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Category: Comedy
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Z-list LA comedian and awkward jerk Charles Disney invites his friends, colleagues, and other assorted folks on to tell him what is wrong with him, and he returns the favor.

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Podcast Episode's:
One of Our Attorneys is a Jew
<p>The show shares some listener mail about the recent Conner Habib episode, including the accusation from previous guest Evan Williams that Charles was hitting on Conner, which Charles denies. Then Isaac and Charles decide on the appropriate anti-Semitism warning sound for the show. Send in your own clips! Speaking of Jews, Isaac and Charles differ on the appropriate displays of holiday accoutrements. On the crutch word front, Isaac tries to reduce his use of the word “but” with little success and Charles brags about stopping himself from saying ”you know” while unfortunately uttering it numerous times.</p>
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Minisode: Aziz Ansari’s Fingers
<p>A few minutes of fresh, topical content with guests Seth Goldsmith and Joe Aprill. The Babe Magazine article on Aziz Ansari’s possibly bad behavior is out and our panel of dudes investigates! Was it sexual misconduct or just a bad date? Also, what is going on with the fingers in mouth thing? Also covered is Aziz’s TV show Master of None and whether his character should be seen so sympathetically. This episode will assuredly age well.</p>
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The Assassination of Isaac’s Acting Episode by the Coward Erik Escobar
<p>Inspired by a Reddit thread, Isaac has been planning an episode about great acting scenes in movies. Unfortunately, this week’s guest is comedian Erik Escobar, who constantly derails the conversation to make bad puns and discuss wrestling. Meanwhile, Charles debuts his new soundboard featuring multiple clips of Isaac’s crutch words and laughter. Isaac attempts to conduct a serious episode featuring good acting scenes from There Will Be Blood and Magnolia while Erik giggles hysterically at clips from Tommy Wiseau’s Wi-Show. This is probably our greatest/most annoying episode ever.</p>
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Minisode: Isaac and Charles Go On Other Podcasts
<p>Isaac and Charles spent some time guesting on other podcasts and the results are examined, including Isaac’s VERY CONTROVERSIAL statements. Comedian Erik Escobar is also present to talk about a certain amusement park job and his love of fusion food.</p> <p>Charles went on Heather Marulli’s podcast Unruly: <a href="https://soundcloud.com/heather-marulli/charles-disney-raises-my-gd-blood-pressure">https://soundcloud.com/heather-marulli/charles-disney-raises-my-gd-blood-pressure</a></p> <p>Isaac went on Josh Denny’s podcast March of the Pigs: <a href="http://www.blogtalkradio.com/motp/2017/11/28/220--isaac-simpson-and-josh-give-thanks-on-black-friday">http://www.blogtalkradio.com/motp/2017/11/28/220–isaac-simpson-and-josh-give-thanks-on-black-friday</a></p>
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Touch Me! with Conner Habib
<p>Conner Habib is back on the podcast, this time to talk about the Weinstein Effect, and whether people are still able to touch and connect in the same ways that they did before. Isaac and Charles argue over whether it’s a sex issue or a power issue. Conner points out that workplace attraction and romance is impossible to avoid because Americans are stuck working all the time. Also covered: the working relationships between porn actors and why they are superior to regular working relationships and Conner’s distaste for Jordan Peterson. The “Slate article” referenced multiple times is <a href="http://www.slate.com/articles/double_x/doublex/2017/12/where_is_the_line_between_office_flirtation_and_sexual_harassment.html">http://www.slate.com/articles/double_x/doublex/2017/12/where_is_the_line_between_office_flirtation_and_sexual_harassment.html</a>. Conner is reachable on Twitter <a href="http://twitter.com/ConnerHabib">@ConnerHabib</a> and his podcast “Ag [...]</p>
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Minisode: God Hates Fry
<p>A brief followup to “The 8 Worst Podcast Voices on Gimlet Media” episode. Chris Callahan and Rachel Louie lend their opinions to an important question: does Charles have vocal fry? Is he a hypocrite for criticizing Gimlet voices when he himself may be frying away? What does Reddit have to say about this?</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Porn is Good For You! with Conner Habib
<p>This week’s guest is teacher, thinker, philosopher, podcaster, and gay porn star Conner Habib. Conner shares his background and talks about how he got into porn. Noted anti-porn crusader Isaac questions whether porn is bad for society and why it might be creating the much-discussed “Herbivore Men.” Other topics: Trump (of course), why you feel weird after an orgasm, Freud’s death drive, and what gay men like to watch, porn-wise. Also Charles embarrasses Isaac by reading from his emails. Follow Conner on Twitter (<a href="https://twitter.com/ConnerHabib">@ConnerHabib</a>) and subscribe to his podcast “Against Everyone with Conner Habib” on your favorite podcasting platform. Part 1 of 2 episodes.</p>
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Minisode: The Shadowbanning of Isaac Simpson
<p>Beloved journalist Isaac Simpson wrote a benign personal essay for Medium about his experience leaving social media (<a href="https://medium.com/@IsaacSimpson/how-leaving-social-media-affects-your-mind-c9e22df2c354">https://medium.com/@IsaacSimpson/how-leaving-social-media-affects-your-mind-c9e22df2c354</a>). When he posted it to a tech subreddit, however, a bunch of commenters freaked out and Isaac’s article was removed without his knowledge. Charles and Isaac investigate! Reddit thread in question: https://www.reddit.com/r/tech/comments/7d7ac3/how_leaving_social_media_affected_my_mind/</p>
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Minisode: Apple is Screwing You
<p>Isaac and Charles discuss a New York Times article contending that planned obsolescence (the by-design eventual failure of a gadget) is not a real thing. Both disagree and cite their own phone experiences as proof. This leads to an argument over whether news orgs should insert fact-checking parentheticals into their headlines, as well as how Trump’s tweets are bad for the country, and if George Soros is too-often unfairly maligned as a dark controller of the left rather than just a liberal version of the Koch brothers. This episode is best listened to on an iPhone that continually crashes.</p>
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Southland Tales is a Masterpiece
<p>Audience favorite Evan Williams is back on this week to talk with Charles and Isaac about Richard Kelly’s <em>Donnie Darko</em> followup <em>Southland Tales</em>, which was released in the US ten years ago. Charles thinks the film is a flawed masterpiece, Isaac believes it’s an ego-driven failure, and Evan falls somewhere in between. Everyone attempts to explain the plot, to little avail. The big question: how does this movie exist? Isaac suggests it’s a filmmaker drunk on acclaim and power, Charles claims it is pure artistic expression. The movie’s minutia is examined, from the Rock’s seemingly-darker skin tone to its possibly red-pilled agenda to anti-Semitism! (Guess who detects anti-Semitism). Also discussed: Isaac’s reverse-racist neighbors, adult movie titles, how Obama is the villain of the second <em>Transformers</em> film, and why “the Southland” is the best name for LA County. <em>Southland Tales</em> can be viewed on a [...]</p>
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Is This the End of Great Men?
