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Category: Comedy
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Just three guys hanging out, talking about what's important in current events from around the world.

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Aloha Podcast Network

Hawaii Podcast
Podcast Episode's:
Ep. 42 Found Plane Poster 10.06.2015
"<a href="https://b4bd87dcb1b7398942cbe4ae30bfacc970ca9863.googledrive.com/host/0B_QNtSLJ7nawMC1fVzhNRmY1Sk0/Ep.42%20Found%20Plane%20Poster%2010.06.2015.mp3">Found Plane Poster</a>" Recorded October 6, 2015. &nbsp;This week is we get lost Mapquesting every story that we read to check to see if the locations are places that we have heard of or can relate to. &nbsp;It also get very Taylor-themed (which might just be the result of him constantly talking about himself).<br /><br />Topics Discussed: Noses Parted the Green Sea, Gag Reflexes, Anecdotes Are Cool, Taylor Ham, Headstrong Babies, 600% Increase in Your Face, The NY Jets Poop A LOT, Keurig Installations, Prime Weed Now, The Shocking Things Your Neighbors Do

Ep. 41 ICD 10 Codes for Dummies 09.29.2015
"<a href="https://b4bd87dcb1b7398942cbe4ae30bfacc970ca9863.googledrive.com/host/0B_QNtSLJ7nawMC1fVzhNRmY1Sk0/Ep.41%20ICD%2010%20Codes%20for%20Dummies%2009.29.2015.mp3">ICD 10 Codes for Dummies</a>" Recorded September 29, 2015. &nbsp;This week we finally finish a bucket list item, return to a time when rap-rock was the only choice, and finally see the breast side of Julian that we have all been missing. &nbsp;Oh yeah...and don't google icy mike.<br /><br />Topics Discussed: Al Capone Infamous' Balls, Break Stuff, Japanese Milk Shakes, Mr. Mean Okra, Road Cheese, V86.43.90.27, SHARKS V. SELFIES, New Verbs (as performed by The Shins, Bottling and Rose Budding

Ep. 40 1989 As Performed by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir 09.22.2015
<br />"<a href="https://b4bd87dcb1b7398942cbe4ae30bfacc970ca9863.googledrive.com/host/0B_QNtSLJ7nawMC1fVzhNRmY1Sk0/Ep.40%201989%20As%20Performed%20by%20the%20Mormon%20Tabernacle%20Choir%2009.22.2015.mp3">1989 As Performed by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir</a>" Recorded September 22, 2015. &nbsp;This week we ask deep moral questions, some of them could be answered by our eight armed friends, but we still haven't learned Octospanish.&nbsp;<div><br /></div><div>Also...we are having technical issues with Episode 39, and we apologize profusely. &nbsp;It is available at our website, www.okheresone.com. &nbsp;Hopefully this will be resolved soon.<br /><div><br /></div><div>Topics Discussed: Baby Drivers, The Price of Freedom, Dr. Robesicist, Slurps and Condoms, Apes on Film, David "Pig Slayer" Cameron, Cold Comfort, I Can Taste Your Feelings, Crispy River Pizza, Spookmask Work Orgy, Ginger Regicide&nbsp;</div></div>

Ep. 39 Womyn's Health 09.14.2015
"<a href="https://b4bd87dcb1b7398942cbe4ae30bfacc970ca9863.googledrive.com/host/0B_QNtSLJ7nawMC1fVzhNRmY1Sk0/Ep.39%20Womyn's%20Health%2009.14.2015.mp3">Women's Health</a>"<span style="font-family: Times; font-size: 16px;">Recorded September 14, 2015.&nbsp; This week we talk about our bodies and ourselves.&nbsp; We promised that we would eat before the episode, and I don't remember if we did or not, but there was nothing appetizing in these stories, that much is certain. &nbsp;</span><br /> <div style="font-family: Times; font-size: 16px; line-height: normal; min-height: 19px;"><br /></div><div style="font-family: Times; font-size: 16px; line-height: normal; min-height: 19px;"><br /></div><div style="font-family: Times; font-size: 16px; line-height: normal;">Topics Discussed: 7 Things Tristan's Vagina Hates, Cat Nip Quick Scope, Irate Cop Doesn't Get Blown, Homeopyscho Billy Freak Out, Burning Altar Rainbow Bench, "It's My Dead Dog's Hat!," <i>The Cape</i>, "The Function is This?," Strap-on a New Friendship, <i>Heads Up on Ice, </i>Tila "Goebbels" Tequila&nbsp;</div>

