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Category: Comedy
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This podcast is experimental audio bit comedy, great for people who want more out of a comedy podcast than two guys talking for an hour. There is no hosting or discussion. We put a heavy emphasis on the surreal and anti-corporate.

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Hawaii Podcast
Podcast Episode's:
Capitalist Preexisting Condition, The End of Empire: Season 4 Episode 3 Teaser
Authoritarianism running rampant. This is it the end of empire.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Season 4 Episode 1 - This Action Cannot Be Undone - OEBREW, experimental comedy podcast
Do you fear the future? Does your weary breath? Your aching knees? Your 56k modem? Remember along time ago when things like the Internet, Christianity, and MTV were genuine forces of good in the world? Look around you, do you really think that its going to get any better? What does it all mean? It is a little game we play here as humans, meaning making before all our meanings are forgot. Are we getting worse at it, or were we always this dumb? Perhaps the wheel of history can only roll because the trajectory of history is a steep declining line. Ever wonder why the same people that eat up conservative tribalistic rhetoric also like conspiracy theories and fundamentalist back woods religion? Ever notice that people that are starving don't care what kind of foods they eat? Come spin the late night AM radio dial with OEBREW across all the weirder ways Americans tell them selves they "get it". Sound Production Supervision by Phil Michalski http://www.philmichalski.com/oebrew-podcast/ Original music by catbones (FKA turkeyboi) https://soundcloud.com/catbonesmusic OEBREW is a proud member of the Phantom Haus Network http://phantomhaus.org/about/
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Season 3 Episode 3 - Liver Rat: or fine God, you win, now leave me alone
Where do you find God? What book, box, bottle, burger, or boudoir do you open up to find him gone? A whiff of his perfume of perfectness still hanging in the air. That window slightly open with the blinding white light streaming through it from between the clouds, did he just leap out it? That plate with meat grease now growing mold, was that the existence defining meal you've been searching for? Those drugs used up by the bed, were they the ones that held the key to unlocking the creativity and potential no one but you knew you could have had? Those socks on the floor are they the last dissolving vestiges of the of the utopian man that could have communed with some dirty nirvana you might have longed for that possibly lived here? He was what you should have been, what you were supposed to be in some shade of future possibility. oh shit; is this your own bed room. What did we just do? Did we just listen to OEBREW? What is heaven? Is it drowning in soup, having a mammal spliced on to your organs, banging a computer, gulping down what evolution taught you to as a man(sugar and fat, pervert), not helping the homeless, or finally asking for help in (horse?)therapy? All I know is that I want it, I want it bad. OEBREW O.U.T.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Conservagedon, Tea Pocalypse, Neoconolocaust - Season 3 Episode 2 - OEBREW Comedy Podcast
Conservagedon, Tea Pocalypse, NeoConolocaust! Remember all those times in history where a group of people got together and said "we are going to stop this world from ever going through any more scary changes because this here set of values and culture we have is perfect because I like it and I'm perfect", and then they did, and it worked? Remember all those times? Like the civil war, the civil rights movement, the women's movement, the fight against social security, minimum wage, healthcare, gay marriage, and integration. Well this here episode is dedicated to all those put upon culture warriors diligently defending their freedom to make their "way of life" mandatory for you, and enriching their corporate overlords that they have never even met at the same time. That's christian charity for you! Also introducing new character Bobby. Bobby has been a ghost haunting the podcast for awhile. Some of our OLD fans might remember him as the list reading man from the first episodes. He is an interesting character full of down home, well meaning, dutifully minded insanity. He wasn't fully formed back then but is birthed here in this episode, six months over due. Hear him wallow in his afterbirth of fracked oil and corn syrup, watch him blink at the light with his dull sad eyes. If you like Bobby, if you want him to become a staple of our show simply place ‪#‎ConfederatePanties‬ on your child's forehead with a tattoo and send us a picture. Enjoy.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

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