<p>Charles recently read the Walter Isaacson biography of Steve Jobs, and that becomes today’s jumping-off point for a conversation with Isaac and returning guest Dan D’Aprile about “great men” and whether what fuels them to achieve is also what powers their dark sides, as seen in countless recent examples like Weinstein, Louis CK, and so many others. Are great men so used to imposing their will on the field in which they excel that they begin applying it everywhere else in their lives? Do powerful men harrass women because they can’t conceive of a woman not being interested in them? Walter Isaacson argued that Jobs was a great man but could have been a nicer guy. Is that actually true? You can probably guess everyone’s answers to these questions.</p>
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Episode 666: Elsa Toilet Wedding Prank
<p>Time for an #Elsagate investigation! Charles and Isaac are joined by Evan Williams and Dan D’Aprile for a dark trip down the rabbit hole that is #Elsagate, a broad description for a series of creepy and unsettling videos and cartoons showing up on YouTube, ostensibly aimed at children but featuring inappropriate imagery utilizing pop culture characters like Spider-Man and Elsa from Frozen. Theories abound regarding #Elsagate’s origins: is it pedo ring communication? Russian asymmetrical warfare? Corporate intrigue? Everyone presents their own theories, from automation run amok to an attack on Google to force them to more stringently police user content. Everyone plays a game of “Guess Which Conspiracy Isaac Believes In.” A very disturbing episode for the whole family!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 853: Guys We Cucked! featuring Sam Harris
<p>If you like self-indulgent, meta-babbling, this is the episode for you! Isaac and Charles beg for your podcast reviews and then discuss whether episode titles should contain their number. Also debated: what the description of the show should be (and what it shouldn’t be). Should there be a marketing plan? Charles pretentiously posits that Isaac is unable to hear what makes for a good episode because Charles has art school training. Isaac makes himself equally hateable by using the term “professional” repeatedly. They conclude by talking about their worst episodes. Anyway this is 50 minutes you won’t ever get back. Maybe rate us after listening to a different episode.</p>
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Minisode: What is Evil?
<p>A short conversation between Isaac and Charles on the nature of evil, spurred by Sword &#38; Scale’s infamous Episode 20! Should people be locked up just for thinking and expressing abhorrent thoughts? What is evil and why do humans commit evil deeds? Does Genghis Khan count as evil? Also Charles says something mean about actors.</p>
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Blade Runner 2049 is a Terrible Great Film
<p>*SPOILERS* Isaac and Charles do not agree on the new Blade Runner film. Isaac thinks it’s boring and doesn’t go anywhere, Charles thinks it’s visually stunning and faithfully follows the aesthetic of the first film. Both agree that whether you like the first movie will determine your feelings about the second. Isaac thinks his distaste for the film is rooted in his lack of interest in stories about whether AI characters have human feelings; Charles posits that the film is a mirror image of the first. Also discussed: Southland Tales, Harrison Ford’s performance, and why Ryan Gosling is a likable actor.</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Pound Me Too!
