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Category: Games/Hobbies
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Telling the stories behind your favorite comic book characters, people, and events.

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Podcast Episode's:
Ep 9: Who is Deadpool?
Welcome back to a brand new episode of Comically we are so glad to be back after a three month hiatus With the Deadpool movie just around the corner what better time to talk about the merc with a mouth than now right
Listen: podcast - audio/mp3

Ep 8: The Green Arrow
Welcome to another episode of Comically an exploration of your favorite comic book characters people and events In this episode we take a look at the history of the Green Arrow Who is Oliver Queen and what are some of his greatest stories Listen in and find outShow NoteshttpsenwikipediaorgwikiGreenArrowhttpdcwikiacomwikiGreenArrowOriginshttpbehindthepanelsnetthehistoryofgreenarrowpart1fromthegoldenagetothegoldenbeard1941to1969httpwwwnerdylegioncomshowscmepisodeep6whoisjaygarrick
Listen: podcast - audio/mp3

Ep 7: Who are the Omega Men?
Welcome to Comically an exploration of your favorite comic book characters people and eventsIn this weeks episode we take a look at one of my favorite current DC series the Omega Men which is sadly getting cancelled this December Who are the Omega Men and why should you care Listen in and find out
Listen: podcast - audio/mp3

Ep 6: Who is Jay Garrick?
Welcome back to Comically a show exploring your favorite comic book characters people and eventsThis week we take some time to talk about Jay Garrick the Golden Age Flash who will be making his debut in season two of the CWs The Flash Garrick is of course full of history As a founding member of the Justice Society of America Garrick has been an integral part of the DC comic book universe for over 75 yearsWho is Jay Garrick and why should you care Listen in to find out
Listen: podcast - audio/mp3

Ep 5: The Joker is a story onto himself
Welcome back to Comically a show exploring your favorite comic book characters people and eventsWith the upcoming introduction of the Joker to FOXs amazing Gotham series and with interest in the clown prince of crime at an all time high because of his upcoming appearance in next years Suicide Squad I wanted to do a quick episode highlighting some of the greatest Joker stories ever Well explore the Jokers long history in a future episode but for now I hope you enjoy the show
Listen: podcast - audio/mp3

Ep 4: Getting Into Comics
Welcome to another episode of Comically the show that explores your favorite comic book characters people and eventsFor this episode we wanted to get down to basics and based on listener feedback will be doing a quick guide on how to get started reading comics Be sure to check out wwwnerdylegioncomshowscm for full show notes and links
Listen: podcast - audio/mp3

Ep 3: The Greatest Fantastic Four stories ever told
The latest Fantastic Four movie was recently released to some very lackluster reviews which is too bad as Marvels first family is quite deserving of a great cinematic adaptation They are also well deserving of a full episode of Comically to explore their rich history but that will come at a later date Instead lets spend a little bit of time talking about some of the greatest Fantastic Four stories ever toldShow NotesFantastic Four by Waid amp Wieringo Ultimate Collection Book 1Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman Vol 4Fantastic Four by John Byrne Omnibus Volume 1Fantastic Four Visionaries Walter Simonson Vol 3Marvel Masterworks Fantastic Four Vol 5
Listen: podcast - audio/x-m4a

Ep 2: The Astonishing Ant-Man
Welcome to another episode of ComicallyIn our second episode we look at the interesting history of AntMan AntMan may seem like a bit of a joke hero to some particularly those of you who are just being introduced to the character via the recently released film but the character has over 50 years of history and a story as complicated as the many mental states of Hank Pym Follow us on a journey of the character as we explore his origin cultural inspiration high and low points and what may come for AntMan in the ever evolving Marvel cinematic universe
Listen: podcast - audio/mp3

Ep 1: Valiant Beginnings
In the early 90s VALIANT was one of the premier comic book publishers in the industry producing innovative books with great art and storytelling Due to various circumstances VALIANT went the way of the dodo until its resurrection in 2012 Learn about the formation of the company and its untimely demise in the first episode of ComicallyGet in touch with us at NerdyLegioncom or email us topic suggestions at comicallyshowgmailcomReference materialshttpwwwindiealtrepeatcom201404whyilovevaliantabriefhistoryhttpwwwnewsaramacom1537310mostimportantrelaunchesincomicbookhistoryhtmlhttpsequartorgmagazine3420thevaliantcomicsfaqhttpsenwikipediaorgwikiValiantComicshttpswwwyoutubecomwatchvN16qJlbp4tkhttpwwwquoracomHowwasJimShooteroustedfromValiantComicshttpwwwjimshootercom201111ditkoatvaliantanddefiantpart1htmlm1
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

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