p>Thank you for being a part of the ride and I hope you enjoy this latest episode!</p>
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Podcast Announcement
<p>Exciting update to share regarding the podcast and its return!  Mark your calendars for February 15th, when the first episode of Season 2 drops..."In My Skin".  Until then, take a quick listen to see where I have been and what's coming up!</p>
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Episode 28: Approval-Good Enough For Me
As  2018 dawns in front of us, let's dive in together and start the year off on a strong note!  Today, I dive into the concept and topic of "approval".  It is a mystical topic that many of us spend our lives chasing, but often times, come up short.  We spend our lives chasing the approval of others, in the end, forgetting to live for ourselves.  Our constant need for validation moves us away from being our true selves. As I reflect on my life, I know this has been a topic I have always struggled with.  Today, I share with you a time that I learned a very difficult lesson about approval.  At the time, it was mind-blowing, I actually got a "C" on an assignment in school!  Looking back, I realize that in reality there were much bigger lessons to be learned.  As we grow older, and our interpersonal relationships change, its not the grades that matter, but rather our own relationships. Need for approval and validation can shift the balance of power in a relationship.  Consequently, a relationship built on mutual love and respect is now a power struggle when approval is involved.  As a result, the relationship is no longer on equal ground, one person is always trying to appease the other. Over time, this leads to resentment and outright hostility. As always, thank you for joining me!  I look forward to meeting you back for Episode 29 on January 15th!
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Episode 27: Inspiration-The People Around You
 Inspiration is all around us.  Often, we can find inspiration in the simplest of things.   A warm sunset, a baby's laugh, even the opening of a flower can inspire us.  Really, we can find inspiration in just about anything, depending upon how deep we are willing to look.  However, how many of us really stop to realize that maybe the greatest inspiration in life are those around us?  Do we move through life taking those around us for granted?  Never recognizing how they can inspire us to achieve. As I reflect back on the last two years in my life, I realize I have been to many great places.  I have achieved goals and dreams that I never thought possible.  I have seen personal growth and development in ways that I never would have envisioned.  However, as I look back, I realize that none of this is happening in a vacuum.  Sure, it has been my vision, my goals, my dreams that I have worked on.  My will power and my determinations have pushed me to these new places.  Additionally, I realize there was another strong element that helped me succeed and grow, and that was the people around me.  So many people have inspired and encouraged me along the way, Today, I share with you what all of these people have meant to me.  I share how I have been able to grow because I surround myself with like minded people.  More and more I realize how important it is to surround myself with people who inspire me and encourage me to be my best ever. I also recognize how important  it is to help other people achieve their hopes and dreams as well.  When it comes down to it, we are all a global community and our greatest asset in life is each other! Thanks for being a part of the journey and I will see you on December 1st with the next episode!
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Episode 26: Transformation-Out On A Limb
Transformation-that mystical process in life where we move from one state to the other.  Over and over, I talk about change as part of life, a necessary part of our existence.  Change can be good, or bad, but it always happens.  Today I share with you the time I made a leap and set my life on a new path.  Two years ago, frustrated with being fat and tired, I got up, walked into a gym. Glad to say, I haven't stopped moving since.  I still can't believe how long it took me to become active! I share with you my thoughts and fears as I started this process.  Reflecting, I realize that so many other times in my life fear and uncertainty have bled into my life choices and made me pull away from what I really wanted.  Time and again, I let the voice inside slow me down or take me away from what I truly wanted.  Consequently, I have learned to realize that the only barrier in achieving any goal I have wanted has truly been my own voice.  So often, the limits we have are the limits we set for ourselves.  Limiting ourselves keeps us safe, keeps us comfortable.  Adjusting to new ways of living is often frightening and daunting, keeping us from growing. Now, I celebrate and embrace change.  Embracing transformation has helped me grow in all areas of my life.  I invite you to join me as I talk about  my own transformation.  Share with me my story, as you begin to write your own!  Finally, live your life the way you want to, with no limitations! Thanks for being a part of the journey, and I look forward to sharing the next episode with you on November 15th! <a href= "http://www.untiltheraceisrun.org/2016/10/21/one-small-step-one-year-later/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">One Small Step-One Year Later: Blog entry I wrote last year reflecting my journey</a>
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Episode 25: Questions: Life's Unending Curiosity
Have you ever stopped and asked yourself how many questions you ask in the course of the day?  How many times within a day do you inquire about various ideas?  Us humans are curious creatures.  We want to know it all, and we want to know it all NOW.  Information is gathered, processed and eventually acted upon, often without any awareness we are actually doing it!  Blindly, we travel through the day, asking about what we need to know.  Consequently, it becomes a routine, a habit, a mindless activity.  How many of us ever stop and ask if we are truly asking the RIGHT kind of questions? Today, I share with you my own process of data collection.  I openly share some of the times I have had to question the world around me, and how I got to the decisions that I did.  For me, I have always found it challenging to ask the "hard questions".  Those kinds of questions that make you uncomfortable, that make you think, that make you really move forward.  Sure, anybody can ask "Should I do this?", but isn't the real question, "Why should I want to do it?"  More and more, I find its important to really ask yourself why you are doing something, not just if you are capable.  In reality, there is very little we are not capable of.  Truly, the heart of the matter is, are we driven to do it? Honestly, how much of life are we missing because we aren't asking the right questions.  How many times do we follow the path of lease resistance, rather than challenging and pushing ourselves.  Can we ever, finally,  be the best version of ourselves if we never truly push ourselves?  In addition, can we ever live our dreams, if we don't know why they matter? As aways, thank you for being a part of this wonderful journey with me.  I appreciate all of you checking out the podcast episode after episode and sharing your thoughts with me.  I look forward to meeting you again on November 1st for Episode 26!
