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Category: Sports/Recreation
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Nominated as Best Podcast in the Football Blogging Awards 2015 The V2 Football podcast brings you a humorous look at all the latest news from the world of football, always Good banter & Top Interviews! Made for real fans by real fans!

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Podcast Episode's:
Ash & Al PLP S6E7 (The Swear Jar)
The lads finally decide to have a swear jar but will it stop the effing and jessing. The EPL review for this weekend gets the guys treatment, World famous beer mate quiz continues and we hear from Woy Hodgson and our old friend Jurgen Klinsmann, two guests for the price of none all mixed in with life chat and laughs from Ash & Al
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"Layers of Footballing Scum"
Chris Lappin is joined Shane Lees and Richard Hudson In Part One, The lads debate the reasons why Wales, Scotland, The Netherlands, USA and Chile have failed to qualify for the World Cup. In Part Two, The lads discuss the 30 Man Shortlist for the Ballon d'Or. In Part Three, The lads attempt to choose a better England World Cup Squad than Paul Merson. Thanks for listening! Follow us on twitter @v2football and check out our website www.v2football.com
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

"Barcelona joining the Premier League is like a murder"
Chris Lappin is joined Shane Lees and Richard Hudson In Part One, The lads round up the news including The FA Chairman's attemps to meet gay footballers and ask why fans of Brazilian club Ibis Sport are so unhappy the teams recent displays? In Part Two, The lads discuss Everton's disappointing start to the season after spending £93m in the Summer then debate the Premier League rejecting the proposal from the leagues "Big 6" to end the equal distribution of overseas TV money. In Part Three, The lads debate the possibility that Barcelona and the other Catalan clubs joining the Premier League if Catalonia declares independence from Spain. Thanks for listening! Follow us on twitter @v2football and check out our website www.v2football.com
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

"Who is the best Premier League striker?"
Anthony Kendrick is joined for this week's show by Richard 'Hero' Hudson and guest Peter Prickett from the V2 Academy. In this week's show we debate the England squad announcement, which of the four goalkeepers should be first choice and whether players including Fabian Delph and Jermaine Defoe deserve to be picked. We move on to debate who the best striker in the Premier League is, using the results of the twitter poll - Sergio Aguero, Harry Kane, Alvaro Morata or Romelu Lukaku? The Champions League is discussed in detail. We have seen perfect starts for Chelsea, Tottenham, Manchester United and Manchester City, whereas Liverpool are faltering. Should they have done more to sign a centre back or were they right to focus their efforts on Van Dijk? Other stories from across Europe are discussed, including Bayern Munich sacking Carlo Ancelotti and whether PSG can win the Champions League. Thanks for listening! Follow us on twitter @v2football and check out our website www.v2football.com
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Steve Walters (Co-founder of The Offside Trust) Interview (July 2017)
Chris Lappin is joined by The Offside Trust co-founder Steve Walters. Former Crewe Midfielder Steve Walters is one of the brave footballer that waived their anonymity to speak out against sexual abuse he was subjected to to by a former youth coach. Steve joined us to discuss The Offside Trust Celebrity Football Match on Sunday 20th August, when a host of celebrities and football legends, including Ralf Little, David Morrissey, Trevor Sinclair, Danny Murphy, Craig Hignett, Gareth Farrelly, Jack Collison, Colin Hendry, Peter Reid and Ashley Ward plus a range of other household names, will take part at Curzon Ashton Football Club (in Tameside, Greater Manchester). For more information visit - http://www.theoffsidetrust.com/celebrity-match For more details and to buy tickets, click the link below: https://www.fatsoma.com/celebrity-football/mrxfqqpd/the-offside-trust-celebrity-football-match Show your support by following twitter.com/OffsideTrust on twitter and liking their facebook page You can also follow Steve on twitter.com/steven_walters4
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Stamford The Lion Interiew (Parody from Ash & Al S5E3)
Few weeks ago with Chelsea on the verge of winning the league Stamford 'the cowardly' Lion returns to chat with Ash & Al
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

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