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Category: Sports/Recreation
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A weekly hockey show presented by a pair of incorrigible Australians. Outlandish statements, heated debate and a middle-finger to the league’s power brokers are what we’re all about, so get on board.

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Podcast Episode's:
Episode 56 - Better Or Worse: How The East & West Will Match Up In Season 2017-2018
THE FINAL CHAPTER: Free agency? Extensions? Trades? Movers and shakers? Those that are winners and those that are blowing it? Your HOLY PUCK heroes give our thoughts, feedback and ridicule on the whole damn thing! Presented as always by Cheapskate Hockey
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Episode 55 - GMGM: A Solid Vegas A+
Tonight we talk all things expansion (of course)! GMGM has performed admirably in his role as an expansion overlord, locking down a solid defense, above average net minding and a competent forward core. Don't sweat though fans, there's more moves on the way! Oh yeah, the NHL handed out some awards today, some that mattered and some that are, quite simply, shithouse. Powered as always by Cheapskate Hockey.
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Episode 54 - Nashville: You sad or you mad?
AND WE'RE TIED AT TWO! On tonight's show we (obviously) dissect the 2-2 Nashville vs Pittsburgh series. Who takes it? Is PK for real? Is the Pens' defense the issue or have the boys from Tennessee found a way to neutralise that forward posse? Throw in Charles Barkley, Vegas, the Stop Concussions team, Calgary & Ovi rumours and yep, we've got a show! Presented as always, by Cheapskate Hockey.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 53 - Interview with Scott Stephenson of the Sydney Ice Dogs (AIHL)
THE ICE DOGS IN THE HOUSE! On tonight's show we catch up with Scott Stephenson, captain of the AIHL's Sydney Ice Dogs. We talk a little hockey, a lot of shit and most importantly, we collectively respect the sidebar. Dawson's Creek? Check. Junior A aspirations? Check. A love of inappropriate older women thanks to Miss McGill? Check In addition we toast the Preds and roast the Ducks (see what we did there), after Nashville's stonking Western Conference victory has carried them to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time. Throw in some quick (and not so shit) hits, along with a little not-so-good news and we've got ourselves one hell of a show! Presented as always by Cheapskate Hockey.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 52 - The Washington Capitals - No Pucks Given
SECOND EPISODE IN ONE NIGHT? YEAH! On Episode 52 of the Holy Puck Podcast, we preview the upcoming game 7s between those perennial losers outta Anaheim and the plucky, young Oilers, as well as geeing up Jon about Washington's pending implosion against the Penguins in their own game 7 matchup. Are the Preds America's team in the hockey landscape (eight ball says "yes"), can the Senators outlast the Rangers (we hope so)? Are the Vegas Golden Knights getting lazy with their colour scheme (probably). All this and more on Episode 52! Powered as always by Cheapskate Hockey.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 51 - Interview with Kerry Goulet, The Ice Hockey Classic 2017 Australian Tour
Surprise friends! Tonight you're getting not one but two episodes of the Holy Puck podcast. First up is our chat with Kerry Goulet, who is of course the man behind Stop Concussions and the Ice Hockey Classic tour that hits Australia each June. Kerry has a ton of great stories from his years as a player and an advocate of the game, so strap yourselves in for one hell of a chat! Oh yeah, make sure you listen closely, as there's a few tips as to which NHL players are making their way down under this June...
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 50 - Lawsuits? Drugs? The blame game & Trotz The Hatchet Man? What Is This?!
