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Philly Sports Talk w Gar and Matt
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Category: Sports/Recreation
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Hosts Matt and Gar will bring their unique sports views to anyone who wants to listen. Gar is unapologetic and opinionated while Matt brings a unique POV.

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Podcast Episode's:
Episode 26: Giants fall onto the Panthers
Eagles needed a win and they looked great against a banged up Giants team at home.  Next up is the undefeated Panthers.  The Eagles will be tested unlike the past two weeks.  The Flyers have just started but if the season ended today the young team would be in the playoffs.  The Sixers are getting started, but other than Noel and Okafur there is not much to look forward to.  We will do the usual segments so come on in and listen.
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Episode 25: Eagles big win vs New Orleans, Giants up next
The Eagles looked dead, but like the Phoenix they have risen in the crappy division known as the NFC East.  They now play the Giants for a shot to be 3-3 and a share of the division lead, but if they lose it is 2-4 and 0-3 in the division which means that their playoff hopes would be fading at best.  Big game on Monday night, we will see if they are up for the challenge.  We will also make our weekly Fanduel team and discuss the red hot Flyers who have had back to back shutouts.  Come along for the ride that is Sports talk with Matt and Gar.  Follow us @MattCisco or @talkwmattngarr.
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Episode 24: Phils season ends, Sixers and Fly guys start and Eagles lose
The Eagles had their biggest game of the season against the Redskins and blew it!  Kirk Cousins gave us plenty to talk about with a 90 yard drive to end the game!  The Phillies ended and they are on the MLB draft clock.  While that ended the Sixers and Flyers are beginning their pre-seasons, we will preview them, but mostly it is all about Chip Kelly's Eagles and is this season over or can it be saved?  Interesting times lie ahead and we will discuss them.  As always Matt will make his suicide 2nd chance pick and we may get a fanduel team picked on the air.  Here we come so strap in and listen or call us at 602-753-1597.  Also leave any comments on twitter @mattcisco or @talkwmattngar.
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Episode 22: Back from break Eagles 1-1 since last show
The Eagles are 1-1 since our last podcast they just won a must win game in New York vs the Jets.  This week we have the Redskins in DC with a possible rain storm affecting the game.  We will go in depth on this game and the Phillies season is about to end while the Flyers and Sixers season begin we will briefly discuss the teams and we will talk about the direction both teams are heading.  We will give out more fantasy advice, if you have any questions or comments please contact us on twitter @mattcisco and @talkwmattngarr and we will answer your questions live.  Here we go!
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Episode 22: Eagles lose, Moses passes, fantasy advice
The Eagles season started more disappointing than planned.  We will look inside what happened, and what is going to happen in the most important week of the year (Well one of two) Dallas week.  Legend Moses Malone passed and he was a major part of a Philadelphia championship.  Garrett is in 5 fantasy leagues as is Matt, so they will go through fantasy advice including a week long fantasy competition where the lineup will be set on the air.  So stay tuned Gar and Matt are ready to roll.
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Episode 21: Eagles are ready to go
It's always sunny in Philadelphia when the Eagles season is about to start.   Bradford looks like the second coming of Montana in his 1 quarter of preseason action, Demarco Murray looks like Jim Brown in that same preseason game, the O line looked competant enough against the Packers starters.  What will the season really bring?  Also Gar's favorite Christian got cut.  The Sixers decided six PGs are not enough and probably just signed their starter.  Nola looks phenomenal again, but the rest of the Phillies are wait and see.  Also the court says Roger Goodell has no real power, we will see how this impacts the NFL.
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Episode 20: Eagles season getting ready to kick off
We will discuss what is going on around the NFL, probably get into fantasy football talk.  We will discuss the Eagles 2nd preseason game as well as what we would like to see in the 3rd game.  The Phillies are coming back to reality and they pulled Francour off of waivers when he was claimed.  We might get into the radio wars between Innes and Miscinelli that have been on Philly Sports Radio airwaves and anything else is open for conversation if you call in.  
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Episode 19: Utley traded, NFL injuries/fights Eagles played a preseason game
Utley has been dealt, one of the two prospects has been named as Darnell Sweeney.  We get another toolsy prospect who has a chance to do something and all of the sudden our farm system is getting loaded which may cause the Phillies turnaround to be quicker than expected.  The Eagles and other teams have played an exhibition game and injuries and fights are beginning to pile up around the NFL.  We will also get into a bit of fantasy talk on how injuries may impact fantasy football drafts that are happening all over.  Plus Joel Embiid is officially getting surgery so we will discuss that.  Get ready because we are going live!
