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Category: Business
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Founder FM is the voice of the entrepreneur. Every week we interview entrepreneurs, startup founders and angel investors to find out what makes them successful

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Podcast Episode's:
(FFM 59) Graham Brown – My Story as a Lifestyle Entrepreneur
I believe that life is an adventure and the biggest adventure we can take is to live life on our own terms. Being a Lifestyle Entrepreneur means designing your business around a lifestyle that makes you happy, not the other way round. That means stepping outside your comfort zone and taking risks.
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(FFM58) Laurent Le Pen: How to Raise $1,000,000 on Kickstarter
My next guest on Founder FM took a $3,000 marketing budget and turned it into $1,000,000 on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. He wanted to raise $100,000. He got 10 x that amount and, over 20,000 emails from wannabe customers who couldn’t get enough of the product. In this interview, CEO and Founder of OMate, a wearable technology company based out of China, Laurent Le Pen, shares his insights on how he crushed Kickstarter, how he raised $100k for 3% of his company and how he’s scaling the business through partnership. Being a good entrepreneur means knowing your own strengths and weaknesses. We'll explore Laurent's own take in this interview. So, let’s go to Shenzhen, China to meet French Entrepreneur Laurent Le Pen and take a journey into the world of wearable technology here on Founder FM.
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(FFM57) Evan Kimbrell: How to Dominate Airbnb and Udemy
In this interview, we'll discuss with entrepreneur Evan Kimbrell how to dominate online platforms like Airbnb and Udemy. We'll learn what it takes to build a massive fan base of customers and how to activate those customers to become a top earner in your field. Meet Evan Kimbrell, an entrepreneur who came to dominate both Airbnb and Udemy platforms. Evan spent a long time in and out of venture capitalist accelerator programs with a number of startups, only to find that if he was going to fulfil his entrepreneurial dreams, he needed to go it alone. That's where he happened upon Airbnb at first, eventually becoming one of San Francisco's most successful hosts. His foray into Udemy started initially by teaching how to become successful on Airbnb. Within 2 years he developed a number of highly-rated courses aimed at entrepreneurs, is one of Udemy's highest earning instructors with over 50,000 students.
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(FFM56) Steve Feiner: Left Best Job in the World to Build a Better Florist
Meet Steve Feiner, ex-Googler, now turned entrepreneur hoping to grow his flower delivery business in a $2.5 billion market opportunity. In this interview we talk about why he decided to leave the best job in the world to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. He won first place at the Tech in Asia Road to Jakarta, was named one of the most promising startups to look out for in 2016 by Vulcan Post. Been featured in a while host of publications from TechCrunch, Huff Post, e27, Forbest,Venture Beat… we only have 40 minutes to talk... the list goes on... We’re going to talk about life after Google, doing the hard work of building a physical retail business across Asia and ex-girlfirliends...
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(FFM55) Sam Marks: How to Make Over $100 Million in Online Sales
Sam Marks is an entrepreneur with an impressive track record. 4 exits in 8 years, with projects generating over $100 million in online sales. You would think that was enough to put your feet up and enjoy a retirement, but not Sam Marks. He’s constantly pushing on, seeking the next adventure. In this interview we talk about Sam’s formula for success, including the importance of being mentored by leaders in your field, what it takes to grow and sell a business, as well as his nomadic lifestyle, living and working between multiple continents.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

(FFM54) Kyle Barraclough: How to Build a Business and Travel the World
Now, here’s an entrepreneur who’s been there done that. He’s traveled to 7 continents, skinny dipped in Antartica… Swam with whale sharks in Mozambique and danced the tango in Buenos Aires. <br><br> All...while building his business. <br><br> Meet Kyle Barraclough, founder of Libertad Apparel, world traveling entrepreneur and deal-maker. <br><br> In this interview, we talk about how Kyle runs his business while traveling the world, life after Kickstarter and advice for entrepreneurs starting out who like Kyle, want to live the dream.
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(FFM53) 7 Ways to Stay Motivated as an Entrepreneur
Motivation is the base of entrepreneurial success. Motivation is the difference between having a bad day and a good day. It's also the difference between feeling frustrated and feeling accomplished. <br><br> But if you just wait for motivation to walk into your life, you'll feel motivated 3 out of 10 days on average. By hacking it, by using the techniques I talk about in this episode of Founder FM, you can upgrade that to 7 or 8 days out of 10.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

