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Category: Sports/Recreation
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Want to beat the house? Then listen to the FansUnite Huddle, the podcast that gives you a little bit of trash talk and a whole lot of knowledge when it comes to sports picks and the sporting life.

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Podcast Episode's:
The FansUnite Huddle: Episode 31
We're back! This week on Episode 31 of the FansUnite Huddle, it's a look at a very busy week for drafts as the team dives deep into how the Las Vegas Golden Knights will put together a team in the NHL expansion draft. The squad also takes a look at the first round of the NHL draft and talks trade movement on Friday. In NBA talk, we look at the movement happening prior to the NBA draft and if the 76ers accquiring the number one overall pick in the draft will be the biggest surprise we'll see. All this plus the NCAA not letting someone have a Youtube channel, the last playing days of Colin Kaepernick and the picks you need to beat the house.
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The FansUnite Huddle: Episode 30
This week on episode 30 of the FansUnite Huddle, we're joined by special guest Rob Williams, sports editor at DailyHive.com. It's a Vancouver special, so we're looking deep into the heart of the Vancouver Canucks future; who they'll pick during this years draft, whether or not Ryan Miller will still be in net and who's getting fired first, Jim Benning or Travis Green. We also take a crack at the MLS and the Vancouver Whitecaps, talking how long it will be before they sell Alphonso Davies and if the Caps need to spend big money on a big name to truly make a splash. All of this plus the Stanley Cup and NBA finals, the NBA coming back to Vancouver and all the picks you need to beat the house. It's time to get into the huddle baby!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TheFansUniteHuddle Episode 29
This week on the FansUnite Huddle, it's a celebration as we welcome home Duncan "Big Papi" Mcintyre. On this week's episode, we celebrate the Nashville Predators making their first Stanley Cup Final and break out the crytal ball to see if the Ottawa Senators can beat the Pittsburgh Penguins. We ponder the path of the Golden State Warriors to another NBA final and wonder if the Boston Celtics Eastern final win will be their only one. All this plus our choices for the Champions League final, the NBA's invasion into the realm of eSports and the picks you need to beat the house. It's time to get into the huddle baby!
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The FansUnite Huddle: Episode 28
This week on the FansUnite Huddle, it's a celebration! Over the course of episode 28, we take a look at the NHL playoffs and ponder if the Predators can take it all the way while also making our picks for the upcoming NHL Awards. We talk injuries and their effect on the NBA playoffs and try and figure out who won the NBA Draft Lottery (we know who lost). All this plus the direction of the Chicago Cubs, the future of Bryce Harper and the picks you need to beat the house. It's time to get into the huddle baby! If you like what we're doing, plus take a moment to leave a review on our page on iTunes and spread the word!
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