THE POST SEASON SURELY DOES DREDGE UP SOME ISSUES... Hooly dooly, there's a little bit going on at the moment, both on and off the ice. We tackle about the league's public marks regarding recreational drug use, the OHL's mammoth lawsuit and of course, we mercilessly mock those who came off worst in this year's NHL draft lottery. Also, the Pittsburgh media seems to have lost its marbles over the Sid hit. Put the tin foil hats away, boys. Oh yeah, we talk about the third week of the 2016-17 Stanley Cup playoff action as well and where we see the chips falling. Presented (as always) by Cheapskate Hockey.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 49 - Round 2 Is Set, Jack Calls The Shots & LA Gets A New Top Dog
ROUND 2 IS HERE! Jack Eichel's influence over the Buffalo Sabres and discuss the LA Kings coaching decision and of course, we've made time for some quick (and not so shit) hits. Presented (as always) by Cheapskate Hockey.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 48 - A Week In Review: How To Not Pick Playoff Winners
IT'S THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR! On tonight's show, we dish out some quick (and not so shit) hits before tackling the Week 1 Playoff action. Who saw the 'Hawks reeling this badly? Columbus getting manhandled by a Matt Murray & Kris Letang-less Penguins outfit? Turns out that we - along with the rest of the hockey media - truly know nothing. Presented as always by Cheapskate Hockey.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 47 - Interview with Maddy (2 Girls 1 Puck) and the Holy Puck playoff preview.
2 GIRLS 1 PUCK ON HOLY PUCK? On tonight's show we catch up with Maddy of the 2 Girls 1 Puck hockey club and learn a little more about the mythical Perth street hockey league. In addition, we drop our round 1 playoff preview, finalise our individual award winners and discuss Cam's very public Fantasy Hockey failure. Presented by Cheapskate Hockey
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 46 - A Gaggle Of Morons: How The IOC, NHL & NHLPA Cooked It
NO OLYMPICS? SURELY THERE ARE NO WINNERS HERE... The IOC. The NHL. The NHLPA. Villain? Victim? Crooks? You be the judge!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 45 - Interview with John Kennedy (Newcastle North Stars / NSA Hockey)
WHAT'S THIS? ANOTHER SPECIAL GUEST! On tonight's episode we catch up with our new pal JFK aka John Kennedy. John is a bit of an all-rounder, splitting his time between playing for the Newcastle North Stars, coordinating all things NSA Hockey and did we mention he's a former Yank now Australian citizen and playing for our national team? Clearly, he's a legend. In addition, we dish out some HOLY PUCK awards, as well as shooting the shit with our quick and, well, not so shit hits. Episode 45, get around it.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 44 - The Buffalo Beauts: A Win For Both Team & Town
BUFFALO, NOW WITH ADDED SUCCESS! Why hasn't the sports writing community embraced the Beauts' win and elevated them from the bottom of the sports loserdom ladder? Will NBA fans please (no seriously, please) stop getting excited about "fights" and "tough" moments in 2017 and most importantly, is Brucey B the Party Pie King?
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 43 - The Blurred Lines Between Our Weekly Waffle & Baseless Bullshit Banter
LOOSEY GOOSEY IS HERE TO STAY! On tonight's show we rant hard. Maybe even harder than normal. Why are Bettman and co trying to suck the fun out of the expansion draft? Well, it's because they're actually spuds, that's why. It's ok though, we're going to breathe some life into the league's end of season awards speculation circuit, so buckle up, you're in for a bumpy one!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 42 – Interview with Bert Haines, Captain of the New Zealand Ice Blacks
ANOTHER GUEST FOR EPISODE 42! This episode we catch up with new friend of the poddy Bert Haines who gives us the low down on his hockey journey, thoughts on the Vancouver Canucks, the state of the New Zealand hockey community and who he is backing for the cup this year. We also cover off the trade deadline: the winners, the losers, the highs and lows, the fans who were jibbed and what GMGM’s plans are leading through his first signing and beyond. Some big awards this week, which is basically another chance for us to rubbish Marc Bergevin! Huge episode, get on board!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 41 - 24: The Not Jack Bauer edition
HOLY TRADE DEADLINE NEWS, KIDS! 24: The Not Jack Bauer edition. What's with the name you ask? Well, at the time of uploading this episode there was 1 short day left before the NHL's trade deadline and boy oh boy, do we have a lot to cover. The Capitals acknowledging that this is their last hoorah? All is not well in Arizona? Minnesota making all the right moves out West and yes, we wildly speculate as to what's going to go down on the final day of trades. Strap yourselves in folks, this will be a hot one.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 40 – Boudreau, Giroux and Holy Puck goes pro?
