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Category: Religion/Spirituality
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Jon Bernie, author of Ordinary Freedom, is a contemporary spiritual teacher who offers a compassionate, heart-centered approach to spiritual awakening.

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Podcast Episode's:
The Retreat Right Now
Retreat is when you plant a seed in the fertile ground of mindfulness and attention — with as much tenderness, compassion, patience and open-mindedness as possible — letting go of the compulsion to compare, to analyze, to make conclusions and judgments about yourself and others. It’s amazing how much lighter you become when you let […]
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Allow Yourself to Be Transformed
The silence is always here, even in the background of the words, the silence is still here. Listen to that silence. Feel into that silence, and allow yourself to be healed. Allow yourself to be opened. Allow yourself to be transformed. Recorded 3/6/2017 in San Francisco.
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Let Transmutation Happen
Whatever’s holding on; whatever’s resisting; whatever’s grasping; be the space of awareness that allows it to go through whatever it’s going through, and to let go when it’s ready. Be the spacious awareness within you and outside of you. Drop out of your thinking mind that wants the answers. Drop into your heart, and your […]
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Arriving at the Oasis
The Oasis is where you are nourished, but it’s also where you are broken down; and where you are healed; and where you are liberated. Over and over and over, however much it happens, you’re always finding it. You’re always re-arriving here. Recorded 4/10/2017 in San Francisco.
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Spiritual Improvisation
Can you, right now, let go of everything you’ve every learned, everything you’ve ever heard, everything you’ve ever experienced? Can you give yourself permission to be completely available? Now you’re completely outside the realm of knowing, and you’re totally available to discover, every moment, how to follow the light. Recorded 2/20/2017 in San Francisco.
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No News is Good News!
We’re constantly talking to ourselves, constantly thinking — until we’re awake, fully present, and not interfering. Then every moment is new. Every moment is alive, right here. And that’s really what we’re here for — to discover the ease of being, and to bring that radiant embodiment into our life, into our relationships, into all […]
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Profound Fulfillment and True Satisfaction
When everything in your experience arises from awakening, your life has a clarity of direction that arises from alignment with the source of your being. Now you live fully as consciousness itself, with a mind that is so flexible it can understand any position, any perspective, but without believing or being attached to any of […]
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Let *It* Let Go
Whatever might still be holding on, whatever might be resisting, or whatever might be grasping — just be the space of awareness that lets *it* let go. Recorded 1/14/2017 in Santa Cruz.
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Everything is New
Awakening is when you’re just here. Nothing coming or going. Everything is new, everything is fresh. When all our filters drop away and there’s just this presence, we can come to a deeper, centered alignment in our being. And when you feel that presence emerging, that’s what you want to give your attention to. Words […]
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Healing Social Trauma
It’s in times of darkness that we most need the light. That’s when we’re really challenged to either run and hide and avoid, or face what’s right here. So thank you for showing up for yourself. As hard as it is right now, to cultivate consciousness is to drop knowing; to drop, at least for […]
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Every Taste is Delicious
When you’re no longer caught in meaning, or in trying to orchestrate or manage your experience, then you’re just here. You’re just open, vulnerable, available. Now it’s like every taste is delicious. You actually feel who you’re looking at. You’re willing to be touched, and to touch — to give and to receive. When you’re […]
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The Only Truth is Freedom
What does it mean to arrive here fully? What *is* freedom? And what does it mean to truly take care of yourself?
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Intimacy of the Heart
Intimacy is the union of being with another without the filter of “me”. It’s a closeness, a heartfulness, an empathetic sensitivity. Even though we may not have conversed, we know each other profoundly. That’s really the depth of relationship that we seek.
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A Little More Joy
“Can you find that moment, even right now, where you’re not seeking, not trying, not resisting? Can you let go, just for a moment? It feels good, doesn’t it?” Recorded 3/7/2016 in San Francisco.