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Episode 24: Failing Successfully
If there is one thing in life none of us likes to do, it would be to fail.  In a perfect world, failing would never be an option, and we would all be perfect, at every given moment.  However, this is not a perfect world, and failing is a part of life.  Despite our best effort and our best intention, we do not always succeed.  Dreams do not come true, and we don't always get the happy ending.  However, really...is it our failures that define us, or is it how we handle those failures that define us? Today, I share with you where I have been this week.  I share with you a "failure" in my life.  Being "less than perfect"  is resulting in my dream being pushed away.  Although disappointed, I was instead able to see the situation for what it truly was, a chance to grown and mature.  When I take a step back, while setting my ego aside, and see the larger picture, I realize just how far I have come.   Coming to life for this dream, right now,  is not an option, but even still, I am so much closer to it than I ever imagined. Suddenly the sense of failure fades away, as a sense of success and pride shines through.  I am realizing more and more all that I have accomplished by having this "failure".  I am seeing that even with failing, I am winning.  By virtue of putting myself out there, and taking a chance, I have already grown, already won.  Failing is now seeming like winning.  I'm finally seeing that I am only failing, if I allow myself to see it as such. Come along with me as I share my "failure" with you, and maybe, just maybe, you might start seeing a few of your "failures" a bit differently as well! As always, thanks for being a part of the journey and I look forward to sharing the next episode with you in a few short weeks!  
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Episode 23: Me, Myself & I
Many times in life, we find ourselves trying to please others.  We dedicate our time and energy to trying to be what we think somebody else expects of us.  We silence our own dreams and desires, losing sight of the things that make us most happy in life.  This pattern often starts early in life, and by the time we finally arrive to adulthood, it is a well established pattern.    By sacrificing our own voice, we think we please others.  But,in the end, do we really please them? In denying our own desires, we slowly lose our drive and passion, and in the end...are we less effective?  Today, I share with you my own experiences in being somebody other than myself.  I recall a time in life that I let others guide me, and ultimately, lost sight of my own dreams. I lost myself, instead dedicating my life to what I thought others needed of me.  Living a hollow life became too much, and ultimately, I had to be true to myself.  Having found my passion, I realize how much more effective I am in all areas of my life.  Work never feels like a burden, because it is something I love.  I still can't believe it took me this long to get there!  It took 20 years to learn!  I can't help but think of how much else I could have done in those 20 years! As you listen today, think of all the dreams that you have that are yours?  Are you living YOUR life..or are you living the dreams of those around you?  How can you be the best version of yourself....if you are living for somebody else? Thanks, as always, for listening.  Episode 24 drops on October 1st!  
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Episode 22: Soulfully Bankrupt
How many of us go through the motions of our everyday life like zombies?  Each day, we feed our wallet, our family, our ego, but forget about our soul.  We become so involved in being successful,  consequently, we forget how to be human.  We lose sight, we lose perspective and leave ourselves soulfully bankrupt.  Do we ever really feel fulfilled by the life we lead, and finally,  what happens when we don't? Recently, somebody I know lived through a terrible tragedy.  In a single moment the life of his entire family was shattered forever.  As I contemplated what this meant for his family, I could not help but reflect upon my own life.  One phrase stuck with me from those days, being soulfully bankrupt.  The cold reality that life is transient.  A fleeting gift we often take for granted. Totally unscripted and unrehearsed, I share with you my journey of realization as I have come to finally realize that I need to feed my soul.  I share with you a personal, almost spiritual experience I had as I got behind my camera for the first time in a year.  For several brief hours, I shut my logical mind down, and allowed myself to see the world through my camera lens.  Framing the world around me, I let my imagination run free.  Finally, I could see, even briefly, all the stories of the world around me. I invite you to join me on this powerful experience, as I share my reflections.  My challenge to each of you, how can you feed your soul?  What can you do in your life to help you be all that you want and make life all that you have dreamed possible? Thanks for being a part of the journey!