Ep. 38 Littlest Pet Shop Rabbit Hole 09.07.2015
"<a href="https://b4bd87dcb1b7398942cbe4ae30bfacc970ca9863.googledrive.com/host/0B_QNtSLJ7nawMC1fVzhNRmY1Sk0/Ep.38%20Littlest%20Pet%20Shop%20Rabbit%20Hole%2009.07.2015%20-%209:8:15,%206.44%20PM.mp3">Littlest Pet Shop Rabbit Hole</a>" Recorded 09.07.2015<br /><br />This week we discuss popular baby names and think about what crimes we would name our children after, and next time, we promise, we will eat before the episode so we don't talk about food the whole time. <br /><br />Topics Discussed: "Get over here, Chaos!," Chris Brownasshole, Sea-Section, So Fresh and So Clean, Rodent Woman Sues to Have Hamster Teeth Removed, Naked and Crispy, Get me a Straw, The King's Inner Thoughts, David Bowie Square Pants, <i>Blankman</i> Was a Great Film, Gross Burglary the Kid, Tommy Flame

Ep. 37 Louis LXIX 08.31.2015
"<a href="https://b4bd87dcb1b7398942cbe4ae30bfacc970ca9863.googledrive.com/host/0B_QNtSLJ7nawMC1fVzhNRmY1Sk0/Ep.37%20Louis%20LXIX%2008.31.2015.mp3">Louis LXIX</a>" Recorded on August 31, 2015. &nbsp;This week we apologize for taking a week off, and immediately make you regret our return. &nbsp;We call each other the most offensive insults ever, while bringing back a crunchy former segment that we had worried would not exist ever again. &nbsp;Welcome back to the best hour of the best week of your life. &nbsp;This is your moment. &nbsp;Take the reins.<br /><br />Topics Discussed: 48.2 Centinmeters, The Jet Stream, Fukushima Ice Cream Butt Cancer, Arby's Double Down McWhooper Melt, Ovipositive, Louis LXIX, Mmuhmuyah Too You, Fresh Squeezed Boner Juice, Moist William, Waxed Christ, Manspreading the Dictionary

Ep. 36 86% More Burrito 08.17.2015
"<a href="https://b4bd87dcb1b7398942cbe4ae30bfacc970ca9863.googledrive.com/host/0B_QNtSLJ7nawMC1fVzhNRmY1Sk0/Ep.36%2086%25%20More%20Burrito%2008.17.2015.mp3">86% More Burrito</a>" Recorded August 17, 2015. &nbsp;This week we unintentionally stamp our passports many times, and Tristan talks about his new job as a narrator at Audioculus Rift.<br /><br />Topics Discussed: I Cinghiali, Super Sized Haggis, Baywatch Life, LIZMAN, GOATMAN, The Baseball Rule, (Insert Domestic Beer Brand Here), My Horse Died, The Long Straight Piece, Hackaritto<br /><br />

Ep. 35 Pants Day, Shorts Night 08.11.2015
"<a href="https://b4bd87dcb1b7398942cbe4ae30bfacc970ca9863.googledrive.com/host/0B_QNtSLJ7nawMC1fVzhNRmY1Sk0/Ep.35%20Pants%20Day,%20Shorts%20Night%2008.11.2015%20copy.mp3">Pants Day, Shorts Night</a>" Recorded August 8, 2015. This week we discuss our perfect summer day (though we've yet to experience it), and we inauspiciously coordinate our outfits, looking much like a crew of submariners in the process. <br /><br />Topics Discussed: Artificial Organ Donor, Raccoon Potato Grenades, Red Bull Gives You Degenerative Eye Disease, Vegafight with Shelia, <i>Jersey Shore Season X: Trial By Combat</i>, 4K VHS Propaganda, Xbox 5 <i>Call of Duty</i> Review, Diarrhea Guaranteed, Drone Strike Abortion, Bernie "Swaggy" Sanders, <i>Hakunamethtata</i>, Musty Rye and Sauerkraut Dust

