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Category: Business
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Good for Business Podcast

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Podcast Episode's:
GFB Advance Not Retreat
All businesses can experience ups and downs, and what we have to do to pull out of a slump and turn stats around can feel unnatural. In this brief GFB Appetizer John Lavenia talks about the importance of advancing promotional efforts in lean times, rather than retreating into "safety". Also, if you're in a home-based business, check out http://PredictableIncomeAcademy.com for the most comprehensive collection of how-to strategies that Tony and John have used to go to the top in multiple network marketing and direct-sales organizations.
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GFB Interview with Igor Kheifets
In this episode of the Good for Business Podcast, John Lavenia talks with “The Solo Ad Guy” Igor Kheifets about his evolution as a successful online business owner and some of the things he’s learned along the way. Here you’ll find insightful tips for building your influence online and expanding your reach into new markets. Hear more from Igor at http://listbuildinglifestyleshow.com and http://igorsoloads.com
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GFB Appetizer: Publicity Now, Results Forever
The best time to start publishing content and building your online empire is... yesterday or earlier! In this brief episode John Lavenia reveals an indispensable tool for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to streamline the process of content marketing and increase traffic and leads without a lot of technical know-how. Visit http://myinspiredmedia.com today and put this to work for you.
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GFB Appetizer: Before You Launch
In this brief episode John explains how a very successful entrepreneur found out exactly what his potential customers wanted before he ever opened the doors to his business, and how a few months of preparation set him far beyond his competition, breaking all records for new businesses in his industry when he ultimately launched his enterprise.
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How To Not Make Your Customers Beat Their Head Against The Keyboard
Description: In this episode, Tony Rush talks about your company website, a common experience we all have with bad web design and 5 quick tips you can use to make it much more profitable!
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GFB Appetizer: Describing the Unreasonable
This brief episode was taken from a live conference call with members of John & Tony's private coaching group. Tony introduces a question as asked by one student: "What's the difference between being unreasonable and irresponsible?" John offers three distinct ways to understand the difference between these two types of behavior, and dispels any myth that they're somehow even remotely similar.
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GFB How Accessible Should I Be?
There’s a balance between attempting to be “all things to all people” and being someone who works in solitude, never directly communicating with your customers or audience. In this episode Tony and John explore the pros and cons of being readily accessible to the public, and why if you want to grow your business beyond where it is now you’ll have to make some self-directed decisions about how many “doorways” you allow to remain open.
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GFB Four-Letter Word
John reveals one of his favorite four-letter words, and how a person’s success will grow in proportion to their affinity for the word’s true meaning. The word is “SELL”, and regardless of a widespread derogatory misconception about what sales and selling actually is, it’s a concept that every business owner and entrepreneur must embrace. This episode of Good for Business provides a strategy that anyone can use to fall in love with the act of selling.
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GFB Productivity & Timelines
Wouldn’t it be great if you could speed up time and see the rewards of your efforts sooner? Well, short of having magical powers (only Disney princesses have those) you can take deliberate steps to “compress” time and get a lot more done than the average person…and that means a competitive advantage for any business owner. In this episode of Good for Business, John and Tony present several simple ways to reclaim lost productivity by plugging up time-leaks in your daily routine.
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GFB Video Sales and Marketing
Throughout our years in sales and marketing we have become big proponents of video sales letters (VSL’s), video broadcasting and video marketing in general. The implementation of these have been transformational in our businesses. In this episode of Good for Business, John and Tony discuss a few of the ways video has been used to put new businesses on the map, to sell specific offers and to build lists of prospective customers at little to no cost.
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GFB Educational Marketing
In this episode of Good for Business John Lavenia describes how you can use an “educational” approach to bring in leads and customers. This is a brilliant way to build a massive list whose first impression of you will be that you are a bringer of value, not just a pitch-man. Offering prospective customers and clients a "consumer's guide" or some other sort of beneficial content at the beginning of your sales process can put you head-and-shoulders above your competition. This is a must-hear topic for anyone who’s looking to build authority FAST.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

