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Category: Health
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Little Inner Voice exists to empower you to find your true passion, purpose and, ultimately, happiness! We do this by shifting perspectives and showing you how to make your little inner critic your biggest ally.

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Podcast Episode's:
To be continued…
Today we talk about the state of the state and what comes next.
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Happiness, Success, and the Importance of Framing
The relationship between happiness and success is an unusual one and thanks to a brilliant insight, we'll see that we have it backwards!
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The KPI that counts
Key Performance Indicators – or KPI's – are often used by bigger companies to measure how well their doing. They're easy to ignore when you're just starting out – you have so many other things to worry about!But there's a lot of value in picking the RIGHT KPI even for solo entrepreneurs.
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Stress Repellent
Entrepreneurship is a weird thing when you think about it – you're voluntarily signing up for more stress! If you don't have a good strategy (or three) to get rid of stress quickly, you'll end up overwhelmed and burnt-out.On today's episode, we'll share a few ways you can repel stress and keep your sanity intact […]
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The Strategy Paradox
What does it mean when we have a brilliant strategy that works for others but fails to get results for you?Did you make a mistake implementing it? Is your business weird? Just what is the problem?The answer is simple once you know what to look for.
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So Big, It’s Scary
What's the one thing holding you back? I don't mean all the excuses your Little Inner Voice has – what's really holding you back?If you're like most new entrepreneurs, the answer is FEAR. There's a way around this – and you'll be surprised by what it is!
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4 Ways to Get Out of Your Funk
Covid, social upheaval, craziness at work – there are a lot of reasons to be in a funk these days. Are you ready to do something about it? We'll offer four methods you can use to jump-start your productive and build your business.
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Seriously Simple
Have you ever been completely stressed out because something isn't working the way it's supposed to? All you want is to MAKE IT WORK! How do you do that? Simplification. Seriously.
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Tools for Empathy
If there’s one thing the world needs right now, its’s empathy. On today’s show, we’ll share a pair of simple but powerful tools entrepreneurs like you can use to help understand people better, have more empathy, and be more effective.
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This Is Not Simple
By now we all know the power of story in shaping our lives through our LIV Cycle, but over the last week we've seen the darker side of narrative play out on a nearly real-time basis. Today, we'll examine how narrative can warp things with a little help from a piece in The Atlantic. Read […]
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