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Category: Music
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Don Miller the lead guitar player, singer and song writer of Dirty Mind Detroit. This band has been in the top ten of Michigan’s best local music radio station…radio OPIE.

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Podcast Episode's:
S4 Ep8 American Hard Rock Band Fargo Strut
Fargo Strut is a 4-piece band from somewhere around Nashville, Tennessee. This band formed when two lifelong friends, Jeff Turner and Billy Atkisson, got together to jam. Billy and Jeff both got guitars for Christmas the same year when they were in their early teens. They had played together numerous times throughout the years and had very similar taste in music. Billy studied music at MTSU and earned a Bachelor's degree in classical guitar with an emphasis on instrumental performance. As fate would have it, when they got back together to play some music Billy had a set of drums and became the drummer and singer because that way they could play, write and have more of a full band sound. Their music is a hybrid between metal and hard rock that combines an ’80s attitude with today’s newer sounds. Quoting their own words, they write and play music that they love and want to share, taking their influences and twisting them into something new and heart felt. This is a mix of flash and soul, with their guitar-oriented style. This band released their debut album entitled Across the Sky in October 2016. And currently, they are preparing a new album, Can’t Cool Down, with an expected release in October 2018. Right now, Billy’s back to his first and only love, the almighty guitar, and auditions for drummers is currently going on as the band gets ready to release their latest music and hit the stage again very soon!
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S4 Ep7 South African Metal Band Priest Killer
Priest Killer is a death metal band from South Africa. They are anti-theist, meaning not only do they not believe in a god (or any gods), but they also oppose all organized religions and the harm they know it causes to society. This band vehemently opposes all religions and openly express it through their music. Founded in 2011, the band has gone through numerous line-up changes with the only constant being founding member, guitarist and main songwriter, J. who’s working now with Buff on drums, Japie on bass and Jaime on vocals. The band does its best to deliver a scull- cracking hammer blow of death-, thrash- and groove-metal riffs with just the right amount of thundering double-bass and blast beats, completed with an intense and aggressive range of high and low death metal vocals.
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Ep 2 omp afterhours unplugged on wilddawgsradio
On this episode of OMP Afterhours Unplugged, we feature Mandy Bo, Jason Kinney Band, Eddy & the Arsons, Hegarty, Joe Symes & the Loving Kind, Ian Prowse with Amsterdam and Michael Sean Allman.
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Ep 1 omp afterhours unplugged at wilddawgsradio
Music... the organic way!
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S4 Ep6 American Heavy Metal Band Tribulance
Tribulance hails from Tucson AZ. This is a very talented group of guys making good heavy metal. Like the Phoenix, rising from the ashes! In 2012, this band played its first show in over ten years. Hard hitting no-nonsense metal with a “go big or go home” attitude, this band displays an aptitude equal to any national act on the scene today. Thriving on an energetic live show, dynamic stage presence, complete with stage props, hard hitting music, and an image to boost, they will stop at nothing to prove. They have what it takes to be taken seriously in the metal/heavy metal world. Overcoming trials and life’s tribulations, these guys are on a one-way path to the top of the local food chain. What happens after that, is only fate… But, to tell you the true my organic listeners, after I heard their new album “the Aftermath of Lies,” this band has it all to make it. And make it big!
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Brown Eyed Girl
Brown Eyed Girl by Gabriel Dean
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S4 Ep5 Welsh Metal Band Hyperion
Hyperion comes from the Rhondda Valleys in the South Wales, UK. This is a 5-piece heavy metal band founded in 2011. For this band, the year 2017 was a very active and productive year. Soon, we will be talking about those other years. Just to mention some important events in 2017, they were semi-finalists among tens of bands in the competition at the heavy metal festival “Bloodstock: Metal 2 The Masses”. Also, they opened for important artists such as “The Maenson” in their international tour. They performed during the hole year at important local venues and their music was aired on different radio stations. But the most important thing for the last year, my organic listeners, was that they released their debut EP with 3 original pieces that of course you can find on YouTube, Spotify and iTunes. Nonetheless, these men are humble and when asked about their purpose as a band, their answer is “…we hope to do the Rhondda and the metal scene proud with our music”.
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S4 Ep4 Gabriel Dean Interviews the English Singer and Song Writer Ian Prowse
Ian Prowse is an English singer-songwriter whose style can be located around pop, alternative rock and Celtic genres. He was born and grew up in Cheshire-England, and since a young age, he showed his musical incline, performing in school bands, etc. In 1989 as a young adult, he formed the band Pele at Liverpool-UK, releasing 2 studio albums, 1 live album and 6 singles. After 9 tours of the UK, they split in 1996 due to problems with the record company whose efforts to make him record as a solo artist was never accomplished. Then in 1999, this great musician started a new band: Amsterdam. They released one album in 2005 and one more in 2008, along with several singles. In 2009 their song "Does This Train Stop on Merseyside" spent 5 weeks at the top spot in his home country. During this time, the band struck up a friendship with Elvis Costello who used them as his backup band on the Jonathan Ross television show, as well as support act on several occasions. Furthermore, he performed a duet with Costello for EMI Records with a cover of The Searchers' 1964 hit "Don't Throw Your Love Away" for the Liverpool Number Ones Project in 2008. He released an album in 2012 entitled "Does This Train Stop on Merseyside: The Very Best of Ian Prowse." Then, he released his first solo album "Who Loves Ya Baby?" in March 2014, and a second one in 2015, 'Companeros:' project that rediscovered long lost songs from the British Isles. Our dear guest celebrated the 25th anniversary of his first album 'Fireworks' with a UK tour in the Spring of 2017. And a there is a tour announced for 2018, celebrating the 25th anniversary of his second album “The Sport of Kings.” Ian Prowse is also a member of the Irish Sea Sessions, which is described as "Part super group, part colossal session and part festival, all in a single gig” bringing together some of the finest traditional musicians from Liverpool, Ireland, Northern Ireland and the Irish Sea, to explore and celebrate tunes and songs inspired by their shared heritage and connections.
