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Category: Business
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We believe authors can change the world with great stories and messages. Our mission is to help you get your story and message out to more people and make the world a better place.

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Podcast Episode's:
167: How to Build Your Platform as a New Author with James Blatch
James Blatch is a former BBC defense reporter. He reported on the UK military from Kuwait, the Arctic Circle, and during the Kosovo conflict in 1999, among many other crazy war zones and places. Today he is the director of The Self-Publishing Formula Course. He’s an online course provider for independent authors. He also cohosts […]
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How to Set Your Freelancing Rates: A Guide to Pay for Freelancers
When I talk with people who want to be freelancers, I get asked many, many (MANY!) questions. One of the most common is: How much should I charge? When I talk with people who want to hire me as a freelancer, I get asked many, many (MANY!) questions. One of the most common is: How […]

7 Common Editing Mistakes and How To Fix Them
Editors are busy, time-constrained professionals who read all day long. With only so many hours in the day, your editor wants to focus on helping you create amazing story arcs and deep, engaging characters. She does not want to spend her valuable time fixing your spelling, grammar, weak words, and awkward sentence constructions. Your editor—whether […]

Create the Perfect Elevator Pitch: How to Write a Pitch That Sells Your Story
Your manuscript is complete. You’ve pored over rough drafts. You’ve put in the late nights, writing well into the early hours of the morning. You’ve solicited feedback from anyone offering a critical eye, and you’ve hammered every comma, dash, and period into place. Now comes the real work: pitching your book to prospective literary agents, […]

166: Understanding the LitRPG Genre and What Readers Want with Jamie Davis
Jamie Davis is the author of more than a dozen novels including Accidental Thief. He’s also a registered nurse, a nationally recognized medical educator, and host of The Nursing Show. How Jamie Became a Fiction Writer Jamie got started as a novelist on a dare. He’s been a nurse and a medical educator for quite […]
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How to Handle Negative Criticism: 6 Ways to Use Criticism to Improve Your Writing
No author writes in a vacuum. Unless your writing habits are entirely limited to scribbling in a journal you keep locked in a drawer or hidden between your mattress and your box spring, there’s a high likelihood that eventually somebody else is going to read your writing. For many first-time authors, this is a make-or-break […]

Ultimate Gift Guide for Writers: The Best Gifts a Writer Could Want
Whether you’re the writer and you’re looking to treat yourself or you’re trying to come up with the perfect gift idea for the writer in your life, this list is sure to have something perfect for the scribe you love! Our team of editors compiled this detailed list of the best gifts for writers. Gifts […]

A Simple Book Marketing Plan: 3 Great Ways to Drive More Book Sales
After your book has been published, there’s a whole range of new questions you’ll be asking yourself. Unfortunately, they probably won’t be questions like “where will I park my new Ferrari?” or “what’s the best island location for my summer home?” …at least not yet! To enter the realm of the highly paid author-entrepreneur, there’s […]

165: How Traditional Publishing and Agents Work with Evan Marshall
Evan Marshall is a literary agent and owner of the Evan Marshall Agency. He’s also a multi-published novelist and a nonfiction author, and the creator of The Marshall Plan novel writing software. Evan was born in Massachusetts. His first job was with the Big Five publisher Houghton Mifflin in Boston. Then he moved to New […]
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Writing Quiz: Are You a Plotter or a Pantser?
If you read 100 different guides to writing, you’ll get 100 different theories as to the “right” way to write a book. It can be confusing and frustrating, since all you want out of those guides is advice from a pro about how to change from being somebody with an idea for a book to […]

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