<p>It’s #MeToo time! Rachel Louie comes on the show to discuss the social media phenomenon and its implications for the advancement of the rights of women. Isaac, Charles, and Rachel all agree as to its value but have some concerns about whether #MeToo will go the way of many social media “awareness” campaigns and simply turn into just another attention-seeking mechanism. The proper pronunciation of the word “ogling” is heatedly disputed and then everyone reluctantly listens to a clip from “The View” about whether Ellen DeGeneres should have been OGLING Katy Perry’s breasts. The word “boobs” is said excessively and Isaac describes how women cause men pain when they are scantily clad. This one’s for the ladies!</p>
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The 8 Worst Podcast Voices on Gimlet Media
<p>Isaac and Charles go on a listening tour of the various hosts of shows on Gimlet Media, the Ira Glass-inspired narrative podcast company where everyone has an annoying voice, as well as Glass-adjacent NPR podcasts. Isaac plays clips from Reply All, StartUp, Homecoming, Heavyweight, Missing Richard Simmons, S-Town, and the granddaddy of them all: This American Life. The term “whimper fry” is defined and Isaac and Charles alternate cringing at everyone’s ironic fake voices. Isaac believes it’s a kind of class signaling, Charles proposes it’s an attempt to maintain journalistic distance. Whatever the reason, you will be infuriated listening to these Brooklyn hipsters hesitantly croak through their copy.</p>
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Minisode: Flashmob Flashback
<p>An old Washington Post article on a “Pantsuit Power Flashmob” takes Isaac and Charles on a horrifying trip down memory lane. Here’s the opening: “It came together in about a week. First, the idea for a punchy, uplifting dance video that would tell a story about diversity, difference and communal support. Then, 170 dancers, a few hours of rehearsals–and pantsuits. Lots of pantsuits.” A bite-sized NAHF episode. Tell us if you want more content like this! We probably won’t listen. Article discussed: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/arts-and-entertainment/wp/2016/10/07/pantsuit-power-flashmob-video-for-hillary-clinton-two-women-170-dancers-no-police/</p>
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<p>A very special episode! A certain someone just got engaged and that’s the topic for this show! Yes, it’s a Facebook post you would scroll past come to life as Charles and Isaac discuss a tale of engagement, which includes: texting the news, proposing in caves, and having the surprise ruined numerous times. The hashtag #DixonSimpson will be used for all wedding news going forward. Also discussed: why some countries have renowned cuisine and others don’t.</p>
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Harvey Weinstein Shower
<p>Harvey Harvey Harvey! What a naughty boy! Isaac and Charles take a deep dive into Harvey Weinstein’s sleazy universe. They investigate the dirty details of the accusations against him, Weinstein’s bizarre response, and the response to the response! Are the right and left held to different standards when it comes to sex scandals? Isaac keeps comparing Weinstein to Trump, which Charles criticizes. Charles asks Isaac to play “Which Gross Old Man Would You Prefer to Bang?” and the answer is not surprising. Lastly a point of disagreement emerges on how actively sexual harrassment in the workplace should be policed. On an unrelated note, we are hiring interns! Please apply to our hotel room.</p>
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Female Comedians Are Privileged
<p>Amanda Cohen and Heather Marulli stop by to discuss whether female comics are treated differently and if they receive special privileges as a result of their womanhood. Charles plays his favorite game: “Gotcha” Clips of Isaac, but this goes disastrously wrong! The tale of Isaac’s open mic experience against the Blue Haired Woman is retold and Heather reveals she is attracted to balding, alcoholic comedians. Are there differences in why men perform vs. why women perform? Do some women get propped up as great comics? Is Tina Fey overrated? Listen to this episode if you like lady stuff or yelling.</p>
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We Know You’re Gay
<p>A recent article describing a study showing AI could identify gay people by teaching it what to look for is the inspiration for today’s wide-ranging episode with Evan Williams returning for another guest spot. Is there gayface? Can it be identified so easily? If there’s gayface is there also pedoface? What happens if AI wrongly identifies pedoface? Also discussed: sex with robots, Rick and Morty, why parents tend to have issues with their same-gendered kids, and how Isaac hugged a naked Rosario Dawson!</p>
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Workplaces Are Communist Dictatorships
<p>This week’s topic is the book Private Government: How Employers Rule Our Lives and Why We Don’t Talk About It by Elizabeth Anderson. Also joining the discussion is comedian Heather Marulli, who works in an office. Isaac, Charles, and Heather recap her previous appearance on the infamous La-La Land episode and Charles explains to Isaac why his criteria for a good episode is skewed. Then it’s on to the book, which posits numerous criticisms of modern workplaces for being like small dictatorships where employees have their lives policed by private organizations. Heather recounts an instance of being fired for a MySpace post and the various ways languages describe making money are examined. An episode for job-haters everywhere!</p>
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Burning Man is Douchey
<p>Isaac is back from a whirlwind trip across America, which included watching the eclipse in Idaho, teaching NASA scientists, and attending Burning Man! Charles and special guest Evan Williams inquire about Isaac’s Burning Man experience, which included getting fondled in a shower, urinating on himself, and having numerous breakdowns. Isaac describes Burning Man as “very douchey” but also well worth going as it’s a unique experience where you can become a different person entirely. Also discussed: “sparkle ponies.” Burning Man’s inaccurate hippie reputation, and the dark undercurrent of sexual exploitation.</p>
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Jews Don’t Have Pets
<p>Isaac’s father Tom Simpson is back! It wouldn’t be NAHF without possibly anti-Semitic content, and this episode’s is about whether Jews own pets? It seems they might not. Isaac reiterates his anti-globalist perspective that the establishment is trying to break down the family and accuses Charles of being a globalist who wants to dictate his views to everyone. Another La-La Land argument breaks out and Charles works to solve a dispute between Isaac and his girlfriend’s sister. ARE there basic human rights? DO Jews own pets? These questions might get answered.</p>
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White People Problems
<p>Another all over the place podcast as comedian Dan D’Aprile joins the show and everyone shares the origin of their last name. Charles is descended from slaveowners, and Isaac makes the same dumb joke twice. Then three white dudes talk about slavery and the discussion moves on to the limitations of language and inherent East Coast vs West Coast differences when talking about race. Charles floats the idea of changing the term “SJW” to “Tumblr liberal” and then there’s some Trump talk. A little something for everyone!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

