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Category: Comedy
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The Troika of Terror is a fun, lively discussion podcast delving into current events as well as the general delusions & foibles that vex humanity on a daily basis. There will sometimes be interesting guests - with comedian Angry Bob & other NY comics

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Podcast Episode's:
The Troika of Terror

TOT Ep #43 - Comedians HOWARD FELLER & BOB BELL join AB for Talk & Fun!!
<p>Regulars Bobell and Howard Feller join ANGRY BOB to discuss a host of myriad of fascinating things: Speculation about future guests • Time travel talk; where/when we would go • NYC traffic jumps the shark; construction too • Politically incorrect acting parts • Awkward reigns: Bobell goes to the bathroom, Howard orders, AB is unclear about recording • Bobell pines for some good public bathroom stories; the gang weighs in; AB of course has a horrifying offering • …and from shit we move to politics! • The FBI guy who hated Trump grilled by Congress • Howard’s first colonoscopy discussed • Back to politics, and more politics • AB uses interesting animal analogy to point out differences between Dems & GOP • AB & Howard at loggerheads over political tactics • Super Hurricanes: A rarity or the new normal? • The Cave Kids: why are stories like this big news? • The AB/Bobell trip that wasn’t • Bobell discusses his further plans to become an American Ex-pat in Canada; AB like Canada, too • and much, much, more!!!</p>
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TOT Ep #42 - Special Guest Actor Writer Film Maker BRUCE SMOLANOFF from HBO's The Sopranos
<p>TOT welcomes guest actor/writer/film maker/performer Bruce Smolanoff!! AB laments the “new” Brooklyn • Howard Feller reports recent activities • Bruce tells of his acting turn on HBO’s The Sopranos • The Process: face masks and auditions • AB, of course, has his own audition story • Howard counters with his brief meeting with Woody Allen • More Sopranos talk • Bruce in LA working the craft; gets rewarded by playing a clown on MTV • AB loves acting because they treat him nicely and feed him! • Transitioning from actor to film maker • The making of the short film MUCK & dealing with casting • Bruce’s first meeting AB; always a pleasant experience and never awkward • Bobell weighs in with his AB “first contact” story; AB/Howard first meeting remains a puzzle • Bobell talks about being in Muck • A little politics as usual, Bobell weighs in; AB left flummoxed and depressed • and much, much more!!</p>
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TOT Ep #41 - Special Guest JONATHAN AMES - writer of You Were Never Really Here & More!!
<p>Troika of Terror is proud to have a very special guest - live (on tape) from the Ludlow Hotel in NYC - writer/performer/producer/creator/artist JONATHAN AMES - at the moment of the release of a new film based on his novella, YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE • we start by annoying people at the ludlow hotel • You Were Never Really Here - the film and book • differences between writing comedy and drama • the process of making the film YWNRH • the difference between producing movies and TV • ownership of a project and dealing with a TV network • AB goes into food talk, as usual • great chemistry between the Bored To Death stars discussed • then the next project: Blunt Talk • News about the talks of a Bored To Death movie, a sequel to YWNRH and mentions of a great show that never was • from life long NYer to west coast life • the performance art scene in NYC and it’s demise • the freedom of live performance • …and of course…some TRUMP talk • how politics/current events affect art • owning a pet dog • finally, a positive outcome from a minor health concern • and much, much more!!!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TOT Ep #40 - Our favorite guest comedian HOWARD FELLER joins the fun!!
<p>Our favorite guest HOWARD FELLER is welcomed back for another rousing hour of talk with the boys: AB pushes people around and they comply • Weinstein on PBS discussed • Howard’s brush with comedian Louis CK • …and AB admits he still likes Woody Allen • Todd asks the group about Trump’s steel tariff…something of an answer is offered up • …and more Trump talk • more “celeb” sexcapades are discussed • NY/NJ trail tunnel troubles • could Todd work for Trump?? • AB screams about the end of free street parking in Midtown Manhattan • Howard’s working for Uber experience • the death of the Middle Class is examined • Howard’s arrest story is told • Howard Feller: The Early Years • Chaplin or Hitler?? • AB’s horrible interactions with the world…& a weird noise disturbs • a final plea to sell some Talking Angry Bobbleheads • and much, much more!!!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TOT Ep #39 - Troika of Terror - Old School Troika: AB, BOBELL & TODD!!
<p>Great new old school ep with JUST THE CORE TROIKA - Here’s just some of this ep’s hijinx: Bobell likes bobka; Todd amused • AB freaked out by all the Flu Frenzy while gang Jews it up • A vomit story leads to AB waxing nostalgic about good old New York City • …which leads up to talk of TRUMP, of course • Bobell discusses his own potential personal Brexit to CANADA • The AB/Bobell Canada Odyssey that never was • AB can even piss off Canadians • …and even Canada has a few problems • follow-up talk about Todd’s Russian dentist debacle • …and then more Teeth Talk in general • more Bobell for President speculation • AB commiserates that the growing divisions in our society are just making people angrier • Showbiz problems discussed…and Todd/AB get real about their own personal brushes with comedy bias • Trump: Year One, a summation • and much, much more!!</p> <p> </p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TOT Ep #38 - TOT welcomes special guest: comedian/podcaster Maryssa Smith!!
