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Category: Music
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Don Miller the lead guitar player, singer and song writer of Dirty Mind Detroit. This band has been in the top ten of Michigan’s best local music radio station…radio OPIE.

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Aloha Podcast Network

Hawaii Podcast
Podcast Episode's:
S4 Ep8 American Hard Rock Band Fargo Strut
Fargo Strut is a 4-piece band from somewhere around Nashville, Tennessee. This band formed when two lifelong friends, Jeff Turner and Billy Atkisson, got together to jam. Billy and Jeff both got guitars for Christmas the same year when they were in their early teens. They had played together numerous times throughout the years and had very similar taste in music. Billy studied music at MTSU and earned a Bachelor's degree in classical guitar with an emphasis on instrumental performance. As fate would have it, when they got back together to play some music Billy had a set of drums and became the drummer and singer because that way they could play, write and have more of a full band sound. Their music is a hybrid between metal and hard rock that combines an ’80s attitude with today’s newer sounds. Quoting their own words, they write and play music that they love and want to share, taking their influences and twisting them into something new and heart felt. This is a mix of flash and soul, with their guitar-oriented style. This band released their debut album entitled Across the Sky in October 2016. And currently, they are preparing a new album, Can’t Cool Down, with an expected release in October 2018. Right now, Billy’s back to his first and only love, the almighty guitar, and auditions for drummers is currently going on as the band gets ready to release their latest music and hit the stage again very soon!
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S4 Ep7 South African Metal Band Priest Killer
Priest Killer is a death metal band from South Africa. They are anti-theist, meaning not only do they not believe in a god (or any gods), but they also oppose all organized religions and the harm they know it causes to society. This band vehemently opposes all religions and openly express it through their music. Founded in 2011, the band has gone through numerous line-up changes with the only constant being founding member, guitarist and main songwriter, J. who’s working now with Buff on drums, Japie on bass and Jaime on vocals. The band does its best to deliver a scull- cracking hammer blow of death-, thrash- and groove-metal riffs with just the right amount of thundering double-bass and blast beats, completed with an intense and aggressive range of high and low death metal vocals.
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Ep 2 omp afterhours unplugged on wilddawgsradio
On this episode of OMP Afterhours Unplugged, we feature Mandy Bo, Jason Kinney Band, Eddy & the Arsons, Hegarty, Joe Symes & the Loving Kind, Ian Prowse with Amsterdam and Michael Sean Allman.
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Ep 1 omp afterhours unplugged at wilddawgsradio
Music... the organic way!
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S4 Ep6 American Heavy Metal Band Tribulance
Tribulance hails from Tucson AZ. This is a very talented group of guys making good heavy metal. Like the Phoenix, rising from the ashes! In 2012, this band played its first show in over ten years. Hard hitting no-nonsense metal with a “go big or go home” attitude, this band displays an aptitude equal to any national act on the scene today. Thriving on an energetic live show, dynamic stage presence, complete with stage props, hard hitting music, and an image to boost, they will stop at nothing to prove. They have what it takes to be taken seriously in the metal/heavy metal world. Overcoming trials and life’s tribulations, these guys are on a one-way path to the top of the local food chain. What happens after that, is only fate… But, to tell you the true my organic listeners, after I heard their new album “the Aftermath of Lies,” this band has it all to make it. And make it big!
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