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S4 Ep3 with the progressive heavy rock band Shun the Raven
Shun the Raven is an independent, original, three-piece band based out of Greensboro, NC. The band, formed in April of 2015, blends progressive rock and heavy metal. These guys spent some time writing quality songs and polishing their stage skills, preparing everything before getting into Overdub Lane Studios to work with the great recording engineer and producer John Plymale. In 2016 the band released a 3 song EP named "Hotel". They returned to the same studio and cut an additional 2 songs in 2017. All 5 tracks are available on an untitled EP. In 2017 this band shared the stage with many national acts including, Smile Empty Soul, Austin Winkler (formerly with Hinder), October Rage, and even an acoustic evening with Saliva. In September of 2017 the band performed at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival in Virginia which included performances by Saving Abel, Tantric, Drowning Pool, Everlast, POD, Flaw, Sick Puppies, Scott Stapp, and many more. Also, the band followed that up by winning the 105.7 battle of the bands, earning the desirable job of opening for Saliva and Trapt at the White Oak Amphitheater in North Carolina. This band is headed back into the studio in early 2018 to record again. Bur before recording their new project, they are here in the best place to unplug.
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S4 Ep2 American Thrash Band Doubting Thompson
Doubting Thompson is a Crossover/Thrash band from Fox Lake, Illinois. His founder has been an active participant in the music scene in the Midwestern United States since 1988. He made part of bands since high school playing cover tunes from acts from Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, Jimmy Hendrix, Metallica, Iron Maiden and Slayer. Those formative years helped to influence his new material that he’s writing and recording today. His first published album was a project called Banshee Swans, a collaboration with vocalist Jezebel Jonez formerly of Chicago based punk outfit Black Market Kidney Runners. The music on that album is dark, heavy, and could best described as Alternative/Doom Metal. (It is currently available on Bandcamp and ITunes.) His current project is a full of metal assault, a Crossover/Thrash EP in the tradition of bands like Coroner, Nuclear Assault, Slayer, etc. where our guest has taken on all songwriting and vocal duties. He’s backed on the tracks by local stalwart Louis Cypher on bass and the incomparable Otis "Firefly" on drums. Using his own words: “the music on this new project takes me back to the early days of sweating it out in basements thrashing out the pioneering metal classics of the day.” This 2nd EP is entitled "Chaos Theory" with the assistance of Big Lee from UnderVerse Records handling executive production and mastering duties. The EP is going to be released on a TBA release date in the Spring.
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S4 Ep1 with Irish Heavy Rock Band Baleful Creed
Baleful Creed is our first guest of this new season of 2018. This is a four-piece band from Belfast in Northern Ireland They started this project in early 2009 when two of their founding members, Fin and John, got together to play some cover tunes, just to blow the dust off the old guitars and amps. The covers didn’t last too long, though, when soon they started to write some original material to try out instead. At their beginning, the band released 3 EPs: “Killing Time” as their debut album in 2009. That lead to a second and third sonically improved EPs: “Buried Beneath” in late 2011 and “III” in 2012. At this stage, all three EP’s were only available on the band’s Bandcamp digital online store. But with increasing interest from fans both online and at gigs asking for a hard copy CD, the band joined Neal Calderwood in Manor Park Studios and merged the last two EPs, remix and remaster them into a full debut album for final release on CD, 29 December 2013. In their own words, this CD packs in the head nodding tunes with a huge guitar tone, the whiskey soaked bluesy vocals backed by powerful bass and drums. With this CD, the band was back out firing on all cylinders touring on the back of the debut album delivering their tunes in fired up performances, and working towards building a new set of songs for the next album. Writing and recording over the 2016 year, the band released a new album: “Seismic Shifter” on 6 June 2017. This band has experienced many highs along the way, having their tunes spread across rock stations from initially Northern Irish DJ’s to around the world. They have been featured in international interviews and reviews in magazine such as Powerplay and Fireworks. A real highlight was playing as support to Bill Steer’s (from Carcass) blues rock power trio ‘Firebird’ in Belfast. Getting to grace the stage in the incredible Mandela Hall venue, Belfast as support to the American Ronnie James Dio tribute, “Rising”.
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S3 Ep24 omp top dozen 2017
We are so proud to show you, our organic listeners from around the world, our Top Dozen 2017! Our best 12 songs and bands by popular demand on this year 2017.
