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Category: Music
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Presenting All Time Top Ten. Each week a new topic, a new guest, a new top ten. Top Ten Songs About The Future? Nailed it. Top Ten Stevie Wonder Songs? Easy. Join host Ben Eisen as he and special guests discuss & play some of the best music on earth!

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Podcast Episode's:
Episode 353 - Top Ten NYC Bands And Artists Of The 70's w/Beth Wernick And Shannon Hurley
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/96/10/45/theebeneisen/1400x1400_13595809.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Liverpool in 1962. Laurel Canyon in 1965. Seattle in 1991. When it comes to iconic music scenes, there are a few places and times where you had to be there to know just how amazing it was. When it comes to the births of punk, new wave, disco and rap, it's pretty tough to find more fertile ground than New York City in the 1970s. Even if it was slightly romanticized in print and film, it wasn't by much according to this week's special guest. Music supervisor and longtime industry mover and shaker Beth Wernick joins the podcast this week with tales and insights into the scene that can only be told by one who was there (and actually remembers it). Throughout the decade, Beth had experiences at CBGB, Studio 54 and run-ins with almost all of the top artists of the era. Beth is joined by our mutual friend and confidant Shannon Hurley as we count down the best from that incredibly heady time and place. Beth's company Imaginary Friends Music Partners has been a force for getting great music placed in film and TV for years. Find out more at https://www.imaginaryfriendsmusic.com Shannon (and Ben) have new music out as the chill pop duo Lovers & Poets, as well as new music of her own. Listen at her website http://shannonhurley.com Stream this playlist on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/alltimetopten/playlist/5BzdJbcaHKm6nmIdnroXli?si=wzEQ5x2-S7q_owyyaJt7_w
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Episode 352 - Every Year Of The 1990s In Music - Worst To First w/Dan Ewen & Josh Covitt
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/96/10/45/theebeneisen/1400x1400_13556691.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />As Homer Simpson can attest, the 1990s were a time of dizzying highs, terrifying lows and creamy middles. It was arguably the most musically diverse decade in pop music history. In the decade, rock went from hairspray to flannel to baggy pants to zoot suits to backwards red baseball hats (not exactly trending in the right direction, rock). The 90s also saw hip hop move from a fad to a phenomenon to global dominance. The pop music landscape was constantly in flux throughout the 90s, with flavors of the month becoming flavors of the week. ATTT has taken it upon itself to sort this mess out, and with the help of our pals, comedy writers and actors Dan Ewen and Josh Covitt, we made the impossible possible. In this very special All Time Top Ten/Pop Culture Worst To First "hybrid" episode, we broke this thing down by year, and ranked every musical year of the decade from worst to first. Hilarity and nostalgia ensues, as we reminisce on the worst and the best that 90s music had to offer and we played a for better or worse example from each year to drive the point home. 1990s forever! Check out the bitchin Spotify playlist here: https://open.spotify.com/user/alltimetopten/playlist/0ZiyowXogjQEWYE9Qqj2pC?si=_vm455SCRh6DBktNzxqIGg Josh's short film 40 Minutes Over Maui is coming soon to a festival near you. Check out the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofdLmjWKkl8 Dan has written a feature film starring John Cena called Playing With Fire that is currently in post-production. Consult your local Google in the months ahead to find out more.
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Episode 351 - Top Ten Posthumously-Released Songs w/Maurice Bursztynski of Love That Album Podcast
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/96/10/45/theebeneisen/1400x1400_13536109.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Who knew that ghosts can make great music? Whether they died tragically or as a result of a long life lived loudly, many of our favorite dearly-departed musicians, songwriters and singers put out some amazing work that they didn't live to see brought to the public. We're not sure why it is, but there's something soul-stirring about hearing dead people. In many cases it seems like they knew they were on their way to the great beyond and were leaving us with a parting message, and in some of the songs you'll hear on this week's podcast, that's exactly the case. Pal Of The Pod Maurice Bursztynski returns via the Skype Machine all the way from lovely Melbourne, Australia to help bring these artists back to life for another spin, and we recall just why their music touched us. Despite the unfortunate circumstances surrounding them, these songs are undoubtedly full of life. Maurice is the proud host/co-host of 2 amazing podcasts - Love That Album & See Hear. Learn more ------> https://lovethatalbum.podbean.com https://seehear.podbean.com Stream this playlist on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/alltimetopten/playlist/3ZntzI5xrgVGSpKHvu1Kxn?si=k005krk7SKCtSeoX79rtoA
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April Extra Credit From The Archives - Episode 83 - Top Ten Secret Songwriters w/Alex Chandler
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/96/10/45/theebeneisen/1400x1400_13527747.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />On the first Friday of every month, ATTT's crack staff of music freaks dig deep into the expansive archives to bring you a bonus episode. If you're hardcore and have heard every ep, it's a chance to remember a simpler time, before every yokel on the planet had their own podcast. If you're new to the show, it's never too late to catch up with what you missed. Here's one from way back in 2013 with our buddy Alex, all about those songs with famous songwriters that you may not have realized were the geniuses behind the tunes. Some of the greatest songs ever recorded were written by unknowns. Some were written by the recording artists who made them famous. This week's podcast is all about that elusive third category - a famous song recorded by a famous artist with a famous writer, but the writer and recording artist are not the same. For our purposes, a "secret songwriter" is a writer who is famous in their own 'write', but these particular songs were either written specifically for someone else, or the cover version of the song just happens to be the one that everyone reveres. Good friend and fellow music maniac Alex Chandler joins Ben for a podcast breaking down the stories behind these songs, and how they came to be beloved by the world, even though the author is hiding in the shadows. Join us, won't you?