(FFM52) Mike Chan: Passionate about Startups
Now, if you’re into Podcasts, check out Go and Grow. He’s had great guests on there like Neil Patel from Quicksprout as well as a couple of familiar faces who’ve been on Founder FM - namely Jason Zook and Paul Jarvis. <br><br> In this interview we talk about Mike’s life as an entrepreneur, from moving to the comfort of the corporate world to the riskier endeavors of starting your own business. It hasn’t been an easy ride. As with any entrepreneur who strikes out and goes it alone, there are plenty of challenges on the road. <br><br> Mike talks about how he overcame those challenges, the value of your personal network in helping your grow your business, and the all-important task that faces the entrepreneur - trying to explain your job to your Mom. <br><br> So, let’s head to DC USA to meet Mike Chan.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

(FFM51) 5 Things You Need to Do to Successfully Launch Your Business
If you find it's taking too long, or finding it hard to get people interested in your product, or difficult to get customer traction, listen in... <br><br> These are 5 Things You Need to Do to Launch Your Business that will help you reduce time, money and risk of starting your business. <br><br> These 5 fundamentals are core to the Zero-to-One business philosophy I teach in my <a href="http://upschool.io/zero-one-launch-business-course/" target="_blank">Zero-to-One Launch Course</a> for entrepreneurs over at Up.School.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

(FFM50) Michael Waitze – Investing in South East Asia
Ex-Goldman Sachs trader, Michael Waitze, is long on South East Asia. Based in Bangkok, Thailand, Michael shares his insights into why *this* region is the next big thing for startups. <br><br> Michael Waitze is a long time investor in the South East Asian startup scene. After a long, successful career in investment banking he broke out to set up his own fund concentrating on some of the world’s most exciting growth markets. <br><br> This episode of Founder FM is a little different - rather than an interview style, we’ll jump straight into a conversation with Michael about that scene, what the latest trends are and where he sees it going from his perspective as a VC. <br><br> We’ll also talk about advice for SE Asian startups when dealing with VCs like Michael. Attention is your biggest cost, so how do you ensure you win theirs? What tips can Michael offer to startups that will improve their chances of a meeting with an investor. So, let’s head to Bangkok to meet Michael Waitze here on Founder FM.
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(FFM49) I crashed my bike…crap
Bike crashes are an inevitable part of being a cyclists and my annual crash arrived this week after a relaxing 2 weeks off in Bali. <br><br> After 3 days stuck in bed on painkillers, I managed to get up to record this Founder FM uncut. I wanted to talk about problems, like crashing your bike or the sh*t that is part and parcel of being an entrepreneur. <br><br> Problems don't ever go away. So, it can be frustrating if you expect running your own business entitles you to a life without problems. Rather, you replace one set of problems with another. Just as you get better as a cyclist, you never become free of crashes. <br><br> So, it's important for us entrepreneurs not to fight problems but to accept them as a natural part of the process and instead of getting frustrated by their presence, learn how to reframe them to position ourselves as in control rather than being a victim.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

(FFM48) Michael Goldstein: How Startups can Find Corporate Partners
Michael Goldstein is a serial entrepreneur, investor and founder of SwitchPitch. <br><br> One of the biggest growth areas in the startup scene today is connecting large corporates with fast growing startups. Corporates need the innovation, culture and know-how that startups possess. Startups need the resources, access and credibility that corporates bring to the table. <br><br> In theory it’s a win-win relationship, but quite often these two worlds speak different languages. That’s why Michael Goldstein developed switch pitch - a platform to help bridge these two worlds. <br><br> If you’re looking to partner with an enterprise firm, looking to sell your solution into a large corporate or just trying to get your head round how these companies think and behave, you’d do well to listen to the next 40 minutes with Michael. Here’s a guy who’s spent his life on both sides of the table, and as a sales guy he’s spent a career navigating the structures of corporates looking for deals. So, right here on Founder FM, we’re going to get a low down on how you too can short-cut those lengthy sales cycles and get to the source sooner, and with a whole lot less heartache.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

