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Category: Sports/Recreation
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A completely irreverent, totally biased, intellectually challenged and scornful study of the twisted life of the motorcycling world and those who inhabit our planet… all wrapped up in a disturbingly fun weekly broadcast!

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Podcast Episode's:
DawgHouse Motorcycle Radio Show #464: Not Our Finest Day!
Air jets to keep you from crashing your motorcycle?  Bosch think this is a good idea!  Phil does this after every Taco Bell run. A reference to Deadpool 2 from an earlier show. Moto2…. yawn….. MOTOGP well Marquez looked good! Motocross ….. Is Eli Tomac running a 650? Flat Track…do we even know what happened?  Tune in to find out. ...
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DawgHouse #463: Some “yawn” racing and cyber bullies?
The Indian Wreaking Crew is up to sweeping the win again. We also get another new winner in the singles Kevin Stollings. In World Superbike ….. yawn….. Rea doubles.  On the bright side, Rea ties a record for most wins and most doubles. Hells Angles become Cyber-Bullies????  WTF History Channel is going to recreate Evel Knievel.  3 jumps in 3 ...
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The DawgHouse #462: Phil and Warren go to the races.
American Flattrack was at Calistoga. Phil and Warren head to VIR for MotoAmerica. Fun ensues. MotoGP is in Jerez. If not for bad luck Dovi would have no luck at all. Supercross wraps up it’s season in Mexico no no wait Las Vegas…………. What the hell man?
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The DawgHouse #461: Just worry about the Championship
Big Announcements in American Flattrack. Who is this Tom Sykes fellow? Does MotoGP have a problem? El Hombre better not El Choke
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

The DawgHouse #460: We’re flying the missing man!
Warren’s out but that’s ok. MotoAmerica hits CotA with the MotoGP. Supercross is at Foxborough.
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The DawgHouse #459: Supercoss, Superbike, Super racing
The final TRIPLE CROWN event for Supercross from snowy Minnesota!  But Eli Tomac and Marvin Musquin heat up the 450s but the big winner was Anderson!  In the 250s Jeremy Martin and Zach Osborne were the big winners of the night.  Austin Forkner and Cooper Web have bad evenings both breaking bones! In World Superbike round 2 from Aragon it ...
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

The DawgHouse #458: Wrecked him? Damn near killed him!
American Pro Flattrack in Atlanta. Supercross is in soupy soggy Seattle. Plessinger makes a Splash. MotoGP in Argentina can be it’s own stand alone show today!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

The DawgHouse #457: Phil Rolls Alone!
No racing this week, but Phil does some benching racing and thoughts as we enter into Round 2 of Flattrack, MotoGp and the post break Supercross Season.
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The DawgHouse #456: Is Kawasaki Sandbagging?
The Rumormill is running strong right now! MotoGP Rumors, BSB News and WSBK Rumors!!! WSBK hits Thailand, What is going on with everyone there? How are the Americans doing? Supercross is in Indy, First East West Showdown in the 250’s and an almost Carmichaelesque performance in the 450’s!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

DawgHouse Motorcycle Radio Show #455: So much news we had to go into overtime!!
WOW…. where do we start…. MOTOGP, Moto2, Flat Track, Daytona 200, Drag Racing, Supercross!!!!! Hector Arana Jr becomes the 1st to break 200MPH on the Pro Stock Motorcycle tour. Two red plates going into the 250 Supercross final, but only one comes out!  Phil was cheering Austin Forkner to get into a fight….WHAAAA? Eli Tomac dominated the night but it ...
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