Ep. 34 Too Far Too Slow 08.03.2015
"<a href="https://b4bd87dcb1b7398942cbe4ae30bfacc970ca9863.googledrive.com/host/0B_QNtSLJ7nawMC1fVzhNRmY1Sk0/Ep.34%20Too%20Far%20Too%20Slow%2008.03.2015.mp3"><i>Too Far Too Slow</i></a>" Recorded August 3, 2015. &nbsp;We debate the merits of your average good samaritan, questioning the very notion of altruism, while simultaneously disgusting you with our opinions and the sounds of kettle cooked chips being eaten.<br /><br />Topics Discussed: <i>Darjeeling Sleeper</i>, Redacted: Section 69A, The Colonel's Instant Recipe, Sir Steven "Hippy Dippy" Hawkins, New Kicks, Watch the Cougar get Stroked, Leathermanslenderman, 525,600 Bottles of Dick Juice, Shaggin' the Shrubbery, La Bataille de l'Sommes et mess Testicules, <i>James Wagner Must Die, </i>Creosote Log Recall, The Australia Paradox, The Quizno's Diet, Castrato Vibrato

Ep. 33 #roomatestitch 07.27.2015
"<a href="https://b4bd87dcb1b7398942cbe4ae30bfacc970ca9863.googledrive.com/host/0B_QNtSLJ7nawMC1fVzhNRmY1Sk0/Ep.33%20%23roommatestitch%2007.27.2015.mp3">#roommatestitch</a>" Recorded July 27, 2015. &nbsp;This week Julian Milhous Nixon is our special guest and he enlivens us with the reality of the baby shower. &nbsp;Also, Taylor gets a cat and we all feel better about ourselves knowing that he has a friend. <br /><br />Topics Discussed: Putting From the Fringe, Pizza Saucer Tosser, JarJar Jackson, Joaquin "Chappy" Guzman, Spray Paint, Pin-O-Positive Noir, &nbsp;Prostate Politics, Paint Job Pile-Up, Candy Crush Creeper, Sweet Sweet Moonshine, THIS IS SPINACH!, OBGYNot, The Baaaaaaard, Backup 32, Jesus is Watching (Literally)

Ep. 32 The Spirit of Bill Jobs 07.20.2015
"<a href="https://b4bd87dcb1b7398942cbe4ae30bfacc970ca9863.googledrive.com/host/0B_QNtSLJ7nawMC1fVzhNRmY1Sk0/Ep.32%20The%20Spirit%20of%20Bill%20Jobs%2007.20.2015.mp3">The Spirit of Bill Jobs</a>" Recorded on July 20, 2015. This week we eulogize the death of the Great American Mall, get sunburn fashion tips, and start a Kickstarter for DMX. <br /><br />Topics Discussed: #dillchucker, Meowpocalypse Meow, Tangy Tomato and Creamy Cheese REDUX, Tindog, Bill Clinton Knife Hits, Tinhoof, 8 Coconuts in a Duvet Cover, 50,000 Lumpy Bills, Framed by Ja Rule, Joey the Phone Witch, America's Worst Super Hero: The Juiceler, Polish Prison Pig Pen, Scooter Speed Pursuit, Impotent Inmate Issues

Ep. 31 398,000 Cigars 07.13.2015
"<a href="https://b4bd87dcb1b7398942cbe4ae30bfacc970ca9863.googledrive.com/host/0B_QNtSLJ7nawMC1fVzhNRmY1Sk0/Ep.31%20398,000%20Cigars%2007.14.15.mp3">398,000 Cigars</a>"&nbsp;Recorded July 13, 2015. We find out exactly how hot Hot Lake is (though we don't swim in it), Taylor doesn't throw up in a tent, and we discuss the script for the next installment of our favorite ape movie series.<br /><br />Topics Discussed: Mississippi Delta Dolphin Dick,&nbsp;<i>Taco Bell Fancy</i>,&nbsp;Slurpin' Down Eel,&nbsp;Sean Combs Iowa,&nbsp;Put that DEC in my Brain,&nbsp;Smoke Break,&nbsp;Comparing our Chizza's,&nbsp;$1000 of Plastic Anus,&nbsp;Bannana Slappin', Würzige Pfeffer <br /><span style="color: #333333; font-family: 'Helvetica Neue', sans-serif; font-size: 19px; line-height: 19px;"></span>