(FFM47) How Alec Hartman cofounded a $100m backed cloud startup
All businesses fail due a lack of sales. That’s why some of the best businesses are led by founders who know how to sell. Not only did they cut their entrepreneurial teeth on sales, but they loved it. <br><br> Alec Hartman, the CEO TechDay and cofounder of Digital Ocean is an entrepreneur, investor and mentor to startups. Whenever Alec gives talks to accelerators at his TechDay conferences he impresses upon a younger generation of startup founders the need to get out there and talk to people. <br><br> You see, it’s all too easy sitting behind your computer screen coding away on that app. But the best founders are out there getting their hands dirty. Working at the coal face not only helps you drive the lifeblood of your business (cashflow from sales) but also, and probably most importantly, it gives you a real insight into how your customers think and feel. <br><br> In this interview on Founder FM, Alec talks about his experience with Digital Ocean, growing the $100 million backed business to over 500 people, as well as his start in entrepreneurship as a kid selling computers out the back of his mom’s car. <br><br> This is real entrepreneurship everybody. The hustle. So, let’s take a trip to the US to meet Alec Hartman of Digital Ocean and TechDay on FounderFM.
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(FFM46) The Thing About Fear
Fear comes less from within and more from who you listen to. If you listen to the TV, or read the papers, you will become overwhelmed with fear. If you listen to the stories of people who have done what you are trying to achieve, if you make the effort to get close to them, to connect, to help, to be of value, to learn, like the BERLIN WALL, what may have been holding you back for weeks, months or a lifetime could fall in a day.
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(FFM45) The Myth of “Never Give Up” in Business
Never give up! How many times do you hear that as an entrepreneur Harden the fuck up dude! It’s a very macho approach to big challenges and while it has it’s place in sport, that analogy doesn’t necessarily work in business. Winners quit, winners quit all the time. In this podcast, I share my thoughts on quitting. It’s losers who are afraid to quit in business because they are fearful of what other people think. I look at how the idea of “never give up” can work in sport but in business it can be fatal.
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(FFM44) How to Build Your Email List with Paul Jarvis
Designer, writer, teacher, creator of software products and creative powerhouse. If you want to go it alone, you have to build your email list. After 18 years of experiementing, Paul Jarvis has a few tips to share on how to do it.
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(FFM43) How to Become Financially Free without Selling Your Business (Webinar)
Less than 1% of business owners sell their business, so how can 99% become financially independent? In this webinar I'll share my 2 step strategy. We'll discuss the difference between a lifestyle cashflow and a investment asset business. We'll look at investing in assets like real estate to create financial freedom and choice.
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(FFM42) How to Take a Mini-Retirement (and why you should)
Aged 40, I took a mini-retirement. 3 years off traveling the world with my family. It was a time to go and see, explore. We created memories that will last forever. It was an opportunity to fulfil our lifelong dreams of travel. For me, I got to challenge my lifelong goal of completing an Ironman Triathlon too. In this episode, I talk about how I achieved a 3 year mini-retirement with my 2 step business - 1) building a cashflow producing lifestyle business and 2) putting that cashflow into an asset based investment business. By building enough passive income you can within 7-10 years take a mini-retirement too.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

(FFM41) My 2-step Strategy for Financial Independence
I want to share with you the 3 ways people try to achieve financial independence in life. The first 2 of these ways (ie good salary and building a business) are high risk and rarely help entrepreneurs achieve financial independence. The 3rd strategy (My 2-step strategy) means building a cashflow-producing lifestyle business and reinvesting that cashflow into an asset-based investment business (80% of which should be real estate). In this episode of Founder FM I share the 2 step strategy to financial independence that worked for me.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

(FFM40) How Ai Ching Goh Profitably Grew Piktochart to 5 Million Users without Investment
Ai Ching Goh is the co-founder and CEO of Piktochart. Piktochart is a design based web app with over 5 million users. In this interview, Ching talks about how they grew Piktochart to profitability without external investment from day one.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

