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Category: Arts
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Our aim is to discover how creatives can succeed in their chosen field, while navigating their industry with integrity & authenticity as they do.

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Podcast Episode's:
B&EP #150 - Find A Struggle that Brings You Joy
The B&E Podcast #150 “Find a Struggle that Brings You Joy" Soundcloud Link: soundcloud.com/thebandepodcast SUMMARY OF THE PODCAST: We bring you a podcast that's all about the messy part of the journey of being an artist and how that's actually a good thing.  Without the challenges, it would get awfully boring around here.  This one is full of practical and philosophical wanderings.  Brandon also goes down a crazy corner rabbit hole about time -- which is fun.  Check it out.  (This recording has a periodic sound issue in the recording which we're not sure why it happened, but the episode is awesome.  Promise.) POINT #1: "WE'RE IN THE INCUBATOR" - Life is constant learning.  When we step out of one incubator we enter another one.  There's never a stop to it.  This isn't depressing.  This makes life full of aliveness.  When we stop resisting this process we can transform it into something profound. POINT #2: “IT'S A MAGIC TRICK" - There's never any time but now.  There's no tomorrow or yesterday, they exist only as thoughts in our mind.  So if there's something you want to do, now is always the best time to start doing it.  Make the decision. POINT #3: “WE GOT STRUGGLES" - Find a struggle that brings you joy, and find joy in the struggles.  When we can learn to turn our challenges into play, we no longer have to suffer so much for our art and our careers. MENTIONS IN THIS PODCAST: The Parkside Brewery (Dim Wit Witbier) - Today's Craft Brewery "The Alchemist" (Book) - Paulo Coelho VALUABLE LINKS: http://www.TheBandEPodcast.com – The Official Website http://www.theparksidebrewery.com – Brewery of Choice Today http://www.BCFilmAcademy.com – The BC Film Academy http://www.ThePlayersCreativeCompany.com – Acting School
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