GFB Ways To Monetize Your List
What do you do when most of your leads say “no” to your primary offer? This is a question that every list-building marketer will certainly have, and one that smart marketers will answer. Whether you’re in business for yourself as a company owner, or you’re operating a distributorship through some affiliated product or network, you can increase your bottom line and get the most out of your advertising when you have a plan to monetize with a variety of offers.
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GFB Appetizer: Certainty
John Lavenia offers insight on a passage from the classic success book by Wallace D Wattles... The Science of Getting Rich. What does Wattles mean by thinking and acting in "the Certain Way?" And is there a clear path for the modern entrepreneur and marketer to apply such advice? This short GFB "appetizer" gives a workable answer.
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GFB No Apologies
Tony and John discuss how to recognize your relative value in the marketplace, positioning yourself and your company as a worthy source of value to your ideal client or customer. Knowing that you provide a useful product or service, and that there is room for your offer despite a potential multitude of competitors, can give you license to position and package your offer boldly with "no apologies" and avoid the "Impostor Syndrome" that many newer businesses experience.
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GFB Tips for Solopreneurs with Bill Broaddus
There is a lot to think about when you're in business for yourself (and by yourself). For the "solopreneur", a few well-planned provisions can save you a world of frustration later. In this episode, John & Tony bring out Business Labs manager extraordinaire Bill Broaddus to share tips to help anyone who is going it alone and looking to avoid some expensive pitfalls.
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[SHORT] GFB Appetizer: Realistic? No thanks!
In this episode of the Good For Business "Appetizer" series, Tony discusses "The R Word" and how it affects our ability to go after the big goals.
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GFB Gadgets and Tools
Tony and John talk about some of the most important tools, platforms and gadgets they use in their businesses. After years of experimenting with the endless variety of such things, these are their recommendations that no marketer should be without, whether you use Mac or PC… Rode SmartLav: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1059342-REG/rode_smartlav_smart_lav_lav_mic_for.html A decent USB condenser mic: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/911194-REG/audio_technica_at2020usb_cardioid_condenser_microphone.html Lighting for video: http://www.cowboystudio.com/product_p/vl-9004s-b8.htm Acoustic treatment: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/278962-REG/Auralex_D36CHA_BUR_D36_Charcoal_Grey_Burgundy_Roominators.html Dropbox: http://www.dropbox.com Skype recorder for… Mac: http://www.ecamm.com/mac/callrecorder/ PC: http://www.pamela.biz Camtasia: https://www.techsmith.com/camtasia.html Audacity: http://www.audacityteam.org Clickfunnels (entire suite free trial): http://businesslabspro.com/freeclickfunnels My Inspired Media: http://www.businesslabspro.com/solutions/
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GFB Qualities of Genius
People have often assumed that geniuses are born that way... but clinical psychologist Dr. Alfred Barrios published an article in 1980 that suggests the exact opposite, enumerating 24 common characteristics of people that society has recognized as geniuses. In this episode you'll find a candid discussion on the qualities he listed for people who operate at the level of “genius”, and how you can put them to use in your business to cause breakthrough results. You can read the list here: https://www.jimwestergren.com/24-qualities-that-geniuses-have-in-common/ And you may also find this series of short videos from business leader Robert Duggan interesting, as he presents them in a lecture to staff members of his company: http://robertduggan.com/robert-duggan-24-characteristics-of-genius/
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

GFB Success Streamlined with Shannon
In this episode you'll get cutting-edge online marketing tips from the person John calls his “secret weapon”. (His wife and online marketing phenom Shannon Lavenia) Tony, John and Shannon discuss how to create a strategic plan for your business, making sure you’re on track to reaching your goals and avoiding costly distractions. Find out more about Shannon's consulting and training for business owners at http://ShannonLavenia.com
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GFB Do the Work
This impromptu GFB episode - the first ever recorded with John & Tony in the same room - sheds light on a strategy that successful entrepreneurs of every business type can use to gain a huge following and marketplace recognition. Simply becoming a prolific producer of content, and abandoning any ideas of inadequacy or perfectionism, could be the single most powerful thing to propel your business to new heights quickly.
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GFB Discernment - To Accept or Reject
The reality of marketplace influence is not always based on reality itself. In fact, quite often the opposite is true… In a world where endless information (and mis-information) is available at our fingertips, it’s vitally important to hone your ability to practice discriminating thought. Businesses, families and even nations rise and fall based on the data and beliefs accepted by those involved, and in this episode John & Tony attempt to explore this rabbit hole without falling in it entirely!
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GFB The Creation of Influence
Have you wondered why some people have much more influence with their audience than the average marketer or communicator? In this episode John & Tony take you on a crash course to creating influence in your marketplace using a variety of methods that you can quickly start to employ.
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GFB Milquetoast and Marketing Don't Mix
Tony gets ruffled when he witnesses a "marketing mastermind" that was devoid of creativity, boldness and other qualities that are attributed to a true masterminding environment. The conversation that follows builds a strong case for being bold in your entrepreneurial endeavors, and how milquetoast marketing falls on deaf ears, if it reaches people's ears at all.
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GFB Tony Interrogates John
Prepare for a behind the scenes look at John Lavenia's personal evolution from a troubled youth into a multi-million dollar producer in the sales and marketing fields. This impromptu conversation is loaded with John's thoughts on life, achievement and entrepreneurial success, along with a fun-filled wrap-up as Tony asks John questions he'd never expect.
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GFB Self Assessment
Tony Rush relates a story about a famous actor who dramatically overestimates his competence in an unrelated activity. It brings to mind the value of honest self assessment, the lack of which stumps many entrepreneurs in their attempt to grow their businesses. In this episode you’ll find a variety of insights as John and Tony candidly approach the topic from many angles.
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GFB The Fable of the First Entrepreneur
Are you in the mood for a laugh? In this episode of the Good for Business podcast you'll experience an epic tale of heroism - The Fable of the First Entrepreneur. Hang on to your seat as you hear how an enterprising cavewoman overcomes the odds and risks life and limb to attain the spoils of victory. You'll also find answers to some important questions about the nature of entrepreneurship and the question, "can entrepreneurship be taught?"
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