<p>Isaac and Charles sit down for a one-on-one about Charles’s disastrous recording mistake, the result of which was the loss of a great episode of people listening to and critiquing Isaac’s appearance on a Nazi podcast. More news on The Lost Episode to come. Both further tell stories of past mistakes made and the gut-sinking feeling that results. Then it’s on to a discussion of their recent appearance on Unpopular Opinion (<a href="http://www.unpops.com">www.unpops.com</a>), and why both Isaac and Charles are lousy guests on other shows. Lastly they touch on Isaac’s article for Curbed LA featuring the 10 Worst Landlords in Los Angeles, a story which was retracted by Curbed but might be available other places if you look hard enough.</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Two Sides of the Google Memo
<p>The Google Memo is everywhere, including on the podcast! Comedians Amanda Cohen and Dan D’Aprile come on to talk about the most exciting workplace document since Charles got suspended! Isaac is on board with the memo but others are unconvinced of its value. Is the memo dated misogynist nonsense or does it raise points worth considering? Why are women underrepresented in tech? Are diversity goals benefiting women and minorities or just hurting white men? Also discussed: people counting (good and bad), the butchering of 1984’s Two Minutes Hate, and how white men are the Snickers of American culture…? Send your angry emails to chucknjoe@hotmail.com.</p>
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Mass Shootings Happen for a Reason
<p>Isaac’s most recent Medium article proposes that all mass killings happen for the same reason: a breakdown in morality and of the lack of a common code, a function that religion used to fill. Charles and Isaac discuss the specifics of this and whether “globalists” are espousing their own version of religion. Also serial vs. spree killers: which is cooler? Probably serial killers. Isaac’s SJW fixation makes its regular appearance. This is a good episode if you want to hear an argument between two people who probably just need to take a philosophy class.</p>
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Pastor Gas
<p>Lee Barron is back to reveal a weird fact: he is the creator of the famous “Pastor Gas” viral video that’s lived on the Internet forever. Charles and Isaac talk to Lee about how it feels to have your creative output generate income for others, appear on the MTV Movie Awards, and in general be a minor cultural touchstone without seeing any compensation or credit. Also discussed: the connection between Internet humor and 1980s video montage, what constitutes intellectual property theft, and why something goes viral. Pastor Gas video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtW5upD5oW4</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Give Me Back My Son!
<p>This episode was recorded on Father’s Day, with none other than Isaac’s father Tom Simpson joining the show! A self-described liberal parent, Tom conveys his disappointment in having an “alt-right troll” for a son. Charles shares his 23andMe test results which begins a long discussion on genealogy and whether your family history is worth knowing. Tom talks about a trip to Venice Beach, which resulted in him clearly being scammed. Isaac and Charles get into it on Russia but find common ground in mocking the new snowflakes of the alt-right getting upset over the recent production of Julius Caesar featuring Trump as Caesar. Call your dad!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

NYC Sucks
<p>Has New York City lost its magic? That’s the lead in to today’s episode which finds Isaac returned from a trip to Gotham and very displeased with its current state. Both former residents of New York, Isaac and Charles discuss the ways it has changed, from the alleged SJW-ification of the subway to the loss of storefronts to the tech industry slowly gobbling up Manhattan. Then it’s a study on public transportation and the question of whether poor people claim property via sound, why <em>Where the Wild Things Are</em> is a terrible film, and delightful stories of crazy people on the subway. Music: www.bensound.net</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Let’s Listen to Charles’s Awful College Radio Show
<p>Charles had an embarrassingly bad radio show during his freshman year of college, and this episode features cringey audio clips of it which are picked over by Isaac and comedian Erik Escobar. Listen as 18 year old Charles tries hard to be edgy, gives “shoutouts,” and relentlessly steamrolls over his cohost. In true NAHF fashion, this leads to discussions about Elliot Rodger as well as how people present themselves as characters. Email us with your thoughts at chucknjoe@hotmail.com.</p>
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Jordan Peterson’s Voice is Annoying
<p>Part 2 of Isaac and Charles’s conversation with not-right wing intellectual Anthony Arroyo. This week, the rising popularity of Jordan Peterson is examined, as well as his very shrill voice. What about Peterson’s message is resonating, and why? Things move on to “90s fedora atheist” Sam Harris, whether morality exists separate from God, why incest is wrong, and rising incidents of campus protests and violence.</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

What Does Right Wing Mean?
<p>It’s Part 1 of a special two part discussion with Anthony Arroyo on the nature of the modern right wing in America. Anthony doesn’t consider himself a right wing intellectual but is interested in right wing ideas. What does “right wing” mean in 2017, and what it does it not mean? Isaac, Charles, and Anthony get deep into frogtwitter, Urbit, technoskepticism, Marx’s bete noire Max Stirner and more! Everyone thinks the left would be healthier if it spent more time engaging in arguments instead of moralizing. Music: www.bensound.com</p>
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ASMR and National Parks
<p>This episode is all over the place! Isaac and Charles begin with a discussion about a recent Sam Harris podcast on the ways apps vie for our attention. Sam Harris might have an ASMR voice and Isaac learns about creepy ASMR videos and then complains about annoying Ira Glass-style voices on podcasts like S-Town and Missing Richard Simmons. Charles objects to Isaac’s assertion that the government owning less land will ease the housing crisis and Isaac displays his distaste for national parks. A little something for everyone!</p>
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Trump Revisited
<p>Donald Trump’s first 100 days have just completed, and Isaac and Charles look back on an old episode from March 2016 where they made a number of predictions about what a Trump presidency would look like. Both are right and wrong about a host of issues, but one thing is for sure: very few people were taking a Trump presidency seriously in those days. Note: this episode was recorded before the most recent Trumpcare bill passed the House. Also discussed: LA hotels that trick tourists, the films of Paul Haggis and Charlie Kaufman, and more!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Libtard Advertising
<p>Ad executive Chris Callahan joins Isaac and Charles for a discussion on advertising. Chris predicts the era of feel-good branding is almost over, and Isaac wonders why so many advertisers seem hell-bent on promoting a liberal agenda when half of their customers might get turned off by such sentiments. The Pepsi ad is naturally dissected, and Chris provides data about who actually buys Pepsi and why Pepsi might have made the ad in the first place. Charles and Isaac yell at each other. Also under the microscope is the 84 Lumber Super Bowl ad, and everyone offers some inappropriate suggestions for how it should have ended. Also discussed: Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer shilling beer, the Heineken and Danish TV ads promoting unity. Music: www.bensound.com</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Keep Girls Out of Boy Scouts!