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S3 Ep23 with American Musician Jamie Woodfin Jr
Jamie Woodfin Jr. is a solo artist originally from Northern Indiana in the USA. He started playing the guitar at the age of 15 and fell in love with songwriting around the age of 18. He’s always been inspired by and loved Classic Rock and Blues guitar. His life changed in November of 1998 when he attended his first concert, Aerosmith, and he knew that playing the guitar was what he wanted to do with his life, and he’s been on the pursuit ever since. He was a self-thought musician at the beginning, learning everything he could from books and practicing like a maniac. He even dropped out of high school, so he could devote more time to practicing. Oh boy! In 2003, he started to craft his own expression of rock. That work was good enough to become his first CD: “The Realization of Life” released in 2005. And it was that same year when his music started to be aired on a local radio station. Then in 2006, he was featured on an episode of Open Studio on PBS. Of course, there was a second CD: "Innovation Never Phelt So Good." However, talent is not everything so in order to take things to the next level he had to go back to school. That is when he attended college at the University of Indiana South Bend and the digital world unfolded in front of his eyes. Writing lyrics is his favorite stress relief in life and there isn't anything that makes him happier than taking ideas and emotions and turning them into songs. In 2015, he released his third CD: "Tha Jams' Rock" and currently he’s working on his fourth project. Some of his musical influences are Jimi Hendrix, Phish, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Grateful Dead, Radiohead, Sublime, Santana, and many other big names.
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S3 Ep22 with American Rock Band Garrett
Garrett is an American band and a married couple based in Washington, NC. Their single HERO, released in May 2013 as a tribute to the U.S. military and veterans, has been #1 in the Radio Indie Alliance charts in 2017 and in the Top 10 in the U.K. last year in its first week of release. This project is the musical culmination of a cosmic romance of cinematic scope and proportion. This couple met in a band 30 years ago. When that band broke up, their paths diverged. She proceeded to form the band Snakes-N-Angels with her then husband, JC Stephenson. And he began a career as a solo artist. Tragically, she lost Stephenson to cancer in 2002, but she was determined to keep the dream alive. In 2004, while searching for a new guitarist for Snakes-N-Angels, they reconnected, parks flew and the result is this satisfying blend of 70’s style arena blues-rock seasoned with decades of musical experience. At their show, you’re swept up into the thundering power of the classic three-piece sound. Their songs feel both fresh and familiar, featuring his soaring tenor and formidable guitar skills and her full-bodied mezzo and sinuous basslines. When they sing as a duet, magic happens and the intensity of their shared emotion is undeniable. To experience this band is to witness triumph over sorrow. The band is in the process of recording a new cd, “Believe,” with veteran drummer Jason Patterson. They have released 2 singles, the Island and HERO, and also some older tracks that have been added to many indie stations' rotations, especially in the UK, Australia and Canada.
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S3 Ep20 english metal rock band operation neptune spear
Operation Neptune spear comes from the bowels of deepest darkest South Yorkshire, England, or to be more precise, they come from Sheffield in the UK. This is a one-piece hard rock-metal band, with a complex sound that encompasses melodic, political, groove and rock ingredients. This project was formed in April 2015, and to date, it has released two self-produced albums: Opening Salvo and First World Chaos, which you can download for free via SoundCloud. The band has reached the #1 place in the Reverve Nation Chart plus some other accomplishments we’ll be talking about in just seconds Their sound has been described as the love child of Rage Against the Machine, Sepultura, Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club, Black County Communion and Nirvana.
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S3 Ep19 American Metal Crust Band Gravehuffer
Gravehuffer is a 4-piece band from Joplin-Missouri. This band was born in 2008 from the remnants of former projects such as Detonation, H.R.B., Aether Bunny, and Krom. Also, their sound is an amalgamation of Crust, Punk, Metal, Grindcore, and unapologetic down-tuned Sludge-laden Doom. This band proudly shuns the confines of genre, confinements and so-called rules, for the sake of the music itself and their collective creative output. Today, they are celebrating the recently signing with Bluntface Records, being set to unleash their most recent material to be included on the vinyl edition of their latest album, "Your Fault". Always looking to push beyond their own limitations, and eager to give back to their fans, the band recently entered the studio to record two bonus tracks for their upcoming vinyl release. The first track appropriately titled, "Your Fault" sees the band firing on all cylinders and pulling no punches. Featuring a guest guitar solo by Carlo Regadas (ex-Carcass, ex-Black Star, and current guitarist for Monstrance) this track alone will make the vinyl purchase worth it, and can easily be a strong and fitting representation of what this band is all about for newly acquired fans. If you can imagine another worldly beast soaked in heaviness and packed to the brim with filthy grooves and punishing vocals and riffs reminiscent of some hybrid form of early Dismember, Entombed, and perhaps even Bolt Thrower, all with the signature stylings that this unique and relentless band has come to be known for. You might have some idea of what is set to pummel your ear drums. With an assortment of 28 original songs in their repertoire that showcase the vast array of influence the band pulls from, and a fearlessness to never conform or compromise, these musicians are in it for the sake of the songs and the art itself in a world where most are content to follow rather than lead.