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Episode 350 - Top Ten Songs By The Who Volume 2 w/Darren Lolk and Mike Bisch
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/96/10/45/theebeneisen/1400x1400-397x397+3+1_13441257.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />What can be said about Pete, Roger, John & Keith that hasn't already been said? In their early days The Who were the bratty next door neighbor of the British Invasion bands. You know the type - a little rough around the edges, a little aggressive, a little crude and filthy - a bad influence but undoubtedly cooler than you'll ever be and they had the best record collection of anyone you knew. Over the years Pete Townshend's vision took them to the stratosphere, artistically and commercially. In their heyday, The Who made music that sounded like it was forged by the gods from the mountaintops. They were four complete individuals, making music together that will be studied 100 years from now as some of the most important and vital rock n roll ever created. The Who's legacy will be a lasting one and ATTT is proud to welcome two of the biggest disciples of Pete on the planet. Darren Lolk and Mike Bisch know the music of The Who inside and out, having been immersed in it on and off stage for decades. These likely lads join the podcast to take a closer look at some of the more under-appreciated tracks in the vast catalog in TOP TEN SONGS BY THE WHO VOLUME 2. Check out the Spotify playlist, you dirty old sod: https://open.spotify.com/user/alltimetopten/playlist/1dK9YqaY7keRgKl2eNXtvS?si=-4i8-J7dS4qVellME1SfsA Darren can still be seen as the legend himself Pete Townshend in Live The Who, Detroit's finest Who Tribute Band. Find out more here: https://www.facebook.com/LIVETHEWHO/ Mike's 2-Tone Ska tribute Rude Boys Outta Jail's FB page is here: https://www.facebook.com/Rude-Boys-Outta-Jail-193079424048537/
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Episode 349 - Top Ten Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame Snubs Revisited w/Nick Baker
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/96/10/45/theebeneisen/1400x1400_13365387.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Welcome to the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame, the place where all of the greatest artists in rock, pop & soul are enshrined for all of history. Except for the ones they don't like. For some bands and artists, no matter how many records they sell, no matter how many decades they perform at sold out arenas around the world, no matter how many countless bands and musicians they influence, these "unworthies" will be forever snubbed by the holier-than-thou powers that be that run the "rock" hall. Your band can even create an entire genre of music, and if they don't understand you, or respect you, you ain't getting in. We believe in a meritocracy around here, and our pal Nick Baker is back to help us set the record straight, and tell the blue noses where to stick it. Oh and we highlight 21 amazing bands and artists that are all more than worthy. Let 'em in! Stream this playlist on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/alltimetopten/playlist/7nMWnnAMgl8yp6GXcVwtrt?si=vrb1nJvoQHCEFv3VNNyilw Listen to great tunes written and recorded by Nick and his partner in crime and music Marina V at their website: https://marinav.com
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Episode 348 - Top Ten Depression-Busting Anthems w/Marina V.