<p>TOT welcome special guest Maryssa Smith - comedian and host of the popular podcast Big Talk & Brewskis • show starts with some technical difficulties • it’s noted that we’re back at our old studios • Trump’s latest “senior moment” • A potpourri of political punditry ensues • AB regales the group with his combination Meeting Al Franken At The SNL Studios/Don’t Try To Get A Writing Job In TV This Way, Kids story • more politics and AB tells how taken he is by NY states junior Senator • AB gives his solipsistic take on religion • Todd asserts that there are just too many people on this planet; AB concurs • …and then Ebola pops up into the conversation • race is discussed and Maryssa tells a shocking tale • AB doubts the efficacy of therapy • AB, Todd & Bob all depress Maryssa with stories about their struggles with dental issues • the show takes a turn for the better when AB reveals his Talking Angry Bobblehead will be in the Bobblehead Hall of Fame • Predictions for 2018 • and much, much more!!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TOT Ep #37 - TOT welcomes special guest LIZ LORD!!
<p>Special guest Actor, Improver & Comedian LIZ LORD - and the show goes thusly: improv is discussed, of course • we all agree Liz is just a very nice person • then a quick look at World War 1, with some faulty facts • and then the inexplicable jack hammering at 11pm begins • latest act of terror discussed, this time NYC again • and then depressed, we all go into Liz World • an uninvited guest interrupts but we quickly right the ship • back to Liz World • with a quick trip to Bobell-Land and stop off at ToddVille • and then famed and late comedian Red Foxx is remembered • Liz the teacher • and Bobell’s “uni-dred” is marveled at • the “Harvey Weinstein” issue and more is discussed • Liz find the silver lining to all this negative mishegas • a quick look at the gang's genealogy • what does the future hold for Liz?? • NYC mayoral race and other political subjects tackled • are protests votes necessary yet dangerous?? • AB tries to “angrysplain” things as usual • and much, much more!!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TOT Ep #36 - TOT tapes LIVE at 2017 New York Comic Con!!
<p>TOT taped LIVE at 2017 New York Comic Con!! The gang storms the Jacob Javits Convention Center in NYC to greet the fans of Comic Con!! AB & Todd overwhelmed!! AB starts things off by complaining about the subway and apparently upper class living space construction on West Side, Todd needs a new mattress and maybe someone smoking crack on his subway ride • first interview with cosplayer dressed as the monster in Stranger Things • A Tale of Two Deadpools • met with the YuGiOh people and Todd had trouble putting on his cardboard headdress • comic Joe Pontillo arrives, some industry banter ensues • another cosplayer portraying No Face from Spirited Away is spoken to • taking a break in the press area from some snacks and chips…AB misses actress Melissa Joan Hart as he grabs for free peanuts • AB chats to salesperson in the murch area • the crush of fans and walking weighs on AB, but he soldiers on to interview Wonder Woman in the Chevy booth • the boys find the Game of Thrones booth and their special $250 gift box • AB planted firmly in a chair, just pulling people over to interview • Joe bids AB and Todd adieu while criticizing the Javits Centers WiFi capabilities • Todd & AB bump into fellow comedian Kate Banford • AB rests up at Comic Con info booth for all the NYCC 411 • AB hangs at the Game Church booth that spreads the Word through video gaming • Todd finally meets one of his heroes - ECW wrestler Tommy Dreamer, and gets star struck!! • Last interview with comic and Spider-man fan David Voice • the final wrap up back in the press area, AB & Todd give their final thoughts while munching on free doritos • and much, much more!!!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TOT Ep #35 - The gang welcomes special guest: Elli The King of Broadway!!
<p>The Troika is BACK, and with a BANG, as ELLI KING OF BROADWAY stops by and kvells with the bubbelas!! We learn on this very special episode: The origins of Elli’s name • Bobell has done karaoke??? • How Elli and AB met - doing a video for Facebook!! • …and AB played a bum, again!! • AB’s homeless portrayal really fools the NYPD, with less than hilarious results!! • Elli is also the King of Hamentashen!! • Discussions of “on the set” minutiae • the difference between the various hasidic jewish sects is discussed - AB fascinated • Do all jews support Trump?? Not Necessarily!! • Todd, fresh off his HBO debut, seeks Elli’s council in plotting his next professional move • and much, much more!!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TOT Ep #34 - The Return of Stacy Kendro and OJ SIMPSON PAROLE Talk!!
