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Category: Comedy
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The Gossiping Heifers show is a sister team that adds a comical spin on discussing popular items in pop culture as well as a comedy twist on headline and celebrity news.

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Podcast Episode's:
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13217288.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />With the disaster response to the COVID-19 pandemic, you would think Trump would leave his obsession with former President Barack Obama to rest, think again.
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Quarantine Blues
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13217288.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Donate to The Gossiping Heifers show on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/gossipingheifers?fan_landing=true or donate via CashApp @ $2gossipingheifers
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I'm Rick Jame Bitch
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13217288.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />This week's episode is brought to you by Patreon. With a small monthly donation, you can receive exclusives from our podcast. Sign up today at https://www.patreon.com/gossipingheifers Is modern-day parenting causing teachers to quit their jobs? 6 year old committed to a mental ward after a temper tantrum. Jussie Smollett faces charges from his prior case. Snoop Dogg apologizes to Gayle King after Kobe Bryant question during Lisa Lesilie interview., signs you should spot. Why couples stop communicating.
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We the worst
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13217288.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />This week's episode is brought to you by Patreon. With a small monthly donation, you can receive exclusives from our podcast. Sign up today at https://www.patreon.com/gossipingheifers Rush Limbaugh receives the Medal of Freedom. Everyone goes in on Gayle King over her recent interview with Lisa Leslie. Snoop Dogg comments, where the remarks out of line? Are men afraid to make a commitment to a sucessful woman?
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Dear Oprah
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13217288.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />This wek's episode is brought to you by Podcorn. Podcorn is a marketplace that connects brands and podcasts for native sponsorships. We take the pain out of finding and sponsoring on-demand audio shows and empower podcasters to monetize their voices and passions in a way that is engaging for listeners. Visit the website at http://www.podcorn.com The paper rip heard across the nation as Nancy Pelsoi rips the President's State of the Union speech. Mo'nque writes an open letter to Oprah on Instagram. The bounderies of friendships at the work place.
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RIP Kobe Bryant
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13217288.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Our sponsor is Flat Fee Credit and Tax prep. Don't tackle your taxes alone. No matter how simple of complicated you think filing your taxes might be, Flat fEe Credit and Tax Prep has over a decade of experience handling all types of tax prep services. Call at 281-661-3975 to schedule an in-person or virtual appointment today! www.flatfeecreditandtax.com Can you get fired without having the police called? This week we lost an NBA legend, Kobe Bryant with his 13-year-old daughter GiGi and 7 others. How is the media covering his tragic death? One Texas student is given an ultimatum, cut the dreadlocks or don't participate in the high school graduation. Wendy Williams farts on live TV and gives a lame excuse for the special sound during hot topics. Is your friend truly in your corner or just a side line hater?
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Lack of History
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13217288.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />This week's episode is brought to you by Flat Fee Credit and Tax Prep. Get your biggest refund and restore your credit! Visit at http://www.flatfeecreditandtax.com Black History Month is approaching and it's sad to say that some of the younger generation that lacks the basics. Jeffrey Epstein's cell footage mysteriously has vanished. Lack of evidence or conspiracy? Will Smith admits to not getting along too well with Tupac. Starbucks coming to urban neighborhoods soon! Text messages from a stranger, how would you react?
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Drink and Dial
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13217288.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />This show is brought to you by Flat Fee Credit and Tax. http:///www.flatfeecreditandtax.com 2020 starts off with a drink and dial. Prince Harry and Duchess Megan are taking a step back from their royal duties. Jillian Michaels remarks on Lizzo and Loni Love's black men comments are up for discussion. Are you talking to your daughters about sex? Some tips on having that conversation with your girls.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

You dropped the bomb on me
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_14466515.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Catch the Gossiping Heifers each week on the J Anothony Brown radio show on iHeart Radio.
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J Anthony Brown Political Scoop Segment
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_14466515.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Catch the Gossiping Heifers each week on the J Anthony Brown show with the Poticial Scoop segment on 1Heart radio.
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<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13217288.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />We are back and had to do a quick episode due to heifer one getting over bronchitis. Germ exposure and bad wigs don't mix, a brief update of the dai;y happenings from the heifers!
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Missing Episode
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13217288.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />The heifers have taken a brief break but will be returning soon/ Here is the episode you haven't heard.
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Nicole Murphy
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13217288.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />SO the photos of Nicole Murphy have been seen and trying to pass off her kiss as a family friend kiss. The debate goes further with social media saying that men will always look for women like Nicole Murphy if their spouse gains weight.