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S3 Ep18 with Legendary American Musician Powell St john
In this episode of OMP Unplugged the legendary Powell St. John is back. He started to sing at his home in Texas back in 1940’s when he was still learning to talk. Also, later in his teenage, he learnt to play the flute, and more importantly, the harmonica. His musical career formally began in 1960’s when he was in college at the University of Texas. Then, Powell and his harmonica joined his first band and met the late Janis Joplin, who he worked with and were friends until her death in 1970. Also, he tried his hand at song writing and ventured with a 1960’s trend… the power of electric music: Rock n roll. Some band names associated to this musician back then were ‘The Waller Creek Boys,’ ‘The Thirteenth Floor Elevators’ and ‘Threadgills’ just to mention a couple. In 1966, our guest moved out from Austin TX into San Francisco CA where things grew big, and he, along with a new band, Mother Earth, signed a contract with Mercury records, recording two successful records. However, tiredness from touring and homesickness made him to resign from the band and going back to his home in CA. Then, fortune was unkind with him and this wonderful musician had to take jobs in other fields in order to survive until 2005 when he could retire. Nonetheless, he never stopped his love for music and kept song writing, and eventually, rehearsing with any friend. Being retired and looking for something to do, fortune was kinder this time, and he had a proposal in Austin TX to record all his old songs and playing harmonica. Believe & Succeed! He recorded with first-class musicians, and of course, the result was delightful. Later, he joined the 1970’s band ‘The Aliens,’ working together for about three years. This time things were much different, having lots of support by his side, including his beloved wife Toby who tireless handles that day-to-day work. The result here was a second CD “On My Way to Houston.” Nowadays, Powell St. John works with other musicians with new projects playing his original material, combined with fine arts.
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S3 Ep17 with English Band Hegarty
Hegarty is a band from working class town of Bootle-Liverpool in England. This is a five-piece band formed in 2014 that plays acoustic scouse rock. The 5 members of the band are David Hegarty (vocals, rythm guitar) Ian "igga" cousins (lead guitar) Chris "keo" Mckeown (bass guitar) Waka Stafford (drums) Alex Tweedle (piano/keyboard). Things have gone really well for the band so far and the band has had a fair bit of airplay on many radio stations including local Liverpool stations, going national in Scotland and even international in USA and France. Their debut album “Selling your Soul to Sanity” is now complete and their new single “I only dream” was recently released with an accompanying B-side “lonely for too long.” Their first single talks about making the most of what you have in life, taking your biggest weaknesses and using them to your strength...... In that beautiful song, they say "We only came to see the sunrise, instead we stayed and danced all night. Sometimes you have to be submerged by darkness, To be able to appreciate the light.....I only dream " This band also has an “Early Recordings” 4 song EP which is smashing it on iTunes, having received 5-star ratings from buyers and excellent reviews from music bloggers. Their music is influenced by musicians such us the Beatles, bob Dylan, Oasis, Ocean Color Scene, AC/DC… and the best part is that they are here today at OMP Unplugged.
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S3 Ep16 canadian rock band old james
Old James is an old friend of OMP Unplugged, but a young power-trio, from Canada. Their sound is in the vein of 70's Rock 'N Roll when originality was king and finding a unique sound was the mission. This band brings an unrivalled attitude in their intense live performance. And their pounding lives off the floor musicianship in the studio, speaking the likes of early Sabbath/Deep Purple while leaving any "throwback" or "vintage" labels in its inimitable wake. The members that make up this band are the Stephenson brothers, Brian (lead vocals and bass guitar) and Chris (Drums and backing vocals), which brings to the table the brother’s history of influences, such as Dime & Vinnie, Alex & Eddie, Max & Igor, Chris & Rich Robinson… Sir Andy “T-Cat” Thompson completes the trio with his uncanny blues and rhythm guitar approach to contemporary rock ‘n roll. In 2016 these guys were in the studio preparing for their first full length work. And 2017 ushers in the SPEAK VOLUMES era, the band’s debut album. With memorable vocals, distorted tones, pure and honest lyrical themes and a kick ass live show full of power and passion this trio is ready to make the world its own.
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S3 Ep15 with Alternative Folk Rock Musician Jason Kinney
Jason Kinney is an American singer, songwriter and guitarist from Claremont, New Hampshire who currently lives in Joplin, Missouri. He’s been playing for about 20 years and have no intentions on stopping. He has shared the stage with bands such as Derek Trucks, Godsmack, Monty Montgomery, Rehab, Tiffany, Cody Johnson and played lead guitar with Eric Walker (Plato's Cave) for a couple years. Jason pairs original music with timeless lyrics grounded in life experiences. Pulling from his musical roots, stemming from bluegrass to hard rock, he uses his natural songwriting ability to bring listeners into his world by offering them the opportunity to escape into his music. He thinks that music can be considered living art for it changes and evolves with each song that's written and each show that's performed. And like any piece of art, musical performance doesn't just happen. This musician works diligently to bring his performance to such a level that fellow musicians attend his shows in their support. The honesty in his vocals and the passion he has for music will captivate you as he doesn't simply play music.... he embodies it! As he wrote in his website, his inspiration comes from the musicians he’s surrounded himself with throughout his life. And just to mention, some of those influences are Jimmy Hendrix, Rusted Root, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Leo Kottke, The Allman Brothers, and most jam bands.