Ep. 30 Robophobe Crush 07.06.2015
"<a href="https://b4bd87dcb1b7398942cbe4ae30bfacc970ca9863.googledrive.com/host/0B_QNtSLJ7nawMC1fVzhNRmY1Sk0/Ep.30%20Robophobe%20Crush%2007.06.2015.mp3">Robophobe Crush</a>" Recorded on July 6, 2015. This week we ask each other about our favorite foods and share some anecdotes about responsible consumption.<br /><br />Topics Discussed: Mouth Noise Pollution, Harley Man Twain'd, Hella Pregnant Superhero, Creme To Cookie Ratio, PopTart Punishment, "Help I'm Trapped in a Bad Joke Factory," Robots Are Their Lifeblood, Four Hours of Cheese, Smoked Salmon Shisha, Fuckstershire, Wedding P-A-R-T-Y, Get To Da Lovechild NOW, Mascot Safety Advisory, The Mystery of Balcony Masturbator, No One Drinks Like Gaston, Pigs in a Basement

Ep. 29 The Fiber Nacho Sequence 06.29.2015
"<a href="https://b4bd87dcb1b7398942cbe4ae30bfacc970ca9863.googledrive.com/host/0B_QNtSLJ7nawMC1fVzhNRmY1Sk0/Ep.29%20The%20Fiber%20Nacho%20Sequence%2006.29.15.mp3">The Fiber Nacho Sequence</a>" Recorded on June 29, 2015. &nbsp;This week Tristan tells us why you should never get in an enclosed space with him, and we try to **** ourselves in the *** too much.<br /><br />Topics Discussed: Uranus Descending, Mini Cooper v. Boobs, Grass in Your Ass, Rapunzel's Cat, YOUNG BLOODZ, Pete the Porker, Uncle Cracker's Pizza, Pygmy Pyt Pyrysites, Jeff's Arc, Iced ISIS, Itty Bitty Idiot Committee, Hunky Ape Eyes

Ep. 28 The Velvet Path 06.22.2015
<div>"<a href="https://b4bd87dcb1b7398942cbe4ae30bfacc970ca9863.googledrive.com/host/0B_QNtSLJ7nawMC1fVzhNRmY1Sk0/Ep.28%20The%20Velvet%20Path%2006.22.15.mp3">The Velvet Path</a>" Recorded on June 22, 2015. &nbsp;This week we give our review of E3 (not that we could afford to go), and, as usual, try to come up with as many get rich quick schemes that we can think of (because we hate having to work).</div><div><br /></div><div>Topics Discussed: Joanna (in the) Dark, Butthole Windshield, <i>Rocky in Space</i>, <i>Zookeeper: The Musical</i>, Grandpa's Sports News, North Korea's New Dicktater, ISIS v. ASPCA, Hannah's Montana, Dried Meat Snacks, "I'VE BEEN FEELIN' WEIRD EVER SINCE!!", Peacock's Ball Busting Boss, Stephen Hawkin's Bleeped Out, DIY Spell Casting, Scuba Steve: America's Most Wanted, Austrian Nipple Massages, "Wizard!"</div>

Ep. 27 Tootsie Mashers 06.14.2015
"<a href="https://b4bd87dcb1b7398942cbe4ae30bfacc970ca9863.googledrive.com/host/0B_QNtSLJ7nawMC1fVzhNRmY1Sk0/Ep.27%20Tootsie%20Mashers%2006.14.15.mp3">Tootsie Mashers</a>" Recorded on June 14, 2015. &nbsp;We attempt to unravel the mysteries that are economics while we discuss the realities that are male genital mutilation (though we all seem to agree that it might not be the worst thing in the world, even if it is a form of oppression).<br /><br />Topics Discussed: Space XXX, <i>Viva&nbsp;Piñata;</i>&nbsp;'In this Economy!', Under the Umbrella Toilet Seat, 6 Days 7 Boners, Something Under Vehicle, Dr.s Are Trustworthy, Kobe's Vulgar Knees, Paula Dean's Brain Tacos, Rent-a-Dickcenter, A Real Jerk-off, Belch Coins, Diablo Sauce Donut Holes, Hoof Shaped Car, Dracula's Wedding, Understanding Stagflation

