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Category: TV/Film
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Free Podcasts, Blog coverage of Film, Television, Comics, Toys, and Sci-Fi by a bunch of guys who have been hashing this stuff out together for over 20 years. New!: Full-length Film Commentaries!

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Podcast Episode's:
Episode 326 - Lucas - Last Jedi & Escape From NY Posters - Star Tours Review
Today on GeekFest Rants, Carlos will tackle the overdue subject of non-Star Wars/Indiana Jones related George Lucas films. These are the films he directed, produced, written, or played another behind the scenes role in. From hits like American Graffiti to bombs like Howard the Duck, we'll examine most of them....
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Episode 325 - Flash Gordon Figures - Star Wars News - Collectible Glasses
Let's return to 1979 Saturday morning cartoons to the Flash Gordon inspired line of Mattel action figures. Yes, before the awesome 1980 Sam Jones campy movie of the same name, Flash Gordon had a Filmation produced cartoon series. Today on GeekFest Rants, Carlos looks at the action figures produced based...
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Episode 324 - Best TV Shows - GFR 7th Anniversary
What's good on TV these days? Well, if you are into genre geek entertainment, you come to he right place. Join Carlos at GeekFest Rants, and learn about his top 3 current favorite shows. We'll go from David Fincher's creepy Mindhunter, to the latest Star Trek incarnation - Star Trek...
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Episode 323 - Flash/Blade Posters - Buck Figures - Fright Night Comic
oday on GeekFest Rants Carlos examines two classic 1980's sci-fi posters, Flash Gordon and Blade Runner. Each with their own unique style and design by two poster making giants, Richard Amsel and John Alvin. Then it's time to defrost Captain William "Buck" Rogers with the Mego line of action figures....
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Episode 322 - Alternative History - Jedi 77-79 Backs - Escape Comic
What if.... That's how many genre stories start. Today on GeekFest Rants Carlos will visit the world of Alternative History, also known as Speculative Fiction. We have a vast selection to pick from, like Red Dawn, Watchmen, The Man in the High Castle, and A Handmaid's Tale, to name a...
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Episode 321 - Blade Runner 2049 Review - Last Jedi Trailer
What's it like to be "More Human Than Human"? It's not just a company logo, it's the plot of Blade Runner 2049. Join Carlos today at GeekFest Rants as he goes down the rabbit hole that is the world of Blade Runner. The key players are all back including some...
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Episode 320 - Trek 2 and Warriors Posters - Blade Runner Short Films - Discovery Review
Today on GeekFest Rants we're getting a double dose of Star Trek with a side of The Warriors and Blade Runner 2049. Carlos begins with his poster collection picks of 1982's Star Trek II the Wrath of Khan and 1979's The Warriors. Then we take a look at the 3...
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Episode 319 - Making of Back to the Future - V - Visitors Figure - Star Wars Disney Comic Adaptation
It's about time we go Back to the Future with the making of that classic trilogy. Today at GeekFest Rants, Carlos reviews a book all about the Back to the Future Trilogy. From the writing of the script, to the Eric Stoltz casting fiasco, to the groundbreaking special effects and...
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Episode 318 - The Shat - Clash of the Titans Figures
The time has come to dive deep into The Shat. That's a noun not a verb. William Shatner is the name and acting is his game. Join us today at GeekFest Rants as Carlos highlights William Shatner's career in movies, television. and music. While most people might know him for...
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Episode 317 - Dream Control Movies - Force Friday 2
Can you control your dreams? Can you control other people's dreams? Well, if you can or can't there are plenty of movies out there about that very same subject. Join Carlos at GeekFest Rants as we cover some great dream control movies like Inception, The Cell, and Deramscape. You might...
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