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Category: Business
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Welcome to the Cannabis Community Project - Radio Show; a weekly broadcast-podcast high-up in Denver Colorado; exploring the business side of the newly emerging economy; building sustainable businesses, while living the lifestyle.

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Podcast Episode's:
MED badge HELP
professional Notary Publics for Colorado M.E.D Badge Licensing explain the process, and show you how to retrieve your court records, all ready for the in-person appointment with the Department of Revenue.Enforcement.Division (M.E.D). . . . Picture_MED BADGE acceptance letter ​State licensing can be a tedious process. We understand the Colorado regulatory process. Obtaining a Colorado M.E.D license requires specific information all notarized and supported by original court documentation before the appointment with the M.E.D office. MED BADGE HELP is an easy, secure, and friendly process. NO setup fees, no monthly contracts. MED BADGE HELP is about the security of having someone on your side who's done it before . This service is best for first timers and out of state job seekers. ​
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Bitcoin and Cannabis
Join us In the back room at Vis.Red I hung out with Colorado's finest bitcoin miners. Learn about a potential outlet for money in #Cannabis.: Legal minute with Davidlaw on Hemp classification.: Music by Subliminal Trip. Saturday 4:20mst. www.CannabisCommunityProject.com http://www.spreaker.com/user/cannabiscommunityproject/085-bitcoin-and-cannabis #business, #cannabis, #colorado, #marijuana, #weed
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Trying times for Cannapreneurs trying
We are back with a full show! We talk to Josh Miller from CCX about the situation in Seattle with dispensaries being shut down.: Then we get a word first hand from Littletree at IBAKE Englewood about the harassment and threats of losing their license due to complaints.: A couple mentions about the upcoming weeks/: Music by Reason To Rebel and Rob Hustle .: It all starts on Saturday 4:20pm from the website www.CannabisCommunityProject.com http://www.spreaker.com/user/cannabiscommunityproject/071-trying-times-for-cannapreneurs-tryin #business, #cannabis, #colorado, #marijuana, #weed
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Spring Break Stoner Show (edible test)
My name is Aaron Stephens and I am an international best selling children’s author. Due to my extensive marketing efforts using social media I came across a new fan/friend who was interested in book and I was interested in her product, which happened to be related to the marijuana industry, in my opinion. I really didn't know what I was in store for, but I was game for a new gummy edible. The company is called Mouse's Edibles and they are out of southern California, and for now, you can only get them through CCP_Radio Show. For now they are like the exclusive distributor for Colorado. The gummy was huge. Think of it like a small size Snickers candy bar, maybe a little smaller. It was very sweet and very chewy. It, of course, had the expected THC/weed hint of taste to it. In my mind, I kept thinking “Jello Weed Shot”. You know what a Jello alcohol shot does to you, this is similar. This one was made of kief, and had 150 milligrams. It could easily be cut into half or quarter pieces for the faint of heart. #music @subliminal trip . Saturday 4:20 pm MST, starts at the website www.CannabisCommunityProject.com http://www.spreaker.com/user/cannabiscommunityproject/059-spring-break-stoner-show-edible-test #cannabis, #colorado, #edibles, #marijuana, #weed
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