<p>The gang is back with fave guest comedian Stacy Kendro as a myriad of topics are discussed, including the RETURN OF OJ SIMPSON!! Lots of stories involving The Juice and his impending release on parole • AB impressed the OJ still wacks off • Bobell weighs in while AB admits he’s still an OJ fan • the gang shares their “where they were when they heard the verdict” stories • OJ still dominates the nightly news • will smartphone “bots” be the new “Big Brother”?? • Bobell’s living conditions examined • Stacy points out that AB makes “Jerry Lewis” noises when he wants to interrupt people • Stacy and the Ear Invading Moth!! • Another great Todd Job story • Did Trump’s win just encourage more “questionable candidates” to throw their hats into the political ring?? • Post-Facts: the times we live in • and much, much more!!!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TOT Ep #33 - Special Guest: Actor & Facial Hair Aficionado JEFF STACHE!!
<p>We’re back with a great guest - actor, artist and facial hair aficionado: JEFF STACHE - Jeff joins the regular gang as the following is discussed: AB and Jeff’s status as alumni of NYC’s famed Stuyvesant HS • Trump trumps climate change • the Katz’s Deli Incident: AB “assaulted” for not moving quick enough (but still enjoyed his noblewurst!!) • Stuy High reminiscence - the good, the bad and the ugly • AB recalls a great teach he had and connected with: late writer Frank McCourt • AB (painfully) reminds Jeff of their once attending a Star Trek Convention in NYC together • great Times Square movie theaters are discussed along with a rather pointed story • Todd talks about the firing of Mr. Met and his own brush with this storied mascot • Mr Met disses Gurt the Yogurt Cow??? • Todd’s comedy show, UGG, now in a new location with great food and drink specials • more news from todd, this time it’s an encounter with the dark side of Bitcoin • Jeff dons his acting hat with an audition tale, AB weighs in with his own offering • AB fails doing a pervy dog bark • Todd & Bobell chime in with their own forays into acting • Mo Trump, Mo Troubles • 2020 POTUS race speculation begins • and much, much more!!!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TOT Ep #32 - Special Guest: The Steamroller of Comedy, Rich Carucci!!
<p>After a quick break for Lent, the TROIKA OF TERROR IS BACK - and with a vengeance, and a great guest - the Steamroller of Comedy: Mr. Rich Carucci!! A great comic, all around fun guy and personal friend to the TOTsters, Rich comes on to regale us with so many great tales in his amazing life! Reminiscence takes a back seat to Bobell’s gangrenous toe • …and then the mic breaks!! •  …and then we soldier on with an iPhone!! • Back to the Bobell Toe Fiasco • …and now we begin with Carucci Stories • Fun in Delaware • Rich’s Road Gig Horror Story • the joys of producing comedy shows • AB does his millennial impression; Todd impressed • Rich get’s his car breathalyzed!! • Rich tells of his AA book escapades; AB whines about a ticket he just got!! • More great stories from Rich as a 911 operator!! • The boys try to convince Rich to buy a bar • AB recounts a kindness bestowed upon him by Rich in the form of a birthday cookie cake • NJ too expensive to drive in lately • and now…Trump Talk!! • Trump - President For Life?? • Only celebrities will be President from now on • Does comedy have a future…does it?? • and much, much more!!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TOT Ep #31 - Comedian, Performance Artist & Political Activist RENO is guest!!
<p>TOT welcomes the legendary comedian, actor, performance artist and political activist RENO!! On this great show: AB forgets what car Reno drives and who’s President • Will Obamacare survive Trumpzilla?? • AB goes on about his “ties” to lesbian community…again… • AB: Champion of the Downtrodden!! • Reno discusses her NYC roots • Finding her biological mother and the aftermath • AB goes wishy-washy • Bannon: Just scary or just REALLY scary?? • Todd finally shows…polite applause ensues • More resigned bemusement at what is the Trump Administration • Reno’s take on the comedy scene, then and now • Middle East politics tackled • Reno’s experiences at the Montreal Just For Laugh’s Comedy Festival • AB was a Friar?? • Reno’s acting tales with Robert Redford!! • AB’s dark improv past in early “alt” rooms • AB’s even darker corporate past • Reno’s road gig nightmare stories • some more politics and SCOTUS speculations • and much, much MORE!!!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TOT Ep #30 - Comedian and all around fun person STACY KENDRO drops by!!
<p>Stacy Kendro joins us again for more zany fun - the discussion includes: AB upsets Stacy with a racy metaphor • My Little Pony “Bronies” discussed • Stacy disturbed by demeanor of young comic • AB disturbed by wine bottle wielding coffee patron • AB would never lop off his moobs - gateway to weird sexual adventures • roommate issues bemoaned • a little Trump talk • AB freaked out by proposed NYC “U” shaped skyscraper • AB reminisces about the Hellfire Club, goes into his legendary Plato’s Retreat story • Bobell does some quick news coverage, then considers a political career • encounters with 12 Step groups • some horrible casino comedy show stories • morbidly obese Elvis impersonators • favorite mixed drinks • and much, much more!!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TOT Ep #29 - Our Favorite Guest, Comedian HOWARD FELLER pays a visit!!