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Episode 21: Taking Chances
Dreams! We spend a great deal of our childhood living in dreams.  Make believe is our favorite local hangout.  We conjure up imaginary friends and visions of the perfect life we are sure we will live.  As we journey from childhood into adulthood, slowly, we tend to leave our dreams behind and join the "real world".  We give up on taking chances and start to live within what is in front of us.   Our dreams fade away as our life takes shape. Frequently, we are told to follow our dreams.  We should never let the world limit us.  Then, something funny happens.  Our dreams become too grandiose.  Suddenly, our dreams are off limits.  Now, those dreams fall the to the wayside, and eventually, we embrace our reality.   Over time, our life changes and we settle in to the "grown up" life.  We begin to trade dreams for the reality in front of us.  We cease to take chances and start to live in reality.  Our dreams become those things we wish we had done. Over time, the distance between what we want and where we are gets further, until we just let go of those dreams all together.   Reality moves in.  Dreams are out of reach for a myriad of reasons.  Finances, obligations, education all stand in the way. Consequently, this is the time that our dreams shrink.  While it is true we have to live within our means, maybe we can change our dreams to fit our circumstances. At the end of the day, maybe we just need to find the confidence to make our dreams come true.  We have to believe in ourselves enough to reach toward what we want.  Finally, we just have to take a chance and take a risk.  A changing dream is not a failure, it is merely a transition toward the life we have always dreamed of. Journey with me today, as we dive into how we can live our lives, and still hold onto our dreams, all while growing.  We can learn that it is ok to dream and let ourselves feel fulfilled.  It's all part of finally becoming the best version of ourselves! Thanks for being a part of the journey! I look forward to sharing Episode 22 with you on August 1st! <a href= "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=922VSgxkyts">Robby Celestin's TEDx Talk Video</a>
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Episode 20: Deconstruction-Starting Over
Deconstruction-the act of breaking down a larger meaning by looking at the constructs upon which that meaning is based.  Commonly, this term applies to literature, but it can be used in a variety of ways.  Today, I share the story of my own personal deconstruction.  It was a dark time in my life, right before my 23rd birthday, when I was lost and very much alone in life.  The life I had started to build for myself had fallen apart, and I was at a crossroads in life.  The choices I made during these very difficult days change my life forever. So many of us come to these types of crossroads during our journey along life's path.  We find ourselves lost, almost certain that nobody else could possibly understand us or what we need at that time.  Some of us stay the course and follow the path of least resistance, and yet others forge a new path.  We venture into parts unknown and push ourselves to become something different.  We dare to grow and to achieve, Today, I share with you the time in my life where I became disenfranchised with my career and my overall direction in life.  I share with you the tale of my broken compass that had led me so far astray. We explore as the pillars I had built my life around fell away and I finally took that chance to start over.  I swallowed my pride, moved back home, and refocused my life.  I redefined what I wanted for myself, and set a path to reach that new goal. Deconstruction is healthy and can be a very effective tool at any point in life.  We do not exist in a vacuum.  The word around us constantly evolves, and as a result, constantly changes.  Just like the world, we constantly grow and evolve as well!  This process is natural, and healthy!  It is vitally important!  Embracing change is essential to a happy and productive life.  We grow, and since we grow, we change! As always, thanks for being a part of the journey!  I am super happy to be able to share these 20 episodes with you!  I look forward to sharing the next 20 with you as well!  Thanks for listening, for sharing!  Check back on July 15th for Episode 21!  
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Episode 19: Sanity-Learning to Just Say No
For the majority of us, life is never dull.  We usually keep ourselves chock full of activities and obligations.  We fill our days with responsibilities, be it family, work, or hobby related.  As a whole, our society tends to be very much on the go.  Due to the amount of "busy" in our lives, we slowly start to let go of our sanity.  We take more and more on, until finally, we start to break. Together, we explore the stress we cause ourselves.  We look into why we allow ourselves to get to the point of breaking, all for the sake of pleasing others.  We look at what happens when we take too much on, and wear ourselves thin.  At first, the changes are just things that we notice, until we start to fail at everything we initially set out to do.  As time goes on, we are burdened by the very things we once enjoyed,   Resentment sets in.  Unhealthy habits come about to help us cope. Consequently, we  fall into a very vicious cycle. Do we ever take stock of what we are doing in life?  In the end, do we ever really see our time as valuable and assess what payback we truly get from the activities we invest our time in?  Where do we draw that line? How do we learn to finally take control of our sanity? Thank you for joining me on this journey!  Take a listen and let me know what you think!  I look forward to your feed back and can't wait to jump back in with you for Episode 20! <a href= "http://www.untiltheraceisrun.org/2016/09/15/episode-2-always-find-the-time/"> Referenced Episode: Episode 2: Always Find The Time</a>
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Episode 18: Discomfort Zone: Embracing Change