HABS FANS ARE UPSET EVERYWHERE! On Episode 40 of the Holy Puck Podcast, we check in on the Jack Adams status of our boy Torts (hot tip, it's not looking good), talk shit on the Philadelphia media (you had it coming), get dusty eyed over Vlad Tarasenko's top-tier good blokedness and throw our 2 cents in regarding the Calder race. Special Salty Guest Luke Worthington dials in to give us his take on the Habs Julien / Therrien swap, Subban trade regret and deadline moves worth talking about this season.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 39 - Coaching: Life’s Ultimate Adventure
BIG MOVES THIS WEEK! Episode 39 and boy oh boy, it's a big one. Yes, the Habs finally pulled the trigger and sent Therrien packing we doubt anyone saw an immediate Claude Julien-hiring coming! How does this affect Montreal, Boston and the league as well? Tune in and we'll tell you!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 38 - The Break Is Over…
WE'RE BACK! Yep, Jon is back from holidays which means its business as usual for the Holy Puck team. On tonight's show we cover the questionable contracts haunting each of the league's teams, do politics have a place in sports, our quick (and not so shit) hits, we introduce a new Holy Puck award and much, much more!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 37 - You're Done 2016, Make Way For The Shiny New 2017 Model
IT'S A BRAND NEW YEAR!!! Episode 37 of the Holy Puck Podcast welcomes 2017 with a bang! On tonight's show we cover the stupidity that is the league's attempt at outlawing fighting, try and guess where the Colorado Avalanche's superstars will be heading and of course, we deliver a series of quick (and not so shit) hits, the good news and yes, the Holy Puck Awards.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 36 - Enter the 36 Chambers (and Cartledge)
WE'RE BACK AFTER OUR TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES! On tonight's extended, "oh shit our hard drive died and we wasted an entire episode" do-over, we tackle a number of quick (and not so shit) hits, we waffle, we hash out some baseless banter, go hard on the Carey Price "incident" and talk about our boy Connor's recent outburst.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 35 - Barry Manilow Loves The Golden Knights… And Showers
VEGAS, BABY! Episode 35 of The Holy Puck Podcast is a Vegas-centric, 90 minute, extravaganza. We talk about the Golden Knights' name, motif, logo and most importantly, get crazy on the potential opening roster. Thinking we're kidding, well, we're not. Judge now, but some of this is crazy enough to work and let's not forget, GM GM is an A grade slimeball who isn't above a back alley deal to get what he wants. While we're at, are you a fan of a long suffering, loser team? Fear not, we name our Top 5 fanbases that should seriously consider defecting to Las Vegas. The Holy Puck Podcast, powered by Cheapskate Hockey. GET SOME.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 34 - Blue Jacket, Gold Jacket: Who Gives A Shit
TORTS HAS TURNED IT AROUND! On tonight's mammoth episode, we recap 2 weeks of hockey-related shit talk, including the Blue Jackets (rather surprising) good form, the rash of high profile injuries that's currently sweeping through the ranks of the National Hockey League. We cover the financial woes of the NWHL, a fantasy top 10 that'll help you win your nerd league and yes, The Holy Puck Awards!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 33 - Big Trouble In Lil Hershey
HOLY SOCIAL MEDIA FOLLY! This week we spend some time critiquing Jon's boy Madison Bowey's social media game - which has him odds on for professional sports worst social media skills. We also pay tribute to Craig Anderson's legendary wife who suggested that "his team needed him" while she was (and still is) ill and lead him to pull down a shutout against the Oilers. This week's Weekly Waffle focuses in on who will take John Scott's place atop the All Star Weekend mountain - we throw bruiser and all round boss-hog Shawn Thornton into the mix as your next feel-good star! Lastly, after one-too-many Nazim Kadri references we award the Dog Act of the week to none other than it's namesake: Steve Ott! What an episode! Make sure to hit us on our socials and be sure to check out the Cheapskate Hockey guys who present the show!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 32 - Interview with Luke Worthington (Perth Thunder)
A BRUIN, A HAB AND A CAP IN A ROOM TOGETHER? This evening we are joined by a new FOHP (Friend Of Holy Puck) Luke Worthington, who hails from sunny Perth, Western Australia. Luke is the game day broadcaster for the Perth Thunder, who are the lone WA representatives in the AIHL. We talk Luke's involvement in the local hockey community, what it's like being involved in our great game in such an isolated and disgustingly hot location, as well as his thoughts on the 2016-2017 NHL season. Presented by Cheapskate Hockey,
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 31 - A Tasty Treat
SHORT STUFF! On tonight's show, we're running with a briefer, more condensed format, as we'll be hitting you with a double ep this evening, the second of which is a guest interview with a new FOHP (that's Friend Of Holy Puck). We're going to hit you with the Quick (and not so shit) Hits, The Good News, The Weekly Baseless Waffle and of course, The Holy Puck Awards! Brought you by Cheapskate Hockey.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 30 - We Got Some Real Hockey!