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Cheating on your Hairstylist
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13217288.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />There is an unspoken code that you should know among hairstylists and barbers, don't ever cheat on them!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Black Business
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13217288.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Supporting black business can be hard. This week we bitch why some black businesses give the black business a bad name. Sherri Shephard was warned beforehand about her ex-husband but the effects of being lonely can drive you into the wrong person's arms. Jussie Smollett just won't go away as more footage exposes his hoax.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Brown Liquor
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13217288.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />All black people like brown liquor right? We discuss one instance where Hennessy is used as a payoff. Our new segment, Black Excellence celebrating the achievements of African American women and men.
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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised featuring Amanda Seales
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_14098886.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />We are talking with actress and comedian, Amanda Seales. Amanda is making it back to Houston with her Smart, Funny, and Black show, July 6th at the House of Blues Houston. Our conversation covers her upcoming book, Small Doses, her talk with Levar Burton and her home, Spice Island. Mitch McConnell does not think reparations should not be considered for slavery that happened 150 years ago, Conspiracy Sister gives her thoughts. Black Phoenix couple held at gunpoint by police over a doll. Why is there not enough African American phone themes or images? Even men have turn-offs in bed, and we are talking the top turns offs in the bedroom for men.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Phone Snooping
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13217288.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Is it ever cool to go through your man's phone? You may want to think twice before you do! Updates on headline news and more!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

When They See Us
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13990657.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />This episode is brought to you by Afros and Audio. Visit them at http://www.afrosandaudio.com Minds are blown after watching "When They See Us". We discuss the film and recalling when it happened. Why is Scottie Pippen suing a 5 -year-old girl for over a million dollars, while Jay Z becomes hip hop's first billionaire? People think that sex burns a lot of calories, we beg to differ on Sex Talk. How do you tell your kids that their grandmother is a racist on Ask a Heifer.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Talking with Hi-Five
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13931950.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Our guests are the legendary R&B group. Hi-Five. Know for their hits, Kissing Game, She's Playing Hard To Get, among other hits. Currently, the group is on tour and stopping in H-Town for a live performance. Did you hear that J Edgar Hoover did a bogus investigation on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr with ridiculous allegations? Conspiracy Sister is breaking this conspiracy down! It's obvious that women and men think differently when it comes to oral sex and we are discussing the thought process. On Ask a Heifer, what would you do if your personal life was being used for the church sermon?
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Wrangler on my booty
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13864112.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Can't nobody tell Lil Nas X nor Wrangler what to do with their recent collaboration as country music fans protests. Wendy Williams son pinches father. Kevin Hunter. Recall when Jay Z mentioned that curve? We discuss the benefit of a man having a curve. Our Ask a Heifer letter, Do wives stop trying to please their husbands? Do women dummy themselves down around male coworkers?
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

We Here
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13835806.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Gossiping Heifers are back at it! Conspiracy Sister addresses the Texas cop who approached a black man on a warrant that is not for him. Wendy Williams is giving good energy since her filing for a divorce. Pregnancy sex, some say it's the best sex!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Kandi Burruss Inside the Dungeon
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13767086.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />We are back, after a short hiatus we decided to go to the dungeon with Kandi Burruss. We tak with Real Housewives of Atlanta start on her latest business venture, Welcome to the Dungeon Tour. We also talk about her businesses, reality TV, Bedroom Kandi and more! You can shop Bedroom Kandi at http://www.bkparties.com/3086 Welcome to the Dungeon Tour Tickets http://www.welcometothedungeon.com
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Changing Up
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13217288.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Laura Ingram is at it again, making light of the death of Nipsey Hussle. After waiting for the Muller report, no collusion, but still Russian ties. Church membership America drops to an all-time low. More Wendy Williams drama after filing for divorce from her estranged husband, Kevin Hunter. Game of Thrones is back for it's the final season and we have to wait till 2020 for HBO's Insecure.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Must Be Nice
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13555249.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />This week we tried to set up a special guest, tune into the Bitch Fit segment for the details. "Leaving Neverland", still on HBO aside of the director, Dan Reed's confession of inaccuracy from one of the accusers. Also discussions on Nipsey Hussle's funeral at the Staples Center, Kodak Black's remarks towards Lauren London and the response from T.I., The Game, and Tank. Break out the props and costumes as we discuss roleplay!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Black on Black
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13217288.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />After the tragic loss of Nipsey Hussle, we address how the black community is losing every day to violence in our own neighborhoods. On this week's Ask a Heifer, the woman I date won't split the tab when we go out, hear the twist to the letter and what we advise.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Affion Crockett & James Bland
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13480707.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />This week we are talking to Affion Crockett and James Bland. James Bland is an actor, director, and creator of the Giant series on the Issa Rae YouTube channel. With 11 Emmy nominations, James is one of the dopest digital content creators of our time. Affion Crockett is making his way to the Houston Improv. Affion discusses his comedy, what it was like to work with Bernie Mack and why all men love blow jobs.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Beautiful Black Women with Avery Washington
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13438318.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Best selling author, Avery Washington has published books for the black community to embrace love. From "Letters to my Daughters" to his newly released book. "A Love Letter To Our Beautiful Black Women", where erotic poetry is dedicated to the back women.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13217288.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Every politician is throwing around reparations, but what should the black community invest in? Conspiracy Sisters goes in after a black man is harassed by police for picking up trash. Our Ask a Heifer letter addresses trying to leave the street life behind.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Heifers in Memphis
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13217288.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Amanda Seales She Be Knowin
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13367623.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Back with us, this week is the fabulous Amanda Seales. Just finishing up comedy special on HBO, "I Be Knowin". she is taking her show on the road. Our discussion covers the comic mindset, the trolls and much more! Plus the story continues with Jussie Smollett, the erogenous zones you should not ignore, and can your relationship survive cheating?