<p>The Return of HOWARD FELLER!! The TOT boys and one of their fave guests tackle some of the biggest controversies of the day such as: the joys of unemployment • Howard on Trump • AB knows how to work the ‘Bucks • AB on the virtue of complaining • Todd on HBO’s Crashing • The big Oscar SNAFU • AB no fan of LA LA Land but loved Hidden Figures • more Oscar/movie talk • AB’s brain fails yet again • Bar comedy shows suck but prison shows are fun • news breaking about Sessions and the REDS • Sessions and the potties • Why Hillary lost…one theory • Todd witnesses anti-semitism and it was upsetting • AB explains why the Christian Right loves Israel so much • Show takes dark turn into foreskin and Elvis talk • Everybody Loves Bobell…AB, not so much • Todd likes knishes but doesn’t speak yiddish • HUGE CONTROVERSY - round vs square knishes • best way too wipe out human race discussed • the typical Howard Feller day • Howard as Krinkle the Clown; AB loses it • and much much more!!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TOT Ep #28 - with Guest: comedian, film maker Joe Pontillo!!
<p>Special guest this week is comedian Joe Pontillo - we discuss: the films of Joe Pontillo • Joe has a podcast, too! • Joe is on twitter as well! • Todd was a Mets mascot?? • Joe hates steak but has a great Road Gig Horror story!! • Angry Bob pisses off a booker…again!! • Todd on HBO’s new show Crashing!! • Having an extra on the set is weird • Bobell relieves himself • Joe will be on Gotham Comedy Live • Will Bobell do another Fringe Festival this year?? • And now some Trump Talk • Trump is losing the Jews…Bobell grows more pessimistic • Bobell in 2020?? • and much, much more!!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TOT Ep #27 - Guest Dean Haspiel - Comic Book Artist from The Red Hook & HBO's Bored To Death
<p>In this episode we’re excited to have as guest comic book artist and creator of The Red Hook - Dean Haspiel as well as guest “terrorist” Stacy Kendro - Dean’s and Angry Bob's association origins discussed • Angry Bob digresses on his encounter with legendary comic book writer Harvey Pekar • Great live shows that encouraged Stream-Of-Consciousness performers reminisced over • AB & Stacy both love comic Judy Tenuta and more of the “greats” are discussed • How Dean met writer and Bored To Death/Blunt Talk creator Jonathan Ames • Dean talks about his performances “salons” • Dean, a native New Yorker weighs in on another native New Yorker, Donald Trump • Dean talks about his comic The Red Hook • Power structures and why the rich and powerful need more riches and power…this depresses the group • Dean and his insights on what’s going on in the comic book world, why it’s in trouble but how the internet is saving the day • Dean questions the gang on what they think is funny - differing opinions arise • the comedians favorite horrible words • The Agony and the Ecstasy - why writers write • AB really wants to get the benjamins • the future of comic books • and much, much more!!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

<p>This fun episode starts as the “Duo of Terror” as core member Todd is late and AB laments this as well as the Second Avenue “three stops” - Bobell weighs in • More Trump Talk - what else?? • Bobell on the Trump beat!! • AB’s bad tire fixed by minimum wage employee and concerns surface • Todd finally shows and all is well - Nazis are discussed • AB amused by Trump’s speaking of himself in the third person • The gang is mixed on the efficacy of capital punishment but pretty united that the subway sucks • Horrors - AB almost pulls a “Collyer Brothers” and is almost buried alive by the crap in his apartment - thankfully digs himself out • AB tells tale of audition gone wrong but then actually gets somewhere by “playing the game” • more politics and stuff - Putin and Mayor Hillary Clinton??? • AB steers the convo towards his favorite subject - FOOD • and much, much more!!!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TOT Ep #25 - The Gang talks to guest - comedian Daniel Crow!!
