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Category: Business
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We believe authors can change the world with great stories and messages. Our mission is to help you get your story and message out to more people and make the world a better place.

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Podcast Episode's:
10 Useful Quora Features You Should Know About
Even though most Quora users don’t know it, Quora has a LOT of functionality on the site. Many of these features are incredibly helpful if you know about them. Many of these features will save you time, some will help you find information faster, and others are just really cool or interesting. 1. Search page […]

How to Use Quora to Grow Your Business and Make a Difference
Quora is a social media site where experts and regular folks like you and I can answer questions from other people all around the world. It’s an incredible tool for learning new things, getting answers to your biggest questions in life, and it’s a great tool for growing your business and influence. Here’s why: Expertise […]

How Quora Works and Why It Matters
Quora provides a very different approach to social media. The focus is on helping people find answers to the questions that are important to them. Quora is much more focused on education and information than any other social network. Quora can best be explained as a cross between Yahoo! Answers and social media. It is […]

Advanced Quora Marketing Tips to Increase Your Views and Reach
As a content creator, marketer or expert in your field, one of the easiest things to do is simply share your knowledge and expertise. But sitting in your office staring at a computer screen isn’t often the best way to inspire your creativity and generate amazing content that will have customers lining up to buy […]

How to Find a Mentor: 7 Steps to Achieving Big Goals
Everyone needs a mentor. Human beings are social creatures, and we learn most of what we know from other people. A mentor is someone who has been where you want to go in life and can share with you valuable information, stories, insights, and ideas that will save you from making countless mistakes. A mentor […]

List of Fantasy Book Editors
  Are you working on a fantasy novel or short story? Are you writing about a magical world filled with spells, and magical creatures? If you are, here is a list of Fantasy Book Editors who can help you out in making that world come to life and getting your book ready to be published! […]

Copyright Page Templates: Sample Copyright Language You Can Use
If you’re self-publishing a book, you’ll need to include a copyright page in the front of your book. All you need to include on your copyright page is just a few words that look like this: Copyright © 2019 by Your Name All Rights Reserved. However, most publishers and self-publishers include more information on their […]

How to Create a Pen Name: The Professional’s Guide to Pen Names
So you’re thinking about creating a pen name? Here’s what you need to know before you pick your pen name. Why Use a Pen Name There are a few reasons why some writers or artists pick pen names: 1. Anonymity A pen name allows you to write and publish your book anonymously. So if you’re […]

List of Thriller Book Editors
  Have you written a thriller book and are looking for a freelance thriller editor to help you get your book ready for publishing or submitting to a literary agent or publishers? If so, you’re in the right place! List of Thriller Book Editors Here’s our list of 30 thriller book editors that are available […]

List of Mystery Book Editors
  Have you written a mystery book? Are you looking for a freelance editor to help you get your book ready for publishing or submitting to a literary agent or publisher? If so, you’re in the right place! List of Mystery Book Editors Here’s our list of 28 mystery book editors that are available for […]

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