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Episode 18: Eagles Camp, Franco injured and Fantasy Football preview
The Eagles camp is in full bloom we wil discuss the injury to JaCory Sheppard and what it means to an Eagles team that just traded Brandon Boykin.  The Phillies keep winning, but Maikel Franco was injured in last night's game we will talk about how cautious the team should be with him and fantasy football drafts are springing up all over the place.  Gar and Matt are in several leagues including 2 with each other, they will talk about some strategies they use.
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Episode 17: The Post Deadline/Eagles Camp show
The deadline has come and gone and the Phillies traded Jonathan Papelbon, Cole Hamels, and Ben Revere.  We will talk about the return the Phillies got for these guys.  Three top 100 guys in the Hamels move which doubles the Eagles total to 6 top 100 prospects in the majors.  The Eagles meanwhile started camp and the big news is no news, no major injuries to report.  Travis Long is probably done with his 3rd ACL tear, but other than that no major injuries which includes our achy breaky QB.  Garrett scouted the Eagles practice live and will give us a report.
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Episode 16: Trade Deadlie Show
The trade deadline looms and Papelbon was already dealt.  Hamels looks like the next deal going to happen and we will discuss them both.  Who else could be traded?  We will also look at the national trade market at deals that are happening and players becoming available.  Also Sean Coutourier signed a deal with the Flyers keeping him under team control for 6 years.  Plus maybe we will get into a debate on politics if we have time.
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Episode 15: Nola debuts! Sixers lie! MLB trade deadline talk Eagles
We are on iTunes!!!!  Look for us under the name Philly Sports with Gar and Matt.  We are also on Podcast Addict if you have an Android device.  On this week's episode Aaron Nola debuts, Maikel Franco doesn't play because he is hurt.  We are talking MLB trade deadline and the Phillies are all over the hot stove with many conflicting reports.  Sixers apparently lied about Joel Embiid's foot.  Sam Bradford wants to play out his contract so let's see if Gar rips Chip Kelly for trading Foles again, my guess is yes.  All that and your phone calls at 602-753-1597.  And.... We're on the air!
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Episode 14: Nothing to report/Going freestyle
The Sixers played some Summer League games and the Phillies signed some international players.  The big stories have all been national though, Garrett asked for this podcast to comment specifically on the NFL top 100 we have no script today and will be going by the seat of our pants.  Lord help us.  Thanks for listening as always, hope we entertain.  Also our friend is in the WSOP and we will update his progress.
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Episode 13: Andy McPhail era begins and Hinkie strikes as free agency starts
The Andy McPhail era has begun, sort of, he will take over next year.  Reuben Amaro stays GM through the end of the year.  Hinkie finally made his draft time move as he gave up international guys who will never be for Nik Staulkus plus.   Flyers signed a backup goalie and the Phillies actually decided to sign a foreign player.  All this plus Gar talks shark attacks and Christie for president.
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Episode 12: NBA Draft and Sandberg resigns.
The NBA draft has come and gone and left many wondering whether Hinkie's plan is still best or whether 3 wasted seasons are enough already.  Embiid may need surgery and all we have on our roster are 3 big men.  Furthermore, Ryne Sandberg decided the Sixers should not get all of the news and decided to resign from this abortion of a baseball season.  Why was it not Reuben Amaro?  We are going live, so join us if you will.  RIP to Matt's grandfather Leon to whom this show is dedicated.
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Episode 12: The Quest for the lost episodes
Hey gang,we are going remote from my (Matt's) girlfriend Jen's house.  Hopefully this will clear problems we have had with blogtalkradio and we can give you a full show.  MLB Draft happened and we will talk about Phils picks and Reuben Amaro as well as the state of the team as they are 2nd from the bottom of the MLB.  The Sixers draft is coming up and D'Angelo Russell is gaining heat from both the Timberwolves and the Lakers, who will the Sixers take if Russell is off the board?  NBA finals so let's hear Garrett's Lebron love.  NHL finals if anyone cares (TJ?)  And Garrett has been asking to talk politically, this could get interesting folks,might want to listen to the whole episode for that because Garrett and Matt do not see eye to eye politically.
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Episode 11: Amaro Jr. with a comment that again isolates Philadelphia fans.
Amaro Jr. says Philly fans don't know what they are talking about when calling for Biddle and Efflin to come to the majors.  The Sixers got the number 3 pick in the draft and it is less than a month away, is it a clear cut pick?  NBA playoffs are still going on and Lebron is moving to the finals so you know Garrett will drool all over his favorite player.  OTAs started without Evan Matthis is it still in Chip we trust?  We talk about our 5 favorite Philly athletes in the past 30 years (In their prime so players like Schmidt will not be considered).  Please tune in.
