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Category: Business
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Provides a rare glimpse behind the curtain into the $70 billion dollar a year U.S. jewelry and watch industry. Access to jewelry designers, vendors, and successful store owners.

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Podcast Episode's:
Marion Fasel – Founder of The Adventurine Magazine
Marion Fasel is the Founder & Editorial Director of The Adventurine magazine and the 2018 recipient of the Jewelers of America GEM Award for Media Excellence, as well as, the 2018 winner of the “Jewelry Champion” award from Town & Country magazine. – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW NOTES –   What You Need To […]
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Sally Morrison – 2018 GEM Award for Lifetime Achievement
The multiple award-winning jewelry marketing expert, Sally Morrison talks about receiving the prestigious  Jewelers of America 2018 GEM Lifetime Achievement award. Sally has held top-level marketing positions with Miramax films, J. Walter Thompson, De Beers, Forevermark, the World Gold Council, the Diamond Producers Association and Gemfields. – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW NOTES – She shares […]
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Danielle Miele – Gem Gossip
Danielle Miele from Gem Gossip is our special guest this week. As a widely acclaimed professional jewelry blogger and jewelry influencer, she takes us behind the scenes into her very successful Gem Gossip blog and Instagram jewelry shopping platform. Danielle shares how she built her Instagram and Twitter empire of followers. – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW NOTES –   What […]
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Becky Stone – Diamonds in the Library
We’re excited to sit down with the effervescent Becky Stone from “Diamonds in the Library.” Becky talks about what its like to be a professional jewelry blogger and influencer.  She shares how she grew to have over 93,000 followers on Instagram, and how to best use Instagram. – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW NOTES – […]
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Aleah Arundale – “Jewelers Helping Jewelers” Facebook Group
Aleah Arundale, a 5th generation jeweler from Olympian Diamonds and creator of the Facebook group phenomenon, “Jewelers Helping Jewelers”, joins us today. Aleah shares her thoughts and experiences about starting a Facebook group for jewelers and growing it to almost 11,000 members. – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW NOTES –   Show Notes & Links Olympian […]
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Tiffany Stevens – CEO of Jewelers Vigilance Committee
Tiffany Stevens, the new CEO & President of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee shares her insights on several legal issues facing jewelers and the jewelry trade in this week’s episode. – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW NOTES – Money laundering, intellectual copyright protection, and what it means to say, “Made in the USA” are just a […]
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Beth Bernstein – Bejeweled Magazine & Plan B Consulting
We’re thrilled to talk with Beth Bernstein who is a jewelry designer, jewelry historian, author, editor of Bejeweled Magazine and President of Plan B consulting. Beth shares her insights on a wide range of topics from advice to emerging designers, to her new online magazine to the latest trends. – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW […]
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Brother Wolf Jewelry
Jonathan and Lauren Tesauro are the Millennial design twins who own and create for Brother Wolf Jewelry. The tale of how Francis tamed a ferocious wolf that was terrorizing the people of an Italian town inspired the name of their six-year-old Brother Wolf line of religious-inspired jewelry. – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW NOTES – The pair […]
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Anish Desai – Star Gems & Custom Studio
Anish Desai, the Co-Founder of Star Gems and the creator of Custom Studio talks about custom jewelry design. In 1986, Star Gems, Inc. was co-founded and started in Chicago, IL by Anish Desai and Vilas Jain. The company has offices located in Chicago, Atlanta, and Mumbai, India. – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW NOTES – In March […]
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Andie Weinman – CEO of Preferred Jewelers International
Andie Weinman, the CEO of Preferred Jewelers International sits down and talks about the importance jewelry buying groups in today’s world. Andie Weinman and Joe Murphy are the proud owners of one of the most prestigious organizations in the jewelry industry, Continental Buying Group, and Preferred Jewelers International. – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW NOTES […]
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Brian Watkins – CEO of Ritani
Brian Watkins, CEO of Ritani gives us the inside story of what makes Ritani jewelry so unique both in style and marketing. He also talks about the future of the jewelry trade and the power of technology to change the industry. – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW NOTES –   Background on Brian Watkins: – […]
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Jimmy DeGroot – The Jewelry Marketing Guy & Jewelry Store Training
Jimmy DeGroot is known as the “Jewelry Marketing Guy.”  He recently created the “Jewelry Store Training” program which has tremendous advantages for jewelers. He talks about helping jewelers understand how to market their jewelry stores to turn the hearts and minds of prospects into profitable customers and friends. – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW NOTES […]
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Embee Diamond Technologies – Sirius Star “The World’s Brightest Diamond”
World-renowned master diamond cutter, educator, diamantaire, and designer Mike Botha gives us insights into the Sirius Star, the world’s brightest diamond. We talk about the importance of the American Gem Society, Jewelers of America, Diamond Bourse of Canada and Responsible Jewellery Council. – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW NOTES – They offer independent jewelers, goldsmiths, […]
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Laura Stanley – Cutting The Esperanza Diamond At Stanley Jewelers Gemologist
