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Category: TV/Film
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Free Podcasts, Blog coverage of Film, Television, Comics, Toys, and Sci-Fi by a bunch of guys who have been hashing this stuff out together for over 20 years. New!: Full-length Film Commentaries!

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Podcast Episode's:
Episode 346 - Quiet Place - Infinity War - Lost In Space - Cobra Kai Reviews
What do A Quiet Place, Avengers: Infinity War, Lost In Space, and Cobra Kai have in common? Absolutely nothing, other than Carlos is reviewing them today on GeekFest Rants. On this episode we have a perfect combination of horror, comic book, sci-fi, and 80's throwback entertainment. Is it possible to...
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Episode 345 - Star Wars - Secrets of the Empire - Figure Cases
Today on GeekFest Rants, Carlos explores the virtual reality world of Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire. This is a virtual reality experience that brings you into an undercover mission to steal the Empire's new secret weapon. Virtual reality entertainment is new to us so you'll get a newbie's perspective...
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 344 - Star Wars Landspeeder Toy - Fright Night - Terminator Posters
Today on GeekFest Rants, Carlos compares the original Star Wars Kenner Landspeeder to the new, Black Series Hasbro one. How has it improved, what surprises does it hold? And we even go over some hidden features the original one had, that some people might not know about. Plus as a...
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Episode 343 - Lost Soul - Mother Reviews - Indy Kenner Doll
Today on GeekFest Rants we are looking at two very different films. One is the documentary Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of Dr. Moreau, the story of a film that did not get made. However, this story is better than the actual film that was made....
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 342 - Star Wars - Solo Trailer 2 - Netflix Films
As Solo: A Star Wars Story get's closer and closer to premiering we get another trailer with interesting new hints at what's ahead in this latest Star Wars film. Today on GeekFest Rants Carlos goes shot by shot to see what secrets lay ahead. Then we examine current films on...
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Episode 341 - Star Wars The Last Jedi - Novel and Blu-ray
Today on GeekFest Rants Carlos takes one final(maybe, definitely, no way)look at Star Wars The Last Jedi. This time around he focuses on the novel by Jason Fry, promoted as the Expanded Edition - whatever that means. And the home video release including Blu-ray, and 4K.....sorry no 3-D for the...
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Episode 340 - Kenner Star Wars 85-86 Lost Wave - Genre Geek Nerd Sign
Just when you thought we were done with Star Wars Kenner...we're back with more. Today on GeekFest Rants, Carlos takes a look at the 85-86 Lost Wave. This was a continuation to the Star Wars Kenner line, proposed by Kenner to Lucasfilm, just as the Return of the Jedi line...
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Episode 339 - Escape From NY Tie In Book - Indy 2 and Conan Posters - Black Hole Figures
Any Escape From New York fans out there? Today on GeekFest Rants, Carlos reviews the deleted scene filled, movie adaptation tie in novel of Escape From New York. Definitely a must read. Then we look at our posters of the month with Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and...
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Episode 338 - Black Panther and Annihilation - Geek Reviews
Today on GeekFest Rants we go from comic book heroes to sci-fi thriller. Join Carlos as he reviews the current billion dollar Marvel hit, Black Panther and the mind bending Annihilation. Two different films but perfect for our genre loving interests. With Black Panther we get a new character that...
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 337 - Star Wars Special Edition and Despecialized Edition
To Special or to Despecial? Why do we have to choose? Why can't we have both? Today on GeekFest Rants we dive into the Star Wars Special Editions and the Despecialized Editions. Join Carlos as he details the changes made throughout the years to the original Star Wars films and...
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