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/96/10/45/theebeneisen/1400x1400_13313109.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Happy Birthday to Sir George Harrison, who long ago said something we can all relate to - "it's been a long cold lonely winter". And it has. And for some of us, it's not over and won't be over when spring comes. Depression is a serious disease with no known cure, but there are several treatments that can ease the pain. Believe it or not we recommend music. All Time Top Ten is taking the brave stand right this very moment to advocate for music therapy for treating the blues, being down in the dumps, being bummed out, or in many cases, suffering from clinical depression, which we take seriously around here. To help us out is one who knows this subject inside and out, and has many songs in her own catalog that tackle depression and anxiety head on. ATTT welcomes back the lovely and talented singer-songwriter Marina V. Ben and Marina get into 20 of the best tracks that do more than just pick you up, they lift you up. You can find out all things Marina V, including her 2-Song-A-Month Club, at https://marinav.com Stream this playlist on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/alltimetopten/playlist/6LFWW0x3PfvvERmafaqoUY?si=eD3fA3KWQSO4Dz0GFmTplg
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Episode 347 - Top Ten (Sincere & Not Cheesy) Love Songs Volume 8 w/Ryan Blake
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/96/10/45/theebeneisen/1400x1400_13256977.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />We value tradition on this here podcast. That's why back in February of 2012, we got together with Sir Ryan Blake to talk love songs. These particular love songs had 2 endearing qualities to them: they were sincere and dammit, they were not cheesy in the slightest. In what has become ATTT's oldest tradition, we have done this every Valentine's Day since. 7 volumes later, The Old Boy Himself, also known as Ryblake, has joined us for our annual V-Day Spectacular. It should come to no surprise that we had no problem finding 21 more incredible love songs to play while you woo your special someone. Thank us later. Ryan's band Il Destro has retained their title Orange County's #1 Dad Rock Band Of All Time. If you don't believe it, check them out on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/il_destro_band/ Stream this playlist on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/alltimetopten/playlist/7AB6nWo4zt30E6GmDS8Xzd?si=KqGH9p57RW6_UV1kF0XzfQ All of the previous volumes of (Sincere & Not Cheesy) Love Songs are available at our archive page at Mixcloud. Look for Episodes 10, 56, 106, 154, 202, 252 and 303. Link here ---------> https://www.mixcloud.com/beneisen/
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Episode 346 - Top Ten Motown Songs Volume 1 w/Fuzzbee Morse & Chris Price
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/96/10/45/theebeneisen/1400x1400_13230679.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />We here at ATTT offer no explanation or excuse for waiting this long to do a Motown episode, but to make up for it we vow to do one a year going forward. Considering Motown Records' hefty catalogue, we could be at this a while. Anyway, we are very proud to give some love to Berry Gordy, along with a murderer's row of insanely talented songwriters, producers, arrangers, musicians and iconic pop stars. For a long time, Motown ruled the world, and people everywhere loved Marvin Gaye, The Supremes, The Temptations, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, Stevie Wonder, The Four Tops, Martha Reeves & The Vandellas, and more. It didn't matter what color your skin was, you loved that music made in that tiny house in Detroit. We don't know how they pulled it off, but we're eternally grateful. GoodList Studios was honored to host 2 of the most musically gifted thieves and rascals in all of Los Angeles. Fuzzbee Morse and Chris Price help count down the first of many volumes of mind blowing tunes from the Motor City! Stream this playlist on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/alltimetopten/playlist/6Nn2mcBq3rxRWb6ucrkrJk?si=ArOTvnQgTUOQja-DU-A7fg Chris' latest release "Dalmation" is out on Omnivore Records. Listen here: https://chrispricemusic.bandcamp.com Fuzzbee's album "Dreams And Other Living Things" is available to check out at: http://www.fuzzbee.com
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Episode 345 - Top Ten Songs Of 2018 Part 2 w/David Daskal, Shannon Hurley & Linda Trujillo
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/96/10/45/theebeneisen/1400x1400_13205118.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />We know what you're thinking. 2018 is over. Just let it go, dude. Quit living in the past, man! First of all don't tell us what to do. Secondly, before we can move on, David, Shannon and Linda have to help us put a definitive cap on the year that was by finishing our lists of the best songs of the year by counting down our #'s 5-1 in part 2 of ATTT's year-end spectacular. THEN we can look ahead. Ok? Ok. Thanks to all who listened to Part 1. If you missed it and want to hear what our #'s 10-6 were, listen here: https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/alltimetopten/episodes/2018-12-31T07_00_00-08_00 Be sure to stream this playlist on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/alltimetopten/playlist/2FDzRhkcW1EOuzlBhtcR2f?si=xDY4JwoxRqWpX7jDvgaonw
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Episode 344 - Top Ten Songs Of 2018 Part 1 w/David Daskal, Shannon Hurley & Linda Trujillo
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/96/10/45/theebeneisen/1400x1400_13182021.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />2018 was a stressful year, to put it mildly. And while there are several options available to people that want to relieve their tension, we suggest getting super into art, nature, human interaction of the not-online variety, and music. Lots and lots of music. Thankfully 2018 provided us with a plethora of great recordings, songs, singers, producers and musicians to fill our days and nights with life-fulfilling (and life-saving) music. It's become a tradition around here on All Time Top Ten to invite the ridiculous David Daskal, along with the effervescent Shannon Hurley and the charming and endearing Linda Trujillo to help us count down the best songs of the year. The gang of four brings four top ten lists, which is why we're breaking it up into 2 parts. Here's our 10-6 picks. Hope we pick some of your favorites, or introduce you to something you'll love. Shannon Hurley has a new single out, for fans of Yazoo-esque synth pop. It's called "Lost My Mind" Listen here: http://shannonhurley.com Stream this playlist on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/alltimetopten/playlist/5QNGa16PFW5EEKmoAtpZ4R?si=7vEwWQqnQH2K0L8DvdCipQ We'll be back with part 2 in 2 weeks!