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S3 Ep13 American Root Singer Grant Maloy Smith
Grant Maloy Smith is an American Roots Singer and Songwriter with a country bent. He heard the strains of bluegrass from his Kentucky-born and raised Grandmother, and it got into his blood. His songs tell heartfelt stories about real people, and are unfailingly optimistic and forward looking. He is a member of the Recording Academy (the Grammys), the CMA, and is a BMI Recording artist. And a Billboard charting artist in Americana/Folk, Country Album Sales, and Heatseeker Charts (June 2017) His awards include: in 2017, Grammy awards Associate Producer of the Grammy nominated and Grammy award winning album Presidential Suites, by Ted Nash and his Big Band. He’s been a many-time nominee and winner in the Indie Music Channel awards, and performer at the Troubadour in Los Angeles. Finalist and performer in the Philadelphia Songwriters Project. Finalist and performer in the South Florida Folk Festival the las two years. Plus, he has performed at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles. And the list is endless my organic listeners. Also, his 2017 album DUST BOWL features real class A-list players from Nashville TN. This is a dynamic performer, capable of carrying a show solo acoustic, or with a band up to 5 pieces. His 2013 album YELLOW TRAILER earned rave reviews, and his upcoming album DUST BOWL that is being released nationally and internationally in early 2017 looks like it’ll be another great success. This latest album “Dust Bowl/American Stories” is set in the 1930’s Great Plains during the worst economic and environmental disaster that America has ever seen. However, within this hardship lie stories of love, joy, and the solid backbone of the American rancher and farmer. These stories are told in each song on this album.
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S3 Ep12 Eglish Musician Matt Steady
Matt Steady is a singer and songwriter from Leicester, England. This musician identifies his sound with blues and folk, reflected in his intimate live performances, but his recordings draw from a much broader palette of musical genres. He’s been classically trained in piano, violin and musical theory, and after years of performing what he describes as “extra-ordinary covers”, he has clearly experienced enough joy and heartache to allow him to write genuine and honest, non-trivial lyrics. Matt’s grizzled appearance appropriately matches his musical style and tone. His voice is rugged and raspy, in sharp contrast to the fragile lyrics and delicate instrumental arrangements. He draws on a wide range of musical genres from blistering electric blues to agonizing acoustic singer-songwriter tracks …from beautiful and expansive Celtic landscapes, back to traditional folk. Every track is unique, with a different style, yet flows from one medium to another with a sense of shape and purpose.
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S3 Ep11 instrumental metal band slam
Riff and his band SLaM are already members of the OMP Unplugged family. SLaM an instrumental Metal band from South Wales in the UK. This band released its Debut EP "Noblesse Oblige" on December 2014. Then, there was a 2nd EP "Plan Murder Mayhem" on June 2015, the 3rd one “In Hate I Trust” on August 2016. They started in 2014 their promotions to approximately 95 digital distributors, including iTunes, Amazon MP3 & Spotify. And with each release there was a larger audience. Nowadays, the band is working on two new EPs. Yes… you heard well. TWO NEW EPs. Their fifth EP that will be released this year and a new one that includes a tour to the US. I can’t wait for that one!
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S3Ep10 canadian pianist kassandra demers
Kassandra Demers is a pianist, composer and arranger. This young woman was born and raised in the small community of Chapleau, Ontario. Largely self-taught up until the age of 18, she began her classical studies at Cambrian College in Sudbury, Ontario where she earned an Advanced Diploma in Music Performance in 2012. She has won many awards, these include a Top Pianist and Most Outstanding Performance Award in 2011. Also, she has been a provincial qualifier in the Kiwanis Music Festival in Ontario. Most recently, she has won the Memorial University Concerto competition in 2016 where she performed the pyrotechnical Piano Concerto no.1 by Franz Liszt with the MUN orchestra on March 31, 2017. She has had the privilege to study with top-award winning concert pianists, educators and composers. Kassandra has had the opportunity to attend a three-week intensive piano performance program in Edinburgh, Scotland where only twelve international students are granted this opportunity each year. As well as performing in Europe, she is frequently concertizing in Canada. She will be graduating in June of 2017 from Memorial University of St. John’s, Newfoundland earning a Bachelors Degree in piano performance and composition. She will be beginning her Master Degree in piano performance at Ottawa U in the fall of 2017. Aside from her highly active performance life, this young musician is an avid composer and arranger. She finds her inspiration in late romantic, 20th century and progressive-rock, metal and classical music.