A WEEK IN REVIEW! Well, Week 1 of the 2016-2017 is in the books and boy oh boy we've had some fun. Auston Matthews dazzled on debut, Connor McDavid is looking magical, the Kings are in all sorts and the league boasts a level of parity not seen in recent years! The Holy Puck Awards are back, as is the Weekly Waffle and The Baseless Bullshit Banter, along with the unveiling of our first "quick (and not so shit) hits." The Holy Puck Podcast: available on iTunes, stitcher, Soundcloud, podcast addict and pocket cast. Your best source of hockey news, views and abuse. Presented by Cheapskate Hockey
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 29 - Pumping Up The 16/17 Season
THE SEASON UPON US! The 2016-2017 kicks off in a few hours and we think we know just how it's going to play out. Or not, because you know, this whole hockey thing is wildly unpredictable! Regardless, tune in and hear us lay the smack talk on thick and fast regarding the league's recent waiver wire moves, high profile re-signings and the who's in and / or out for this season's playoff race! The Holy Puck Podcast: Hockey news, views and abuse, presented by Cheapskate Hockey.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 28 - Freeballin' Fantasy
FANTASY IS BACK! On this week's show we deep dive into this year's fantasy hockey shenanigans. Who's set to blow up? Who's a bust? Will Cam's bold "who needs goals and assists" strategy pay off or will it blow up in his face? In addition, we cover the breakout stars from the World Cup Of Hockey, Nathan Walker doing Australia (and Mia Khalifa) proud and speculate on landing spots for Jacob Trouba and a slew of other young stars. The Holy Puck Podcast: Hockey news, views and abuse, presented by Cheapskate Hockey, the best in the hockey apparel business.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 27 - Season 2 Hype Machine
HOLY HELL SEASON 2 IS HERE! On tonight's show we detail the Season 2 formatting of the Holy Puck Hockey Podcast. We bid farewell to some old segments and welcome some new ones to the fold. Strap on your skates Gordie, we're goin in Season 2 is gonna be a big one!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 26 - CAM GETS KESSEL'D: The Year In Review
AS A MAN OF HIS WORD Cam lost his bet: The Pens took it all this season and he got that Phil Kessel tatty on his leg, just like he said he would. Coming to you direct from a tattoo shop somewhere in Melbourne, Australia while Cam is tattooed the whole time we discuss the year in review. We run though the NHL season 2015-16 season that was. The highs and lows, stupid "we're right, you're wrong" banter, the good news of the year and big winners/losers from the latest free agency period. What an episode, what a tattoo, what a podcast! Holy Puck: your number 1 source of hockey news, views and abuse!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 25 - Pre-Trade Deadline Deals
WHAT'S BETTER THAN THE CUP FINAL? Ah... could that be the Free Agency period! You bet your ass it is! Man we love the free agency period here at Holy Puck and you should too! Yandle's monster deal in Florida has set the tone for what's going to be a very spicy trade & free agency period. So grab your sandals, hit the beach and let's avoid state income taxes! We cover all the major announcements thus far, where we speculate on where the big players will land give our thoughts on what has transpired so far in the weeks leading to (potentially) the best period of the year.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 24 - Unfortunately, The Pens Won It All
