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Category: Science/Medicine
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This podcast serves as an introduction for anyone who is interested in a career in forensic science.

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Podcast Episode's:
Can CCTV Systems Help Crisis Management in Mass Shootings?
As school and mass shootings become more prevalent in today’s society, the question of “How do we prevent this?” is on everyone’s mind. While gun control is the first topic people tend to address when discussing these acts of terror, there is another side to the story that may aide in minimizing the total lives […]

The Importance of Establishing a Chain of Custody for Audio/Video Evidence
Establishing a chain of custody for audio and video evidence is the first step in any audio or video forensic investigation. This includes audio/video forensic enhancement, audio/video authentication. Where did the evidence come from? Who created the recording that is being entered into evidence? A chain of custody is the documentation of who did what […]

Ronald Johnson and Laquan McDonald – WGN9 Chicago Interview
There are two Chicago Police Department shooting videos that have been in the news lately, Laquan McDonald and Ronald Johnson. On November 24, 2015, police video that captured the shooting of Laquan McDonald in Chicago, Illinois was released to the public, almost 13 months after the incident took place. There has been a public outcry […]

Forensic Audio Enhancement -Equalization
Equalizers can be one of the most important tools to any audio engineer, and especially an Audio Forensic Expert. There are many different types of equalizers with different capabilities, but the core functions are always the same. Equalizers allow the user to increase or decrease the level of different frequency ranges or ‘frequency bands.’ Each frequency […]
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21: Audio Enhancement – Compression
As an Audio Forensic Expert, knowing what tools are available to me and how they work is extremely important. While compressors are often thought of as tools for music production, they serve many functions in the Audio Forensic world. Like with most audio signal processors, it takes training and experience to operate compressors properly and […]
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20: Body-worn Cameras with Sgt. Bill Tilson
Sgt. Bill Tilson is a police officer with the Coeur d’Alene Police Department in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. He has been working in the department since September 2002 and began working with body-worn cameras in 2012 when the department began issuing them to officers. He received a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and Corrections from Lewis-Clark […]
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Audio Enhancement – Noise Reduction
Most recordings that I come across as an Audio Forensic Expert are made in poor condition and their biggest problem is an abundance of noise. Though there are many ways to reduce the noise floor in a recording, there is no guaranteed method. The noise floor can be defined as a sum of all of the […]
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The Importance of Forensic Transcription
Over the last 31 years as Audio/Video Forensic Experts, Primeau Forensics has developed a tool to help litigators better hear and comprehend poor quality audio recordings that are to be used in court. We are very good at audio enhancement and helping our clients know the best method of audio playback in the courtroom so […]