<p>The boys welcome guest Daniel Crow - comedian and part-time dog whisperer! This week many subjects are tackled such as: Is Crow his real name? • Bobell & questionable dental practices • AB recounts a horrible tale of his mutant childhood teeth • More politics - Daniel is a Bernie man • Ugly current events discussed and social media’s impact • AB upset with all the violence these days but does he have a blunderbuss??? • More Trump talk - duh!! • Todd no fan of Chuck Schemer, AB likes him!! • Finally the talk moves to Dan Crow - funny guy & road warrior • AB - Dan Crow fan! • Another “mystery” comedian story • AB talks about his comedy inspiration - Brother Theodore; the others chime in as well • Todd likes Thora Birch, too! • Is there any jew in Dan?? Todd?? • and much, much more!!!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

<p>A VERY TOTMAS HOLIDAY SHOW!! Yep, it’s the end of 2016 and the holiday season, and the boys end the year on a miserable note with musings in Angry Bob’s car: discussing our xmas party in a great German restaurant • 2016 - worst year ever?? • The dawn of TRUMP • Trumptime stories - Todd encounters and angry old white guy on the subway with a gun!! • 2 guys pissing on street in front of us amuse and upset • Bobell’s Trumptime story involves verbally spewed hate in a popular NYC diner • The Trump follower mindset • The brilliance of the Trump “Thank You” tour • AB thinks people are trying to break into the car and frets • 2nd Avenue Subway finally happened - or is it?? • Bobell’s a Busman!! • Todd confuses trollies for ferries and then a NYC political discussion ensues • Todd plays Santa for the kiddies • AB makes it all about himself with his own Santa story • Is Bobell British royalty?? • Todd plugs his big post-Christmas show on 12/27 - AB will be performing and Bobell hosting!! • The amazing entertainment line-up for the Trump inaugural • 2016 - many died!! And much, much more!!! With Angry Bob, Todd Montesi & Bob Bell!!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TOT Ep #23 - Comedian Actor Film Maker & Provocateur MATT NAGIN!!
<p>We have as a guest the wild and wacky MATT NAGIN - comedian, actor, film maker, provocateur extraordinaire - and what an episode it is!! We discuss Negan or Nagin?? • The fun of fucking with an audience • How AB almost lost a comedy room • Doing the Edinburgh Fringe Festival • Sex in Scotland and other tales of inebriated debauchery • How AB ruined a cashmere sweater • Matt regales us with a Road Gig Nightmare tale • THE LEGENDARY MARLO THOMAS STORY • Matt Nagin - King Of Reality TV • What we do for fame • Matt Nagin - Film Maker • Todd feels left out • Matt Nagin - Trump supporter??? • Trump already pissing off folks, and not in a good way • And then the table of loud girls invade podcast but are repelled!! • The future of Matt Nagin • Bob tells a Nagin story as does Todd • and much, much more!!!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TOT Ep #22 - TRUMPZILLA!! With guests Connie Flagtwat & Aaron Sweeney!!
<p>TRUMPZILLA – the after the unthinkable show, discussing President-elect Donald Trump with guests Christian lady and Trump supporter Connie Flagtwat and comedian Aaron Sweeney – some of the highlights: How did Trump happen • Putin on the Ritz • Did the Hillary lose ruin it for a female Presidency going forward • AB tries to be optimistic in the debacle and gets laughed at • Connie stops in and talks Trump love and crushed velour • Trump discussed from the Christian right POV • More Trump and cabinet conjecture • Connie exits, comedian Aaron Sweeney arrives • How truly flawed a candidate was HRC • AB tried another stab at trying to be optimistic again…and fails • Trump takes the world • What exactly will Trump do • Where do we go from here...a possible 2020 Bobell candidacy • AND MUCH MUCH MORE!!</p> <p> </p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TOT Ep #21 - Performance Artist & 2016 winner Mr LES - JOHN KING!!
<p>We’re honored to have the legendary ASS Minister of Information and 2016 winner of the Mr. Lower East Side Pageant JOHN KING as a guest!! A fixture in the NYC club, performance and community advocacy scenes for over 40 years, John regales us with tales relating to coffee enemas; his Midwestern origins; coming to dirty, dark and fun NYC in the 1970’s; the wild NYC club scene; luminaries of the NYC club scene met; AIDS origins theories; drug use in the 1970’s; working for the public advocacy group NYPIRG and it’s consequences; another look at the NYC of today; Presidential politics; becoming an “Art Star” performer; recollections of Andy Warhol’s “Factory” regular Taylor Meade; AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TOT Ep #20 - The Return of STACY KENDRO and lots more!!
<p>On the latest episode we welcome back comedian STACY KENDRO and yuk it up with TOT favorite TODD MONTESI about a whole cornucopia of crap including: AB anger origins • weird religious practices • AB mouser extraordinaire • the scourge of clowns • Angry Claus • Stacy works with Caroline Rhea • AB tried to remember something but fails • extreme hoarding • vacuum tube technology, the 1939 New York World’s Fair & a Jodie Foster fixation • the first Clinton/Trump debate • Stacy & Todd vent • horrible childhood games • and much, much more!!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TOT Ep #19 - Adult Film Director and Satanist DAVID HARRIS!!
<p>This week we have an amazing guest: Adult film producer and Magister in The Church of Satan DAVID HARRIS – and another appearance by his charming partner and wife, HEATHER HEIGHT!! Also in attendance are Bob Bell and Howard Feller!! This week we talk to Dave about: his days in comedy and heading up Hate Speech Radio • being an Adult Film director • the state of the porn business in America • his position as a Magister in the Church of Satan • the true story of Satanism • Satanist just wanna have fun • How Dave met Angry Bob and more comedy tales • AB becomes lethargic and things grind to a halt • and much, much more!!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TOT Ep #18 - Return of HOWARD FELLER with guest HEATHER HEIGHT!!