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S3 Ep9 UK's #1 Master Engineer Pete Maher
Pete Maher is a successful mastering engineer that works with the world’s leading artists, producers and labels. Recent mastering projects include U2, The Killers, Jack White, Noel Gallagher, The Rolling Stones, Lana Del Rey, and the most important of all: Joe Symes & the Loving Kind, a very bright star on the OMP Unplugged sky. He uses all the best digital plugins to give your mixes more height, depth and volume. His idea is that any masters sounds perfect for radio and be fully optimized for digital releases and CDs. Pete is a huge supporter of new music and works with already established musicians as well as unsigned artists and independent labels. He says that the best music in the world today is either independent or still unsigned. And that there’s a huge amount of talent out there being overlooked by major labels and that that needs to change. So, it’s time for the industry to dig a lot deeper!’ From classical to jazz to funk to hip hop to dance, Bollywood, rock, pop, indie, hardcore and metal, this man optimizes any track to its FULL potential. Using his own words my organic people: Improving the quality of new music is a win-win for everyone
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S3 Ep8 wings of pegasus creator fil henley
Fil Henley is the creator of the ambitious unsigned band from just outside London in England: Wings of Pegasus. He is an old friend of OMP Unplugged that always brings to this show fresh old school metal. Fast, loud and glamorous, long hair, tight jeans, big riffs… real metal at its best. From super heavy to melodic ballads, they have it all reminding us of the greatest on the planet. Vocally superb, Lyrically Supreme and the music is the soul. On the 19th March 2016, Wings of Pegasus performed their first ever 'online' gig called 'Shock to the System.' Since this performance, they're now rated the 'No.1 Indie Rock Band' in their country by Reverbnation.com In August 2016, they remixed their debut album “Persistence” and had it remastered by Fluid mastering, making it phenomenal!
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S3 Ep7 american rock blues band dirty mind detroit
Dirty Mind Detroit is a rock and blues band whose members play together since they were teens. Though on and off, they have been mostly playing original music as well as some cover songs, too. They recorded their first album “End of Time” and released it in 2002. This band, which name was “Rattz Ass” by then, broke up to never recover. However, more than 10 years later their members reunited and started to perform all over Detroit Area, ending up in the top ten of Michigan’s best local radio stations. That is when the they changed the band’s former name to DMD and recorded a new album: “Broken Soul” released in February 2014. The songs of this album have been successful on terrestrial and online radio stations, being played all over the world. The last couple of years this band has been very active, being in the Top Ten Played Bands in Detroit. And the good part, my organic listeners, is that we don’t have to wait more than 10 years to enjoy a new project of Dirty Mind detroit, because they are close to finish recording their latest album “Almost Extinct.”
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S3 Ep6 with beyond the labyrinth creator geert fieuw
Geert Fieuw is a song writer, guitar player, keyboard player, sound engineer, producer, photographer, videographer, graphic designer, and my favorite organic people, he is a dreamer. And on top of all these wonders, he founded a great band that plays Classic/Melodic Rock. Gifted with a keen ear for melody, he quickly found out that it was much more fun trying to come up with his own music than playing other’s. His music can be described as the missing link between Abba and AC/DC. This fusion plus the imagery of movie soundtracks, makes him to transcend musical boundaries. He founded the band Beyond the Labyrinth in 1996 and has released several albums, video clips and more than 10 singles, showing no sign of stopping. Composed out of a group of accomplished musicians, the band is able to perform and appeal to rock as well as mainstream audiences.
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S 3 Ep 5 with wales rock band slam
This is an Award Winning Instrumental Metal band from South Wales in the UK. They started as 3 friends that had spent the last two decades in & out of different bands with different styles. But one day, they decide to form an Instrumental Metal Band & attempt to be Unique in their approach. In November 2014, they seek and book a weekend at a studio where they test their skills.  That weekend resulted in their debut EP: “Noblesse Oblige” which was released on December 2014 to over 95 digital distributors, and the rest is history! The band was featured near the top of the Reverbnation Metal charts for South Wales & the UK within just a few days and ended up partnering with an online gamer, amongst others things. They release their 2nd EP "Plan Murder Mayhem" in June 2015, the 3rd one “In Hate I Trust” in August 2016, and with each release a larger audience every time. The lineup has changed thru time but the concept remains.
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S 3 Ep 4 with american musician tara lynch
Tara Lynch is an American musician, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, that at the age of eleven began teaching herself how to play guitar. For this purpose, she used her older brother's electric guitar on the sneak whenever he was out for the day. But one day she was caught in the act! And he was so impressed with her skills, that he gave the guitar to Tara. Starting her love for guitar… her favorite and most accomplished of all instruments. Tara kept playing both electric and acoustic guitar, and writing songs well into her adulthood, picking up the bass guitar, drums and piano along the way. She has studied the different instruments with the greatest of the greatest. In 2015, she accepted the invitation from Geert Fiew (founder of Belgian band Beyond the Labyrinth) to write and perform guitar solos on Beyond the Labyrinth's upcoming fourth album, "The Art of Resilience," scheduled for release in 2016. At the same time, she began writing for her own upcoming debut album, EVIL ENOUGH, which is a melodic metal album full of rich guitar dominant tracks, all written by our guest and co-produced by her and Derek Sherinian. This album features an all-star lineup of high-profile musicians including Derek Sherinian on keyboards. Björn Englen on bass guitar. Both Brian Tichy and Glen Sobel on drums. And the virtuoso vocals of Mark Boals (Bowls). All those names connected to bands like Kiss, Alice cooper, Billy Idol, Whitesnake, Ozzy Osbourne, Uli Jon Roth and Yngwie Malmsteen, and this list is truly endless. On her album EVIL ENOUGH of course, all songs are written by Tara, who performs all lead and rhythm guitars, and on some tracks, bass guitar too. And in 2017, she plans on an EVIL ENOUGH tour. My organic listeners here today at OMP Unplugged Mrs. Tara Lynch "Let's rock!"...Tara!
