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Category: Business
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The podcast show to gain expert insight to develop your knowledge base and make informed investment decisions.

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Podcast Episode's:
Breakaway Funding Podcast: Brand Strength Roadmap; How Strong is Your Brand?
Whether you are pitching clients or investors, the job of your brand is to stake out a strong market position that defines your differentiation and competitive advantage – and set you up for a win.
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Breakaway Funding Podcast: Power Financing with Hybrid Crowdfunding®
Join featured guest and managing partner of Breakaway Funding, Kim Kaselionis who is leading the conversation in the Bay Area on alternative finance for, Investors, Financial Institutions, and Growth-ready small to medium sized businesses. Watch this Podcast if you would like to learn more about, How Hybrid Crowdfunding® can help increase access to capital, Who you need on your team when you're considering a capital raise, Building out your own "crowd," including potential investors, How Fresno First Bank implemented their $10 million program and why it can work at your institution.
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Breakaway Funding Podcast: Attracting Financing. What are Investors Looking For?
Join Bay Area accounting and financial firm director, Stephen Ambler for a 50-minute presentation on what investors are looking for and drill down into when your company is trying to attract them into making an investment. Stephen will cover investor areas of focus, from the time of you first looking for the right investor to the time of you close the deal. Stephen Ambler is a key member of the leadership team at RoseRyan, a nationally-recognized finance and accounting consulting firm based in Silicon Valley, and manages the firm's hiring and deployment of consultants to RoseRyan clients, while also providing CFO services to a number of its clients.
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Breakaway Funding Podcast: How to Choose the Right Filing for Bankruptcy
Not every company succeeds. There’s lots of advice about starting a new business and navigating a great exit. People don’t like to talk about less successful endings. Winding up a failing business is tricky, and doing it the wrong way can destroy value and even lead to liability for the officers and directors. There are several alternative ways to exit a failing business. Bankruptcy is the best known, but is only one of the options. Other options are voluntary workouts, assignments for the benefit of creditors, receiverships and dissolutions. Each is different and which one is the right one varies with the company’s circumstances. Join leading bankruptcy attorney Bennett Young for a thrilling ride into the bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy options available to a failing company and the factors that officers, directors and investors should consider in choosing among the alternatives. He will also discuss potential personal liability traps and how to avoid them.
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Breakaway Funding Podcast: Avoiding Family Wealth Meltdowns: The Holiday Edition
Having a will and trust are no longer enough to keep family wealth intact. Learn why families break apart and what to do about it, plus how to make your family holiday gatherings peaceful and more enjoyable. Presenter Richard Del Monte of the Del Monte Group, specializes in resolving family disputes and upsets, wealth management, family business transitions, philanthropic planning, and family meetings and governance. More than half of the wealth transition failures documented in 20 year study occurred due to a breakdown of trust and communication and an inability to resolve conflicts that destroyed unity and lead to a rapid and tragic loss of inherited wealth.
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Breakaway Funding Podcast: Equity Compensation for Startups and Small Businesses
Attract and retain top talent, while preserving cash and reducing your burn rate with equity compensation. Join us this month for an exciting webinar featuring experienced, emerging growth attorney Rick Randel of Randel Law, Inc. Plan to learn how to attract, retain and incentivize your employees and contractors with alternate forms of compensation, like: Restricted Stock and 83(b) Elections, Stock Options Restricted, Stock Units, Phantom Stock, Stock Appreciations Rights and Profits Interest Plans for LLCs
Watch: vodcast - video/mpeg

Breakaway Funding Podcast: How to Spot Red Flags in Convertible Notes
We are thrilled to welcome Stephen Osborn, attorney and eponymous partner at Osborn McDerby, a boutique business law firm that serves emerging growth and mid-sized businesses in corporate and commercial transactions. Steve advises on funding, growing, buying, and selling businesses. In this 50-minute presentation, he will cover: what is convertible equity and whether it's SAFE to KISS, what are convertible notes and how are they being used today, what are the key terms, trends and negotiation points for investors in convertible notes, Whether you are an experienced investor or just learning the ropes, this webinar is also for the business owner seeking growth capital or in “talks” with potential investors or partners.
Watch: vodcast - video/mpeg