<p>After a short hiatus, the TROIKA OF TERROR is back!!! With guest panelist HOWARD FELLER – the fun ensues with hard talk about: more comedy horror stories • Presidential politics • Trump’s GOP takedown • Bobell’s analysis • Howard’s analysis • AB just gets all anal!! Then, the gang is joined by another special guest – comedian HEATHER HEIGHT – and she shares the women’s perspective about the world of comedy and discusses some comedy controversies and very bad behavior by some male comedians!! A great informative, provocative and entertaining show is this!!!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TOT Ep #17 - COMEDY ROUNDTABLE - The Seedy Side of Stand-Up Comedy
<p>A COMEDY ROUNDTABLE – with core members ANGRY BOB, BOB BELL & TODD MONTESI – the boys discuss many subjects pertaining to the seedy underbelly of stand-up comedy in New York City such as: comedy betrayals • the guest who never was • Todd’s take on comedy ingrates • Bobell’s harrowing story about being used • does the “industry” value malleable predators over talent • NYC bar comedy shows with moronic names • everyone’s a comedian now • Todd’s long running show at a new venue but with same opportunity • Bobell’s final analysis • Angry Bob’s final depressing rant • AND MUCH. MUCH MORE!!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

<p>An amazing fast-paced episode with TONS OF SPUTTERING INFORMATION as Angry Bob, Todd Montesi and the late (but still very much with us) Bob Bell tackle a myriad of subjects in the realms of history, politics, religion, popular culture and more – such as: the Zika Virus • the Rapture • Religious Garb • why so few Game of Thrones episodes left • TV show ideas • White Rage & Trump – but is he a False Flag Candidate • The New Deal • Reagan & the death of the New Deal • The Bushes • BOBELL FINALLY ARRIVES • Explaining Rudolph Giuliani • Explaining the recent Wars in the Middle East • Explaining the Rise of Hitler and the companies that did business with the Third Reich • Bobell wants to get bitter • AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TOT Ep #15 - Part Two of the Rev Jen Miller Interview!!
<p>PART TWO of the REV JEN MILLER Interview!!! Rev Jen, a writer, actor, director, artists, TROLL MUSEUM curator, producer, noted Lower East Side personality, AND MORE, shares more interesting tales from her august existence such as: more about being a SEXUAL SURROGATE • victim of cutthroat NYC Real Estate • How she was cowardly thrown out of her NYC apartment of 21 years • the demise of the TROLL MUSEUM (but the Angry Bobblehead was saved!!) • Jen fights back – with ART!! • The re-birth of the TROLL MUSEUM • The Troll Pop-Up show at 16 Orchard Street, August 16th – 23rd – CHECK IT OUT!! • The announcement of the JUST PENISES STORE!! • The completion of her latest film, WEREWOLF BITCHES FROM OUTER SPACE!! • Jen’s filmmaking process • more stories and history about the MR LOWER EAST SIDE PAGEANT • The most recent Mr. LES debacle • Jen turns her back on the Lower East Side!! • Todd’s new weekly comedy show • Bobell remembers meeting Jen for the first time • how many “famous” comedians got their start on Jen’s many shows • AND MUCH MUCH MORE!!!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TOT Ep #14 - Interview with Artist/Writer Rev Jen Miller!!
<p>On a very special TWO PART TROIKA – we welcome the return of TODD MONTESI as well as our very special guest: artist, writer, director, actress, sex therapist, game show host, super hero, ARTSTAR, and more, REV JEN MILLER!! Rev Jen, who made her art and home in NYC’s LES (Lower East Side) comes on the show and discusses on Part One of her fascinating interview – Growing up in Baltimore and her flight to the 1990’s underground art scene in NYC • her first TV show on Manhattan Neighborhood Network • AB points out Rev Jen’s, Todd’s & his own artistic genius • remembrances of Rev Jen’s LES version of the Price is Right Live Show and associated controversies • Rev Jen, author of many books • curator of the world famous TROLL MUSEUM • the birth of the Mr. Lower East Side Pageant • what exactly is an ARTSTAR?? • more about the history and slow death of the NYC performance art scene • working at the Tenement Museum and the beginnings of some troubles • Rev Jen – Sex Surrogate • AB amazes the group with some Yiddish • and much, much more!!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

TOT Ep #13 - Guest: Comedian/Mad Magazine Writer NEIL BERLINER
<p>The gang gets it’s “Jew on” with comedian, comedy writer/teacher & practicing psychiatrist NEIL BERLINER!! The state of America’s mental health is examined along with a terrible story about AB’s unfortunate reaction of psychotropics – also on the show: Neil gets his start in comedy writing by working with Rappin’ Granny • Neil talks about writing for legendary MAD MAGAZINE; AB talks about NOT writing for MAD • Neil & AB talk about their differing experiences with another showbiz legend: The Friar’s Club • AB talks about his chance to touch HODA KOTB’s nicely coiffed hair • The horrible truths of doing comedy in NYC • AB depresses everyone with the dark side of comedy/showbiz • AND MUCH MUCH MORE!!!</p>
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TOT Ep #12 - The Return of Comedian HOWARD FELLER!!