Ep. 26 Kentucky Fried Afterbirth 06.07.2015
"<a href="https://b4bd87dcb1b7398942cbe4ae30bfacc970ca9863.googledrive.com/host/0B_QNtSLJ7nawMC1fVzhNRmY1Sk0/Ep.26%20Kentucky%20Fried%20Afterbirth%2006.07.15.mp3">Kentucky Fried Afterbirth</a>" Recorded on June 7, 2015. &nbsp;This week we all agree once and for all, without any question to the validity of the argument, never to be discussed again, that <i>Fraiser </i>is the greatest television drama of all time. <br /><br />Topics Discussed: <i>Star Wars VIII: Rogue Pooper</i>, Placenta Double Down, <i>Seaquest: DSV NCIS</i>, Street Justice!, A Whale of a Time, Queen Bee Edgar Suit, The Un-Tameable Shrew, Urban Grouse Burqas, Brita Pool Filters, Macro P-zonenomics, Wendall Jenner's Hanging Meat, HOV Lane Rick Ross, Sandwich Performance Artists, Lululemon Broga Boners, (SKULL) (FINGER) (AMBULANCE)

Ep. 25 Police Commissioner Steve Urkel 05.29.2015
"<a href="https://b4bd87dcb1b7398942cbe4ae30bfacc970ca9863.googledrive.com/host/0B_QNtSLJ7nawMC1fVzhNRmY1Sk0/Ep.25%20Police%20Commissioner%20Steve%20Urkel%20%2005.29.15.mp3">Police Commissioner Steve Urkel</a>" Recorded on May 29, 2015. &nbsp;This week we demystify psuedo-science, and eventually find out we've been pooping wrong our whole lives.<br /><br />Topics Discussed: Cops + Donuts, Cops&nbsp;+ Pizza, Default Password, "Deez Nutz" by Shelby Foote, Kangaroo and Gallstone Stew, Terminator 5: Kylie Jenner Lips, The Price of Flatulent Freedom, Space Bears &amp; Lady Plugs, Rainbow Road to Choco Mt., OSHA's Steampunk Fetish, Beebo's Boob Oil, Patrick the Robotic Goatse, Gutter-ball Goose-egg, Parliamentary Motions

Ep. 24 Chumming for Tiny Sharks 05.24.2015
"<a href="https://b4bd87dcb1b7398942cbe4ae30bfacc970ca9863.googledrive.com/host/0B_QNtSLJ7nawMC1fVzhNRmY1Sk0/Ep.24%20Chumming%20Tiny%20Sharks%2005.24.15.mp3">Chumming for Tiny Sharks</a>" Recorded on May 24, 2015. &nbsp;This week we dream of Yum! Brands adult beverages, and Taylor tells us how to Frankenstein a teddy bear.<br /><br />Topics Discussed: Freedom Dogs, Aussie Flocka Flame, Purging Satan, Ilumagoopy Bachelorette, Rolled Up Sock Brigade, Sailing the C-Hole, Mixed Use Thoroughfare, Sweet Smelling 16, Skeet Ulrich: Worlds Most Hated Man, Good Luck Chucky, Job Opportunities, Cakehole Wuz Dench, Nocturnal Crepuscular, The Zayniverse, &nbsp;Reverse Richard Gere

Ep. 23 Multiplicity 2: Ape House 05.17.2015
"<a href="https://b4bd87dcb1b7398942cbe4ae30bfacc970ca9863.googledrive.com/host/0B_QNtSLJ7nawMC1fVzhNRmY1Sk0/Ep.23%20Multiplicity%202_%20Ape%20House%2005.17.2015%20copy.mp3">Multiplicity 2: Ape House</a>" Recorded on May 17, 2015. &nbsp;This week we learn about a common cause of unwanted behavior and measure ourselves against some bugs.<br /><br />Topics Discussed:&nbsp;I &lt;3 Classroom Tattoos, Birth Cafe, ASMR Twitch Channel, Bear Grylls Breastmilk Survival, Atomic Manslaughter, Mad Maxi Pad, Bug Dick Tip Clip, Jeff Bites, Satanic Possession Defense, Mila Kunis' Disappearing Chicken Trick, OKSheila, Crematorium Caper, Top Doc Bottoms Off, A Series of Unfortunately Tasty Events, Paul Blart Templar Knight

Ep. 22 Almonds and Avocados 05.10.2015
"<a href="https://b4bd87dcb1b7398942cbe4ae30bfacc970ca9863.googledrive.com/host/0B_QNtSLJ7nawMC1fVzhNRmY1Sk0/Ep.22%20Almonds%20and%20Avocados%2005.10.2015.mp3">Almonds and Avocados</a>" Recorded on May 10, 2015. This week all hell breaks loose when we realize we are trapped in a hyperspace time loop.<br /><br />Topics Discussed: Act IV: Danny DeVito's Birth, Sungay Bloody Sungay, Tristan's Hetero-normative Joke Corner, Google Test, Death Simulator, Matrix Deja Vu Teacher Story REDUX, Teen Holes, GreatGrandma's Downstairs DJ, Huevos con Copper, Nature's Valley Party Pack, My 713£ Trademark, South African Boner Juice, I Got No Strings on Me, Koala Poop Dance, Coin-op Ban

