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Category: Comedy
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NRI: Now, Returned to India is a fiction novel written by Author Amar Vyas. This book is the first in a four part series featuring the protagonist Amol Dixit. The audio version of this book is narrated by the author in his own voice.

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Podcast Episode's:
Chapter Three- Look Ma, I Got Wheels
Amol's series of misadventures continue as he goes to buy a car. He realizes that buying a car is not easy as it used to be in the United States. He is in for a rude shock when he experiences very poor customer service at car dealerships. Which car will he buy? Listen to find out. You can learn more about the Amol Dixit Series by visiting www.amarvyas.in ; or about NRI: Now, Returned to India at www.smarturl.it/nrithebook #NRI #fiction #humor #series #novel #nonresident #india
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Chapter Two : The First Mis-Steps
Amol's first day at work begins with a series of frustrating experiences, right from shifting of his office, to learning that he has made a big mistake by accepting the job offer. His first week passes by quickly, and he is ready to embark on the next stage of his back to India journey. You can visit www.amarvyas.in to learn more about Author Amar Vyas and the Amol Dixit series, or you can read more about this book at smarturl.it/nrithebook.
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Chapter One: It's Only For An Year
When Amol Dixit left Chicago for India eighteen months ago, he had not imagined that he would find himself sleeping on the streets of Mumbai one day. He had planned to spend a year with his family in Pune and return to North America. When the year came to an end, he chose to stay back. And that's when things really started going downhill. Very soon, he would be broke, unemployed and married. But Amol knew that his life was soon going to change for the better. Gyaani Baba had told him so. Now, Returned to India is a Back-to-Rags story of a NRI who left for India and never went back. You can learn more about this book by visiting www.mykitaab.in/nri #Audiobook #NRI #India #Nonresident #Indian #Fiction #Humor #Book
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Introduction: Episode00
Author and Narrator Amar Vyas gives an overview of this audio (podcast). Each week, he will narrate one chapter from his debut novel NRI: Now, Returned to India. NRI features the protagonist Amol Dixit, and this book is the first in a four part series based on the life of this fictional character. You can learn more about this book by visiting www.amarvyas.in or on amazon at www.smarturl.it/nrithebook #book #fiction #podcast #NRI #Nonresident #India #Indian #humor #audiobook
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