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Category: News/Politics
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Podcast Episode's:
Here's How 67 - Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Videos
Ken Foxe is a lecturer in DIT and a freelance journalist. On June 27 last, the Irish-American academic and blogger Catherine Kelly was leaving Ireland through Dublin airport when she was detained by two plain clothes gardaí, and questioned about online reporting that she had done on the finances of Fine Gael minister for Social […]
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Here's How 66 - A Libertarian in Ireland
Keith Redmond is an independent member of Fingal County Council, having been elected on the Fine Gael ticket in 2014 previously run for the Progressive Democrats and briefly been a member of Renua Ireland. He's also a founder member of the Hibernia Forum.  The Libertarian Party in the US is known for its anti-government stance […]
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Here's How 65 - Cop on Comrades
I normally wouldn’t do a podcast about a blog post, but this is a blog post that has been signed by almost 500 people, so it’s not an ordinary blog post.  You might have heard about Dean Scurry, he’s one of the activists who organised Home Sweet Home, the occupation of Apollo House by the […]
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Here's How 64 - Investigation: Unproven Meds Part 3
In the main interview, I talked to Gino Kenny of the People Before Profit party.  Gino's Facebook page shared the Facebook group Medical Cannabis Testimonials Ireland & UK, and encouraged people to share supposed 'testimony' of people benefiting from medical marijuana. The page promotes the most manipulative and misleading quackery; most of its posts claim that […]
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Here's How 63 - Investigation: Unproven Meds Part 2
I interviewed Dr Mariano García de Palau of the Kalapa Clinic about his claims to treat a wide range of ailments with cannabis. As he mentioned, there are no clinical trials to validate most of these cures. I also interviewed Dr Robert O'Connor, Head of Research for the Irish Cancer Society.
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Here's How 62 - Cannabis Oil or Snake Oil?
This podcast is the first part of a major investigation into people selling unlicensed substances that they claim will treat or cure serious conditions. This first part of the investigation, focussing on the Dublin-based Hemp Company.  The Hemp Company's page selling the Charlotte’s Web product for up to €5,500 per litre is here, That page contains […]
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Here's How 61 - Brexit Negotiations
Derek Mooney is a public affairs and communications adviser as well as a former adviser to the Irish government. He's a columnist on Broadsheet.ie and Slugger O'Toole.  *** In the last podcast, I was talking to Tom Geraghty of the PSEU, that’s the union that represents higher level public sector workers. The interview was in the […]
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Here's How 60 - Pay Restoration
Tom Geraghty is the General Secretary of the Public Service Executive Union.  Tom disputed  a couple of the references that I made during the interview. The report of MABS staff dealing with an average of two new cases per week here.  The minister for justice has confirmed that there are gardaí suspended on pay for […]
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Here's How 59 - Seanad Referendum Revisited
Opposition parties have called for the Disclosures Tribunal to be expanded. The MacLochlainn Tribunal does exist, but the Boyle Tribunal does not. Yet. Honest. Village magazine summarised the Morris Tribunal report in 2005 saying “the gardaí are in a state of disarray, with low morale, poor discipline, lack of oversight, and a culture of silence…” The […]
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Here's How 58 - Déjà Crash All Over Again
Tony Groves writes the blog Trickstersworld, and we discussed this article which he wrote for Broadsheet.ie.
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Here's How 57 - What is the Pay Gap? Are Women Being Short-Changed?
Lughan Deane is the Communications Executive for the IMPACT trade union, who are currently running the #ClockedOut campaign. In the discussion I slightly overstated the dominance of women in Iran's technical and engineering facilities, but the point stands. By contrast, women in Norway are remarkably reluctant to enter many male professions. In Ireland it is […]
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Here's How 56 - Tuam Babies and Reaction Part 2
Bill Donoghue is the President and CEO of the Catholic League. The article that he wrote claiming that the Tuam babies story is a hoax is here. The report by the Mother And Baby Homes Commission Of Investigation which detailed the forensic findings is here. The text of the letter by Terry Prone, pouring scorn on Catherine Corless's […]
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Here's How 55 - Tuam Babies and Media Coverage
Brendan O'Neill is the editor of Spiked Online. His 2014 article that we discussed is here, and the interim report of the Mother And Baby Homes Commission Of Investigations is here. The second part of my coverage of this topic will be published next week. The global infant mortality statistics that I mentioned are here, […]
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Here's How 54 - Media Independence; RTÉ, the Gardaí and EU Web Controls
This is the link to Episode 41 where I originally interviewed RTÉ's news planner, Donal Byrne, and this is the original of the set-up interview with Paul Reynolds where he gave what he said were details of the contents of the O'Higgins report, which was published two days later. That report, and the possibility that […]
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Here's How 53 - Conservative Peter Lilley MP on Brexit
Peter Lilley is the Conservative party MP for Hitchin and Harpenden, and the former Secretary of State for Social Security, and the former President of the Board of Trade. I mentioned George Eustace's speech at the Farmers Club, where he talked about restoring powers over farming to Westminster, not to the Northern Ireland, Scottish and […]
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Happy New Year from Here's How
Happy New Year, and a short message from the podcast host.