(FFM39) How to Use Rejection Therapy to 10x Your Results
Tim Ferris says that the easiest way to 10x your results in business is to find the one thing holding you back and do everything you can to crush it.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

(FFM38) How to start a business (even when your friends and family say NO) webinar
One of the biggest challenges (frustrations) facing entrepreneurs is the opinions of friends and family. Sure you love them, but sometimes your friends and family get in the way. I'll share how I started my business & overcame these objections. We'll look at how you can proactively rebuild your business network and surround yourself with positive people who will support rather than suppress your dreams.
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(FFM37) How to Deal with People That Hold You Back
I'm angry right now, you know why? I’m angry about all those people out there who want to make their dreams come true but the people around them say NO Friends, family, coworkers... I’m angry every time I turn on the TV and see bullshit ads telling us to buy shit we don’t need to impress people we don’t know. So, this is how to deal with these objections, how to push ahead despite the negativity and how I'm turning this anger into something positive at Up.School. Let's put a dent in the Universe!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

(FFM36) How to Build a Business That Will Make You Financially Free
Building a business in the hope of selling that business is a big risk. Some people do it, but only some people. Most entrepreneurs don't achieve the kind of financial independence they dreamed about when starting out on the adventure. That's why I'm a proponent of building assets outside of your business. Businesses don't make you rich, assets do. In this Founder FM episode, I share my two point strategy to achieve financial independence aimed specifically at entrepreneurs.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

(FFM35) How Connor Grooms Built the Flat-Fee Spanish Language Service BaseLang
Moving to Colombia forced American entrepreneur Connor Grooms to learn Spanish. But he couldn't find a service that allowed him to learn both intensely and in an affordable way. A "what if?" conversation sparked the idea of a flat-rate Spanish teaching service aimed at students who wanted intense, immersion to rapidly accelerate their language skills. With a few more tweaks, Connor's service was born. This is the story of how Connor Grooms built BaseLang.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

(FFM34) How to Validate Your Business Ideas Webinar
Listen to the audio stream of my Idea Validation webinar this week. I share the 5 key questions that I use to validate business ideas. Plus get my 3 tools you can use to research your ideas and 3 easily avoided mistakes that entrepreneurs commonly make when it comes to generating ideas.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

(FFM33) The Habits of Highly Effective Entrepreneurs
The habits of highly effective entrepreneurs are what we do on a daily basis. Rather than search for that silver bullet or that "Secret" to success, we need to look at the small picture i.e the mechanics of what we do on a daily basis. If we are unable to make positive habits happen, we need to change reality in which we live.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

(FFM32) When writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen
We all have that arrow driving us. Part pain, part opportunity. This is the curse and the blessing of the entrepreneur. In the corporate world, this is a curse, but as an entrepreneur it's the force that drives us to success. The challenge is being able to write that narrative yourself and put yourself in a position when you're surrounded by people who lift you up, rather than doubt your dreams.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

(FFM31) How Aulia “Ollie” Halimatussadiah is Redefining Publishing for Indie Authors in South East Asia
Aulia "Ollie" Halimatussadiah is a serial entrepreneur, startup mentor, author and an inspiring role model for Asian women. She's the founder of Zetta Media, Nulis Buku, Storial and the Girls in Tech event series. In this interview, we'll learn how Ollie got started as an entrepreneur and how she still nurtures her passion for writing.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

(Up.School #1) – How to Validate Your Business Ideas
Maybe you have too many business ideas or maybe you have none? In this special Up.School audio, I share my 6 point checklist for validating your business ideas to help you find that one idea to build your business on.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

(FFM30) How Bernard Moon Set Up the Sparklabs VC Fund in Korea and the US
My next guest on Founder FM straddles two worlds. On the one hand, Bernard Moon was born in South Korea but was educated and lives in California. On the other, he was an entrepreneur and founder of a number of successful tech startups and now he’s on the other side of the table, a VC and General Partner for SparkLabs, a startup accelerator in Korea.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