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S 3 Ep 2 with spanish metal band gate doors
This is a metal band formed in 2010 in Madrid-Spain. Their style can be placed in the most modern metal with the classic sounds of Heavy and Hard Rock to the powerful and melodic only-metal style. This is a 4-piece band that has collected some music awards and reached an important place in itunes when they released their first studio album. This album entitled “Leave my life” was released in digital platforms by July 2014 and reached the rock TOP 1 sales the very first day, staying there for three consecutive days over artists like Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen. That same year, the band signed with the record label M2 Music Company. And nowadays, they are working on their first video clip for the single “Breakdown” and already working on their second album.
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S 3 Ep 1 with ozzy osbourne tribute band ozzmosis
Are You an Ozzy Fan? Then Get Ready to Rock! BECAUSE THIS IS A WORLD CLASS OZZY TRIBUTE The members of this band take great pride in creating the next best thing to a live Ozzy performance that transports you through time to experience the energy of Ozzy Osbourne capturing his solo career from Randy Rhoads to Zakk Wylde. As the song says, “You can’t kill rock-n-roll, it’s here to stay!” …and this band proves it every time. Meeting with them is like being in a journey of classic metal and relive the complete Ozzy phenomenon. All the members of this band are very talented musicians who started their careers at an early age and nowadays are at least 20+ years of experience in the industry.
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S 2 Ep 26 year end review with the music top dozen 2016
S 2 Ep 26 year end review with the music top dozen 2016 by Gabriel Dean
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S 2 Ep 25 with legendary musician and artist powell st john
Powell St. John is a legendary American singer, songwriter, musician and artist. His musical career began in the mid 1960’s in Austin, TX, performing folk songs on the harmonica and guitar. During this period, he was a member of the Waller Creek Boys; a folk blues trio featuring Lanny Wiggins, and a young Janis Joplin, who later made a hit with one of his songs "Bye, Bye, Baby". Over the years, many notable musicians have recorded our-guest’s songs, including Janis Joplin (Bye, Bye Baby), Boz Scaggs (I’ll Forever Sing), Roky Erickson (Right Track Now), Doug Sahm (You Don’t Know), 13th Floor Elevators (Six songs including "Slide Machine" and "Monkey Island") just to mention some of them. In 2005, he was inducted into the Texas Music Hall of Fame. In Rolling Stone magazine's "Rock and Roll Daily preview for 2007 SXSW", his gig was listed as one of “The Top 10 Can’t Miss Shows”.
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S 2 Ep 24 with musician & artist dorie pride
Dorie Pride is a Singer/songwriter/musician and, as she states, a purple sheep that walks to the beat of her own drum. She thinks outside the box and is exuberant about life! She says “I am very comfortable in my own skin and live by the cardinal rule of the heart LOVE. I am very committed to living a life that fulfills my purpose on planet earth. That purpose is making great music that stirs the heart and provokes thoughts that challenge people's consciousness and wake them up.” Dorie writes music on her guitar and sings words that entice, invite and open unconscious eyes to see the bigger purpose of our lives; through her words and music. And she is confident that she’s on track with her mission. This woman is a gifted poetess who spreads seeds of LIGHT through her music. She draws upon her Native American and African roots compelling her to use her voice to bring attention to mother earth. Through her prolific timely observations on the human condition, she brings awareness to the global warming crisis and the ever-growing lack of compassion. She weaves thought provoking stories on our social tapestry beckoning humanity to pause and listen to the silent cries of the desolate.
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S 2 Ep 23 with la latino band cinco santos
Cinco Santos is a band that began its journey in 2007 and came together as a complete band in 2009, creating a Latin genre of their own. Their music is a fusion of revamped sounds from Latin rock, pop, and gypsy guitar, with urban Latin beats to provide the groove that’s really rockin’! This combination of styles created their unique genre of music. Their sound is as original as the band members themselves thanks to the vast differences in their backgrounds, as each of them came to Los Angeles from different countries, cultures, and musical influences. Together these eclectic members have an amazing chemistry that has enabled them to bring a new contemporary, exciting, and infectious sound to the world. Hopefully, the music will spark emotion in all of you my organic listeners as it has in the band. With all the Latino American taste, I invite you to enjoy Cinco Santos.
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S 2 Ep 20 with reggae band road man
JP, the Road Man creator, grew up something of a natural musician. His last musical work was created far away from career hoopla & in fact over a seven-year period, where he was involved in the whole process……recording, producing, tracking, and the most important part, writing the lyrics. He went on something of a spiritual adventure tapping into his subconscious, while exploring medicinal ceremonial rituals, and playing with magnetic words and poetry phrases.
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S 2 Ep 16 With Normal Bean Band Part 2
From classic Hippie tunes, to The Bands' New Originals, the song's twist around and evolve into the next "vibe" in a Dead like Fashion. Taking the message of the Dead & Jam band Vibe to the people, this Band will spread the love and good vibes to everyone that has ears to listen. With a massive repertoire of tunes from the Sixties to the present, no two shows will be the same. They connect with rock, blues, jazz and soul songs and improvs, creating new original songs at every show.