The Comfort Zone.  That warm, safe, well insulated place that we retreat to out of habit, day after day.  It is that place where we feel secure, we feel comfortable, where we are the master of our domain.  However, in the end, this only succeeds in keeping us safe.  It hampers our ability to grow, it holds us steady.  Without discomfort, we become content.  Even worse, without discomfort, we become complacent. Today, I dive into some of the things I have learned in the last few years about my own personal growth.  Together, I share where I have been and what finally brought me out of my comfort zone.  I share how I learned to embrace my discomfort, and ultimately, how that discomfort became a tool to bring myself forward. Initially,  my journey started with fitness and eating better, which has blossomed into new directions for my career.  As I have learned to embrace discomfort and venture beyond the limits I have set for myself, I have learned many valuable lessons that have crossed far beyond health and fitness. Today, I share this not to be boastful, but to inspire all of you to stretch beyond your comfort zone.  To learn how to push beyond the barriers you set for yourself, the self-imposed limits that keep you in the place you have always been.  I share with you my thoughts about failure, and I challenge the notion that a failure is every truly just that.  I challenge you to embrace failure and, consequently, to allow it to propel you to the  next level! As always, thanks so much for listening! I will be back on June 15th with Episode 19!  Please feel free to pass along the podcast and to share any feedback you may have for me!  I look forward to talking to you soon! <a href= "http://www.untiltheraceisrun.org/2016/09/03/do-something-that-scares-you/"> Referenced blog entry "Do Something That Scares You"</a>
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Episode 17: Past Tense Perfection
The past.  A collection of moments that have long since happened, an intricate network of decisions and outcomes woven together to form what becomes our lives as we know it.  At any given point, we face a crossroads.  A path to chose, and a path to ignore.  What our life becomes hinges on these decisions.  Every moment in life is brought to us by the decisions we have made before.  Sometimes its within a few hours, sometimes a few weeks, and other times, its a decision we made years ago.  Once that moment passes, we can't undo the action we have taken, and the path we have chosen becomes our reality. How many of us will turn our heads backward, and look back at and question those decisions we have made?  What could our lives have been if we had turned left instead of right, made a different career choice or relocated? The possibilities are endless!  At the end of the day though, does it really serve any useful purpose?  Does looking back help us move forward?  I dive in today and talk about all of the places I could have went, pondering how my life might have turned out. I have always wondered where I could have been if I had followed my first dream of becoming a physician.   As I travel along my later 30's I am starting to see all of the places I could have been.  But...would my life have been the same?  Would I still be happy to be where I am right now?  Today, I share my thoughts and feelings on the topic with you, as I explore my own past.  I share with you how I learned to embrace my past, and look happily toward my future. As always, thank you for being a part of this journey with me!  I look forward to sharing Episode 18 with you in a few short weeks!
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Episode 16: Perfectly Imperfect Future Unlimited
The future:  the promise of days to come, the promise of new beginnings and new dreams.  The future is both our greatest gift, and our worst enemy.  As kids and young adults, we see the future as our key to an perfectly unbelievable and unimaginable life.  We imagine the perfect house, the perfect career, the perfect family and impeccable finances.  We dream the perfect life and dedicate ourselves to achieving it.  Then, life happens!  The unexpected happens, and consequently, what we had once seemed as our destiny is redefined.  Our world view changes, along with our future. Our dreams and our ambitions become our purpose.  They are the driving force that move us forward in life.  Our dreams encourage us to become the best version of ourselves.  They help us to grow and to prosper.  Then, they become our enemy.  We set our expectations so high, that we can't help but feel like failures.  We dream the impossible dream, and constantly feel defeated when we can't achieve all that we dream of.  Our dreams become nightmares, a prison of sorts.  We find ourselves in constant conflict with our ideal future battling the future we have set up for ourselves.  This conflict results in us feeling unsuccessful and unchallenged. As all else in life, moderation is key.  We need to temper our dreams with reality.  Always have something to achieve, but that something needs to be realistic, something we can accomplish, something that we can succeed at.   We need to embrace our own perfect future, despite how imperfect it may be.  Explore with me how to unlock limits and to push yourself forward to all of the goals that you want in life. As always, thanks for coming along for the journey and being a part of this community!  Look for Episode 15 on May 15th!
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Episode 15: The Potential Effect
Potential:  that mystical and magical word that seems to hold the promise of what life can be.  It dangles in front of us, teasing and taunting us.  Unfulfilled dreams waiting to be discovered, waiting to be lived.  Potential gives us hope, gives us a future we have always wanted.  What if, however, it actually becomes a prison?  What if the very thing meant to inspire us, actually keeps us from every really living? Today, I dive into the concept of potential, and all of its implications as we navigate our lives.  We explore how it can actually work to keep you where you have been, and how it can provide a safe sanctuary from the need to grow and improve yourself.  I discuss many of the ways potential can create a false sense of security and over time, actually move us from being the "person with potential" to the "has been that never was". Together, we explore how to finally move away from potential, and move toward action.  Instead of being "a latent excellence that may or may not develop", we become the action we want to be.  We review some of the key things that keep us from achieving our potential, and as always, I offer strategies to overcome these. As always, thank you for joining me on this journey!  I sincerely thank all of you for making March the single most successful month of the podcast yet.  Had the largest number of downloads in a single month. Also, had the largest number of single downloads in a day!  Thank you for listening, for sharing and for commenting on the content!  I look forward to sharing the continuing journey with each and every one of you!  I truly appreciate being invited into your lives to share my thoughts! New Episode April 15th!  
