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Category: Arts
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Inspirado Projecto is a dynamic radio soundscape composed of fringe philosophies, music, epiphanies, interviews, the cosmos and radio plays. Archive- http://bit.ly/IPR1kchung FB- http://bit.ly/IPRFB MC- bit.ly/IPRMixcloud

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Podcast Episode's:
Thimbleweed Park Point-and-Click Adventure Game Review on Inspirado Projecto
"Thimbleweed Park" video game point-and-click game is reviewed on Inspirado Projecto Podcast by CEC. It is possibly the first ever podcast in America to review this genius and innovative adventure game. "Thimbleweed Park" is created by Ron Gilbert, Gary Winnick, and David Fox who all worked on "Maniac Mansion", "Monkey Island," "Zak McKracken" are behind this extraordinary new mindbender. The "Quickie Pal" theme song is included in this podcast episode. The composer is named Steve Kirk. Thimbleweed Park is currently out for Xbox One, Windows, Mac, and Linux, and people can find more details at http://thimbleweedpark.com .
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Inspirado Projecto - "Visitors" 2/7/2017
In this episode "Visitors", I talk with a friend of mine who was visited twice last night/early this morning by some very intriguing circumstances. He also opens up about a past experience he had. Were these extraterrestrials? Space scorpions? Have you ever been abducted, or encountered dreams/situations like this? If so, please email audio of your story to inspiradoprojecto@gmail.com
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Inspirado Projecto - "Holographic Archive" With Casey Driver - 2/6/2017
Episode "Holographic Archive". Casey Driver from A.V. Media, joins CEC from Inspirado Projecto, at NoHo Diner in Los Angeles. Discussions of A.I., the Holographic Youniverse, archiving history, virtual reality, synchronicities and much more is covered. Yes, it ends abrupt, as the sd card ran out of memory, however that is precisely what makes these kinds of situations so charming. You can check out more Inspirado Projecto on the official website! https://inspiradoprojecto.wordpress.com/
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Inspirado Projecto Radio on KCEC - Episode 1 - "Delusions" #cec
* Episode One - "Delusions" - Inspirado Projecto Radio - 4/13/2016 * *Sponsors: Absurda Familia, PSY-CORP, KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival, MEAT Clown Industries, The Human System, Celebrity Afterlife Report Podcast, RIO - The Ultimate Duran Duran Tribute Band. *Voices: Gabriella, Monica, Charles, Peg, Gladys, Josh and Curt Clendenin, Dori Black, Danny Calderon, Alec Smart, Vince Hickey, Arnie Mamath, Matt Crown, Andy Kaufman, J.L. Wise, Allen Panakal, Bashar, Grandpa Louis, Cows, Jeremie Palenske, Ellen and Andy Smith, Rob and Kim Lewis, Jake Jacobs, Daniel DeAngelo. *Music: Jason Karr, CEC, Sssssss, RIO, Jimmy Byron, Luis Narino, “Cannonade Wurlitzer”, “Barney Miller Theme”, “All In The Family Theme”, CRM-114. *???s: Sherry Havens, Bob Pagani, Brandon P. General, John Garside, Vince Hickey. *Links: Luis Narino- bit.ly/NarinoMN . Ssssss- bit.ly/sssband . KAPOW- kapowiff.com . #MEATClown - bit.ly/MCbutts . PSYCORP- bit.ly/psycorp . The Human System- bit.ly/thumsys .
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

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