THE PENS WON IT ALL! And we're not SUPER upset, we just wish that the cup had gone elsewhere. This episode we discuss all of the major storylines that emerged out of the last game of the season. We pick apart the league's decision on Sid for the Conn Smyth and we banter about a bunch of other rubbish. Coming soon: A gofundme for Cam's rubbish tatty and our full season 90 minute episode. MAD!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 23 - The Pens is Nigh
TIMES ARE TOUGH FOR THE SHARKS! WOW things didn't go the way we all hoped and dreamed they would, but really (back here in reality) we all know the Pens were looking the goods after we last spoke in Episode 22. Will the Sharks ice girls keep smiling or will the HBK sandwich become a Pittsburgh staple if (and let's be honest here, when) the Pens raise the cup at the conclusion of this season? Either way, there's a chance someone in the Bay Area will start a fire! We're back baby, Holy Puck: Episode 23.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 22 - Cup Final Storylines
THE CUP FINAL IS HERE! And well, it's not gone well for Jumbo Joe, Big Pav, Burnsy and their band of merry legends. Sid's bunch have stepped up big with the likes of Nikky Bonino, Sheary and of course our boy Phil THE KESSEL RUN Kessel just generally killing it and pouring on the goals with absolute ease - very. very upsetting. What's next? We give a not so detailed run through of the first two games that saw the Pens go two up in the series, discuss the storylines we see unfolding, what we expect to see as the series heads back to California and where we're at with Cam's rubbish Kessel tatty. MAD!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 21 - Cinderella Stories
THE STORIES ARE EMERGING! This episode we cover off the all time stories that are unfolding in front of our very eyes on the ice. In fact, all of the remaining four squads have a fan-friendly, “get around the boys” anecdote brewing, so by this point, it’s not a question of will a Cinderella story take place, it’s which one? We review each of the teams and more importantly, the storylines that we'd most like to see come to life in the coming days: be it ex-Cap Troy Brouwer killing it for the Blues, Matt Murray stealing the starter spot, the HBK (lol) line or even big Stevie Y sticking it to the man! In more important content news: this episode CAM DECLARES HE'LL GET A PHIL KESSEL TATTY, we preach our love for all things hot-dog related and recount our recent beer fueled night at the Melbourne Ice game!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 20 - Deconstructing Round 2
WELL, IT SURE IS TOUGH TO BE A CAPS FAN. Yup, it's been a tough second round of a lot of teams and we deconstruct their various issues and pain points moving into the golf... off season. With the Isles looking much, much better and the Pens soaring the East is looking great, while the west is a solid race to the finish line. We cover off where we see the trade market opening up and where we see some of the pieces falling come October. With many, many rubbish teams (lol, the CAPS) now eliminated it's time to turn our focus to the conference finals and review/lampoon the upcoming battles, who will be embarrassed, who will come out on top and who the Bruins need to trade for next season to be slightly less crap.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 19 - Playoffs Reaction!
PLAYOFF HOCKEY IS HERE! And WOW the first round was a rollercoaster! This episode is full of our usual antics, but mostly where we blew it on our respective brackets, who we've got next and where we think the cup will land. With the rounds heating up we're going to put out smaller eps to cover your playoff hockey needs cause, who wouldn't wanna listen to us drone on about why the Caps suck and were robbed by Sid's boys? WHO!?!?
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 18 - Hands Up Who Saw THAT Coming?
