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Category: Business
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Business Game Changers with Sarah Westall covers the big issues, disruptions, and cutting edge innovation. Each episode brings you leading experts, visionaries, and newsmakers to provide insights on trends, fluctuating markets, and important issues.

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Podcast Episode's:
Iran War Imminent, Israel Two State Solution Dead – Jake Morphonios (End Times Report)
Investigative Journalist Jake Morphonios of the End Times Report rejoins the program to review some of the most important topics in the news. We go over the latest move by Trump to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel and how that impacts the Two state solution. We also discuss how Iran is being surrounding by troops in the region and whether that will lead ultimately to war. This and much more is discussed.       Learn more about Jake Morphonios on the End Times Report channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/prepare333 Jake explains the details of the mysterious Bohemian Grove - Exclusively for Patreons at https://www.patreon.com/SarahWestall     Jake Morphonios Biography Jake R. Morphonios is an investigative journalist for The End Times News Report and former political strategist and adviser to several campaigns, including those of presidential candidates Steve Forbes and Ron Paul.         See the full Interview on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Re6OS4V59OU  
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Drug Trafficking – Inside Account, CIA Program (Bush, Rockefeller, Kissinger)
Nicholas Zakzuk joins the program to discuss how his family's shipping business was ultimately destroyed by the CIA/Colombian drug trafficking racket. His family's business the largest shipping company in Colombia before the drug business took over. He provides a horrifying yet engaging description about his family's ordeal with border patrol agents, the CIA, and the FBI. He also shares who he believes was behind the entire set up of the Colombian drug trade and how it ultimately turned a very peaceful country into a haven of drugs and violence. You can learn more about his story at https://usadevils.com/ View additional content for my Patreons at https://www.patreon.com/SarahWestall     Nicholas Zakzuk Biography Description coming soon...                See the Interview on YouTube: https://youtu.be/--NNA5pMeR0  
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Evidence: Child Sex Trafficking Rings & How they Work (Caylee Anthony, HaLeigh Cummings cases)
Award Winning Investigative Journalist Timothy Holmseth joins the program to discuss his in-depth research into child sex trafficking rings that operate throughout the country. He illustrates how local thugs and powerful elites work together to procure children for black market trade of sex, organs, and slavery. He also explains the methods for laundering children (i.e. clear their ties), and how local authorities work together nationwide to enable the trade to flourish. His evidence is 100% backed up by audio evidence and documents. A treasure trove for prosecutors to use to nail an active child sex trafficking ring and ultimately save hundreds & maybe thousands of future victims. You can learn and donate to his work at http://www.writeintoaction.com/ Please consider supporting the program at https://www.patreon.com/SarahWestall     Tim Holmseth Biography Timothy Charles Holmseth is a former newspaper reporter, magazine writer, song writer, author, and publisher. Timothy has been recognized by the North Dakota Newspaper Association, as well as Boone Publishing, with first place awards for his work as a reporter and columnist, including Best News Series. Other accomplishments include special awards for his work in sales and marketing; as well as songwriting contracts with several music companies. In 2009, Timothy was contacted by a private investigator working for the attorney representing the mother of a missing five year-old child from Florida named HaLeigh Cummings. Timothy:     Conducted over one-hundred hours of interviews with witnesses, law enforcement, lawyers, social services, and others Obtained highly sensitive information regarding the activities of satanic organized crime in Florida Obtained names of kidnapping operatives claiming to be FBI and CIA agents Was told intimate details about why HaLeigh Cummings was missing, who really took her, how they did it, who police had questioned, and illegal activities of the participants to escape prosecution Learned HaLeigh’s kidnapping was executed by the same group that was responsible for the death of a two year-old from Orlando named Caylee Anthony Captured members of an organized group discussing naked photos of five year-old HaLeigh Cummings that featured close-ups of her assaulted vagina. The child porn was in the secret possession of a Florida law office and being distributed through an underground network of operatives within law enforcement that included a social