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Category: Business
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We believe authors can change the world with great stories and messages. Our mission is to help you get your story and message out to more people and make the world a better place.

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Podcast Episode's:
How to Use Quotation Marks: Rules and Examples
Whether you want to liven up your book’s scenes with dialogue or simply give credit where it’s due in your research paper, you’ll need to use quotation marks to attribute words to a speaker. There are some specific rules you’ll need to follow, however, especially once you throw in other punctuations or mix quotes within […]

18 Nonfiction Writing Courses to Help You Plan and Write Your Next Book
If you’ve ever thought about writing a biography, history, memoir, how-to, self-help, or even business or marketing book, you’d be writing nonfiction. Unlike with fictional works, you can’t just rely on your imagination and make things up. Even if the facts are on your side, you still have to make your manuscript a pleasurable read. […]

12 Best Relationship Books: Secrets to Success for Couples and Singles
Relationships of any kind are ongoing works in progress—between family, friends, and colleagues, there’s almost always room for growth and improvement. Our more intimate relationships, however, can be especially challenging. The person you fell so hard for might sometimes be the one who frustrates you the most. But luckily for us, love isn’t anything new. […]

What is Ethos? Definition, Examples, and Techniques
There are three modes of persuasion—ethos, pathos, and logos—that are frequently used to appeal to audiences when making an argument. Pathos works at our emotions to get us to think, feel, or act in a certain way, while logos appeals to logic and reason, making it an excellent asset for both written and spoken discourse. […]

The 16 Best Memoirs to Read Right Now
Memoirs are special books—they’re the stories of real people’s lives, as told by the authors themselves. The writers look back on their lives and share the lessons they’ve learned along the way through firsthand accounts of their experiences. Memoirs can be funny, sad, intriguing—and just as unbelievable as fiction. Pick up one of these truly […]

Writing Motivation: 7 Tips for Staying Productive
So, you want to write a book. You have some great ideas up your sleeve and your initial excitement carries you through the first dozen pages. But somewhere along your writing journey, you suddenly hit a road block—or rather, writer’s block. When you don’t know what to write next or how to continue your story, […]

12 Best Investing Books for Beginners
Whether you dream of becoming the next Warren Buffett, retiring early, or simply increasing your cash flow, you’ve probably considered investing your money in some way. The problem for many of us is that the world of investing can be incredibly intimidating—even the language seems completely foreign if you aren’t already familiar with some of […]

23 Free Online Marketing Courses
Marketing is the fundamental process of researching, promoting and selling your products or services to a targeted market. If you want your product to sell, you’ll definitely need someone with some marketing savvy on your side. Why not make it you? Even if you are on a tight budget, there are always opportunities to learn […]

What is Logos? Definition, Examples, and Techniques
There are three modes of persuasion—ethos, pathos, and logos—that are frequently used to appeal to audiences when making an argument. Ethos makes an appeal to credibility, while pathos works at our emotions to get us to think, feel, or act in a certain way. Logos, however, works its magic by appealing to logic and reason, […]

10 Free Online Blogging Courses
Want to learn more about successful blogging strategies without breaking the bank? Whether you’re a complete beginner looking to start their first WordPress site or just looking for extra tips for monetizing your blog, there are plenty of free blogging courses to fill your learning needs. Free Online Blogging Courses Try these 10 free online […]

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