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Category: Arts
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Elements of Style is a podcast about fashion. It will focus on the fundamentals of personal style, provide commentary on what's going on in fashion right now, it's history, implications of trends and other ideas as they come.

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Podcast Episode's:
Elements of Workwear
​ In this episode of Elements of Style, we’ll talk about how to find beauty in the everyday (clothing wise). Finding beauty in the everyday is something I have become to increasingly value. Every morning now and throughout the day, I tell myself “you got this.” This need to find beauty in the everyday has translated to my new obsession with everyday workwear, from drab suits to subway conductor-uniforms. There’s beauty to be found in everyday attire. From the way that repairmen (not as often now but very much so in the past) donned their name written in a patch affixed upon a button up shirt.
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Elements of Style 8 The Movie Episode
In this episode of Elements of Style, I talked about movie fashion and why Parent Trap might just be the most fashion movie of all time.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Elements of What the Do I Wear?!
what the heck do I wear this spring/summer? newest episode talks about wtf you should be wearing.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Elements of Black Style
In this episode of Elements of Style, we talk about the unsung history of black style and why our fashion matters with Desiree Von Frederic, owner of Nomad Yard Collectiv, and Adrienne Jones, a professor of fashion design at Pratt Institute.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Elements of Who Runs Fashion
In this episode of Elements of Style, we’ll address the question “who really runs fashion,” and where the industry is headed. In a time when it seems that fashion is for everyone, Raf Simons underscored this position in an interview with Cathryn Horyn post his Diro breakup, saying “Fashion became pop. I can’t make up my mind if that’s a good or a bad thing. The only thing I know is that it used to be elitist. And I don’t know if one should be ashamed or not to admit that maybe it was nicer when it was elitist.”
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Elements Of Style Halloween
The connection between fashion and Halloween is apparent. 365 days out of the year the fashion flock dresses up in one way or another. Halloween is just another excuse to show that you're in. In this episode of Elements of Style, we'll talk about origins of costumes, why it may (or may not) always be Halloween for fashion people and other thoughts on the big party. We also talked to Rajni Jacques, Caitlin Fair and Kayla (Style Genre) about their thoughts on the holiday. Please listen to the episode, share your thoughts and feedback, and if you liked it, tell someone about it. Tweet about it. Share it on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, etc (and also follow on Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter for the latest).
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Elements of The September Issue
In the spirit of fashion month, or adult back-to-school, this episode looks at what magazines are telling us the trends are and on thoughts on New York Fashion Week, which starts today. I picked two magazines, determined several trends in them and thought of some tips on how to wear those trends. I also looked at some commentary surrounding New York Fashion Week.
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Elements of Personal Style
Here's the new episode where you'll learn why personal style is like science, and how you can get your formula right.
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Elements of Resort 16
The first episode of Elements of Style takes a look at Resort 16, trends and if we can describe any of our current trends as new.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

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