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Category: Religion/Spirituality
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We the aether podcast. Hosted by Adam Evans featuring mindful discussions, health, fitness, business, and life topics. A place to hold discussions with like-minded people and reflect. Visit: http://wetheaether.com

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Hawaii Podcast
Podcast Episode's:
Conversation with Alpha Female Robyn Baldwin – Ep11
A conversation with Alpha Female Robyn Baldwin on what made her start the Alpha Female movement, what it means to her, and where it's going in years to come.
Unknown: Unknown

Relative Reality and Perception – Ep10
In this episode Adam discusses the nature of relative consensus reality, the highest form of oneself, and our perceptions.
Unknown: Unknown

Healthy Living, Weight Loss & Dieting – Ep9
In this episode Adam discusses practices for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, how to manage ones eating habits and how to optimally lose weight.
Unknown: Unknown

Methods of Meditation & Distractions – Ep8
In this episode Adam discusses how often people are too caught-up with seeking methods of meditation and attainment. Some examples are given of meditation tools and a discussion on how to be the method.
Unknown: Unknown

Free Form Creative Energy & Daily Practices – Ep7
In this episode Adam discusses that one undefinable free form creative energy from which every human being is derived and manifest from, and how one opens themselves up with a daily practice. Through daily practice one can be fully connected to the divinity within.
Unknown: Unknown

UBUNTU & Sustainable Sangha – Ep6
In this episode Adam discusses the organisation UBUNTU and their liberation movement/mission to establish Sustainable communities around the world. Also a reflection on the value proposition of currency vs. servicing others with compassion.
Unknown: Unknown

Intermittent Fasting & Weight Loss – Ep5
In this episode Adam discusses the practice of Intermittent Fasting ("IF") for Weight Loss, and cutting fat. Optimal methods of IF with the 'DO's and DONT's', while answering commonly asked questions around Fasting and the best way to cut fat. Checkout Adam's 1 Year Transformation at http://adamevans.ca/my-1-year-healthy-lifestyle-transformation/.
Unknown: Unknown

Intuition, Insight, Doing Not Doing – Ep4
In this episode Adam discusses how to open oneself to receiving Intuition & Insight, and moving into a state of wú wèi - an important concept in Taoism that literally means non-action or non-doing.
Unknown: Unknown

Breaking Free of Mundane – Ep3
In this episode Adam discusses breaking free of Dukkha; feelings of a mundane existence, and Saṃsāra (theory of rebirth and "cyclicality of all life, matter, existence"). Also a discussion on shifting oneself into Turiya (Sanskrit: तुरीय, meaning "the fourth"); the background that underlies and transcends the three common states of consciousness.
Unknown: Unknown

Branding The Podcast – Ep2
In this episode Adam discusses the branding process for 'We the aether' podcast.
Unknown: Unknown

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