Breakaway Funding Podcast: Storytelling Tips to be More Persuasive
People are hardwired to respond to stories. Stories bring us together, help us understand each other, paint vivid pictures, and, done right, can inspire your audience to take action. Where detailed explanations and arguments can be challenging or complex, everyone can relate to stories. The speaker is just taking us on a journey, one step at a time, and thanks to our long history around campfires, our minds are great at following along. In this 60-minute webinar, Kristi Royse, CEO of KLR Consulting, shows how stories can be used by anyone to enhance any presentation, whether your audience is one person or hundreds. What you'll learn: Why to use stories in your presentations and conversations, Choosing stories that speak to your specific audience, How to turn a good story into a great story, What to emphasize when telling a story on stage, What makes a story flop, Storytelling tips and tricks to help you be more persuasive and to make your recommendations stick. Learn to use storytelling to help you make a persuasive point, be remembered, motivate people to action, and to inspire them to take up your cause! Kristi partners with clients to provide coaching and leadership development programs which are direct, specific and improve bottom line results.
Watch: vodcast - video/mpeg

Breakaway Funding Podcast: Bend The Curve With The One Page Business Plan
Are you are an entrepreneur wanting to jumpstart your business? Or perhaps you are an executive with: a management team that wants to keep their team focused, move into the next level of discipline to accelerate growth, increase revenues and profits, improve communication, develop high performance or, achieve your company goals? Get focused faster and ! Join our guest presenter Allison Tabor, founder and CEO of Coppia Communications as she helps us to unlock the complexity of business planning, using proven practical success techniques while introducing us to The One Page Business Plan® methodology that will help bring your business plans into reality. About Presenter Allison Tabor, Allison gets leaders farther faster by focusing on effective Communication and Strategic Planning. She is an executive coach who is certified both as a DISC consultant and One Page Business Plan® specialist. She uniquely draws from her firsthand experience, having co-owned a structural engineering business for more than 20 years. She also facilitates for the International Women Presidents Organization (WPO), leading two peer advisory groups of Bay Area multi-million dollar entrepreneurial women presidents/CEOs.
Watch: vodcast - video/mpeg

Breakaway Funding Podcast: Crowdfund Video for Cadillac Bar and Grill
The founder of Cadillac Bar and Grill Michael Rodriguez talks about his background in the food industry and the history of Cadillac Bar and Grill. This is the crowdfund video that went on to help raise 2.4 million
Watch: vodcast - video/mpeg

Breakaway Funding Podcast: Beyond The Grind-Retirement Options for Entreperneurs
What you’ll learn: - What retirement plans are available for self-employed entrepreneurs - Why the Solo 401k is a better retirement plan option than the SEP-IRA - The great features of a Solo 401k and how to use them to your advantage - What a “self-directed” retirement account really is and how you can make it work best for you - Learn what you can and can’t invest in with a self-directed retirement account.
Watch: vodcast - video/mpeg

Breakaway Funding Podcast: How to Prepare Your Company for a Capital Raise
This month we feature attorneys Khoi Dang and Justin Santarosa of Horgan, Rosen, Beckham, and Coren, LLP to provide a deeper dive into financial preparations for a capital raise. This is suitable for companies at any stage of growth. Key topics covered: When You've Decided to Raise Capital, How to Prepare for a Capital Raise: What do investors want to see?, Disclosure Document, Final Disclosure
Watch: vodcast - video/mpeg

Breakaway Funding Podcast: How to Master Play or Pay - ACA Compliance for Employers
Breakaway Funding Educational Webinar features Aaron Brown, Founder/CEO of MyHealthChampions.com. Main Takeaways: Requirements for Employers Under the Affordable Care Act The “Pay or Play Rule:” what is it and how does it relate to your company How to establish a “measurement period,” “administrative period,” and “stability period” Developing your strategy for the "Pay or Play Rule" -- there is no “one size fits all”
Watch: vodcast - video/mpeg

Breakaway Funding Podcast: Why State Crowdfunding Laws Still Matter
Kim Kaselionis of Equity Crowdfunding Platform Breakaway Funding gives a detailed look at why state crowdfunding laws still matter. With Title III now in effect on the federal level, the panel discussions at every major conference have evolved from “greater access to capital for small businesses,” toward actionable solutions that involve all classes of investors who now have the opportunity to make a major impact in fueling a sustainable economy in any community.
Watch: vodcast - video/mpeg