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 120 Gossiping Heifers
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13217288.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Vanessa Fraction
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13258402.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Action Fraction is in the house. Comedian, writer and actress, Vanessa Fraction is doing it her way. Being a survivor of sexual assault, she is empowering other women with her Kicks Comedy show. This show is a combination of self-defense and comedy. Conspiracy sister goes in on the Superbowl while taking a knee. Do you have a safe word? We discuss why you should set up safe words and discuss it with your partner. Some bedside manner that may affect your relationship.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Pretty Ricki
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13242992.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />This week we are talking to comedian and actress, Pretty Ricki. Ricki is touring the country with her savvy comedy and featured in the upcoming Katt Williams film, 2 Minutes of Fame. Conspiracy sister discusses why lying can be a good thing. Is the pull out method something you are considering? We have some tips on why this may not be worth the effort. Our Ask a Heifer letter asks what to do if you let a friend move in and they start hitting on you? We have some advice!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Malik Whitfield
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13230185.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Its the last call for Bounce TV's new series featuring Malik Whitfield. Malik is well known for his role as Otis Williams from the Temptations miniseries, also featured in Empire, CSI, and many other guest role appearances. Conspiracy sister addresses the issue of the white privilege smirk referring to the standoff between veteran Native American, Nathan Phillis and some students from a Catholic high school. How to have more orgasmic sex, we have the tips.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 115
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13217288.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Conspiracy sister responds to black girl getting punched at the mall. Do all Facebook personality tests have caucasian results? Some of the most embarrassing things that happen during sex. Getting ghosted after a first date. on Ask a Heifer.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Dr. Margena Carter - Surving R. Kelly
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13202023.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Well, we can’t stop talking about Lifetime’s doc, “Surviving R. Kelly.” It certainly has left us with a lot of questions that only an expert can answer, and I have the perfect mental health expert for you who is schooled in all areas of psychiatric disorders and paraphilias — that is, conditions of abnormal sexual desires. — as well as fetishes. She is psychotherapist Margena Carter, a media-savvy clinician, specializing in matters of the mind (mental health) AND the heart (marriage and relationships). Margena hasn’t seen the documentary on R. Kelly, and she doesn’t have to. As a psychotherapist, she deals with real-life clients and patients who have various psychiatric disorders. and sexual perversion issues. She says people like R. Kelly, a pedophile — a person seemingly sexually attracted to underage girls — is more common than you think. I would love for Margena to be a part of the R. Kelly conversation. She can help us understand some of the burning questions that America is asking like: Is R. Kelly really a pedophile? There have been reports of R. Kelly being sexually abused as a kid. Does this have something to do with his pedophilia? How is his behavior different from Hugh Hefner? Can he be treated and cured of this sickness of pedophilia? Why do the women in R. Kelly’s alleged “sex cult" stay and not flee? What is Stockholm Syndrome, and how does it relate to the mental state of these women being sexually abused? Plus, she can help us understand the mind of a predator, including their habits, rituals, and need for power. Most importantly, Margena can help us comprehend the mental capacity of the abused women under R. Kelly’s “spell” and how they are possibly brainwashed and experiencing a "mentally captivity.” The documentary was disturbing but fascinating. I think you’ll find Margena’s commentary to be very compelling
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Wax Part 2
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13191884.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Wax Part 1
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13177326.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />What better way to close out 2018 than with our special guest, Wax. You have heard Wax on the Brilliant Idiots podcast, the Breakfast Club and his upcoming podcast, Bully and the Beast. Wax talks the chicken hustle, being homeboys with Charlamange Tha God and his sexual being. Conspiracy sister is encouraging black people to leave some things behind in 2018. Sex talk this week, why it is important for your woman to have n orgasm. Our Ask a Heifer letter discusses un-church like behavior. Start 2019 with some jump start ways to get the new year started right.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 111 Just us Heifers