<p>Today’s episode is all about Boy Scouts and whether girls should be allowed to join the organization. Charles is a former Boy Scout who attained the rank of Eagle! Leslee is a Girl Scout dropout! Isaac thinks Boy Scouts is creepy! Everyone thinks Girl Scouts is lame, and wonders why that’s the case. Is it better for boys to have boys-only spaces, or would adding girls to the mix actually be beneficial for the development of both? And what about transgender boys? This episode will probably offend everyone.</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Fap-Free Relationships
<p>Should people in relationships avoid self-love? Isaac’s neighbor Jerrod Brewster comes on the show to talk about this very taboo topic! Everyone shares stories about their first time, from Isaac’s Jewish summer camp experiences to Charles’s self-love via a Stephen King book. All of these revelations plus a discussion on whether porn is bad for all relationships and if cheating is always wrong! Keep your hands to yourselves! Music: www.bensound.com</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Dances With Films
<p>Leslee Scallon is the cofounder of Dances With Films (<a href="http://www.danceswithfilms.com">www.danceswithfilms.com</a>), an independent film festival in Hollywood and the guest for this week’s episode. Leslee gives Isaac and Charles a review of their La La Land episode and provides her own thoughts on this strangely controversial movie. Leslee talks about the origin of Dances With Films and gives some advice for anyone thinking about a making a movie. Charles and Isaac wonder if film festivals have a future and whether too many people are able to make content. Music: www.bensound.com</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Subscribers Only!
<p>A subscribers-only meta-episode! Isaac and Charles talk about podcast items exclusively, including Isaac’s ongoing online battles, our Facebook group Not Huge Fans, and more! The episode concludes with an argument about what the new theme song should sound like as Isaac and Charles critique each other’s music choices: Isaac wants something hard and gritty while Charles wants something silly and whimsical. The conflict is not yet resolved, but they do find one thing they can agree on. Theme song (not for much longer): www.bensound.com</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

More Nazi Punching
<p>Another round of discussion on the appropriateness of punching Nazis! In the pro-punch corner is returning guest Seth Goldsmith, who situates violence against Nazis as the only way Nazism has been defeated in the past. Isaac provides a definition of fascism that Charles and Seth disagree with. Charles posits the Westboro Baptist Church question again. Isaac makes an odd comparison, and things end with a religious freedom discussion. Music: www.bensound.com</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

To Punch a Nazi
<p>Is it OK to punch Nazis? That’s the subject of today’s episode. TV writer Cameron Johnson (twitter.com/CameronJAwesome) joins the show once again. This time Charles and Isaac are on the same side: you can’t punch anyone just because they’re espousing beliefs with which you disagree. Cameron is on the opposite side: yes, you can! Is punching a Nazi actually a form of self defense, and does the fighting words doctrine apply here? Is this a form of political violence, and how does a liberal square that with their political philosophy? All this and more, including the Westboro Baptist Church, and whether Jews are always on the opposite side of Nazis. Music: www.bensound.com</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

White Fragility
<p>Things start off peacefully as the discussion commences regarding certain creepy Hollywood men and their love of teenage boys. Isaac tells Charles and this week’s guest Cameron Johnson (twitter.com/CameronJAwesome) about his theory on how straight behavior is a choice. However, things slowly go awry as Isaac cannot resist his racial bugaboos and things descend down the usual path of all these arguments: What was the purpose of the Civil War? In what ways are movies like Hidden Figures propaganda? Are white people responsible for the sins of their forefathers, or is that even the question? Cameron and Isaac go at it while Charles listens with delight, as will you! Also discussed: MLK and the Invisible Knapsack. Music: www.bensound.com</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

delicious tacos
<p>NOTE: Due to significant controversy we’ve removed this episode from the feed. Join our Patreon to listen!</p> <p>Today’s special guest is cult sex author delicious tacos (<a href="http://www.delicioustacos.com">www.delicioustacos.com</a>). Tacos talks about his awful job history, which has taken him from McDonald’s to interning as a 28 year old to horrible Hollywood jobs, and his writing on this topic particularly delights Charles. Tacos also discusses his process and his affiliation with the manosphere, and whether his writing is too vulnerable to be attacked by SJWs. Isaac encourages tacos to merge his two identities (writer and person) into one for more success, but the wisdom of this advice is debated. Music: <a href="http://www.bensound.net">www.bensound.net</a> </p>

Cucks Love La La Land
<p>Quite possibly the biggest trainwreck of an episode in NAHF history, this is an hourlong shout and anger fest over our most controversial topic yet: a heartwarming musical about a couple falling in love. Special guests this episode are comedians Heather Marulli and Tony Bartolone. Heather and Isaac hated La La Land, Tony and Charles both enjoyed it. Things get so heated Isaac’s girlfriend Gracie Dixon joins the fracas. This episode also features a twist ending, as Heather realizes with mounting horror who she has allied herself with. Turn down your volume if you are listening to this with headphones! Music: www.bensound.net</p>
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Impeach Trump, End America
<p>Isaac has a popular article out called “If Trump is Impeached, It Might Be the End of America” (<a href="https://medium.com/@IsaacSimpson/if-trump-is-impeached-it-might-be-the-end-of-america-b7a2243399b7#.eghzrc4pn">https://medium.com/@IsaacSimpson/if-trump-is-impeached-it-might-be-the-end-of-america-b7a2243399b7</a>), and that serves as the core question of the podcast: would Trump’s impeachment and removal from office cause his supporters to “check out?” Today’s guest is writer Seth Goldsmith, and he and Charles probe Isaac’s thesis. Also discussed: the perennial question of whether Trump has any plan for governing as well as Seth’s film Night Owls (<a href="https://www.netflix.com/title/80091636">https://www.netflix.com/title/80091636</a>). Music: www.bensound.com</p>
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Free El Chapo!