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Episode 14: The Motivation Myth
Several weeks ago, while wasting time on Facebook, I came across a video from Mel Robbins, who boldly declared that "Motivation is Garbage".  I admit, I found this statement to be stunning.  The boldness of the statement took me by surprise.  I watched the video, while being skeptical from the beginning.    I eagerly listened to every word offered during the 5 minute clip. Slowly, as a result, I realized that my own perception of motivation was starting to change. As I absorbed the thoughts, one word caught my attention:  decisions.  Time and again, Ms. Robbins referred to the decisions that we make in life.  She spoke of the notion that our lives were a series of decisions, consequently, making us the result of the those decisions.  Upon reflecting, I began to realize that I too had fallen into this trap.  I had slowly allowed these notions to strip away my ability to make decisions in my life.  I am realizing that in the past,  motivation has replaced my self determination. Now, I share with you my reflections of this video, and my changing thoughts regarding this myth.  I explore the constraints that we create for ourselves as we buy into "The Motivation Myth".  I review the various ways we use motivation life, and, most of all, how motivation can ultimately push us to become victims of our own circumstances.  By buying into this construct, we close ourselves into a box..thus limiting our potential.  No More!  Today, I talk about grabbling the bull by the horns, and taking control of our lives.  Finally, we move closer to becoming the person we have always dreamed of. As always, thank you for joining me on this journey.  I look forward to meeting you back for the next episode, as we continue on the path to making our lives everything we want it to be! Link <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6Nw08MaQhA">Motivation Is Garbage--YouTube Link</a>
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Episode 13: Shame & Sadness & Letting Go
Shame: a painful emotion caused by consciousness of guilt, shortcoming, or impropriety.   A simple eleven word definition of one of the most powerful emotions out there.  We all know what shame feels like.  We all know that sinking feeling in our gut when we have fallen short of the bar we have set for ourselves.  Not a single person is immune to the feeling of shame, or the subsequent sadness and stress that accompanies it.  When you are unhappy with yourself, or with your spot in life, the shame can be overwhelming.  Shame can lead to self loathing, disgust, and anger.  It can turn you into your own worst enemy.  This feeling can overshadow every other element of life. When we recognize the need for change, the need to better ourselves, it is often born out of a sense of discomfort.  We are seeing elements in ourselves that we do not like, and are no longer happy about.  We recognize that we want a better life, and set out to make that happen.  Shame stands in the way.  We become so miserable and unhappy with our position, that we engage in unhealthy coping skills, which of course circle us back into the cycle of being miserable.  It is a brutal cycle, destined to continue without end unless we make the choice to break it. In this discussion, I explore the roots of shame and the roots of sadness.  I dive into all the different ways these feelings can affect us, especially as we aim to move forward in life.  I share my reflections of my life...and my sadness and discontent of the person I used to be.  Together, we explore how this shame became the fuel to propel myself into a new beginning.  I talk about strategies to rise above the pain and sadness, and to finally start letting it go. Finally, I encourage each and every listener to learn how to start honoring their former selves.  I share ways that I learned how to appreciate and love the person I used to be.  Letting go of the shame and learning to look at the qualities I have always had has helped me appreciate just how far I have come.  Today, I offer you my insight into this time, in the hope that you, as well, may learn to let go of your shame. As always, thanks for listening and being a part of this journey with me!
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Episode 12: Time Waits For No One
Short, sweet and to the point today!  Let's get out and live life!  As many of you know, while on a vacation in Las Vegas last month, there was an incident that occurred.  During our first night there, we came upon a lady who had become unresponsive.  Despite resuscitation attempts, it became apparent that her time on earth was over.  It was a very difficult and sad event to be a part of.  Yet, at the same time, it was also very liberating and eye opening, almost inspirational.  I was reminded of the fragility of human life, the uncertainty of tomorrow. Since returning from Vegas, I seem to be more aware of the passage of time.  I am reflecting on many different time periods in my life and realizing all of the places I have been.  Each day, I learn a little bit more about my life and the ways I have coped with adversity in the past.  I realize how I have hurt myself by these actions.  Since this incident, I have committed myself to appreciating and recognizing each and every day.  Today, I share with you my thoughts and feelings about time.  I open up about what brought me to be the person in front of you now.  I offer my thoughts to you...to help you push to achieve your dreams. Change your relationship with time!  Instead of waiting for that perfect moment, make the moment happen NOW.  Become the person you dream of being.  Stop hiding from the reflection in the mirror and learn to embrace it! Thanks as always for listening, and I will be back with a new episode on March 1st! Link <a href= "http://www.untiltheraceisrun.org/2017/02/05/death-life-everything-in-between/"> Death, Life & Everything in Between</a>
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Episode 11: New Year's Evolution
One month ago, we closed the door on 2016 and looked forward to a new year.  We embraced a new beginning, a chance to once again start anew.   The annual tradition of New Year Resolutions strikes.   Once again, many of us promise to be different.  We promise to lose weight, hit the gym more, eat better.  Smoking, swearing, being anti-social move to a former life. New Year, New Me becomes the mantra for so many.    Promises are made for a bright and shiny future.  Then, reality circles back. Those bright and shiny resolutions start to fade.  We try to push ourselves.  We try to grow.  Yet, we fail.  Some of us may make it a month, a select few, even longer.  We want to succeed, even at times, are desperate to succeed.  Try as we might, these changes don't stick.  We fall back into old comfortable habits, limping our way until the next year.  The cycle continues on and on. Today, I present my thoughts on the topic.  I offer to you my ideas on how to finally break this cycle.  How do we change a revolution into an evolution?  How do we help ourselves to continue the changes that we start with such zeal and enthusiasm?  What is the secret to unlocking the energy within any one of us to make the year the best ever?  How do we tap into all of the strength and power inside and finally start letting the world see us as we see ourselves. To me, the answer is not found in a resolution, but rather, an EVOLUTION.  We start an unending process of growth and of change and all of these changes over time come together into a new being, finally, a new lease on life!  Thanks, as always,  for joining me on this journey! Link <a href= "http://www.untiltheraceisrun.org/2016/12/31/yearthatwas/">The Year That Was-2016</a>
