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Category: Science/Medicine
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This podcast serves as an introduction for anyone who is interested in a career in forensic science.

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Podcast Episode's:
3 Reasons Why Video Evidence is Being Analyzed Inaccurately
HOW DO WE SEE VIDEO EVIDENCE AS A WEAPON? Video evidence is a digital representation of encoded light signals captured by a video camera. Captured and stored data is video evidence later presented in the courtroom. On the other hand, humans process video evidence quite differently. We gather light data without encoding it. We choose […]

Blindspot Episode 24: Hollywood and Forensic Science
A Closer Look at the Relationship between Hollywood and Forensic Science I sit down with Barry Levy in this podcast episode of Blindspot. Barry is a screenwriter and producer known for his work in popular films, such as Vantage Point, Paranoia, and Wolves of Wall Street. You can explore his filmography further by following this […]
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Solutions to COVID19 Surveillance and Subject Identification
In today’s culture, reducing the spread of COVID19 has become a priority in both public and professional spaces. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that the general population wear face masks while outside of their homes. This precautionary step mitigates the risk of viral spread between people. The requirement of a face mask, however, […]

Digital Image Authentication of Screenshot Evidence in Criminal Defense
Screenshots captured on mobile devices are commonly used as evidence in today’s culture. However, these screenshots are often misinterpreted as original digital evidence. Primeau Forensics’ image expert, Michael Primeau, along with the computer and mobile experts at Garrett Discovery, performed digital image authentication of screenshots used as evidence in the criminal case detailed here. An […]

Blindspot Ep 23: Tips from a Chicago Trial Lawyer Veteran, Nenye Uche
Settling into Remote Work during COVID-19 On Friday, March 23, Primeau Forensics began prepping its team for remote work amid the growing COVID-19 pandemic. Three weeks later, I am sitting in my dining room with a beautiful view of the backyard. Exactly how the company started years ago!  I have become fluent in several technological tools to boost efficiency during my time away from the office. […]
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Home Video Surveillance Recommendations for COVID-19 Grocery Theft
Online Grocery Delivery with COVID-19 The COVID-19 pandemic has swept the globe in whirlwind fashion. Guidelines put in place by our state and national governments are affecting many of our e-commerce businesses and how consumers shop. As a direct result, we have seen an upsurge in the grocery delivery service. It’s the perfect solution for […]

3 Ways Forensic Image Comparison Solved a Mistaken Identity Case
Mistaken identity is a defense in criminal law which claims the actual innocence of the criminal defendant, and attempts to undermine the evidence of guilt by asserting that any eyewitness to the crime incorrectly thought that they saw the defendant, when in fact the person seen by the witness was someone else. Primeau Forensics has […]

Body Camera Videos as an Eyewitness for Criminal Defense Cases
It’s after midnight and you’re fast asleep in the back of your truck after a long day of driving. Federal regulations prohibiting truckers from driving over a certain number of hours each day forced you to pull over for the night with little planning as to where. An abrupt knock on the door jolts you […]

Can CCTV Systems Help Crisis Management in Mass Shootings?
As school and mass shootings become more prevalent in today’s society, the question is “do CCTV systems help with mass shootings?” is on everyone’s mind. While gun control is the first topic people tend to address when discussing these acts of terror, there is another side to the story that may aide in minimizing the […]

The Importance of Establishing a Chain of Custody for Audio and Video Evidence
Establishing a chain of custody for audio and video evidence is the first step in any forensic investigation. This includes both audio and video forensic enhancement and authentication. Throughout these investigations, we ask ourselves a few common questions. Where did the evidence come from? And who created the recording entered into evidence? What is a […]

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