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Category: Business
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Good for Business Podcast

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Podcast Episode's:
GFB Advance Not Retreat
All businesses can experience ups and downs, and what we have to do to pull out of a slump and turn stats around can feel unnatural. In this brief GFB Appetizer John Lavenia talks about the importance of advancing promotional efforts in lean times, rather than retreating into "safety". Also, if you're in a home-based business, check out http://PredictableIncomeAcademy.com for the most comprehensive collection of how-to strategies that Tony and John have used to go to the top in multiple network marketing and direct-sales organizations.
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GFB Interview with Igor Kheifets
In this episode of the Good for Business Podcast, John Lavenia talks with “The Solo Ad Guy” Igor Kheifets about his evolution as a successful online business owner and some of the things he’s learned along the way. Here you’ll find insightful tips for building your influence online and expanding your reach into new markets. Hear more from Igor at http://listbuildinglifestyleshow.com and http://igorsoloads.com
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GFB Appetizer: Publicity Now, Results Forever
The best time to start publishing content and building your online empire is... yesterday or earlier! In this brief episode John Lavenia reveals an indispensable tool for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to streamline the process of content marketing and increase traffic and leads without a lot of technical know-how. Visit http://myinspiredmedia.com today and put this to work for you.
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GFB Appetizer: Before You Launch
In this brief episode John explains how a very successful entrepreneur found out exactly what his potential customers wanted before he ever opened the doors to his business, and how a few months of preparation set him far beyond his competition, breaking all records for new businesses in his industry when he ultimately launched his enterprise.
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How To Not Make Your Customers Beat Their Head Against The Keyboard
Description: In this episode, Tony Rush talks about your company website, a common experience we all have with bad web design and 5 quick tips you can use to make it much more profitable!
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GFB Appetizer: Describing the Unreasonable
This brief episode was taken from a live conference call with members of John & Tony's private coaching group. Tony introduces a question as asked by one student: "What's the difference between being unreasonable and irresponsible?" John offers three distinct ways to understand the difference between these two types of behavior, and dispels any myth that they're somehow even remotely similar.
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GFB How Accessible Should I Be?
There’s a balance between attempting to be “all things to all people” and being someone who works in solitude, never directly communicating with your customers or audience. In this episode Tony and John explore the pros and cons of being readily accessible to the public, and why if you want to grow your business beyond where it is now you’ll have to make some self-directed decisions about how many “doorways” you allow to remain open.
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