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Episode 343 - Top Ten Rock N Roll Jews Volume 2 Part 2 w/Morty Coyle and Etan G The Jewish Rapper Of YidNation Podcast
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/96/10/45/theebeneisen/1400x1400_13161025.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Thanks so much for being patient with us. We feel like we left you hanging in the middle of a great conversation about the greatest Yids to ever don a guitar, or piano or who sang their guts out to a packed house in true rock n roll form. The word "rock n roll" is used for decorative purposes here, as we run the gamut of musical stylings. Basically it's the greatest Jews in music, past and present. Behold All Time Top Ten's Season 7 finale, with DJ Morty Coyle and Etan G The Jewish Rapper, co-hosts of the mighty YidNation podcast counting down the rest of their lists, and putting to bed once in for all, the idea that Rush is not the greatest band of all time. L'Chaim! To Music! Follow the boys over at Yid Nation podcast, for all things Jewish, Jewesque and Jew-adjacent. They have a Facebook page and everything: https://www.facebook.com/YidNationPodcast/ Stream this playlist on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/alltimetopten/playlist/6Y6kKAuSxtOFVDcKTcZYOz?si=0GzfxcfRR8KwtSHHXJbewQ
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 342 - Top Ten Rock N Roll Jews Volume 2 Part 1 w/Morty Coyle & Etan G The Jewish Rapper
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/96/10/45/theebeneisen/1400x1400_13135388.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Happy Hannukah from your old pals at All Time Top Ten! To help celebrate the Festival Of Lights, we offer the only contribution we know anything about - music. It's no secret that the Jewish people have done well in the music business, behind the scenes and on the stage. DJ Morty Coyle and Etan G The Jewish Rapper of the world famous YidNation Podcast are more than equipped to drop some serious knowledge and play some amazing music from many of the business' most beloved performers and artists. Since we couldn't reign Morty in, or try to edit him down to size, this has become a super-sized podcast, and thus had to be made into a 2-parter. Enjoy part one, where you learn just how badass some of our Hebrew brethren can be. YidNation is a Jewish, Jewesque & Jew-Adjacent Podcast about a couple of schmucks trying make sense of this meshuggah world. Find out more here: https://www.facebook.com/YidNationPodcast?utm_source=listennotes.com&utm_campaign=Listen%20Notes&utm_medium=website Listen to our chat with the late great Gary Shapiro in Top Ten Rock N Roll Jews Volume 1: https://www.mixcloud.com/beneisen/episode-141-top-ten-rock-n-roll-jews-wgary-shapiro/ Stream this playlist on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/alltimetopten/playlist/5ynTR0AjOditOIhpGsxrlL?si=5FrtYWKXRpuSiR0-gJ88oQ
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 341 - Top Ten Cover Songs Volume 7 w/Dustin Prince
<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/96/10/45/theebeneisen/1400x1400_13107826.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />The fine art of putting your 'stank' on someone else's fine art is something not just anyone can master. Originality is key in order to make what they call in the industry a "kick-ass cover song". We've been at this since 2012 and just like last time, the always affable Dustin Prince is back in the saddle, helping count down 21 of the best cover songs... ever! Stream this playlist on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/alltimetopten/playlist/6CFhYrFdNSlUCYI0SKzHtx?si=T6egArVNRymQ6TgNs9mLEw Listen to Top Ten Cover Songs Volumes 1-6 over at the ole archives: 1: https://www.mixcloud.com/beneisen/all-time-top-ten-episode-43-top-ten-cover-songs-volume-1-wdustin-prince/ 2: https://www.mixcloud.com/beneisen/all-time-top-ten-episode-78-top-ten-cover-songs-volume-2-wdustin-prince/ 3. https://www.mixcloud.com/beneisen/episode-138-top-ten-cover-songs-volume-3-wdustin-prince/ 4. https://www.mixcloud.com/beneisen/episode-192-top-ten-cover-songs-volume-4-wdustin-prince/ 5. https://www.mixcloud.com/beneisen/episode-240-top-ten-cover-songs-volume-5-wdustin-prince/ 6. https://www.mixcloud.com/beneisen/episode-295-top-ten-cover-songs-volume-6-wdustin-prince/
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