PLAYOFF HOCKEY IS HERE! And WOWWEE nobody saw the Ducks stinking it up so much and the Preds killing it! The Caps are looking the business and the Pens finally look dangerous. We here at Holy Puck love a little playoff action and there's been nothing short of biff in the Lightning / Wings series. We cover off where we see these series landing and who we've got in our brackets. We also cover off this weeks AIHL games, some upcoming games, why Andrew Shaw is a bum (but he'll be traded next year so LOL) and why Philly fans SUCK.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 17 - The Race For The Lowest (Possible) Rung In The East
WHO WILL STEAL THE FINAL EASTERN PLAYOFF SPOT? What a giant week it's been in generally sucking all year and doing barely enough to make it in to the post-season. Yup, that's right Bruins (and lets be honest Red Wings) fans, we're talking directly to you and your under performing teams. We also cover off the USA Women's team crushing the world champs for the third consecutive year, Cam repents being rude to a certain NCAA player and we generally burn the Russians for being poor at managing their medical staff. The import quality of the AIHL is looking as excellent as Jumbo Joe's beard and other musings on another quality EP of the Holy Puck Podcast! Also, the Pens are looking pretty odds on to win the cup and this upsets everyone.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 16 - Sweet Sixteen
SWEET SIXTEEN! We've made it to 16 episodes and believe us when we say, NOBODY is more surprised than us that we've made it this far! This week we cover off the East v West disparity, the upcoming tight as Calder race and the upcoming trade season that will be nothing short of FIRE. We compare the 2008/09 and 2005/06 rookie classes with this year and lets just say, it looks EXCELLENT! Lastly we cover off the Vesey situation and WOWEE what an amazing turn of events. This is a crazy situation and the poor old Preds have true cause to be totally upset with the whole situation. Oh yes, it turns out Jon has Kunitz in his fantasy team and its a hypocritical moron - well played you BUM .
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 15 - Spitballing Expansion Scenarios
VEGAS BABY! On this week's episode we discuss Team North America and their World Cup aspirations, Bruce Boudreau the condiment king, backyard medical attention in Dallas and Mr. Nazim Kadri doing Mr. Nazim Kadri things. Oh, yeah HUGE segment on the upcoming (potential) Las Vegas roster and who we see filling the opening day jerseys. What a good time it is, not every day you get to pick the starting roster of a brand new team.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 14 - Right Or Wrong, The Habs Still Suck
YES, SOMETIMES WE'RE NOT ALWAYS RIGHT! Welcome to Episode 14 and WOW we've said some silly things this year. But wouldn't you know it? We were right when it counted. This week, we deliver a couple of reflective messages, MANY, MANY HAB jabs and more than enough good vibes for all your Hockey and NHL based needs. We toil over our Fantasy woes, the playoff race and Chris Kunitz being a coattail riding bum. MAAAAD.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 13 - The Trade Period That… Wasn’t?
TRADE DEADLINE WEEK IS UPON US! Welcome to Episode 13 and isn't trade deadline such a wonderful time of the year? This week, we deliver a HUGE trade deadline wrap, covering all the movers and shakers and determining which of the contending teams is truly en route to Lord Stanley's dance. As for this picture? Zuccarello helped a fan land a prom date, so we should all take a moment to reflect on Paul Finch's timeless takedown of Stiffler's mum.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 12 - Thank YOU (Chuck) Norris (Trophy)
TWELVE EPISODES AND WE'RE STILL GOING STRONG! Welcome to Episode 12, somehow we're still here and talking about all things hockey relevant! HUGE movers and shakers this week as it appears the whole league has positioned themselves for us to make fun of them (excellent). This week we talk all our usual smack: The Burning Issues, The Good News, Baseless Banter, Fantasy Wrap and The Weekly Waffle. Specifically, we cover off the Norris Trophy issues, Yzerman and his clear moves to dominate the Stamkos conversation, Eric Lindros being a DAMN pioneer, some smokey play-off predictions and of course some yahoo who threw a beer at an official. Also, we review some of the feel good stories this week, like Tom Wilson toweling up Luke Schenn, yeah!!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 11 - Big Buff Has Caused A Potentially BIG Flow On Effect...