<p>This week’s guest is Josh Denny, a comedian and the host of the Food Network show Ginormous Food. He describes his experiences working on the show during its first season and compares his attitude towards success in his thirties versus his attitude in his twenties. Then Isaac and Josh square off on the merits of socialism and libertarianism, respectively, and find an unusual amount of common ground. We discuss methods of taxation, which is more interesting than it sounds, and Josh describes his idea to boost jobs, which does indeed involve freeing El Chapo. Other things to listen for: Isaac citing the movie Armageddon and Charles poking holes in one of Isaac’s central reasons for supporting Trump. Music: www.bensound.com</p>
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Why Protest?
<p>People are protesting all kinds of things. You should protest this show! In the meantime, Isaac and Charles talk to Viceland producer Kate Dowd about the Women’s March and the airport protests. What is their purpose? Will they turn out like other similar lefty movements, or do they have legs? Why do some women feel so particularly despondent in the age of Trump? Isaac has the sniffles the entire time so get ready to listen to that for an hour. Also discussed: Kate’s small Twitter war because of Glenn Beck and Milo Yiannapolous, the unbalanced power of the executive branch, and Trump’s weird slang phrases. Check out Kate’s documentary “We the Women” at www.wethewomendoc.com! Music: www.bensound.com</p>
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Kill Your Job
<p>How do creative people manage working in non-creative job environments? That’s today’s topic as Isaac and Charles once again speak with editor Justin Lopez and comedian Matthew Robinson in this spiritual sequel to “Charles Gets Suspended.” Matthew has some critiques of Charles’s suspension-related behavior and everyone’s work survival strategies are examined. Is it better to be a good follower or stick to your principles? Matthew has a terrible Twitter handle and all of the striving creatives learn an important lesson: you will probably fail. Music: www.bensound.com</p>
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Jewish Privilege
<p>Podcast favorite David Rosenberg returns! We love Rosie but Isaac unfollowed him on Facebook. Rosie might smell bad, hates cologne, and his love life isn’t going so well. Isaac and Charles examine why this might be the case. Then it’s Jew vs. Jew as Isaac and Rosie debate whether such a thing as Jewish privilege exists. Does being Jewish give you secret benefits? Do Jews control all media? Are there Jewish heartthrobs? All this and more in an episode that will definitely get us in trouble with the ADL! Music: www.bensound.com</p>
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Million Dollar Extremists
<p>This week is all about the recently-cancelled Adult Swim show Million Dollar Extreme: World Peace. Was it an “alt-right sketch comedy show?” Was it the victim of a liberal crusade, a casualty of corporate skittishness, or just not very good? This week’s guests are editor Justin Lopez and comedian Matthew Robinson taking the pro and con sides of MDE. Isaac is outraged, Charles is agnostic. We talk about the events leading up to the show’s cancellation, whether or not it was funny (and whether that even mattered), the purpose of comedy, and Isaac’s new word “skitch.” Music: www.bensound.com</p>
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Ghostbusters Was Garbage
<p>A very topical episode this week as we talk about the Ghostbusters remake with actual fan of the film Kristen Scharf. First: the story of how Kristen lost the tip of her finger and how much amputation you would permit in a potential mate. Then we dig into Ghostbusters: Kristen thought the film was funny and liked the lack of romance. I thought it was a terrible film and that the studio hid behind feminism in order to cover up how awful the film actually was. We also get into why modern day comedies have gotten so bad (blame Anchorman) and many other topics. A misogyny-free conversation about Ghostbusters! Music: www.bensound.com</p>
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Charles Gets Suspended
<p>It’s just Isaac and I today for a very inside baseball episode about my suspension from my old job! Isaac starts us off with a Nietzsche joke which goes as well as you can imagine. We touch on some of our past guests and I read listener email about our very controversial Stranger Things episode. We then dig into the story of how I got suspended from work due to a Facebook post and Isaac shares a few of the many times he has been fired and why. We investigate whether corporate culture is ever good, why HR people are sociopaths, and how work perks are actually employer tricks. Music: www.bensound.com</p>
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2 Alphas, 1 Cuck
<p>It’s an alt-right bonanza on this week’s episode! Our guest is Nik Oldershaw, a young comedian who may or may not be inhabiting an alt-right character for laughs. Or for real! It’s hard to tell. Isaac is fixated on gay sex, and soon after Nik and Isaac bond over Reddit conspiracy theory Pizzagate. We discuss how the alt-right exists in part because the left won the culture wars and became the establishment. Isaac and I talk about our crutch words, and then Isaac complains about the words he’s not allowed to say. Is the rise of the alt-right a symptom of masculinity, economics, or the aftereffects of September 11? All of these issues explored PLUS I explain the difference between a fade and an undercut. This episode is very offensive! Music: www.bensound.com</p>
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#NoDAPL and Slacktivism