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Episode 10: I Will Not Breakdown (Change Pt. 5)
Our exploration of creating change in life comes to a close today in the conclusion to the 5 part series about change.  Over the last 2 months, together we have explored the early stage of change, moving all the way through to making that change into a reality.  We have learned to recognize that which we don't like and finally take control of our lives.  Together we have prepared for success. We have taken the steps to be the person we have always dreamed of.  Today,  we dive into how we maintain that change..and make our change a lifestyle. Today, we talk about maintenance, the final stage of change. Throughout the last 4 episodes, we have covered pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation and the action stages of change.  Finally, we have arrived at the maintenance and relapse prevention stage of change.  We have made the decision to change, taken action, and now, that action becomes a lifestyle.  Throughout our journey we have learned much about ourselves and the goals we have.  As we work to maintain these changes, we constantly adjust and fine tune our goals.  We learn the value of the change and the impact that the change has played in our lives.  As we navigate our post change lives, we also learn to avoid temptation.  Eventually, we learn our triggers, and more importantly, learn to avoid them. We gain strength. As we continue to maintain our change, we continue to learn to avoid relapse.  Sadly, occasionally, we "fall from grace" and old habits return. While we try our best, it is a normal part of the process.  Our series concludes with tips and suggestions to handle the occasional relapse.  We can regain our footing, dust ourselves and continue on.  Nothing will hold us back from being the best version of ourselves! Thank you so much for joining me on this journey.  Up next, Episode 11: New Year's Evolution drops on February 1st!   <h2>Past Episodes</h2> <a href= "http://www.untiltheraceisrun.org/2016/11/01/episode-5-change-is-never-a-waste-of-time/">Change Is Never A Waste of Time-Part 1</a> <a href= "http://www.untiltheraceisrun.org/2016/12/01/episode-7-change-never-waste-part-2/"> Change Is Never A Waste of Time-Part 2</a> <a href= "http://www.untiltheraceisrun.org/2016/12/15/episode-8-coming-dark-change-pt-3/"> Coming Out Of The Dark-Part 3</a> <a href= "http://www.untiltheraceisrun.org/2017/01/01/episode-9-lights-camera-action-change-pt-4/"> Lights, Camera, ACTION-Part 4</a> <h2>Resources for Change</h2> <a href= "http://www.cpe.vt.edu/gttc/presentations/8eStagesofChange.pdf" target="_blank">"Stages Of Change"</a> <a href= "http://www.aafp.org/afp/2000/0301/p1409.html" target= "_blank">American Family Physician "A Stages of Change Approach to Helping Patients Change Behavior</a> <a href= "http://www.prochange.com/transtheoretical-model-of-behavior-change" target="_blank">Pro-Change "The Transtheoretical Model"</a> <a href="http://psychcentral.com/lib/stages-of-change/" target= "_blank">Psych Central "Stages Of Change"</a>
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Episode 9: Lights, Camera, ACTION! (Change Pt. 4)
After weeks of contemplation and preparation, today we dive into the ACTION stage of change!  Over the last two months, we have discussed and learned about the Trastheoretical Model of Change, and today, we finally put our plan into action.  We move forward into being the best version of ourselves.  Finally, we see how all the preparation and planning come together and take form.  At last, we take back our lives and grab our future by the horns. Change is never easy.  From recognizing that we need a change, to actually finding out how to make that change, we struggle.  Humans are creatures of habits, we crave the familiar.  We fear the unknown, cower from anything that seems different.  However, if we ever hope to grow, we have to embrace the unknown and propel ourselves forward.  We must learn how to plan and then, actually put that plan into action.  We move from just thinking about making a change to doing it. Today, we talk about action.  Together, we dive into the 4th stage of change, headfirst.  We talk about what it means to be in the action stage of change.  Collectively, we look at strategies to keep us in action, to keep us moving forward.  One of the hardest elements of change is making that action into a lifestyle.  Consequently, if we fail to develop a lifestyle, we run the risk of relapse and falling back into our old ways.  Today, we learn how to avoid that, we learn to push and we gather the tools we need to succeed! Episode 10 is coming at you January 15th, as we wrap up the 5 episode series of change  Thanks, as always, for joining me on this journey!  I look forward to the conclusion of this journey as we embark on many others together! <h3>Links</h3> <a href= "http://www.untiltheraceisrun.org/2016/11/01/episode-5-change-is-never-a-waste-of-time/">Episode 5: Change Is Never A Waste Of Time</a> <a href= "http://www.untiltheraceisrun.org/2016/12/01/episode-7-change-never-waste-part-2/"> Episode 7: Change is Never A Waste of Time (Part 2)</a> <a href= "http://www.untiltheraceisrun.org/2016/12/15/episode-8-coming-dark-change-pt-3/"> Episode 8: Coming Out Of the Dark (Change pt. 3)</a>
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Episode 8: Coming Out Of the Dark (Change pt.3)
We have talked about pre-contemplation (<a href= "http://www.untiltheraceisrun.org/2016/11/01/episode-5-change-is-never-a-waste-of-time/">Episode 5</a>), we have talked about contemplation (<a href= "http://www.untiltheraceisrun.org/2016/12/01/episode-7-change-never-waste-part-2/">Episode 7</a>), and now today we discuss PREPARATION, the next stage of change!  Third in a series of 5 episodes, today we continue on our path to a better version of ourselves.  Remember, your can listen to each individual episode, or you can listen to the entire series, but you will get a message regardless.  I, of course, recommend taking in the whole series! Change is never easy, and as I have been discussing over the last several episodes, is a process.  Step by step, we can slowly make decisions that will move us toward the version of ourselves we have always wanted to be.  Change takes patience. Change takes time.  Of course, it takes dedication and commitment.   By understanding the process of change, we can set ourselves up to succeed.  By learning strategies to maximize our effectiveness, we can propel ourselves forward.  The only limit to change, is us.  We can decide our success or failure.  We have the power to change our lives. Preparation is one of the most exciting and important stages of change.  At this time, people tend to be enthusiastic and energized to see where life will take them.  Finally, the moment is upon us to become the person we have always dreamed of.  By understanding and appreciating the value and importance of this stage, we can move towards our next stage ACTION, and finally putting our plan in motion. Thank you for joining this journey.   I hope you are all inspired and making changes in your life and living the life you want.  Please  join me on January 1st as Episode #9 Lights, Camera, ACTION, debuts! If you are enjoying the podcast, please consider sharing it on your social media and spread the word.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or whatever else you may have, every little bit helps!