worker with the Florida Department of Children and Families The Florida law office was working with persons that were identifying themselves as federal agents and police officers The Florida law office was working with an Indiana corporation called Specialized investigative Consultants Inc. Became the target of an organized crime enterprise that began to contact his family, friends, employers, police, social services, and initiated a non-stop cyber-stalking campaign against Timothy on the Web. Timothy’s life has been threatened, and he’s been subjected to multiple acts of extortion and blackmail. He has been threatened with murder, rape, and mutilation. Every place of outside employment where Timothy has worked has been contacted by organized crime and told to fire him. Most of the threats are accompanied by warnings to stop saying HaLeigh Cummings is alive and demands to remove his Web publications from the internet.   CAYLEE ANTHONY, HALEIGH CUMMINGS, JONBENET RAMSEY, JACOB WETTERLING, DYLAN REDWINE As the 2016 presidential election drew near, Timothy was threatened on a regular basis about his work on the JonBent Ramsey, Caylee Anthony, HaLeigh Cummings, Jacob Wetterling, and Dylan Redwine cases. Timothy received calls from shadow government operatives using voice changing software that warned him to remove his publications from the Web or suffer the consequences. The Caller I.D. said Clinton Global,
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Jesus on Gentle Strength, The Event, & Weak Theology
Dr. John Caputo, Founder of the Weak Theology Movement and Professor of Theology, Religion, and Philosophy at Syracuse University and Villanova University rejoins the program to discuss what Jesus said about aggression, forgiveness, gentleness, and love. He also explains what his movement, Weak Theology, is about and how that relates to Jesus and his teachings. We also discuss "The Event" and what that means. Lastly, I also ask how it's even possible to forgive the most deplorable amongst us and why... This is a deep conversation about meaningful concepts that are very applicable to today. Learn more about John Caputo at https://www.facebook.com/John.D.Caputo/ Additional interview content is available for Patreons at https://www.patreon.com/SarahWestall     Professor John D. Caputo Biography: John D. Caputo, the Thomas J. Watson Professor of Religion Emeritus (Syracuse University) and the David R. Cook Professor of Philosophy Emeritus (Villanova University) is a hybrid philosopher/theologian who works in the area of radical theology. His most recent book, "The Insistence of God: A Theology of Perhaps," is a sequel to The Weakness of God, which develops his concept of radical theology and engages in dialogue with Malabou, Zizek and Latour. He has also just published "Truth," a part of the Penguin “Philosophy in Transit” series, aimed at a general audience.            See the full interview on YouTube: https://youtu.be/KI0nNy_Vot4  
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Energy Weapons, C60 Source of Life, Newton & Gravity Redefined
Ken "the Scientist" along with Patty Greer joins the program to discuss Greer's brush in with energy weapons, the amazing benefits of C60, and how C60 is the source of life. Ken is the mind behind C60PurplePower.com which brings us one the highest quality C60 oil available today. Ken also explains how he formulated new mathematical formulas for gravity that are 3 orders of magnitude more precise than Newton's. This is enabling governments worldwide to have accurate anti ballistic missile technology. It also enables space organizations to accurately land and maneuver craft. Lastly, Ken explains his Moxy Fusion Reactor that creates energy at a fraction of the price of oil, nuclear, coal, wind, or solar. He is clearly one of the most brilliant scientists alive and business game changers brings you another episode that educates listeners on the amazing potential of our future. The Patent link (the number was wrong in the video): Link to Patent See more about C60 and how to purchase it at: C60PurplePower.com See more about Patty Greer at CropCircleFilms.com See additional Patreon only content - Ken "the Scientist" explains how his MOXY Fusion Reactor works and also explains how it relates to monoatomic gold. He also explains the common misperceptions with monoatomic gold and what it's benefits are:  Patreon.com/SarahWestall See his Patent #US20170117066: US20170117066     Biography of Ken "The Scientist" Description coming soon...                 Biography of Patty Greer Greer is one of the most decorated documentary film makers in the country. Her newest film, “Crop Circle Diaries”, received 2 new EBE Awards at the 2017 International UFO Congress Convention Film Festival for: Best Feature Film 2017 & The People's Choice Award. Overall, she has won 8 prestigious awards on her films. Greer is also an activist dedicated to helping humanity by exposing the public to cutting edge technologies and new ways of solving some of humanities toughest problems. You can learn more about Patty Greer at CropCircleFilms.com    See the full interview on YouTube: https://youtu.be/X_Qe63Ds1XM  