GFB Operating at Your Peak
One of the first things an entrepreneur must learn is how to reduce the amount of time it takes to get things DONE. With all the potential distractions of modern life, this is more important than ever. In this episode, John & Tony explore how to operate at your peak potential, and get the most out of each moment of your business day.
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GFB Using the Ascension Model
John Lavenia describes an ideal ascension model that you can use in your business, either online or offline, and gives tips on how to maximize it at each stage. Prepare for a "fire hose" of ideas as he condenses years of market research and experience into this information-packed 36 minute episode.
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GFB Three Magic Words
John and Tony distill success down to a three-word philosophy, which, when understood and consistently applied, can produce breakthrough results for anyone, no matter where they're starting from. Discover how you can Be, Do and Have what you truly want, rather than merely succumbing to circumstances and outworn patterns of ineffectiveness. A must-hear episode for any entrepreneur!
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GFB Three Things That Will Transform Your Results
In this episode, alternatively titled “Weightlifting Made Me Rich”, John relates how lessons learned from bodybuilders helped him succeed in business. John & Tony discuss 3 simple yet powerful concepts that will transform your results, whether you’re looking to lift more weight, or lift your bottom line.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

GFB Crafting a Compelling Offer
How do you help people make the leap from prospect to customer? In this episode, Tony and John share an overview of how they craft compelling offers, drawing from a variety of business experiences and examples of methods that you have undoubtedly seen in the marketplace. These are vital tips for new entrepreneurs, and a great refresher for veteran salespeople as well.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

GFB Evaluating Opportunity
We live in the "land of opportunity", and thanks to the internet that doesn't even require you to physically be in America. But with so many choices and only 24 hours in a day, there has to be some ability to separate the wheat from the chaff. In this episode, John & Tony discuss some of the things to consider when evaluating opportunity in a general sense, and also evaluating particular opportunities available to the home-based marketer.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

GFB The Free Content Myth
In this episode Tony & John tackle the myth that in our modern age of free information you have to give away your best work for free. Tony shares some shocking and alarming statistics, and John offers his perspective on how to properly balance free content with unapologetic capitalism.
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GFB Motivation and Progress
John Lavenia relates a powerful lesson that has assisted many success-seeking people to reach high above mediocrity, despite humble beginnings. If you've ever wondered why different people engaged in the same activity can have vastly different results, this one factor can be the most decisive and empowering.
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GFB One Mental Shift
There are many cliches that can be heard throughout the business and personal development genre of books, seminars and events - from "you can choose success" to Nike's "just do it" - and while some find these one-liners empowering, there is a bigger benefit to be had by digging deeper. In this episode John & Tony talk about the one mental shift they each experienced when learning how to become truly decisive and successful.
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GFB Phone Prospecting Tips for Network Marketers
Special Edition for Network Marketers - The first of a two-part series. In this episode, recorded live for a group of home business marketers, John & Tony dissect the best practices of those who use the phone to grow their team and build their business.
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GFB Phone Closing Tips for Network Marketers
Special Edition for Network Marketers - The second of a two-part series. In this episode, recorded live for a group of home business marketers, John & Tony continue to describe the over-the-phone strategy that closes sales and brings in new members for your home business.
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GFB Last Chance to Make Your Mark
Broadcast live on 30 December 2015 - At the turn of each year you'll hear many people talking about how the next year will be better than the last, or how you can make this your best year ever... In this episode John & Tony discuss a bold mental strategy to make that a reality, and not just something to talk about year after year.
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GFB Purpose and Production
In this episode John & Tony discuss an often overlooked strategy to increasing production and enthusiasm in your business. Relating to the famous "Common Denominator of Success" speech of Albert E.N. Gray, they drill down on the importance of purpose in any organization or enterprise, and how to maintain focus on it through all circumstances.
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