<p>Spencer de Gauthier is our guest this week to talk about the Standing Rock protest and online activism in general. Isaac and Spencer explore their contrarian natures and the performative aspect of Facebook. Isaac has been very critical of the online activism around DAPL but he supports the protest itself. We discuss the difference between direct action that helps a cause (such as donating money) versus meaningless actions that just make you feel good about yourself (such as changing your profile picture). Did awareness help with Standing Rock or was the Army Corps of Engineers’ recent decision unrelated? We get into this plus the Ice Bucket Challenge, Batkid, identity politics, and more! Music: www.bensound.com</p>
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Stranger Things Was Just OK
<p>We’re taking a hard look at Netflix’s 80s nostalgia-fest this week with the help of podcast favorite Erik Escobar (<a href="http://twitter.com/ErikEscobar">@ErikEscobar</a>). Isaac starts us off with a story about a dog pooping on his bed. Erik and Isaac loved Stranger Things but I think it’s overrated and that the love is the product of millennials who missed the actual 80s and have fake nostalgia for that decade. Erik keeps bringing up professional wrestling and we touch on why modern day movie monsters are so lame. Do all decades have a brand? Which decade was the worst? How is “creepypasta” pronounced? All these questions will be answered! Music: www.bensound.com</p>
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Who’s With Her?
<p>This week features a very special guest: Mattio Martinez (<a href="http://mrmattio.com">mrmattio.com</a>), who last appeared on NAHF just over a year ago, providing one of the greatest episodes of all time. This week’s topic: Hillary Clinton. Was she the problem, or would anyone have lost against Trump? Mattio was a strong Clinton supporter and he, Isaac, and myself go back and forth over whether she should have been the candidate. Trump-supporting Isaac thinks she was thoroughly corrupt, I believe she was just lousy at optics, and Mattio opines that she was the Democrats’s “clutch player.” Mattio doubts Bernie would have fared much better, and things get a little heated! Music: www.bensound.com</p>
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What Makes the Red Man Red?
<p>Comedian Erik Escobar (<a href="http://twitter.com/ErikEscobar">@ErikEscobar</a>) is on the podcast this week to talk the aftermath of Trump: what happened and what’s next? Things get off to a bad start as Isaac and Erik continually waste time. Trump Cassandra Isaac gloats over the November Surprise. Erik clarifies that he was a Bernie supporter but definitely NOT a Bernie Bro. Erik thinks Trump is already backing down on his campaign promises and takes comfort in that. We talk a bit about the campaign and why things went down the way they did. I complain about “call out culture” being ineffective in this new political environment but we all agree the protests are a good thing. We investigate why red states are red and give various theories. We think “what might have been” about Bernie but speculate his scandals might have been more nefarious than Clinton’s! Also we conclude with a discussion on the proper pronunciation of the word “milk. [...]</p>
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Depression Is Not a Disease II
<p>A continuation of our previous episode Depression Is Not a Disease with this week’s guest and Depressed American Adi Gordan. Adi is loquacious and Isaac is incapable of speaking directly into the microphone. We investigate Adi’s unusually hyperactive mood, Adi tells Isaac he’s misrepresented what depression is and how it manifests itself. We also touch on the overdiagnosis of mental problems and how badly the educational system treats boys. Adi tells us about his experience on Ritalin and we conclude with Isaac’s hearty recommendation of the movie Vaxxed! Music: www.bensound.com. </p>
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Locker Room Talk
<p>Ladies plug your ears! This is a boys-only episode because it’s full of the naughty things men talk about with one another. Our guest is comedian Adi Gordan <a href="http://adig87.wix.com/adi-gordan" title="">(http://adig87.wix.com/adi-gordan)</a> and we get off to a rough start because he tells some very inappropriate jokes that will offend everyone. Isaac is incapable of talking on mic today for some reason, and we all give our thoughts on the secretly-recorded tapes of Donalds Trump and Sterling. We learn Adi is a world class conversation derailer, and Adi and Isaac share their recent run-ins with the infamous Lee Kushner. Other topics: Pepe the Frog, the alt-right, and more! Music: www.bensound.com </p>
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Don’t Go to College
<p><font face="Arial, Verdana"><span style="font-size:13.3333px;">A rare Professor X/Magneto team-up this week as Isaac and I join forces against comedian David “Rosie” Rosenberg. Rosie hates public transportation, which we love! Rosie loves college, which we hate! We also pry into David’s personal life and interrogate him on why marrying a lady is at the top of his to-do list. Isaac and Rosie discover they are mirror images of one another: David has embraced therapy and medication to improve his mental health, while Isaac shuns psychiatry, any kind of prescribed drugs, and believes he is the one who is truly healed. It is also suggested that I have sex in public parks (untrue) and that I’m too old to be single. The kids next door also play for about half the episode. Sorry! Buy us a studio. Music: www.bensound.com</span></font> </p>
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WTF is Toxic Masculinity?