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Here's How 52 - Fiona O'Leary and Riko Muranaka on Vaccines
Fiona O'Leary is the mother of five children, two of whom are on the autistic spectrum. She was a witness in the prosecution that led to the conviction of Patrick Merlehan for selling unlicensed and dangerous medicines. Riko Muranaka is a Japanese journalist and medical doctor. She is a specialist in infectious diseases. Her work has […]
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Here's How 51 - Smári McCarthy of the Icelandic Pirate Party
Smári McCarthy is a programmer, a writer and one of the founders of the Pirate Party of Iceland. This interview was recorded shortly before his recent election to the Icelandic parliament.
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Here's How 50 - REGRET Update and Procession against Islamic Terrorism
This is the document that I was pointed to while searching for the source for Anna Cannon's claim that one in 30 or one in 40 people are struck with an autoimmune disease after receiving the Gardasil vaccine. In fact, what the table on page 8 shows is that 2.3 per cent (one in 43) […]
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Here's How 49 - Dr Brenda Corcoran of the HSE & R.E.G.R.E.T.'s Claims
These are R.E.G.R.E.T.'s website, Facebook page (Update: the page's content seems now to be hidden) and Twitter. This is the US Food & Drug Administration page that gives Gardasil information, which references 772 serious adverse events following administration of Gardasil, out of 23,000,000 doses administered. There is no requirement for proof that the adverse event be […]
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Here's How 48 - Niamh Uí Bhriain of the Life Institute
Niamh Uí Bhriain is a founder of the Life Institute, and previously of Youth Defence. We discussed the Roe v Wade decision of the US Supreme Court and the McGee v Attorney General decision of the Irish Supreme Court, and how they led to the Pro-Life Amendment Campaign  and ultimately the Eighth Amendment of the Irish Constitution.
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Here's How 47 - Francis Duffy of the Green Party
Francis Duffy is a Green Party Councillor on South Dublin County Council. We talked about his proposal to ban election posters and replace them with hoardings at council-sponsored sites. The use of election posters is already highly regulated in Ireland, with the dates and locations of posters set in law; posters can be up for about […]
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Here's How 46 - AJ Noonan of the Small Firms Association
AJ Noonan is the chairman of the Small Firms Association. The SFA's pre-budget submission is here. AJ queried my assertion that building land around Dublin was concentrated in a small number of hands. Business & Finance magazine reported in 2000 that the bulk of the development land in Dublin was owned by just eight speculators – […]
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Here's How 45 - Mick Fealty of Slugger O'Toole
Mick Fealty is the founding editor of Slugger O'Toole, Northern Ireland's foremost political blog. Voting for the Blog Awards Ireland will open soon, and I will add a link as soon as it does. Here's How has been longlisted in two categories, Best Innovation Blog and, strangely, Best Vlog.
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Here's How 44 - James Behan of Men's Voices Ireland
James Behan is a PhD candidate at Trinity College Dublin, and a spokesperson for Men's Voices Ireland. He is also a staff writer for Trinity's University Times. In our discussion, James referred to a study by Dr Roisin O'Shea which indicates a poor quality of decision-making in custody cases in Irish Circuit Courts. James has written for the University […]
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Here's How 43 - Gavan Reilly of TodayFM on Brexit
Gavan Reilly is the political correspondent of TodayFM. You can nominate the Here's How podcast for the Blog Awards Ireland here.