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Episode 7: Change Is Never A Waste of Time (Part 2)
<a href= "http://traffic.libsyn.com/untiltheraceisrun/PodcastEpisode7.mp3" target="_blank">Download Episode!</a> <!-- END 1053 Download Link -->In today's episode, I continue the journey into change that began in Episode 5.  Once again, we dive into the Transtheoretical Model of Change, this time talking about the second stage of change, Contemplation.  Previously, I talked about how this is a process,  often occurring over a series of stages.  Each stage brings us closer to being the change we hope to see.  In the last episode, we discussed pre-contemplation, the first stage in change.  Today, we talk about Contemplation. Through this 25 minute journey, I define what the Contemplation stage is.  Together, we look at what separates this stage from pre-contemplation.  I discuss ways to identify that one is moving from pre-contemplation into contemplation.  Finally, I look at some of the various strategies to move the journey forward from contemplation toward planning and eventual action to make that change.  Along the way, I share first hand experience and anecdotes from my journey and where I have been. Remember, change is not exclusively weight or diet related.  It can be any habit that we feel holds us from achieving our dreams and being the best version of ourselves.  I encourage all of you to join me on the journey.  I invite all of you to welcome change into your life.  Together, we can explore how we can propel ourselves into the future that we want for ourselves.   Finally, we can break down barriers that have held us in place and kept us comfortable, yet stagnant.  As a result, we can see our lives blossom in ways we never thought imaginable. Once again, I thank you all for being a part of this journey with me.  I welcome your feedback and topic suggestions.  It is my sincerest hope that you find meaning in what I share with you, and that it too helps you grow.  Thanks again for listening, Episode 8 will be coming on December 15th!! <a href= "http://www.untiltheraceisrun.org/2016/11/01/episode-5-change-is-never-a-waste-of-time/"> Check Out Episode 5 Here!</a>
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Episode 6: All God's Children
<a href= "http://traffic.libsyn.com/untiltheraceisrun/Episode6_Until_The_Race_Is_Run.mp3" target="_blank">Download Episode!</a> <!-- END 1016 Download Link -->All God's Children is a gentle reminder that we are all one in the same.  As so many are aware, this election cycle has been nothing short of crazy.  Flaring tempers, fights among family and friends and hurt feelings have all become commonplace.  Our world around is rapidly changing.  No matter which side of the aisle you are on, we can all agree that things have changed.  During the last week, we have seen protests erupt and in some cases, violence and hate have ensued.  It is a frightening time for ALL of us.  At a time we need to come together, our differences are dividing us.  As a nation we are becoming increasingly fractured, rather than standing united. Among all of this uncertainty, we still have to live our lives and follow our dreams.  One listener suggested a discussion about hate and change and I could not have agreed more that it was a discussion that needed to happen.  Hence, the birth of this episode.  Both sides of the aisle have exploded into arguments and at times animosity.  People are fearful of change, of an uncertain future.  The question becomes, how do we protect ourselves and those we love during this time?  During these scary times, how do we stay true to ourselves?  When we are angry and hurting, how do we continue to love? So many questions remain.  Today's episode won't answer them all, as I do not have all the answers.  However, together, maybe we can start building a future together and start learning to appreciate ourselves and those around us.  Maybe we will learn to embrace and celebrate our diversity, and use it to grow.   I truly believe we can learn that our diversity does not have to divide us, but can unify and make us stronger in the end. I hope that you enjoy this episode and that it inspires you toward a brighter future! Special thanks to one of the listeners, Jen, who suggested this topic today! Please check out this blog entry, written to accompany this Podcast Episode! <a href= "http://www.untiltheraceisrun.org/2016/11/14/hope-future-prayer-everyone/"> Hope for the Future-A Prayer for Everyone</a> **please note** The 2nd part of the series about change originally scheduled to be released as Episode 6 will instead be available as Episode 7!!:-)  
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Episode 5: Change Is Never A Waste Of Time
<a href= "http://traffic.libsyn.com/untiltheraceisrun/PodcastEpisode5.mp3" target="_blank">Download Episode!</a> <!-- END 927 Download Link -->Change can be one of the most terrifying, and  the most rewarding experiences we will ever go through in life.  During this journey, we see things in ourselves that prevent us from being the best possible version of ourselves.  We often do whatever we can to change this. We finally blossom into the person we are born to be.  The process is never easy, and takes a lot of desire, dedication and time.  It is never a waste of time. Episode 5 marks the first in a series of 5 episodes about change.   Each episode is designed to be a stand alone episode, with a strong take home message about change.  Together, all 5 in the series can help you to change that something you have always "wanted to do" into something that you have accomplished! "Pre-Contemplation" is the first stage of change.  Our journey begins here, as we begin to recognize where we want our life to be, even if we are not yet sure how to get it there.  During this episode, I talk about what this stage means and how it is so easy to get stuck in this stage.  Together, we then dive into strategies to break through this stage and to being our journeys to a more perfect version of ourselves! I hope you enjoy this episode and I look forward to sharing the rest of the journey with you. Next, we dive into "contemplation".  Be sure to join me on November 15th!  Thanks so much for your time and for listening!