Laura Stanley is a dynamic 3rd generation jeweler and the Vice President of Stanley Jewelers Gemologist in North Little Rock Arkansas. She talks about serving on the presitious American Gem Society’s International Board of Directors as International Guilds Chair. – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW NOTES – Laura also shares insights into the Jewelers for […]
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Mike Botha – Cutting The Esperanza Diamond – Embee Diamond Technologies
World-renowned diamond cutter Mike Botha takes a few minutes to talk about cutting the American Esperanza diamond in front of camera crews, and passer-bys while the jewelry store was open for business.  Mike goes in to the long hours, stress, and shear logistics needed. – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW NOTES – Mike Botha is […]
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Diane Robinson – Rough To Runway Huntress Jewelry Designer
Diane Robinson is co-host of the popular television show “Gem Hunt” which aired on the Travel Channel network. She spends some time with us talking about her exciting new rough to runway collection called “Huntress” line of jewelry and handbags. – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW NOTES – Diane uses her skills as an international […]
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Todd Reed – “Raw Elegance” Jewelry Designer
Legendary jewelry designer Todd Reed drops by the Show to share his insights into jewelry design, the future of his brand and the jewelry industry as a whole. Todd is the winner of two straight “Best of Show” awards at the American Gem Trade Association annual Spectrum Awards. – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW NOTES […]
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Pamela Froman – “Get Crushed” Jewelry Designer
Pamela Froman is the 2015 Women’s Jewelry Association “Excellence in Design” award winner. We get the chance to talk to this multiple design award winner about the award, being an American based jewelry designer, and the future of the jewelry trade. – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW NOTES – Beside the “WJO” award, Pamela has won […]
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Ron LeBlanc – The Gem Hunter Chronicles of Tanzania
In this gem of a show, we sit down with master storyteller Ron LeBlanc who is the veteran gem dealer, treasure hunter and expert negotiator of the popular television show,  “Gem Hunt” on the Travel Channel. Ron relays great stories of what it’s really like to hunt for rare gems. – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW NOTES […]
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Victoria Gomelsky – Editor-In-Chief of JCK Magazine
In this episode, we talk to Victoria Gomelsky, the Editor-In-Chief of the popular jewelry trade publication JCK Magazine about her love of world traveling, the Shinola watch that bears her name, getting the job at JCK also her predictions for the future of the jewelry industry. – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW NOTES – Her […]
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Linda Carlson – Author of “Advertising with Small Budgets for Big Results”
Linda Carlson is a Seattle marketing consultant who brings a vast knowledge of marketing wisdom and common sense to this podcast episode. Linda is a much sought-after speaker on marketing communications, publishing, and regional history. – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW NOTES – She combines her MBA from Harvard Business School, with a down-to-earth, concise […]
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Matthew Perosi – CEO of Jewelers Website Advisory Group & Sapphire Collaborative
Mathew Perosi, Founder of the Jeweler Website Advisory Group and Sapphire Collaborative shares his no-nonsense education for retail jewelers.  He has one purpose, to help retail jewelry store owners understand what they need to do to use the Internet as a marketing tool for their store. – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW NOTES – Matthew has […]
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Ron LeBlanc of “Gem Hunt” on the Travel Channel Network
Master storyteller Ron LeBlanc is the veteran gem dealer, treasure hunter and expert negotiator of the popular television show,  “Gem Hunt” on the Travel Channel. His masterfully crafted stories about gem dealing deep in the South American jungle will keep you coming back for more. – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW NOTES – In the […]
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Marty Hurwitz – CEO of MVI Marketing
We have a chance to talk to Marty Hurwitz, CEO and Founder of MVI Marketing Ltd. “I’d rather face today’s challenges than yesterday’s mistakes,” says Hurwitz, when asked to define his keys to winning in business. “The odds are better.” – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW NOTES – In 1985, Marty, a third generation jewelry retailer, founded […]
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Live From JCK Talks 2015 Education Day
We take the Show on the road to do a live event at the “JCK Talks” series held in Las Vegas on May 28th, 2015, the Ted talks inspired education program, “JCK Talks”, armed retailers with tools, insights, and information necessary to succeed in the current era of retail. – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW […]
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ITJT 016: Trace Shelton – INDESIGN Magazine Editor-In-Chief
Trace Shelton stops by to share his informed views on a full range of jewelry related topics.  He has been the editor-in-chief of INDESIGN magazine since 2007, and before that, he was the senior editor of INSTORE magazine for almost three years.  He is also the Contributing Editor of INSTORE magazine. – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW […]
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ITJT 015: Peg Fitzpatrick – “The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users”
Joining us this episode is none other than Peg Fitzpatrick who co-authored the best selling book, “The Art of Social Media:  Power Tips for Power Users” with Guy Kawasaki. Peg shares her pro tips and tricks to the art of using social media for jewelers. – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW NOTES – She has […]
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ITJT 014: Jon Parker – DJP Executive Jewelry Search Consultant