<p>Isaac and I are joined by Claire Rose Bernard to discuss the pressing topic of “toxic masculinity.” Over the course of the episode we struggle with its definition, how it is expressed, and its connection to Donald Trump (of course). Isaac is fixated on a definition of toxic masculinity from a Wiki site and an Amanda Marcotte Salon.com article, Claire is troubled by its nebulous meaning, and I tell summer camp stories. Eventually we reach the spiritual sequel to our previous episode “Praising Hazing” where the “Is It Rape?” game is played with an actual woman this time. Trigger warning: everything! Music: www.bensound.com </p>
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<p>Isaac and I are joined by actual African-American person Evan Williams to discuss the world’s most dangerous knee and the man it belongs to: Colin Kaepernick. Things get heated fast as we talk about the merits of Kaepernick’s protest and whether this is just showboating for attention by a fallen star, and whether it matters. Everyone’s black cards are pulled and examined, and I learn I may not even deserve one! We are visited by the Ghosts of the Civil War, Black on Black Crime, and the N Word. Possibly our most offensive podcast yet! Music: www.bensound.com </p>
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Psychic Powers Don’t Exist
<p>Or do they? Isaac and I speak with Erik Vidal (<a href="http://www.erikvidal.com/" title="">ErikVidal.com</a>) who tells us about his near death experience at a young age and the way NDEs act like “steroids” for psychic powers. Isaac and I are both very skeptical about the existence of any kind of psychic phenomena, but Erik takes us down the rabbit hole of remote targeting, out of body experiences, and tarot cards. We finish things up with a tarot reading for Isaac, who receives some very upsetting news! Music: www.bensound.com </p>
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Cinemusk: Dinner Party Disasters
<p>Isaac and I introduce our new horrendously-named segment Cinemusk! On a recurring basis we’ll scour through Netflix, Amazon, and other services looking for lesser-known independent, foreign, and art films and select some to review, all based on a common theme. This week’s Cinemusk: dinner party disaster films! We take a look at The Perfect Host, The Invitation, and Coherence. Isaac and I also discuss why horror films are the last bastion of experimental filmmaking in Hollywood. I’m a dummy and refer to “Ten Little Indians” as “Seven Little Indians” for some reason. As always, get personal and we wind up talking about why I hate hugging. Music: www.bensound.com</p>
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Praising Hazing
<p>A good alternate title for this episode would be Trigger Warning! Isaac talks about his fraternity days and says hazing is good for you and thinks women are naturally attracted to guys in frats. This leads to a discussion on the epidemic of campus sexual assaults and Jon Krakauer’s book Missoula. I propose a solution to campus sexual assaults: lowering the drinking age. Isaac challenges me to a game of “Is It Rape?” (this is not a fun game). Send your complaints via Isaac’s website <a href="http://isaacsimpson.co" title="">isaacsimpson.co</a>. Music: <a href="http://www.bensound.com" title="http://">www.bensound.com</a> </p>
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White Thoughts Matter?
<p>Two white guys discuss Black Lives Matter! What could possibly go wrong? Plenty! Recording problems abound as we suffer through Isaac eating a grapefruit and the local ice cream man making his jingly appearance. Isaac hates a joke I made on Facebook analogizing the “black on black crime” pivot to the lack of people using Orlando to discuss rising HIV infections. Isaac and I disagree on how connected police brutality is to crime rates amongst minority populations. We also talk about online “nutpicking,” whether the recent spate of police shootings is part of the vast Clintonian conspiracy, and the plight of straight white men. Music: www.bensound.com </p>
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<p>Has the dating and sex revolution created by the Internet made things better or worse? Isaac suspects the worst! We discuss his upcoming article on the ways men are checking out of the dating/relationship/sex scene and checking in to possible computer-banging. Will sex robots replace women? Isaac thinks we might need to make porn illegal. We compare access to porn to access to drugs. I propose all drugs are legalized! Isaac educates me on Japanese “herbivore men” and the concept of Death by Utopia. A very sexy episode with very unsexy men! Music: www.bensound.com </p>
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Superhero Movies Suck
<p>Isaac and I argue about the podcast artwork and an amusing email on the topic is read. Isaac scoffs at summer camp for grownups and ties it to the popularity of superhero movies. We disagree on whether superheroes are propaganda for the fake American Dream or whether they’re a way for people to escape from their daily existence. We talk about “Breaking Bad” and whether Walter White is just another superhero archetype. Superheroes galore! Isaac is annoyed the topic even came up. Music: www.bensound.com </p>
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Scientology Is Good For You!
<p>Isaac thinks Scientology gets a bad rap and is no worse than yoga. We discuss his experience with Dianetics auditing and his close relationship with his auditor Veronica. Isaac posits some reasons for Scientology’s bad reputation and they aren’t very surprising. We also discuss why he considered Scientology in the first place and whether being a straight white male leaves you without a natural community. Then we spend 20 minutes arguing about how to create your own community. Music: www.bensound.com </p>
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Depression Is Not a Disease
<p>A new era of NAHF begins with the addition of permanent co-host <a href="http://isaacsimpson.co" title="">Isaac Simpson</a>. Isaac doesn’t think depression is a disease and instead functions as another element on societal control over the individual. We talk about the Unabomber’s manifesto, MGTOWs and redpills, and why men still think they can “earn” a woman. Welcome to NAHF Phase 3! Music: <a href="http://www.bensound.com" title="http://">www.bensound.com</a> </p>
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