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The Essential Energy of Transformation
Every moment is the beginning of the journey. When you wake up, there is not endpoint called “enlightenment”. There’s just this closeness, this intimacy of connection. No one to defend. Opening is a natural, mysterious movement; and what we learn from a human perspective, is how to let it move in the direction it’s moving. […]
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Wake Up Right Now
“The fundamental teaching — the guiding principle, the guiding light — is your own true nature. Whether you’re aware of that or not, it is, always has been, and always will be what you are. Belief has nothing to do with it. Trying to achieve has nothing to do with it. It is already what […]
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Ask Into Vastness
Are you able to surrender? Are you able to just be here? Whatever way works for you in this moment, it will open you, and it will bring you back into a harmonious presence. Maybe just being here, sensing this energy or presence in the room, if you can sense, see or tune into that. […]
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Wait Without Waiting
Eventually you get tired of trying — tired of wanting to know the answers, or how long it’s going to take — and you just kick back. You just open. You wait without waiting. Your deeper presence begins to emerge, and radiate, and become foreground. Our fundamental nature is energy. Aliveness. When you stop, when […]
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The Creative Force of Discovery
“When the veil of the knower drops away, the creative force of discovery guides your way. Each moment is revealed as new. Just as food has flavor, being has resonance, and the resonant being of being here, now, naturally encourages the dropping away of the veil of the knower. So we don’t come here to […]
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Love Being
“What is the nature of awakened life? What is the nature of freedom? The simplest description is being. When you’re being, you’re more available as a person. You’re more loving, more understanding, more open. You’re creative; alive! And lighter, not too serious. Just enough. Playful. Curious. Awakened life is about becoming fully, completely actualized as […]
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Leaving the Map
“Having a map is good up to a certain point, but sooner or later the map ends, and then how do you find your way? As explorers, do we really know where we’re going? At some point we realize we don’t know, and what originally produced anxiety eventually produces freedom, as we learn to listen […]
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Questions that Release You
“What will it take to dissolve your mind’s control? Freedom is the absence of the thought called ‘I’. So find the questions that release you, that relax you; that allow opening to happen.” Recorded 1/4/2016 in San Francisco.
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Fulfillment Right Now
“As human beings, our greatest longing is to be open — to love. Awakening is the key to that, awakening to what you truly are, your pure essence. Find that spark, right now, and let that take you.” Recorded 11/23/2015 in San Francisco.
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Be Fully Alive
“All that’s required to be here is simply to be here; not doing anything, and yet being fully present — awake! — attentive, open and relaxed. Then you might start to sense something — an expansion, an opening, a radiance, a presence — a force, even — within you, around you, moving through you. And […]
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Pure Zen
“The teaching that happens here is not just verbal. These words those are just suggestions, pointers to a deeper energetic transmission, a shift in perception to realizing that we are everything. That’s not a belief, not just some groovy concept — in that shift you begin truly to align with the fundamental energy of life […]
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Go with the Flow
“Everything we experience — thought, feeling, sensation, energy — originates from the source. But what is the source? That primal, alive movement is unknowable, and yet it is what we awaken to. Its movement is like waves; so we learn how to go with the flow.” Recorded 10/26/2015 in San Francisco.
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Drop Who You Are
If it’s not easy, you’re doing it wrong! Struggle is the opposite of surrender. But how do you surrender when the one who wants to surrender is also the one who wants to be in control? What works is dropping yourself — dropping who you think you are. Recorded 10/12/2015 in San Francisco.
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Your Essence is Understanding
You already understand. That which you truly are is the lifeforce, the creative, miraculous lifeforce; and when you’re really tuned into that understanding, it’s remarkable how well life can function.
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The Gravitational Force Field of Freedom
Waking up happens by itself, as soon as we find out how to let it. We are guided by the natural gravitation force field of freedom that is present in every cell, in every atom and molecule of your body, mind and heart. How could it not be? How could you not be one with the miracle and […]
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Steeping in the Question
Find out how to be in the question of your wanting. Not to think about it, or to look for the answer; but to let the mind open, and be released from struggle.
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We Are Here
“What is it that you fundamentally are, the constant in the ever-changing? What I’m pointing to is not a belief, but something much more pervasive. Where is that ease of being that is available to you right now, a natural letting go where you can allow your body, mind and heart to simply relax, and […]
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The Secret to Letting Go
“What perspective would allow you to be completely available? The magic of speaking into Big Mind is that the answer is literally in the question. It comes through the question, unknowingly, so that mystery remains a mystery. That’s why it’s so beautiful. To perceive it truly is to be awestruck.” Recorded 8/8/2015 in Santa Cruz.
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Look Forward to Not Knowing
“Listen without trying to understand the meaning of the words. Transmission is a nonverbal communication. It’s within you, always working. Be willing to be vulnerable, to actually be receptive to that inner guiding force transforming you.” Recorded 8/3/2015 in San Francisco.