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S 2 Ep 15 with Normal Bean
Normal Bean is known as a pot star, cannabis activist, Hemp fest music creator, stage director, Hollywood ties to hippie elite, trend setting, music guru, guitar heavy hitter for the industry's A list, TV show host, songwriter, producer and A&R agent.
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S 2 Ep 14 with Canadian Band Old James
Brewed in Heavy Metal and distilled in Rock 'n Roll, this Canadian band combines their history of Heavy Metal with their passion and love of Rock 'n Roll. From a very young age The Stephenson brothers earned their stripes touring with many renowned heavy metal bands across the world. 2015 brought the band two major North American tours supporting Uli Jon Roth on the Extreme Guitar Tour as well as a successful run with Original all-female Heavy Metallers Girlshcool and Sweden's Crucified Barbara. Now the Old James band is currently in the Studio again for their first Full Length work, titled "Speak Volumes".
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S 2 Ep 13 With Musician Richie Monica
He recorded and toured with the great Popa Chubby for three years, played in the bands Ja Candy and Cycle of Pain, recorded 7 CDs and 1 live DVD with the Billy Hector Band, and also recorded the song Juke (Little Walter) for a blues documentary produced by Martin Scorsese with Hubert Sumlin (Howlin’ Wolf) on guitar. He has played, recorded and nationally and internationally toured with great musicians and bands such as Tantric band, Vinnie Moore, Uli Jon Roth (from The Scorpions) and Andy Timmons among others.
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S 2 Ep 11 With Robbie Rist
From playing cousin Oliver on the Brady Bunch to being the voice for Michael Angelo in the hit movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Whiz on the Saturday morning cartoon Kidd Video, Star, the Siberian husky, in the Universal Studios film Balto, Dr Zee on Galactica, Griffin in the Terminator Salvation and many many other voices, characters and music for movies, TV shows and video games.
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S 2 Ep 10 With The Swiss Rock Band Daxx And Roxane
OMP Unplugged… the best Place2Unplug is now on the radio on USWC.ROCKS everyday @ 8:00 PM pacific time. That’s USWC.ROCKS everyday @ 8:00 PM pacific time and enjoy OMP Unplugged… the best Place2Unplug
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S 2 Ep 8 With Musician Michael Sean Allman
Great interview at OMP Unplugged: Gabriel Dean talks to Southern Rock singer Michael Allman
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S 2 Ep 7 With Rock Band Wicked
OMP Unplugged... the best place to unplug
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S 2 Ep 6 With Pyrank Creator Oliver Meissner
S 2 Ep 6 With Pyrank Creator Oliver Meissner by Gabriel Dean
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S 2 E 5 With Wings Of Pegasus
S 2 E 5 With Wings Of Pegasus by Gabriel Dean
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S 2 E 4 With Roy Coston From Lovebone
Today we have a good friend returning to OMP Unplugged. He is an awesome guitar player and a great human being. In 2002, Roy Coston together with two more musicians conceived the Central New York based band LOVEBONE. In 2010 unfortunately the band broke up and its members took separate tracks. But my organic listeners, miracles exist and six years later we`re witnessing the resurrection of LOVEBONE. It is alive and only at OMP Unplugged today, presenting this wonderful project called LOVEBONE, back from Gotham city Mr. Roy Coston.
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S2E3 State Of The Marriage
S2E3 State Of The Marriage by Gabriel Dean
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S2 Ep 1 With Colombian Author Ivan Arroyave
S2 Ep 1 With Colombian Author Ivan Arroyave by Gabriel Dean
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Episode 25 Year End Review 2015
Episode 25 Year End Review 2015 by Gabriel Dean
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Episode 23 With Pyrank.com Creator Oliver Meissner
Episode 23 With Pyrank.com Creator Oliver Meissner by Gabriel Dean
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 22 With SCARECROW SIDESHOW by Gabriel Dean
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 21 With Author Linda Lee King
Episode 21 With Author Linda Lee King by Gabriel Dean
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OMPUnplugged Ep 19 With CAB3:16
OMPUnplugged Ep 19 With CAB3:16 by Gabriel Dean
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OMP Unplugged Ep 18 With Dr Wayne Kelly
OMP Unplugged Ep 18 With Dr Wayne Kelly by Gabriel Dean
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

OMP Unplugged Ep 17 With Larry Lencho Kellerman
OMP Unplugged Ep 17 With Larry Lencho Kellerman by Gabriel Dean
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OMP Unplugged Episode 16 With JP The Road Man
OMP Unplugged Episode 16 With JP The Road Man by Gabriel Dean
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Episode 15 With Don Miller Of DMD
Episode 15 With Don Miller Of DMD by Gabriel Dean
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Episode 14 With DANA ARVIDSON
Interview with Dana Arvidson who is the voice that advocates for the sick and suffering everywhere. Through The National Cannabis Patients Wall, she raises her voice for all the local campaigns fighting for Cannabis legalization. They are a social network with more than 17.000 followers in Facebook fighting the prohibition of cannabis. They collect data that validates the need for dramatic federal change in the Cannabis policies of the United States and worldwide. They are special because they are making a real change.
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OMP Unplugged Ep. 13 With VALKIAN
OMP Unplugged Ep. 13 With VALKIAN by Gabriel Dean
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