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Here's How 42 - Kian Griffin on Car Insurance Costs
You can nominate Here's How for the Blog Awards Ireland here. Kian Griffin is the spokesperson for Ireland Underground. The motor insurance market is worth about €1.2bn per year, about half of one per cent of Ireland's GDP. The Motor Insurance Justice Action Group has in the past called for government subsidies on motor insurance, although they […]
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Here's How 41 - Donal Byrne of RTÉ
Donal Byrne of is a news editor at RTÉ who is responsible for news planning. The phrase 'known to gardaí" appears scores of times on the RTÉ website and, as Donal Byrne rightly pointed out, frequently occurs in other Irish media. The phrase has been sharply criticised for the meaning it carries, including by novelist Frankie Gaffney: […]
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Here's How 40 - Mick Byrne of the Dublin Tenants' Association
Mick Byrne is a spokesperson on behalf of the Dublin Tenants' Association. They launched a social media campaign to highlight the condition of the tenants of private landlords in Dublin, along with 'licencees', people who pay share a house with the owner, who are not considered tenants in Irish law. You can find them on […]
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Here's How 39 - Michael Taft on Irish Indigenous Business
Michael Taft is the Research Officer for Unite the Union in Ireland. He is also a writer who appears frequently on Broadsheet and the Irish Left Review, and writes his own blog at Unite's Notes On The Front. This is the World Bank economic openness index that I mentioned that shows that Ireland has a […]
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Here's How 38 - Eoin Ó Broin and Sinn Féin in Opposition
Eoin Ó Broin is the newly-elected Sinn Féin TD for Dublin Mid-West. He is a former local councillor in both Dublin and Belfast. The tracking of the opinion polling for Irish political parties, including Sinn Féin, since 2007 is here. This is the text of the confidence and supply agreement between Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael.
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Here's How 37 - Fact Checking with Dan Mac Guill
Dan Mac Guill is a journalist with TheJournal.ie, and he has authored their excellent Fact Check series, including the one that we discussed about the effect of the closure of rural Garda stations. The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul article that I mentioned is here. Details about the shortages of sugar, Coca Cola and […]
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Here's How 36 - Gemma O'Doherty and Unsolved Murders
Gemma O'Doherty is an investigative journalist who has worked on the disappearance of Mary Boyle, the murder of Fr Niall Molloy and the penalty points cancellation scandal.  This is a report in the Irish Independent about Conor Lenihan's obsequious article praising the Mr Justice Frank Roe who acquitted Richard Flynn in bizarre circumstances.
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Here's How 35 - Jim O'Callaghan and Fianna Fáil in Government
Jim O'Callaghan is a senior counsel, and TD for Dublin Bay South. He was key to the negotiations between Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil that led to the formation of the current governmnet. This is the text of the confidence and supply agreement between Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael. Information is here about the Lib-Lab […]
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Here's How 34 - Pink Pricing and Motor Tax
This is Ray's petition against what he calls the unfair '2Tier' Irish car tax law. This is a table of the current motor tax rates for pre- and post-2008 vehicles. Dr Julien Mercille is a lecturer in the Department of Geography in University College Dublin, and a frequent columnist and media contributor.
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Here's How 33 - The Census and the Election Outcome
Tony Downes is an Administrative Officer in Census Publicity with the Central Statistics Office. Census day is on 24 April, the exact centenary of the 1916 Rising. If you didn't receive a census form yet, you should call 1850 2016 04 to get one. Information about problems in the US census is here. Note that […]
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Bumper Here's How Election Edition 32 - Sorcha Nic Cormaic (SF), John Brassil (FF) and Seán Kyne (FG)
Cllr Sorcha Nic Cormaic is the Sinn Féin councillor for Dundrum on Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council, and candidate in Dublin Rathdown. In our discussion, I mentioned this report from the EPA. Cllr John Brassil is the Fianna Fáil councillor for Listowel on Kerry County Council and one of the party's candidates in Kerry. Seán Kyne TD represents Galway West […]
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Here's How 31 - Eamon Delaney of the Hibernia Forum
Paddy Power's odds on the next government are listed here, and this is Adrian Kavanagh's analysis of recent opinion polls. Eamon Delaney is the director of the Hibernia Forum, he's also a writer, journalist and former diplomat. We discussed their general election briefing and mentioned the UN's target for overseas aid, which Ireland falls far short […]
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Here's How 30 - Bríd Smith of People Before Profit
Bríd Smith is the People Before Profit candidate in Dublin South Central.
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Here's How 29 - Anne-Marie McNally of the Social Democrats
Anne-Marie McNally is the Social Democrats candidate in Dublin Mid West. She also writes extensively for Broadsheet and works in Leinster House for the party.
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Here's How 28 - Eamon Ryan of the Green Party
Eamon Ryan is the leader of the Green Party, and a candidate for the Dáil in the Dublin Bay South constituency. This is theJournal.ie article about Glenealy, Co Wicklow persuading candidates not to display posters along with dozens of anti-poster comments, and this is their, and in their online (unscientific) poll, 89 per cent of people […]
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Here's How 27 - Mailo Power of Renua
Mailo Power, running in Waterford for Renua defends her party's policies ahead of the election.