(FFM29) How Ye Myat Min Dropped Out of College to Become Myanmar’s Rising Internet Star
My next guest on Ye Myat Myin, was one of the first entrepreneurs in his country to bring mobile and internet services to the masses. Ye Myat Myin, or Jeff as he likes to be known, is the founder and managing director of Nexlabs, a company based in Singapore but operating extensively out of Myanmar. Yes, Myanmar, the country so many touted to be the next big thing.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

(FFM28) How Shilpa Sharma Raised $5 Million for Jaypore (While Being a Bit Naughty Along the Way)
Shilpa Sharma runs 3 successful businesses, recently raising $5 million for Jaypore. Her journey is one of self-belief and overcoming: don't always follow the rules set out by family and society. We talk about Shilpa’s journey, how she overcame resistance and doubt. Shilpa also shares her attitude towards business. If you’re heart’s not in it, don’t do it. Don’t waste a life doing something you’re not passionate about. Although she runs 3 businesses, she doesn’t see it as “work”, this is something she loves. If you’re looking for inspiration, come to New Delhi with us and join us on this journey with Shilpa Sharma on Founder FM.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

(FFM27) Grant Weherley: How to Turn Your Expertise into an Online Course
In this episode of Founder FM, Grant Weherley will show you how to turn your expertise into an online course. Use that course to generate income or onboard users.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

(FFM26) How Dirk Lueth Followed His Startup Dreams from Germany to Silicon Valley
Dirk Lueth is a German entrepreneur and investor who moved from Germany to Silicon Valley to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. He's now helping young German startups do the same.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

(FFM25) How Laurent Le Pen Raised $1,000,000 on Kickstarter
French entrepreneur Laurent Le Pen wanted to raise $100k on Kickstarter, but ended up with $1 million. We talk about how he achieved success and why partnership is key to wearable tech brand Omate's success.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

(FFM24) Tim Parsons: How to Use Startup Science to Validate Your Business Ideas
Tim Parsons helps people turn ideas into profitable businesses. That's Startup Science: the ability to move fast and break things, and it works for everyone from small startups to NASA. In the world of lean, we need to build fast and ship early. As Seth Godin says, nothing happens until you ship. Tim Parsons is going to show us how we can do just that. How we can take an idea and turn it into a product that customers want as quick, and as low risk as possible. So, join me on this journey with Tim Parsons from Pollenizer as we talk about how you can use lean startup thinking to turn your ideas into successful businesses.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

(FFM23) How Bond Thaiyanurak Launched an Automated Laundry Business in Bangkok
Thai entrepreneur Bond Thaiyanurak shares his journey with Washbox24 - from starting out with his friend and just a concept in the back-room, to how he found a manufacturer for the lockers, to how they tested the concept with the first customers.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

(FFM22) How Nik Schriefer Built the Live Music Entertainment Platform Stagelink
Nik Schriefer is co-founder of entertainment startup Stagelink, based out of Berlin, Germany. He's focused on solving a problem that many musicians face. I met my next guest last year in Berlin when I attended a Techstars demo event. He immediately caught my attention. Here was a young guy working on two areas that really appealed to my marketing background - music and fans. In this interview, Nik shares his experience on developing Stagelink, how we built his team of co-founders, how they pivoted on the product and how they test everything that they do.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

(FFM21) How Rick Day Went from Zero to $10 Million
How does adversity in early life create the entrepreneur? Why is there more money to be made in modeling and outperforming existing business models than trying to create new ones? Rick Day is an entrepreneur, business coach and investor. He built and sold his first business (Daycom Systems) for $10 million in 2009. Since then he’s been helping founders achieve scale, as well as investing in a wide range of businesses from retail to yachting. Although Rick’s family weren’t poor, he grew up in a traditional blue collar background, where children were encourage to focus on a good education and a stable career with benefits. But, being the contrarian, Rick got his first taste of business when a chance encounter with a car-wash franchise owner opened his mind to the possibility that he could take control of his own financial destiny. In this interview we talk about his journey as an entrepreneur, from standing at the back of the lunch line with the other kids at school on welfare, to owning Ferraris, yachts and traveling the world. Rick also shares advice for entrepreneurs today. Don’t get lost on chasing the next big thing. There’s far more money to be made in copying an existing business model and out-executing the next guy rather than betting your life on building that “world changing app”.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