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Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State with Joachim Hagopian
West Point Graduate, Army Officer, and Clinical Psychologist Joachim Hagopian joins the program to shed light on the Global Pedophile and sex trafficking network. His recent book, "Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State" is the most complete documentation of the historical and current account of the Child Trafficking Global Network to date. It's not easy to read the horrors of that black market, but it is a critical account of the abuses worldwide that need to be eradicated for the sake of all of our children and the for the consciousness of humanity. Additional interview content: Joachim Hagopian continues with what he believes is the power behind the elites who are orchestrating the global child trafficking network. Available for Patreons at https://www.patreon.com/SarahWestall     Biography Joachim Hagopian Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field for more than a quarter century. He now concentrates on his writing and has a blog site at http://empireexposed.blogspot.com/.     See the full interview on YouTube:  https://youtu.be/-nzi2avrKDg      
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WARNING-A SOLUTION: Curing Autism, Anxiety, Reversing Symptoms w/ Immune System
Curing Autism: Dr. Kerri Rivera joins the program to discuss solutions for reversing the symptoms of autism and of other ailments like anxiety. Her team has been using different methods to jump start your immune system to regain health. According to her and her team, autism formed after vaccines are caused by immune system issues and inflammation that leads to an explosion of bad bacteria and parasites throughout your body. Her protocols have completely healed almost 300 people who formerly had autism. It has also significantly reduced autism symptoms in thousands of more people worldwide. Please consider supporting the program at https://www.patreon.com/SarahWestall     Dr. Kerri Rivera Biography: Dr. Rivera is the founder and director of CDAutism.org and supports families in over 10 languages with over 10,000 members worldwide. In her own words: "Bringing hope and recovery to families with children on the Autism Spectrum is not only my mission, but my passion as well.  I strive to impart the truth that “Autism is Avoidable, Treatable and Curable.” Learn more about Dr. Kerri Rivera at http://cdautism.org/   See the full interview on Youtube: https://youtu.be/zmJiruNjiZ4  
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Civil Unrest, Police State Expanding Due to Ignorance
Prime Minister David Williams rejoins the program to discuss the state of our country and to share his views on the increasing civil unrest and the expanding police state. He also discusses the pervasive ignorance and lack of personal responsibility in the United States. This episode also continues our education series about self determination, international law, and the legal structure of the United States.  Destroying Illusion: You can see more at http://www.deprogrammingseries.com/ Consider supporting the show at Patreon.com/SarahWestall     David Williams Biography: David Williams is the Prime Minister and Head of State for the Dominion of Melchizedek.  Before he became Prime Minister, he was the ambassador at large for the country from 2006 thru 2012.  Prime Minister Williams was also the CEO and founder of Matrix Solutions, a membership website which helps individuals understand the concept of Self-Determination found in International law under peaceful settlements of disputes. After taking office as Prime Minister, he resigned his position at Matrix Solutions and focuses mainly on humanitarian work worldwide.  Lately he has started to focus more efforts again on educating individuals on the rights of self determination. Some of his past work in this area included: Building a 300 membership website to educated individuals on the concepts of international law and self determination. Engaging members via conference calls, newsletters, and comments to further expand their understanding of the material.  Shared experiences on his own path to exercising his Right of Self-Determination.  Debunking many of the legal "gurus" purporting themselves to be experts in law and using fictional arguments to escape responsibility and obligations.  Helped dozens from going to prison and getting in serious trouble with governments and agencies.  See more at the official site of the government of the Dominion of Melchizedeck:  https://www.melchizedek.com/    See the full interview on YouTube: https://youtu.be/GFaAHlKBnwM  
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Deep State Take Down, WW3, Indictments, Zionist Info War with Robert David Steele