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Here's How 26 - Finian McGrath of the Independent Alliance
With the approach of the election, I hope to interview a candidate for each political group about their platform in the 2016 election. Finian McGrath TD will be running in the election in Dublin Bay North for the Independent Alliance. These are the 10 principles that the Independent Alliance says it will require to give its support to […]
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Here's How 25 - Conor Cullen of Alcohol Action Ireland
This is the coverage of Patrick Durcan's comments about Martin McNamara and his 321 previous convictions at Killaloe District Court on 5 January. Conor Cullen is the head of communications and advocacy for Alcohol Action Ireland. In the discussion we talked about the report recommending a minimum price for alcohol, proposed to be €1.00 per unit of […]
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Here's How 24 - Gaye Dalton, former Sex Worker
Following the interview with Sarah Benson from Ruhama in Episode 21,  Gaye Dalton got in touch with me to discuss her personal experience, and how that affects her view or Ruhama's work. Gaye's YouTube channel is here.
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Here's How 23 - Floods, Insurance and Corruption
Sinead Carroll is a solicitor with Ernest J. Cantillon Solicitors. Jason O'Sullivan is the founder of JOS Solicitors. Hugh McElvaney has been a Fine Gael councillor in Monaghan since 1999. He has been central to massive inappropriate rezoning throughout his career as a councillor. The Standards in Public Office (SIPO) Commission has been constantly undermined by […]
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Here's How 22 - Dr Garrett McGovern on Injecting Rooms and Drug Decriminalisation
I referred to the damage done to children's education, particularly to disadvantaged children by long school holidays. This is backed up by many studies, including this one from the Institute for Public Policy Research. Dr Garrett McGovern is a GP specialising in the treatment of addiction and Medical Director of the Priority Medical Clinic in Dublin.
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Here's How 21 - Sarah Benson CEO of Ruhama
Sarah Benson is the CEO of Ruhama. The Good Shepherd Sisters and the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity were credited with founding Ruhama on Ruhama;s website up to February 2015, but all references to both those orders have been deleted from the pages of their website since, although some old annual report PDFs still mention them. […]
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Here's How 20 - Refugees, Immigration and Migration
Mike's original audio file is here. This is the Baroness Jay report into the sex abuse scandal in Rochdale, England. These are the UNHCR reports that report 1.7m Syrian refugees in Turkey and 1.8m in Lebanon, a country not much bigger than County Cork. Update: The contributor, Mike, got back to me and queried me for […]
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Here's How 19 - Martin Collins of Pavee Point
Martin Collins is the co-director of Pavee Point. Fr Micheál Mac Gréil published the study that measures the 'social distance' that people feel to various minority groups, and Travellers consistently are measured to be the most marginalised. The health, infant mortality, maternal mortality and life expectancy of Travellers are all much worse than the general […]
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Here's How 18 - NAMA and Cork Council Merger
Mick Barry is an AAA / Socialist Party councillor on Cork City Council. This is the article, written by Frank Daly of NAMA, (behind paywall, hint open in incognito window) where he claims "Some claim we should have got a better price, but they know there was no bidder willing to pay more," however the […]
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Here's How 17 - Crime Reporting and Conor Faughnan
This is a long, detailed article  on the violent attack on the Corcoran family. Like almost every other report, in every newspaper, the report omitted that the men convicted of the crime were Travellers. Conor Faughnan of AA Ireland spoke about automating the checking of Tax, NCT and Insurance rather than displaying disks.