Breakaway Funding Podcast: How to Market Your Startup
Kim Kaselionis of Equity Crowdfunding Platform Breakaway Funding and Clare Price of CFP MediaGroup present the best advice to explore the three compelling messages you need to master to open doors to funding, customers and top talent.
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Breakaway Funding Podcast: How to Develop Your Exit Strategy
Kim Kaselionis of Equity Crowdfunding Platform Breakaway Funding and Simon Inman of CMPR present the best advice for developing an exit strategy for your business.
Watch: vodcast - video/mpeg

Breakaway Funding Podcast: Due Diligence: You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression
Breakaway Funding’s Equity Crowdfunding and Investing Podcast, Michael Gralnick, of Keiretsu Forum and Kim Kaselionis stress the importance of due diligence for your business to prepare for investors.
Watch: vodcast - video/mpeg

Breakaway Funding Podcast: How to Build a Fearless Brand
Breakaway Funding’s Equity Crowdfunding and Investing Podcast, Robert Friedman, of fearlessbranding.com and Kim Kaselionis talk about branding. Robert lays down the foundation of building a fearless brand.
Watch: vodcast - video/mpeg

Breakaway Funding Podcast: How to Invest Like a Professional
Breakaway Funding’s Equity Crowdfunding and Investing Podcast, with James Lichau, Assurance Manager Burr Pilger Mayer. Mr. Lichau gives you the best tips to invest like a professional
Watch: vodcast - video/mpeg

Breakaway Funding Podcast: How to Pitch Your Deal to Investors
Breakaway Funding’s educational podcast, with Che Voigt, Board Chair of the North Bay Angels. Mr. Voigt will give a detailed process how to pitch your deal to investors
Watch: vodcast - video/mpeg

Breakaway Funding Podcast: Crowdfunding and Real Estate
Breakaway Funding’s educational webinar for the month of June featuring Mark Roderick, attorney with Flaster/Greenberg. Mr. Roderick outlines the rapidly growing industry of Real Estate Crowdfunding and how you can leverage different regulations to get your real estate projects funded. Visit breakawayfunding.com the leading equity crowdfunding platform.
Watch: vodcast - video/mpeg

Breakaway Funding Podcast: What You Need to Know to Survive the Next Economic Crash
In this 50-minute presentation, Dr. Lawrence Souza will look at the macro monetary-fiscal policy and capital flight and micro (venture capital/technology/construction) factors driving the U.S. and Northern California economies, investment and commercial real estate markets: expected returns, volatility, investment products and more.
Watch: vodcast - video/mpeg

Breakaway Funding Podcast: Personal and Commercial Credit. The 5 C's of Creditability
Creditability is the term Erik Lacy, Founder and President of Apollo Credit and Finance Solutions, uses to describe the ability of a business or consumer to secure the credit and financing they need, on the best terms possible.
Watch: vodcast - video/mpeg

Breakaway Funding Podcast: Avoiding Landmines in Buy-Sell Agreements.
From the unique perspective of a seasoned valuation expert, Mr. Statz will share insights that you can use to create buy-sell agreements that, when triggered, will be clear-cut, quick and affordable to implement, and fair to all concerned.
Watch: vodcast - video/mpeg

Breakaway Funding Podcast: What's in a Number?
Kim Kaselionis talks about using valuation to get the most from your investment or capital raise.
Watch: vodcast - video/mpeg

Breakaway Funding Podcast: 4th Annual Metropole Global Alternative Funding Forum
An Equity Crowdfunding Panel moderated by Kim Kaselionis, Founder and Managing Partner of Breakaway Funding. The panelists include, Oscar a Jofre Jr., Founder and CEO at KoreConX, Enzo Villani, Equities.com, Rod Turner, Venture Capitalist and Entrepreneur, Ronald Miller, Partner at StartEngine
Watch: vodcast - video/mpeg

Breakaway Funding Podcast: The Jobs Act and Title III - An Overview
Breakaway Funding managing partner, Kim Kaselionis will provide a brief interpretation of the recent US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) decisions on key provisions of Title III of the Jobs Act of 2012. This is appropriate for investors, entrepreneurs, financial institutions, and other professionals and community partners interested in alternative finance models.
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