Robert David Steele rejoins the program to discuss the sealed indictments that are mounting. We also discuss the deep state's attempts to remain in power and how Trump can defeat them and the Zionist Info war and agenda. He describes the Zionist agenda to start WW3 and the need to refocus our countries efforts on the needs of the nation. You can learn more about Robert David Steele at http://robertdavidsteele.com/ or at http://phibetaiota.net/ Please consider supporting the program at https://www.patreon.com/SarahWestall   Other links: Deep State/Zionist Censorship System: http://tinyurl.com/GoogleGestapo Free Book on Pedophilia & Empire: http://tinyurl.com/pedoempire Steele's Philosophy of Intelligence: http://tinyurl.com/steele-philosophy Federal Lawsuit: http://tinyurl.com/Steele-vs-Goodman Donate to Non-Profit: http://paypal.me/EarthIntel   Robert David Steele Biography: Robert David Steele served in the Marine Corps for 9 years at all levels, from Platoon to Service Headquarters, and the CIA as a clandestine services case officer for 10 years focusing on extremist and terrorist targets. He later accepted a position in the Marine Corps to set up the Marine Corps Intelligence Center. Steele has written many books on various intelligence, government, and geopolitical issues that he gives out for free to the public. His books are rich in information with a complete reference of his sources. "Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) is affordable, inter-operable, and scalable to the five billion poor now neglected by industrial-era engineers. Data-driven, a design revolution could enable the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) within a decade – two at most – at 1/10th the cost of the current paradigm. An Open Source (Technologies) Agency is proposed as a starting point for the second industrial-informational revolution."   Robert David Steele You can learn more about him and obtain copies of his books by visiting his website at www.robertdavidsteele.com   See the full interview on YouTube:  https://youtu.be/-RvZmYtfYTM  
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Black Money Projects Killing Economy, Banking for the People with Ellen Brown
Economist and Author Ellen Brown joins the program to discuss the shape of our economy. She explains how black money projects are making it impossible for the United States to balance it's books and details how our economy could be healthy if that money was returned to the people. She also discusses public banking and how that would maximize the use of our community funds and direct it's uses and profits directly to the communities. Ellen Brown is the founder of the Public Banking Institute and the author of a dozen books and hundreds of articles. She developed her research skills as an attorney practicing civil litigation in Los Angeles. In the best-selling Web of Debt (2007, 2012), she turned those skills to an analysis of the Federal Reserve and “the money trust,” showing how this private cartel has usurped the power to create money from the people themselves and how we the people can get it back. You can learn more about Ellen Brown on her website at EllenBrown.com or at PublicBankingInstitute.Org Please consider supporting the program at Patreon.com/SarahWestall     Ellen Brown Biography: Ellen Brown is the founder of the Public Banking Institute and the author of a dozen books and hundreds of articles. She developed her research skills as an attorney practicing civil litigation in Los Angeles. In the best-selling Web of Debt (2007, 2012), she turned those skills to an analysis of the Federal Reserve and “the money trust,” showing how this private cartel has usurped the power to create money from the people themselves and how we the people can get it back. In The Public Bank Solution (2013) she traces the evolution of two banking models that have competed historically, public and private; and explores contemporary public banking systems globally. She has presented these ideas at scores of conferences in the US and abroad, including in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Canada, Iceland, Ireland, Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Croatia, Malaysia, Mexico and Venezuela. Brown developed an interest in the developing world and its problems while living abroad for eleven years in Kenya, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua. She returned to practicing law when she was asked to join the legal team of a popular Tijuana healer with an innovative cancer therapy, who was targeted by the chemotherapy industry in the 1990s. That experience produced her book Forbidden Medicine, which traces the suppression of natural health treatments to the same corrupting influences  that have captured the money system. She also co-authored the bestselling Nature’s Pharmacy, which has sold 285,000 copies. Ellen ran for California State Treasurer in 2014 with the endorsement of the Green Party garnering a record number of votes for a Green Party candidate. Her 330+ blog articles are at http://EllenBrown.com. The Public Banking Institute is at http://PublicBankingInstitute.org. She can be heard biweekly on “It’s Our Money with Ellen Brown” on PRN.FM.   See the full interview on YouTube: https://youtu.be/i9wXxS_lf1Y  
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