18: Creating Video Work Product as an Audio Video Forensic Expert
Video work product is a way to document forensic investigations, like evidence recovery, for reference at a later date. Processes and procedures are documented using a video camera by a forensic expert during a forensic investigation for future use. I have referred back to my video work product many times during the course of a […]
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17: How to Make Digital Audio Evidence
Audio evidence can often be one of the most important pieces of evidence for a case, so it should always be given a great deal of attention. I’m going to cover some tips on how to create the best audio recording possible, whether it’s a police interview, a concealed recording or anything in between. One […]
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16: VIEVU Body Cameras with Steve Ward
Steve Ward is the CEO and founder of VIEVU.  He worked as a police officer in Seattle for 13 years, including 6 years on the SWAT team. Afterwards, Mr. Ward became the Vice President of Marketing and International Sales for Taser International. He has an MBA from the Edinburgh Business School, a Certificate from the […]
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15: A Step-by-Step Approach to Forensic Audio Enhancement
One of the most common jobs for an Audio Forensic Expert is enhancing a digital audio recording for intelligibility and clarification.  Audio evidence is often recorded in less than optimal situations with poor quality equipment. This evidence can be vital to a case and when the content of the recording cannot be heard, the evidence […]
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14: Video Surveillance with David Spreadborough
David Spreadborough is a CCTV investigator and a police officer for the Cheshire Police Department in Cheshire, England.  He has been a part of the police force for 23 years and began his video forensic career in 2003.  David is a member of the Law Enforcement & Emergency Services Video Association International (LEVA), the National […]
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13: Voice Identification with Maria do Carmo Gargaglione
Maria do Carmo Gargaglione is the Director of the Division of Digital and Technological Forensic Evidence at the Public Ministry of Rio De Janeiro.  She has been a speech-language pathologist for over thirty years.  She is an expert in voice identification, facial identification and handwriting analysis.  She began working in forensics in 2000 and began working […]
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12: Video Forensics with Dorothy Stout
Dorothy Stout is a Video Forensic Expert and owner of Resolution Video Inc.  She has been analyzing video since 1998 and has testified in all levels of courts in the United States.  Dorothy received her Bachelor degree in Psychology and her Masters in Forensic Science and began her career at the US Postal Inspection Service. […]
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11: Talking Forensics with Audio & Video Forensic Expert Allen Combs
Allen Combs is an Audio and Video Forensic Expert with over ten years of experience in multimedia work.  He began working as an audio engineer in recording studios and continued working in music production until making the transition into digital media forensics.  When he began his forensic work, Allen was trained by Thomas Owen and […]
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10: How to Authenticate Digital Audio Evidence
Authenticating digital audio evidence and the importance of the authentication process for use in court. The chain of custody is the first step in the authentication process but does not in and of itself authenticate a piece of evidence. I have seen audio evidence that was not authentic and was stored in the original digital […]
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9: How to Recover Digital Media Evidence
I’d like to discuss evidence recovery, specifically digital media evidence recovery.  Having a forensic expert retrieve the evidence maintains the quality of the evidence and can help ensure that the original evidence stays intact on the original system so it can later be retrieved by other parties.  This is why it is extremely important that […]
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8: How to Give an Expert Deposition
Depositions are one of the most important activities performed by forensic experts, second only to the final testimony.  A deposition is the process where the opposing lawyers question the forensic expert, under oath, about what they are going to testify during trial.  These questions are designed for the opposing lawyer to gain information about the […]
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7: Importance of the Chain of Custody for Digital Media Evidence
Establishing chain of custody when authenticating digital media evidence for use in the courtroom is extremely important. The chain of custody must account for the seizure, storage, transfer and condition of the evidence.  The chain of custody is absolutely necessary for admissible evidence in court. Importance to the expert My forensic software allows me to look […]
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6: Continuing Education as a Forensic Expert
As a forensic expert, continuing your education in your field of expertise is extremely important in remaining a credible forensic expert.  I practice audio and video forensic work and at the rate that technology is evolving, it’s important for me to stay up to date on all of the latest advancements in the field. This is […]
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Video Forensic Expert – The Importance of Continuing Education
I have been practicing as a video forensic expert for 30 years. I have experienced and observed hundreds of hours, if not days, of security video. I have performed video forensic testing on analogue and digital security systems. I have even forensically examined cell and smart phone video, tablet video and VHS, Hi8 and 8mm, digital […]

5: How to Perform a Voice Identification
Voice Identification (also known as Speaker Recognition) plays a very important part in the forensic world.  I practice voice identification regularly as an Audio Forensic Expert and I believe it is a viable and often crucial science when working on a forensic assignment.  I chose this topic for this podcast because I just released my […]
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4: Forensic Science – How to Prepare to be an Expert Witness
Becoming an expert witness is a challenging step for a forensic expert. In an earlier post we talked about putting together your CV and its importance in building your credibility as a forensic expert. Now, we will go over the how to prepare yourself and your team for trial and what to expect when testifying in […]
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3: Forensic Science – Writing Your Forensic Report
The forensic report is a forensic experts full report of their work on a case for court.  It includes everything the forensic expert did while examining the evidence along with their findings throughout the investigation.  In this post, we will briefly talk with Chicago trial attorney Shawn Warner about the importance of the forensic report and […]
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2: Forensic Science – How Attorneys Select Forensic Experts
Shawn Warner is a 25 year veteran Chicago trial lawyer. In this post, we are going to discuss the role of the forensic expert. Why hire a forensic expert? What do lawyers look for when hiring a forensic expert? Shawn Warner is licensed in Illinois but also works on cases across the United States.  He has […]
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1: Forensic Science – How to Build Your Expert Witness Curriculum Vitae (C/V)
My name is Ed Primeau and I am an audio video forensic expert. I develop or process audio and video evidence to better hear and see the events as they occurred in the audio or video recording. I also authenticate audio and video evidence to learn if the evidence presented is real and can be […]
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How to Hire a Lawyer
After 30 years as an audio and video forensic expert, I know about the good and the not-so-good lawyers. It seems to me, based on firsthand experience, that there are more ‘not-so-good’ lawyers. This inspired me to compose a blog post on how to hire a lawyer.  The first point I want to make is […]

Expert Witness Preparation
As an audio and video forensic expert, I often have to give depositions and also testify. A few years ago my courtroom activity was minimal. Today, it seems like more and more cases are going to trial. Prosecutor pleas are not being accepted and civil litigators are too far apart for settlement. When the time […]

The Forensic Expert Witness: 3 Tips For Preparing to Testify
Proficiency in their field is certainly a prerequisite for all who testify in court as an expert witness. But now, with the benefit of 25 years experience, I believe that a good expert witness must also qualify as an expert in communicating clearly and persuasively on the witness stand. In short, expertise in testifying is […]
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