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Here's How 16 - VW, and Exclusive Interview with Jamie Bryson
This Episode has a major interview with Jamie Bryson, the loyalist blogger and activist about his revelations on the Nama/Project Eagle affair. These are the reports that first uncovered the software designed to cheat on EPA emissions tests when VW cars were tested. This is the report that shows that air quality doesn't match the […]
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Here's How 15 - John Lyons and Nama's Project Eagle
NAMA's Northern Ireland portfolio is named Project Eagle. The entire portfolio was sold to Cerberus. The maximum sentence for lobbying NAMA is six months in prison or a €1,000 fine. Judge Martin Nolan said that it would be incredibly unjust to send the Anglo criminals  Pat Whelan and William McAteer to prison for their part in […]
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Here's How 14 - Bashir Otukoya and Alan Shatter
Alan Shatter became minister of justice in 2011. Brian Purcell, his secretary general, was judged to be running a grossly incompetent department. Shatter extravagantly complained that the Guerin Report was a breach of his human rights and called on the Human Rights and Equality Commission to investigate the process, and he humiliatingly lost a case challenging the findings […]
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Here's How 13 - Fixing Garda Corruption, Milk Prices & Two Announcements
The episode of the Claire Byrne Live show is available here, but RTÉ don't tend to leave them online for very long. This is the James Reynolds who was presented as a 'man in the street' speaking from the audience. Cllr Seamus Treanor, the anti-immigration councillor from Monaghan was identified, he falsely claimed that there are […]
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Here's How 12 - Renting, Building, Corruption and Beauty Queens
This is the original article where Rosanna Davison claimed that gluten was responsible for autism spectrum disorders, schizophrenia and arthritis, and here she backtracked, claiming that she merely suggested that 'gluten-free diets can play a role in helping to manage ... auto-immune and neurological disorders'; my emphasis. This is the website where she visually and verbally promotes her […]
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Here's How 11 - Religious education, Dublin transport planning, Rape Crisis Centre funding
David Quinn is the director of the Iona Institute and a columnist with the Irish Independent. The Religious Practice and Values in Ireland study by the Irish Catholic Bishops' Conference found that half of Catholics don't believe in hell, a quarter don't believe in sin or in heaven, almost a third don't believe in the afterlife […]
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Here's How 10 - Government IT, Philanthropy & Democracy and Germans on Greek Debt
Long Term Economic Value (things look more meaningful when they get capital letters) was not an established economic concept when it entered public discourse in 2010. The acronym LTEV did not exist in relation to it before it was applied to NAMA. This is the statement by Ian Coulter saying that he deposited GBP £7m from his employer's client […]
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Here's How, Episode Nine - Greek Default, TTIP again,
PARC, the road safety lobby group did a survey of court cases and found that 80 per cent of drivers sentenced to penalty points in court and 96 per cent of drivers disqualified from driving in court did not have their driver licence number recorded by the court clerk. The Moriarty Report was published in […]
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Here's How, Episode Eight - TTIP, Transgender Children & More
In the Marriage Equality referendum, the No side got 37.93 per cent; the Conservative Party got 36.9 per cent in the 2015 general election, and won more than half the seats in the House of Commons. The EU dropping regulations on powerful endocrine-disrupting chemicals linked to cancer and male infertility, under pressure from US TTIP negotiators, is reported […]
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Podcast, Episode Seven
These are the references for episode seven of Here's How. This is an excellent explanation of the timeline of the Siteserve deal provided by Broadsheet.ie, and this is their transcript of James Morrissey's interview on RTÉ. This is the Wikipedia article on the non-denial denial. I misspoke in the recording, the article of Bunreacht na hÉireann privileging […]
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Podcast, Episode Six
Brian Cooke is the Deputy Director General of the Society of the Irish Motor Industry. Fergal Crehan BL is a practicing barrister and Fergal Crehan's blog. Julian de Spáinn is Árd Rúnaí of Conradh na Gaelige. Catherine Murphy is the independent TD for Kildare North.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Podcast, Episode Five
The Supreme Court decision on allowing illegally-obtained evidence to be used in court was criticised by Judge Adrian Hardiman. Transparency International lists Ireland as coming in seventeenth place on an index of 175 countries the 'perceptions of corruption', putting us in the least corrupt ten per cent of countries. Adrian Weckler is the technology editor of […]
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Podcast, Episode Four
The definition of Economic Openness is here, and this table puts Ireland in fourth place worldwide for economic openness, behind Hong Kong, Luxembourg and Singapore. Pat Leahy, author and journalist with the Sunday Business Post, discusses recent opinion polls and the prospect of the government getting re-elected. Regina Doherty, Fine Gael TD for Meath East, discusses health […]
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Podcast, Episode Three
Deuteronomy chapter 22, verses 28-29, in the King James translation and the Catholic versions of the Bible. Depending on the translation you have, it is ambiguous whether the rule applies to consensual premarital sex, but it is clear that it demands an unmarried rape victim to marry her rapist. Contrary to attempts to explain this away, it is […]
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Here’s How Podcast, Episode Two
Thanks for help, advice and a plug from the crew at Is It a Bicycle podcast. This is the Ulster Bank Construction PMI report that details a slowing in the growth of construction in Ireland, and this is the Irish Independent article on that report. Dr Darius Whelan is a lecturer in Law at University […]
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Here’s How Podcast, Episode One
Episode one - with real, live contributors is here! I'm going to try to list all the sources that I reference in the show on the web page of each show, more or less in order. This is the record of the meeting of Fingal County Council where almost every councillor present - including all […]
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Here's How Podcast, Episode Zero
Future editions of Here's How, Ireland's Political, Social and Current Affairs Podcast will include your phone calls, but episode zero is here mostly to test the system and make sure that everything works smoothly. If you notice any glitches, please report them to podcast@HeresHow.ie. Please also share the podcast on Twitter and Facebook, and you can […]
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