<p>Another visit to the Troika of Terror by one of our favorites – HOWARD FELLER!! A wild and wacky discussion ensues that includes, but is definitely not limited to: people randomly talking to Bobell & Howard • Pretentious actors in the studio before us • Howard and I talk about the TV show we were on together that was never aired • Old shitty jobs – AB and Howard talk about their days as NYC cab drivers • Cab Driver horror stories • Bobell joins in with a cab customer horror story • Howard has a health crisis during the podcast • More horrible job tales • the future of mankind and robots are discussed • AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!</p>
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The Troika of Terror Ep #11 - Pulitzer Prize winning journalist ELLIS HENICAN!!
<p>The Troika of Terror is proud to have on Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, author, TV/radio political pundit, cartoon voice, part-time stand-up comic and all around great guy ELLIS HENICAN on the show!! Ellis was a reporter for NY Newsday for many years, a native of New Orleans and long time NYC resident – listen to this fascinating and informative episode as Ellis sheds ligh on many topics: Is print media dying • The comedy world from a journalists perspective • Growing up in Louisiana • How Hurricane Katrina forever changed New Orleans • The transmogrification of NYC • winning the Pulitzer Prize • co-authoring many successful books • How he became a voice on Adult Swim’s popular Sealab 2021 cartoon • How did Trump happen…and were the Clintons involved • the future of American politics • AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!! With Angry Bob, Bob Bell and Ellis Henican.</p>
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The Troika of Terror Ep #10 - Comedian STACY KENDRO joins the gang!!
<p>On another exciting episode of The TROIKA OF TERROR – we have Boston native comedian STACY KENDRO sitting in the third seat – she’s fun and hysterical!! Some of the highlights are: Stacy’s stories about starting comedy in LA and being married to a comic…twice, Albanian culture, an ANGRY BOB belch sorta ruins things, BOBELL with not one but two booty call tales, tons of classic comedy stories and gripes, some national and international politics…AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!! With Angry Bob and Bob Bell!!</p>
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The Troika of Terror Ep #9 - Guest JANICE ELRBAUM - Author, Filmmaker, Former Comedian, and MORE!!
<p>The Troika of Terror is excited to have another great guest – writer (author of Girl Bomb, Have You Found Her & I, Liar) , filmmaker, native New Yorker, former comedian and present all-around amazing person JANICE ELRBAUM – listen to this fast-paced episode as we hear another great tale of growing up in the formerly fun New York City, her beginnings as a writer, fording the treacherous seas of the book publishing world, the highs & lows of a printed author, becoming & then leaving the world of stand-up comedy, her latest independent film, AND MUCH MUCH MORE!! With Angry Bob and Bob Bell.</p>
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The Troika of Terror Ep #8 - EDEN BROWER of the EAST RIVER STRING BAND pt1
<p>A VERY SPECIAL 2 PART EPISODE!!! The Troika of Terror is pleased to have as a guest EDEN BROWER of the East River String Band – a great band that does amazing covers of 1920’s blues music with her, JOHN HENEGHAN and legendary comic artist ROBERT R CRUMB!! In this first part of the 2 part interview we hear all about:</p> <p> </p> <ul> <li>The band’s origins</li> <li>How Eden and John met</li> <li>How R Crumb joined the band</li> <li>Story about over-the-top London gig</li> <li>Upcoming gigs in France and more</li> <li>Growing up in NYC</li> <li>Going to fun shows at interesting venues in NYC</li> <li>Can art survive in the New NYC???</li> </ul> <p> </p> <p>And we hear 2 cuts off her hit album: Drunken Barrel House Blues – the title song and Last Kind Words.</p>
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<p>Bobell is back from Prague!! The Troika of Terror’s own Bobell freshly back from hit shows at the Golden Key in Prague from the recent Prague Fringe Comedy Festival – filled with pride and GREAT STORIES – such as: Flight Frights, a London Heckler, the German Press Disses but the Canadians not as much, Bob Live from the Golden Key, Bob investigates Prague after hours and intrigues a lonely waitress – AND MORE!!! Also, the boys talk up a storm about how Chewbacca Mom explains the Rise of TRUMP, more 2016 US Presidential election talk, the continued scourge of racism & Angry Bob (unfortunately) tries to sing!! A great and action-packed show indeed!!</p>
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The Troika of Terror Ep #6 - MOVIES, ZIKA, PINHEADS and MORE!!!