(FFM20) How Ashish Mittal left Google to Become a Key Investor in India’s Tech Startup Scene
How do you get a VC's attention with your pitchdeck? Ashish Mittal has the answers, because every week he receives around 40 pitch decks in his email box. On average only 1 out of 40 get to meeting stage. So, how do you get into that lucky 2.5%? Ashish Mittal is an entrepreneur, investor and startup mentor at Turning Ideas. He’s worked at some of the biggest names in IT including IBM, Tata, Microsoft, Oracle and NEC. Most recently, Ashish was Head of Sales for Google. In this interview, we talk about how startup founders can win the attention of VCs like Ashish with their pitch decks, including a few simple mistakes that you can avoid. We also discuss what kind of startups Ashish likes getting involved and advice for founders in building their early stage businesses. And finally, we feature Ashish’s son Akshatt Mittal who built and developed his own car-pooling app for New Delhi which was eventually acquired by a larger competitor. Despite being only 13 years old, Akshatt has been featured in mainstream media like BBC News and The Economic Times.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

(FFM19) How Jason Zook Made $1m Wearing a T-shirt
Jason Zook is a man with an ability to turn crazy ideas into money. He sold his last name (twice). He made $100,000 selling sponsorship to his book “Creativity for Sale”. And, most famously, he made $1m wearing t-shirts (described by one publication as “the 6th Least Impressive Way Anyone Ever Got Rich." But Jason’s comfortable with the criticism. As a kid, he moved school so many times he got used to that feeling of being the “new boy” in the lunch hall. Many entrepreneurs still haven’t got over that showstopping fear of rejection. Jason Zook, however, has learned to roll with it. Whether it’s amassing over 12 million views on his Youtube channel or selling his future (his current project), Jason shares with us tips and advice for us entrepreneurs who are afraid to put ourselves in the spotlight and ask.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

(FFM18) How American Designer Zack Tipton Built an Ultra-Cool Fashion Label Out of Hungary
What's it like to grow a successful fashion brand as a foreigner in a new country? Hoes does a designer stay authentic and grow his brand by focusing on "less is more"? Zack Tipton is an American entrepreneur in Hungary. He's the founder of the ultra-cool Vinylize eyewear range (as worn by celebs like Robbie Williams). Although the owner of a successful production company in Europe with over 20 staff, he's a designer at heart. In this interview we discuss the challenges that face designers in all industries when growing their business and how Zack successfully overcame them. Zack started out pressing his Dad's old vinyl collection, a relatively cheap way to test his business idea until his Dad found out. Then he knew he had to turn his hobby into a real business concern. Moving to Hungary was a key pivot in his business career. Not only was he an outsider but also an entrepreneur in a country that had a legacy of Soviet socialism. We talk about how Zack turned many of these inherent challenges into his advantage and how anybody moving to a new country can bring skills and ideas that locals may not possess.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

(FFM17) How Tim Fargo Went from Being Down on a $10m Lawsuit to a $20m Business Sale
How do you go from being sued for $10 million lawsuit in your first year of business to eventually selling that business for $20m? What does it feel like to print out your ATM receipt the day after selling your business? And why does it sometimes take death to remind us about our priorities in life? Tim Fargo is an author, keynote speaker, angel investor and entrepreneur. He grew his first business, Omega Insurance Services, to 300 staff, becoming the second biggest insurance fraud investigation company in the US, also listed as Inc magazine’s Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies in 2002 and 2003. He eventually sold the business for over $20 million. Tim is now building his latest project, TweetJukebox. In this interview, we discuss Tim’s journey as an entrepreneur, from facing a $10 million lawsuit at his first office Christmas party to the day he printed out his ATM receipt after selling the business. We also discuss the importance of growing a business around your lifestyle needs, not the other way round (as most young entrepreneurs do). Rather than seize every opportunity, the successful entrepreneur learns the power of “NO” to focus on your most important life priorities.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

