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Category: Sports/Recreation
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A sideways look at cycling from the creators of Boneshaker magazine

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Hawaii Podcast
Podcast Episode's:
05 A Design for Life
As a partner of The Design Museum's Cycle Revolution exhibition, this special podcast profiles 3 unique individuals to explore urban sub-culture, eccentric design, daredevil thrill seeking, and the incredible life story has shaped a high performer... Produced and narrated by Gary Fawle at Events in Sound, Title music by GF, additional music by The New Mystikal Troubadours, River Cult, TRG Banks, Mobius, NOMO, Schwemewound, Martin R, Lost Radio, Rod Hamilton, Uppermost. Subscribe at boneshakermag.com/podcasts
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04 The Wheels of Time - Pt2 (The Fast Show)
In Part 2 of our ride on the wheels of time, we meander through London with ex-cycle couriers turned writers Jon Day and Emily Chappell. To explore the metropolis with mind, body and bike. Subscribe to the Boneshakercast on your favourite podcast app, or subscribe and read more about this episode and others at http://boneshakermag.com/podcasts/
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03 The Wheels of Time - Pt1 (The Slow Show)
Time is a slippery thing: it can speed up and it can slow down, it can propel us through life or keep us standing still, In the first part of our ride on the wheels of time we hear from Stanley Donwood and Nick hand on how to step away from the clock. Additional linked features in issues 2-6 and 14 of Boneshaker http://boneshakermag.com/in-print/ read and see more at http://boneshakermag.com/podcasts/ Music by Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt with Rosendo Rocha, as well as The Agrarians and Eartheater. Presented and Produced by Gary Fawle at http://eventsinsound.com/
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02 Tracing The Broken Lines
Saddle up and follow the ghosts of American history, as we ride strange bicycles with Audrey Snyder and Joe Riley. Audrey and Joe founded the Parallel Cases project, using bikes and printing to explore America's forgotten railroads. We also hear from cycling storysmith Jet McDonald as he shares some psychogeographic thoughts on what it means to be broken. Music by James Blackshaw, Blue Dot Sessions, Ariel Kalma, The Cynics, Stefan Basho-Junghan, Lucky Dragons and Minotaur Shock. Presented and produced by Gary Fawle at eventsinsound.com
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The first Boneshakercast is a chance to meet the magazine's creators, James Lucas and Mike White, to dip a toe into the whirl of stories the magazine has featured. From tandem adventures across Patagonia to the freak bike gangs of LA. Taking in history, politics and pop-eyed nymphomaniacs along the way... Please help us set the wheels in motion for the Boneshakercast, subscribe, rate and review on Itunes or stitcher, talk to us, share this around and please give us your thoughts.
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