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Transmission: The Teaching Beneath the Words
Even though transmission may seem to be coming from outside of you, in reality that which you are is simply being awakened by that which everything is. When you’re really tuned into the transmission, there is no teacher, and no student. There’s just this radiant field of energy, flowing in every direction simultaneously. Recorded 7/13/2015 in […]
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If It Feels Good, Be It!
“How often do we experience ordinary moments as sensual, rather than observing them in some detached way? The truth is that there is nothing and no one outside of yourself. When we become the space of being, there is nothing outside of us. When you begin to realize that you are everything that is perceived, […]
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Zen Algebra
“One minus one equals freedom. Coming back to zero, everything and nothing simultaneously. Relative and absolute integrated — one minus one. Whatever you have, give it away. Whatever you’re holding on to, let go of. Return back to zero; to openness; to clarity. Then you are what you see. You are what you feel. Everyone, […]
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Letting *Letting Go* Happen
“Let yourself begin to find a natural, easy stillness.  In allowing yourself simply to be aware — to be awareness — you literally begin to feel or see as spaciousness, as presence; as vast, boundaryless consciousness itself, enriching and enlivening your whole being.” Recorded 6/13/2015 in Santa Cruz.
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The Miracle of Pure Aliveness
“Forget everything you know: your past, your future, your beliefs. Because what happens here is a mysterious, amazing, miraculous process of becoming unburdened, of lightening up — of enlightening! — so that the light that you are actually can shine, the loving heart that you are can radiate, and you can be happy — unconditionally […]
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Discovering What’s Real
“The real gift of awakening and opening is truly loving. We open into being authentically loving beings — enlightened, radiant, filled with spirit, and completely grounded in authentic humanity.” Recorded 4/13/2015 in San Francisco.
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What’s In the Way?
What is “awake”? Awake is when you’re connected, when you’re actually available to what you’re sensing and feeling, and to what others are sensing and feeling. When we stop, when we open, we see and feel how we’ve been holding back, and how we can begin to get out of our own way.
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The Reality of Connection
Connection is our true nature. It’s an aliveness, a presence, a vastness. The reason we come here — the reason we *are* here — is to discover that for the first time; or to rediscover it; or to deepen into what is already present for us.
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Turning Awareness On
Suffering is when we’re very identified, when we’re so contracted in our beliefs that there’s no sense of humor, no lightness. It’s heavy. It’s a bummer! But you can bring awareness in such a way that opening happens; you can question in such a way that the mind dissolves. And when you’re fully here the […]
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Noticing with the Heart
The noticing that I’m describing is free of judgment, interpretation, comparison, analysis. So bring yourself back to a place where there’s spacious awareness. Widen your field to find that place where there is no resistance. Feel your heart opening, moving, unwinding. Feel your mind relaxing. There’s nothing like being unburdened. It’s fresh, and it’s always […]
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How to Be Here
The fundamental teaching of being here is… just being here. No grasping; no holding; no trying. No understanding. No mind, no body; no nothing! Just being. Those are not concepts; rather, they are descriptions of how it is when *just being* is happening.
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Call Yourself Home
If you’re not here, where are you? If you have a moment, you might try arriving, and allowing yourself to become embodied. Allow your awareness to fully permeate your whole nervous system; and your amorphous emotional realm; and even your mind! That’s part of the miracle and mystery too.
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The Space of Deepest Acceptance
Our nature is like the ocean, infinitely deep and beautiful. True acceptance is perceiving from that spaciousness, from the energetic fundamental nature that we are — from awareness itself.
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The Power of Truth
There’s a magic and a power to describing what is in a space that doesn’t expect anything — a space of open acceptance that is really resonating that frequency of freedom that you already are. Describing what is lifts the veil, burns off the fog, and awareness naturally shines through.
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Phenomenal Expansion of Perspective
It helps to have the perspective of the big heart, the space of unconditional acceptance we all have within us. Because as we heal, deeply, we naturally transform, we naturally awaken. We naturally become free. We naturally find the newness of this moment — right here, right now.
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Birth of the Light
We’re always celebrating the birth of the light. Find this light — this light that is what you are — and really enjoy its radiance.
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No Holding Back
When we’re not held back, not stuck in our belief structures, we can move into the realm of now, which is constant discovery — a creative, intelligent realm. You can feel it, this openness, expansiveness, spaciousness. And when that becomes available, how do you give that your attention? I sometimes talk about generosity. Generosity means […]
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