It’s a privilege to sit down with Jon Parker, who is a noted Executive Search Consultant with over three decades of experience. He specializes in consultation, development, and recruitment for a wide range of positions exclusively within the Fine Jewelry and Luxury Goods retail and wholesale industries. – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW NOTES – Jon […]
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ITJT 013: Barbara Palumbo – Gumuchian Jewelry and Adornmentality.com Blog
Barbara Palumbo is our featured guest this week. She is an eighteen-year veteran of the jewelry industry who shares her insights into the new emerging jewelry trends you should know about.  Wondering what it takes to be safe in today’s jewelry world and how do you get the most out of attending a jewelry trade show? […]
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ITJT 012: Bryan Eisenberg – “Waiting for Your Cat to Bark? Persuading Customers When They Ignore Marketing”
Bryan Eisenberg sits down to talk about these questions: How can his success in helping Google, HP, Intel, Overstock, and NBC Universal help you today? Want to improve your brand message, and improve your online and in-store shopping experience? His response to independent jewelers who say, “My clients are only concerned about the in-store experience.  Do […]
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ITJT 011: Bryan Eisenberg – IdealSpot.com, “Buyer Legends. The Executive’s Storytelling Guide”
Best selling author, Bryan Eisenberg sits down with us to talk about these three burning questions: How do you align your brand story for greater sales success in 90 minutes? Want to know how to truly optimize your online and in-store jewelry client experiences? Ever wonder how to pick the right new store location, for […]
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ITJT 010: Paco Underhill – “What Women Want. The Science of Female Shopping”
We talk with Paco Underhill who is the world’s foremost shopping anthropologist. We delve into the questions of what women secretly want from their jewelry buying experience? How has the Great Recession changed jewelry-buying habits forever? What does the future hold for Main Street jewelers? – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW NOTES – What You […]
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ITJT 009: Live from the JA New York Summer show
Ever wonder what it’s like to attend the exciting JA Summer Show? What do the jewelry vendors and retailers think is the best part of the event? How is the upcoming holiday season going to shape up for independent jewelers? – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW NOTES – JA NY Summer Show 2014 Only one leading jewelry […]
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ITJT 008: Rob Bates – Senior Editor of JCK
Rob Bates is our guest this week.  He has written about the diamond and jewelry industries for nearly 20 years for the Rapaport Diamond Report, National Jeweler, and, for the last 15 years, as senior editor of JCK. Rob talks about “Is it too late to change the image of the jewelry trade, and “Why […]
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ITJT 007: Laura Stanley of Stanley Jewelers Gemologist – AGS International Guild, Women’s Jewelry Assoc, & Jewelers for Children Charity
Our seventh episode features Laura Stanley who is a 3rd generation jeweler in North Little Rock Arkansas. Laura talks about the “Jewelers for Children” charity and how the American Gem Society is changing to stay ahead of the times. – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW NOTES – She also covers the impact estate jewelry could have in […]
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ITJT 006: Chuck Goedtke – President of Swiss Brands, Inc – Internet Discounting & Do You Really Need To Carry Watches?
For this episode, we have as our guest, Chuck Goedtke, President of Swiss Brands Inc. We ask Chuck if jewelry stores really need to carry watches today? What do technology and the future hold for the watch trade? Chuck also talks about the Internet watch discounting and price shopping. – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW […]
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ITJT 005: Matthew Tratner – Director of Membership and Sales for Jewelers of America
We’re excited to be talking with Matthew Tratner, the Director of Membership and Sales for Jewelers of America, the national trade association for businesses serving the fine jewelry marketplace. Matthew goes in-depth about the program and services Jewelers of America provides. – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW NOTES – He also sheds light on what the […]
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ITJT 004: Michelle Graff of National Jeweler – Brands vs Non Brands, Jewelry With A Cause, & 10x Blog
Great to talk with Michelle Graff, the Editor-in-Chief for National Jeweler. Michelle shares with us the role that technology will play in the future of the jewelry trade. – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW NOTES – She also shed light on how “Jewelry With A Cause” affect the buying habits of the millennial generation and what you […]
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ITJT 003: Exclusive Conversation with Matt Stuller
We have the honor to sit down with a true legend in the jewelry industry, Matt Stuller. All of us in the jewelry trade know of, and probably use the exceptional products and services of Stuller, Inc, but do you know how Matt Stuller got started in the business? – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW […]
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ITJT 002: Interview with Doug Meadows of David Douglas Jewelers
  Doug Meadows of David Douglas jewelers joins us for our 2nd episode.  Doug shares his insights into direct marketing for jewelry stores. Does the thought of dealing with Human Resource issues leave you scratching your head, Doug has a solution that works. – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW NOTES – For answers to these […]
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ITJT 001: Launching “Inside the Jewelry Trade” Online Radio Show
Have you ever wondered how you could make your jewelry store more profitable? Does the idea of marketing in today’s social media world leave you with more questions than answers? Are you working harder, while having fewer new clients, with less margin and profit? – CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SHOW NOTES – Questions like these […]
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