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Category: Music
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Aloha Podcast Network

Hawaii Podcast
Podcast Episode's:
Episode 77 #FF77 (2018 Bollywood Mix)
2018 Bollywood Mix - Floops Festival Episode 77 (#FF77) http://ff.ht/77 0:00 Molly Ramcharan ft Ravi B - Kar Na Sake Hum Pyar Ka Sauda Remix (My Rum Drinking Song) 07:48 MOLLY RAMCHARAN JHUGA JHUG WIZZ STUDIO 10:42 Mayaro The Band - Neele Neele 13:06 OLDIES MEDLEY---SATNARYAN AND ANURADHA 16:44 HAWA HAWAI--ANURADHA 20:15 TERI PYARI---G.I 23:46 JAB KOI BAAT--ANURADHA AND SATNARINE 29:03 Climaxxx - Meri Rani 33:02 Na Baba - Climaxxx & Kavita Ramkissoon - Maha Productions 37:36 Caribbean Vibrationz - Oh Mere Hamrahe 40:05 Raw Nitro D Raja - Head Done Bad Chutney 2018 44:11 EK DO TEEN DRUPATEE ROME WIZZ STUDIO 47:34 GORIA KE YAAD--RAVI BABOORAM CHATAK VERSION 50:27 DULAHIN ROWEH --RIKKI JAI 54:42 Anthony Batson & Kavitar Ramkissoon - Chadar Remix [2K18] 58:53 Climaxxx & Jameer Hosein - Maha Productions - Ram Sillii
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 76 #FF76 (Soca 2019 Mix)
Soca 2019 Mix - Floops Festival Episode 76 (#FF76) with 2018 Crop Over Soca and 2018 Bashment Soca http://ff.ht/76 Track-list Fimba - Funky Business (VINCY RAGGA SOCA 2018) STINGER RIDDIM Skarpyon Play Shal Marshall - Trending (Monkey Steel Drum Riddim) Nikman - Pressure Problem Child - De Road Scrilla - De Baddest King Bubba FM - Show Me Power Lavaman - The Anthem Lil Rick - Hold On Ricardo Dru - I Got You Sekon Sta - Bumper Skinny Fabulous & Mason - Bun Fuh Bun Teddyson John - Living It Up FADDA FOX - VYBZ OVERLOAD KING BUBBA FM - PANIC LAVAMAN - SO AH COME RICARDO DRUE - 90 DEGREES "BEND DOWN" STIFFY & KING BUBBA FM - GIMME ROOM LIL RICK - HOVER IT UNDA DAWG - BOOTY BOUNCE C.DIDDY - Good Captain Cooler X C.Diddy - Pon De Tip EMPRESS J - TING A LING FREEZY - SHOW YOU HAVE IT TRINIDAD GHOST - GIVE SHE WUKPATRICE ROBERTS - NO LAZY BODY PROBLEM CHILD & TERRAH DAN - WORK ON YOU Coopa Dan - BOOM BOOM Lady Essence - GI THEM IT Natahlee - DE TEST Rameses - DROP THAT Scrilla - BADOOM RDX - Acrobat Linky First - Bumper
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 75 #FF75 (2018 St Lucian Soca Mix)
https://www.djfloops.com/floops-festival-episode/75/ Fè'y Palé (Make It Talk) - Imran Nerdy Slow Down - Sedale Number One - Trabass Throw Up Yuh Hand - Sedale Bad Like Storm - Skinny Fabulous Sully - Ricky T Ride - Qpid Mr. Prickle - Blackboy Bacchanal - Freezy X - Ezra D'FunMachine Fog Up - Marzville Shell Dong Dat - Motto, Fadda Fox Aye - Skinny Banton
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

The World's Greatest Show
The World's Greatest Show (Vocal Mix) is a soca song about dancing with a sexy in girl in a party and taking her home to bed ;)
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Damini (Chutney)
Damini as written, sung, mixed and mastered by Dj Floops depicts the story of a Chutney singer who go to a house in Sangre Grande, Trinidad and Tobago to celebrate the birth of a child often referred to as a barahee. There he meet a beautiful girl named "Damini" who falls in love with the singer and wishes to show her love for him by cooking him a meal. But Damini is far from domesticated so she offers him Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). Dj Floops is an old fashioned Hindu Man and tests Damini's love by demanding she make roti on a fireside. Poor Damini does not even know how to light a chula (fireside) but Dj Floops shows her blow...... the fire :) Lyrics: Verse 1 I went in a Barahee, Down in Sangre Grande, I met a sundar ladki, Her name was Damini, She greet me with a smile, and say stay for awhile, She will get food to eat, KFC on speed dial, I said no Damini, I am very hungry, Go in the kitchen, and make some roti, She fuss and she fight, Trying with all she might, Nothing she could do, to make the chulha light, I say no Damini, Roll up your lungi (long dress) Grab hold the pookani (a stick to blow the fire) and blow it forcefully! Verse 2 Now is weekly I going by Damini, She carry me by Aji, To make plans to marry, Aji say sonny, what you want with beti, I say that Love see and she is my wife to be. Verse 3 Aji Say Son you must understand, First time Damini dey with man, She might not treat you right, as a husband! I say no tanty, Don't play no lookhani, Is long time she checking me for the pookani! Break Blow the fire, blow the fire, show you could do the wok, Blow the fire, blow the fire, dont you ever stop, Blow the fire, blow the fire, Don't worry about the heat, Blow the fire, blow the fire, Till you feel sweet Blow the fire, blow the fire, Prove wrong your tanty, Blow the fire, blow the fire, Blow the pookanee! Hindi Verse
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

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