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13162029.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />It's just us heifers this week. Conspiracy sister addresses a young girl accusing a black man of stealing her treats, should this be considered child abuse for okaying stereotype behavior in your kids? Is someone trying to fill your spot in the corporate world? Discussing how to peep when someone is coming for you. Fetishes do exist and we discuss the top ten in our sex talk.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Todd Ramos
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13147801.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />This week we welcome the man of fashion and style, Todd Ramos/ Todd is one of the hottest and sought after fashion producer in Houston. We take a trip down the runway on style, color and more! The Sandra Bland, Say Her Name documentary is this week's Conspiracy Sister's Rant. Ladies, want to earn your cowgirl badge? The tricks to be a true rider. Ask a Heifer's letter is caught up in always planning and paying for dates, yikes!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Ryan Davis
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13134479.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />We welcome back comedian Rayn Davis. Ryan is one of the hottest rising comedians in the game. Ryan talks about his tour and upcoming podcast in 2019. Tomi Lauren thinks gassing women and children where the highlights of her Thanksgiving holiday, Conspiracy Sister does not think so. You have been seeing someone new and its the first time you will be intimate with each other how not to screw it up.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13108370.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Strap on your seatbelt for our very candid conversation with actress and comedian, Luenell. From her video with Burno Mars to the casting couch, we are talking about it all! Conspiracy sister is fed up with Trump's attack on black women. Since Jill Scott has displayed some exotic skills, men are going crazy, we discuss how to get it like Jill in this week's sex talk. Signs you are about to get ghosted, peep the signs early. We will be on Thanksgiving break next week and will return with a new episode after the holiday! Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Michael Holman
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13093492.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />This week we are talking to Michael Holman. An influential observer of popular culture and entertainment, Michael Holman is a filmmaker, artist, writer, and musician, based in New York City. A pioneer in the Downtown New York Art Scene and Uptown Hip Hop Scene, Holman founded the band Gray - an industrial atmospheric, noise group - with painter Jean-Michel Basquiat, as well as created and produced the first Hip Hop television show, Graffiti Rock in 1984. Holman is also a painter of splendid works on canvas, and through his revolutionary voice, vision and style have helped set the stage for a new epoch in world culture. Plus part 2 of Conversations with friends, Kat from Inside the Cave podcast. Is chivalry truly dead, after witnessing and older women to give up her seat? On our sex talk, the downfalls of dealing with someone well endowed. On Ask a Heifer, would you take parenting advice from someone who isn't a parent?
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

J Anthony Brown
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13084580.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Watch out there now! Joining us this week is the one and only J Anthony Brown talking about one of his favorite topics, politics. We also welcome a new segment, Conversations with Friends, featuring inside the Cave's, Kat. Can you have good sex with a man who has a small penis? We have a few pointers for you. Do ladies really bring their man out with them to girl's night?
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Angell Conwell
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13073434.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />This week we are talking to Angell Conwell from Bounce TV's Family Time. Angell discusses her role in the sitcom's 6th season. Viral video shows man hurling racist comments to an elderly black woman on the same flight, Conspiracy sister voices her take on the matter. Want to have some fun before getting it on? Drinking games for couples is up. And our question of the week, would you feel worse if your spouse was having several affairs or a long time affair with one person?
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Charlamagne Tha God
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/de/ef/6f/micheleythompkins/3000x3000_13058148.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />This week we welcome co-host of the Breakfast Club, and author of Black Privilege, Charlamagne Tha God. Charlamagne discusses his latest book, "Shook One", discussing his experiences with anxiety and how he was able to get the help needed to overcome his anxiety. We also talk about why he canceled his talk with Kanye West on Mental Health just days after Kanye's visit to the website. Conspiracy Sister is back and addresses Apartment Patty. Are you a person that critiques your friends? We go down the list of the signs. Our Ask a Heifer hotline is addressing a petty husband.
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