Ep. 21 Good Kid Chard City 05.01.2015
"<a href="https://b4bd87dcb1b7398942cbe4ae30bfacc970ca9863.googledrive.com/host/0B_QNtSLJ7nawMC1fVzhNRmY1Sk0/Ep.21%20Good%20Kid%20Chard%20City%2005.01.2015.mp3">Good Kid Chard City</a>" Recorded on May 1, 2015. This week we ponder the encounters with our mortality and and learn how art can change a neighborhood.<br /><div><br /></div>Topics Discussed: Antz, Capn Crunch Donut Quesalupa, Wanksy Dick Graffitto, Leech Boy, Positive Behavior Support For The Undead, Mashed Potato Arm Art, Pope Prank Calls Man, Double Vagina, Eggplant Ban, AirBnB Mayo Orgy, Pizza Punishment, MeNoCU, Polygamist Ninja, Welcome to Starbucks Bitch

Ep. 20 Craigslist Formal Encounters 04.26.2015
<div>"<a href="https://b4bd87dcb1b7398942cbe4ae30bfacc970ca9863.googledrive.com/host/0B_QNtSLJ7nawMC1fVzhNRmY1Sk0/Ep.20%20Craigslist%20Formal%20Encounters%2004.26.2015.mp3">Craigslist Formal Encounters</a>" Recorded on April 26, 2015. This week we explore people's unique tastes and think up a killer business idea. Apologies on the lateness, we all spent the weekend at a beach house and I was exhausted.&nbsp;</div><br />Lost in Google Translation, #NoZukeButt, Giant Tiny Dickface, Excel Sex Marathon, China Funeral Stripper Crackdown, Lady Tsunga Cyborg ABC For Short, Tinder Blood Match, Little Photoshop of Horrors, Karaoke Handy, Fart App, The Land of Greco Roman Ball Squeezing, Fatberg, 3 Kilometres, Purr Like You Used To, Idea From A Friend, Possessed By The Demon of Weed

Ep. 19 Archaeological Swordsmen 04.17.2015
"<a href="https://b4bd87dcb1b7398942cbe4ae30bfacc970ca9863.googledrive.com/host/0B_QNtSLJ7nawMC1fVzhNRmY1Sk0/Ep.19%20Archaeological%20Swordsmen%2004.17.2015.mp3">Archaeological Swordsmen</a>" Recorded on April 17, 2015. This week we look into investing in some real estate and we find out how much some shit is worth.<br /><a href="https://www.blogger.com/"></a><span id="goog_971139895"></span><span id="goog_971139896"></span><br />Topics Discussed: Caldwell Boner, Porn Cops, Pet Pet Home Homing, Flocka News Brief, Twinkle-Toed Grandad, Grand Theft Jazzy, Canine Fecal Valuation, Corpse Massage, Tidal Fight, Time Travel HItler Murder, The Hunger, World's Largest Stew, Bull Semen Heist, Sextiquette

Ep. 18 Hat Party 04.10.2015
"<a href="https://b4bd87dcb1b7398942cbe4ae30bfacc970ca9863.googledrive.com/host/0B_QNtSLJ7nawMC1fVzhNRmY1Sk0/Ep.18%20Hat%20Party%2004.10.2015.mp3">Hat Party</a>"&nbsp;Recorded on March 10, 2015. This week we take accidentally develop super weapons and take an auditory journey to jolly old London.<br /><br />Topics Discussed: Flat Top Tony, &nbsp;Hamster Bites, King John, Pore Corks, Heat Activated Arachnids, Buffet For Life Contract, Dick House, Cruel &amp; Unusual Penisment, Taco Bell Delivery, Steve Hawk Underground, Osama Bin Spiderman, eXXLtraterrestrials, Milano Macchiato, Pure Milk Scandal, Weird Wienered Monkey, Brown Light Special, Grilled Cheese Sex Drive, Squadnistical Badistical Instance,

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