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Episode 10: The Phillies on a win Streak?
It's a big night in Philly sports and no it's not because the Phillies won 6 straight. It's Ping Pong ball night in basketball land, so the sixers may not be playing the conference final game like the Warriors or the Rockets, but hopefully the player the Sixers get helps the team get to the next level and they will soon be playing in the NBA playoffs.  We will discuss Hinkie's plan, whether it is working.  We were off last week so we will finally be discussing deflategate.  And finally the Flyers hired a new coach.
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Episode 9: NFL Draft recap
This weekend was the biggest sports weekend in a long long time with Kentucky Derby, Mayweather fight, and the NFL Draft conclusion to go along with Game 7 of LA Clippers vs San Antonio Spurs.  In Philly it was all about Mariotta.  We will react to the draft and our disapointment of not getting Chip's QB.  Phillies won a game after losing 6 straight.  Top 5 this week will be Eagles draft picks in the past 30 years.
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Episode 9: NFL Draft
We will touch on NBA Playoffs and some Phillies showing signs of life, but today is all about the NFL draft. Also there is a fight that is about 5 years past due that will happen Saturday night.  That's right only 3 more days to see if Chip will go get Mariotta.  Our top 5 will be guys we would like to see the Eagles take assuming they do not trade up to get to Mariotta.  Please call in at 602-753-1597 and add your thoughts. 
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Episode 8 Tebow Phillies losing again, Flyers fire Berube and more
Tim Tebow to the Eagles?  We gotta talk about this!  While the Phillies are losing at the Major League level there is some hope from some of the trades that have happened this off season.  Flyers fired Berube, we will touch on this briefly.  Eagles another rumor that Mariotta could be coming here in a 3 way deal, we will discuss as well as who we like for pick #20.  Top 5 list is home grown Phillies and we struggled to come up with 5 each.  Listen, love, enjoy!
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Episode 7: Phillies first full week
Yes, baseball is back in swing and the Phillies are not so bad........  Yet, 3-4 after 7 games.  Flyers season ended quietly, the Sixers are 2 games from done we'll go over the chances of getting the first round picks that they could get.  Review Eagles Draft again.  The Masters happened, Lawerence Phillips finally killed a guy, Aaron Hernandez trial is almost over.  New top 5 list.
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Episode 6: Baseball opens to the joy of everyone not in Philly
Phillies  will be discussed as well as projections of this  "Major League lineup". Shady had some negative things to say about his former coach Chip Kelly.  National Championship was last night, we will have reactions as Matt had to watch it with his best friend and forever Duke fan Eric as he  rubbed it in Matt's face.  Less than a month to the NFL draft we will continue to talk about who we think the Eagles should draft.  Plus a new top 5 and more.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 5: The Tank is almost over
Sixers season less than 10 games from over and it looks like the tank may finally be over.  A look at the NCAA tournament and who in this tournament is going to be a viable option for the Sixers with their up to 8 draft picks.  Miles Austin is an Eagle, Ryans restructured, what does this mean for Mykael Kendricks?  Browns are still looking at QB could a Mariotta or Bradford trade still be in the works?  Fisher commented on Gar's boy Nick Foles, he will want to rant about it.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 4 Nothing Much Going on
Slow week in Philly sports, Chip Kelly says his power play was all Lurie.  NCAA tournament started, how's your bracket doing?  For entertainment purposes only of course!  Phillies players are on sale and Jimmy Rollins felt like commenting about Philly.  We are going to talk about Nick Foles vs Sam Bradford because it's funny to watch Garrett go crazy about Foles.   Finally we will get to our top 5 gangster movies with a caveat Garrett has never seen Godfather 1 or 2.  Feel free to make fun of him like I am sure I will.  We will try to get phones going at the top of the show again.  Wish us luck and thanks for tuning in.
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Episode 3 Eagles backs
Eagles sign some running backs but forget about receivers, Phillies start spring training, March Madness is here and with it the greatest two days of tv sports.  Flyers are essentially out of the playoffs and the Sixers keep winning for no reason (By that I mean they won twice this week).
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Episode 2 Full Free Agent er Trade Frenzy
This episode focuses mostly on the Eagles after our failed attempt to go live we then went on to tape an hour and a half show that focuses mostly on the Eagles moves.  We will try to have the phones up for the next episode.  I may do a test run sometime this week, possibly with Garrett and we will try to get things working.  Thank you for listening.
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Matt and Gar Episode 1
We talk about the Sixers offseason moves the blockbuster Eagles trade that happened literally mid podcast, Foles vs Mariotta, Maclin vs some other options.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

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