<p>A content packed show with great discussions on a myriad of topics – with Bobell still in Prague, we are fortunate to still have HOWARD FELLER in his place!! This week we hear tons of MOVIE TALK from the gang – Howard’s least favorite films and directors, discussions of such famed directors as Frances Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese, Stanley Kubrick, Francois Truffaut, Lina Wertmuller, Werner Herzog, Leni Reifenstahl AND MORE!! Also, the new STAR TREK on CBS with a quick Trek vs Lost In Space romp!! Other topics include SELF-PLEASURE, OVERSEAS CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS, 2016 POLITICAL MADNESS, THE ZIKA/PINHEAD FUTURE, HITLER MOVIES – and a final rant about ungrateful comedians!!! The conversation and controversy fired out at a staccato pitch – a classic episode of the Troika of Terror!!!</p>
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The Troika of Terror Ep #5 - Guest: SNL Writer FERRIS BUTLER!!
<p>Another exciting guest: Ferris Butler – writer on season 6 of Saturday Night Live and the actual inspiration for famed movie character Ferris Bueller!! Some of the great stories Ferris tells the gang include:</p> <ul> <li>- confrontation with Howard Stern</li> <li>- wild post-SNL taping parties</li> <li>- showbiz drug use</li> <li>- working with greats such as Debbie Harry & Gilbert Gottfried</li> <li>- theory into the death of actor Charles Rocket</li> <li>- how Improv Guru Del Close turned Ferris Butler into Ferris Bueller</li> <li>- AND MUCH MUCH MORE!!!</li> </ul> <p>Also – special Troika panelist HOWARD FELLER, replacing BOBELL as he’s yukking it up at the Prague Fringe Comedy Festival!!</p>
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The Troika of Terror Ep #4 - Politics, NYC and the Fringe Festival!!
<p>The boys have a lively and thought provoking confab about the political situation that led to the rise of Trump; Angry Bob makes it pretty clear how disappointed he is with current NYC mayor Bill DeBlasio while discussing former mayors of Gotham; and Bobell recounts some amusing stories about performing in the 2015 Edinburgh Comedy Fringe Festival while giving a few highlights into his upcoming appearance at the 2016 Prague Comedy Fringe Festival!!</p>
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The Troika of Terror - Ep 3 - Special Guest HOWARD FELLER!!
<p>Our 3rd episode unveiled OUR FIRST GUEST!! Veteran comedian and actor Howard Feller, who was the sidekick on The Jon Stewart show (and was also seen on 30 Rock, Law & Order and more!!) comes by to share years of great tales from working in the exciting world of SHOWBIZ!! Also in this action-packed episode, Todd Montesi tells chilling accounts on how he's been outwitted twice by crack heads, Angry Bob reveals his feelings about fan selfies, and Bobell regales the group with a tale about how he recently found an $18 pair of sneakers - AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!</p>
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The Troika of Terror Ep #2 - Member Origins & Comedy Dramady!!
<p>This week we have more Bobell fashion reveals - and some Comedy Dramady: Comedy Origins of some of the team, comics going over the line, road gig horror stories and some of the gang's fave TV shows discussed!!</p>
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The Troika of Terror - A Podcast.
<p>The Troika of Terror is a fun, lively discussion podcast delvinginto current events as well as the general delusions &foiblesthat vex humanity on a daily basis...there will sometimes beinteresting guests & sometimes just us. Includes a ton of reallife storytelling from 3 veteran NYC comedians as they pull backthe flagstones of the seedy underbelly of comedy & expose allthe wriggly weirdness underneath…we also have tons of weird storiesfrom growing up in the fun, decaying NYC that will entertain &amaze!!!</p><p>Starring Angry Bob - Veteran NYC comedian who’s been seen onNBC’s Last Comic Standing, HBO’s Bored To Death, TVLand’s The JimGaffigan Show – and has been seen on CNN, MSNBC and FOXNews' RedEye performing political comedy and satire – Bob also writes, doescomedy wherever he can and loves a really good BLT!!</p><p>Todd Montesi - Another mainstay in the NYC comedy seen –Toddwill appear in the pilot episode of the upcoming HBO seriesCrashing and currently heads the wacky MNN Talk Show: Working Titlewith Todd Montesi. Todd also enjoys making people laugh andbeer….lots of beer!!</p><p>Bob Bell - Bob is a huge NYC club favorite and last yearappeared at the Edinburgh Fringe Comedy Festival and will appear atthe Prague Fringe Comedy Festival this year!! Bob enjoys math,wildflowers and quantum singularities.</p><p>In this first episode - Angry Bob has a terrible time reading adcopy, we learn a dark secret about Bob Bell and everyone has aMEDICAL HORROR STORY to tell!!!</p>
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