WHAT DO WE DO NOW BUF IS OFF THE MARKET? Welcome to Episode 11, remarkably over 500 of you people listened to us last week...HOW?? WHY? But yeah, keep it up (we desperately need the validation). This week we talk all our usual smack: The Burning Issues, The Good News, Baseless Banter, Fantasy Wrap and The Weekly Waffle. Specifically, we cover off the Big Buff signing, Phaneuf shakeup to Ottawa and the wider implications of both of these HUGE moves on the wider D-Man marketplace. We consider possible next tier D-Men worth reviewing and the teams who will chase them. Segments: The Burning Issues – 3:02 The Good News – 19:10 Baseless Bullshit Banter – 23:40 Fantasy Wrap – 33:00 The Weekly Waffle - 39:44 Where Would They Be – 51:00 The Holy Puck Awards – 55:12 OH YES, and the Kings SLAUGHTERED the B's 9-2. LOLOLOL.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 10 - Cheapskate Hockey: Interview with Andy Hill
CHEAPSKATE HOCKEY IS MAD! In this week's second installment (yep, two in a week) we catchup with our mate Andy Hill from Cheapskate Hockey and chat about life, hockey, the All-Star Weekend, the Rangers being terrible this year and our predictions on this year's NHL playoffs! MAKE SURE you hit up @cheapskatehockey and their website: http://www.cheapskatehockey.com/ Slightly changed up segment run: - Intro to Cheapskate - Hockey memories - NHL AFFILIATIONS - Your favourite all time player - Your favourite current / active player - AIHL loyalties - Projections for the rest of the season Get at us on our socials as well: facebook.com/holypuckpodcast twitter.com/holypuckpodcast instagram.com/holypuckpodcast
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 8 - We Freed John Scott
JOHN SCOTT IS FINALLY FREE! I After weeks of making themselves look extremely silly the NHL has finally granted John Scott admittance to the NHL All-Star Weekend.... To bad there was weeks of BS surrounding the whole thing and it's more of a consolation prize in the end. We've rejigged some of our World Famous Segments and now we reckon the flow is RED HOT: Segments/Content - The Burning Issues - The Good News - Baseless Banter - Fantasy Wrap - The Weekly Waffle - Where Would They Be - The Holy Puck Awards Hate us? Wanna prove us wrong? Like Big Rupper as much as us? EMAIL: holypuckpodcast@gmail.com Get at us on our socials as well: facebook.com/holypuckpodcast twitter.com/holypuckpodcast instagram.com/holypuckpodcast
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 7 - Two Sad Bruins Fans Feat. Special Guest Host Josh Lyford
THE WINTER CLASSIC WAS SAVAGE! It's episode 6 and with special guest host Josh Lyford two sad Bruins (and a Capitals fan) pull apart the nasty end trails of the Winter Classic savagery. Pulled the soundbytes because of our special guest session, but we've cut some segments to make space for some mid-season reviews! Segments/Content - Fantasy News - Hot/Not Hot - Mid Year Reviews - The Mid Year Awards - Hot Takes - Winter Classic Review (Poor Bs fans) Hate us? Wanna prove us wrong? Like Big Rupper as much as us? EMAIL: holypuckpodcast@gmail.com Get at us on our socials as well: facebook.com/holypuckpodcast twitter.com/holypuckpodcast instagram.com/holypuckpodcast
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 2 - Late Round Legends
SOUND QUALITY IS NOW AMAZING, it's episode 2 kids. Killer content is now weekly! Segments/Content - Fantasy News - Hot/Not Hot - Cham's Outlandish Prediction of the Month - The Awards - Hot Takes - Big Talking Points Hate us? Wanna prove us wrong? Like Big Rupper as much as us? EMAIL: holypuckpodcast@gmail.com Get at us on our socials as well: facebook.com/holypuckpodcast twitter.com/holypuckpodcast instagram.com/holypuckpodcast
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Episode 1 - The Pilot
THE TERRIBLE PILOT EPISODE. Yep, our sound quality isn't the best, but hey it's episode 1. Doesn't stop the content from being killer and the hockey news, views and abuse from being SUPER relevant! Get around us! Segments/Content - Fantasy News - Real life legends/fantasy bust - Cham's Outlandish Prediction of the Month - The Awards - Hot Takes - This podcast we cover every team in the NHL and our impressions of how they're tracking from the first 10 or so games of the year. Hate us? Wanna prove us wrong? Like Big Rupper as much as us? EMAIL: holypuckpodcast@gmail.com Get at us on our socials as well: facebook.com/holypuckpodcast twitter.com/holypuckpodcast instagram.com/holypuckpodcast
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