(FFM16) Ali Parandeh: Iranian Entrepreneur in Spain
Ali Parandeh is a serial entrepreneur, founder of Urbytus and Electron Box. He currently runs three businesses - an IT services company, a shared office space in the beautiful city of Fuengirola in Spain, and a property management software platform. In this interview, we discuss Ali’s fundraising journey and the challenges he faced in trying to secure capital from the local Spanish government enterprise schemes. Despite receiving a $3.5 million valuation for his business, he found raising capital from angel investors a struggle. We look at what entrepreneurs should do when the doubts creep in and how to answer the question, “when should I give up?"
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

(FFM15) How Rina Neoh Started With Nothing to Become a Leading Female Investor in South East Asia
Rina Neoh is a Malaysian angel investor and entrepreneur, based in Singapore. Rina is the founding partner of Mercatus Capital and has successfully invested in over 40 startups. She now spends her time on M&A work as well as her latest project helping build schools in the Philippines. Although Rina moves in privileged circles, she came from a very different background. Growing up in a 1 bedroom apartment in Penang, she was selling banana fritters on the street by aged 8 to help support her family.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

(FFM14) How John Lee Went from Washing Dishes to Becoming a Best-selling Author, Motivational Speaker and Property Investor
What kind of motivation does it take to go from being a teen kitchen hand in a Chinese restaurant to being a multi-millionaire in your early 20s? When you experience such a meteoric rise, how do you deal with fame, fortune and (importantly) criticism? John Lee is a best-selling author, entrepreneur and property investor. He’s an internal speaker who's shared the stage with Richard Branson and Tony Robbins. He now regularly holds sell-out events helping entrepreneurs build their financial independence. In this interview, we discuss how John’s early experiences shaped his entrepreneurial drive. From working in his parents’ Chinese restaurant to making his first million in his early twenties to eventually owning 89 properties and partnering on over 500 deals, John’s blazed his own trail at full tilt. But his success has not been without criticism and doubt. We talk about how John dealt with the criticism he faced from people around him and how he advocates consciously building (and rebuilding) your personal network to stay motivated.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

(FFM13) Hans Lysglimt Johansen: telecoms entrepreneur
Hans Lysglimt Johansen is a Norwegian entrepreneur who founder one of the world’s first secure email messaging systems, Runbox. After exiting the business he is now founder of Numbercom. Hans is big on privacy. He represented the Pirate Party in Norway at the elections. He also served as the Chairman of the Norwegian Conservative Party and the Mises Institute. Despite having an extensive network in Norway, Hans also heads to the island of Gran Canaria in Spain every January where he holds his Bizzweek conference for aspiring entrepreneurs and freelancers. In this interview, we discuss the challenges in growing a messaging based app (especially when working with mobile telcos) as well as the need for entrepreneurs to prioritize lifestyle choices over mindless growth.
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(FFM12) Tommaso Di Bartolo: Silicon Valley entrepreneur, advisor and angel investor
After 2 successful cloud computing startup exits, entrepreneur, advisor and angel investor Tommaso Di Bartolo made his way to Silicon Valley to fulfil his dream of helping others do the same. Just take a look Tommaso’s list of current projects: mentor at the Alchemist Accelerator, partner at Awesm.io, expert in residence at Bootstrap Labs, mentor at Mind the Bridge Foundation, mentor at Draper University, advisor at Handson TV and Txtsmarter, and Founder at Swaag. Tommaso now spends most of his time helping startup founders grow their businesses. In this interview, we talk about the common mistakes founders make and how to easily avoid them. We also discuss 3 simple steps founders should follow in building their framework.
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(FFM11) How Erik Ten Have Built an 8 Figure Mobile and Property Business out of Indonesia
Erik is a Dutch entrepreneur who successfully built a mobile content business in Indonesia which, at its height, was grossing 7 figures a month. In this interview, we talk about Erik's journey from Europe to South East Asia and the challenges he faced with growing and eventually exiting his business. We also talk about why Erik is now building a real estate property portfolio in Europe which now has over 40 units.
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