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Episode 4: I Just Wanna Be Happy
<a href= "http://traffic.libsyn.com/untiltheraceisrun/UntiTheRaceIsRunEpisode4.mp3" target="_blank">Download Episode!</a> <!-- END 903 Download Link --> <a href= "http://traffic.libsyn.com/untiltheraceisrun/UntiTheRaceIsRunEpisode4.mp3" target="_blank">Download Episode!</a> Today, in what is perhaps my favorite session so far, we dive into the negativity that surrounds us and prevents us from being the best version of ourselves possible.  We strive in our daily lives to be "happy" and yet somehow, we hit barrier after barrier in finding that happiness.  Sadly, the world around us can be negative, and the people we encounter in our day to day life, can be similarly negative.  It can really begin to weigh down the soul and make it difficult to keep growing and achieving.   In today's podcast, I dive into negative relationships.  I talk about some of the various relationships we can have with negativity.  Then, we push to understand why it affects us the way it does.  Finally, we look at ways to stamp negativity out of our lives.  We will move beyond barriers and push ourselves forward. Please join me on this journey as we continue to explore ourselves and push beyond the limits we set!  I hope you enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed producing it!  Please help spread the word of the podcast if you are enjoying it!  As always, please feel free to check out the website and the blog to learn more about being your best self!
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Episode 3: I Am Better Than I Was Yesterday
<p>The journey through life is often difficult and full of unknowns.  As a result, we hit many bumps along the road, and sometimes, against our best attempts, we hurt those around us.  We want to grow, we want to be better, yet sometimes we stumble.  Sometimes we cause pain to those we love the most. Inherently, we are all good people.  We love and care for those around us, yet our actions sometimes cause the opposite reaction.  Today, we talk about some of the reasons that we cause hurt to the people.  Sometimes, we make discoveries about ourselves that cause pain, no matter how hard we try to avoid it.  Occasionally, if we truly are to grow, we have to hurt those we care about. As a result, this hurt leaves us feeling like bad people. In this episode, we talk about ways to begin the process of forgiveness  Almost all of us can forgive others, yet somehow, we never can forgive ourselves.  Consequently, we end up beating ourselves up and feeling worse about ourselves.  As a result, we spiral into the same downward habits that have affected us our entire life.  Before we know it, we are circling this same vicious cycle over and over.</p>
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Episode 2: Always Find The Time
<p>Time management is an ever elusive, every difficult concept to manage.  For many of us, we simply have no idea how to fit all the things we want to do into a single day.  Over the course of today's discussion, I talk about strategies to manage your time.  Today, we look at various ways to balance out the demands of our job, our family and ourselves.  Together, we look at the ways that our time management can impact our daily life.  How many of us really prioritize the things that are important in our lives?  How man of us never save time for ourselves?   Often, we neglect our physical and mental health, all in the the hopes of caring for others.  As a result, we forget to take care of ourselves.  Consequently, so much else in our life suffers because of this neglect. Our discussion today continues on the path to being ones best self.  We explore many ways we can maybe improve our time management.  Consequently, as we improve our time management, we can improve the care we give to those around us.  The journey is never easy, and at times seems like it impossible.  Day by day we can push forward, moving toward the person we want to be. I thank you all for joining me along this journey.  I look forward to moving forward with you as well all grow to be the best versions of ourselves and make life all that we have dreamed of.  Please feel free to like & share this podcast with anybody who will enjoy it.  Have a look around the website and take in all of the blogs.   If you are looking to change your life, I promise at least one of the topics will pull you in!    </p>
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Episode 1: Introduction
<p>Welcome to the 1st episode of the podcast Until The Race Is Run.  This episode will introduce listeners to the beginnings of my journey toward a healthier, happier person and some of the places I have been along the way.  You will learn about the start of my blog, and where this journey has taken me over the last year.  Together, we look toward the future and I will share with you some of the topics coming up in the next few months as this podcast kicks into full production!  I look forward to sharing this journey with you!</p>
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