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Category: Music
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The latest House tracks in a continuous DJ Mix Not limited to 1 genre but bringing together the best in new House music. An uplifting mix of House, Tech House, Deep House, Chicago House, Detroit Techno, Jacking House - anything that fits in the mix.

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Hawaii Podcast
Podcast Episode's:
House Is A Feeling, Paradise Revisited Volume 2
<img src="http://assets.podomatic.net/ts/81/1e/10/podcast9362/1400x1400_12475059.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />The second instalment of my special episodes featuring tracks inspired by the Paradise Garage. Full track listing: 0:00 Funk The Beat - In The Mix (90s Mix) 3:50 Jukebox Jacker - Who Loves You 09:00 Atlantic Starr - Circles (Joey Negro Extended Disco Mix) 15:30 L’impe?ratrice - Sequences (Parcels Remixt) 18:40 Diva Avari & The French House Mafia - Live Your Life (Original Disco Mix) 24:00 Funkatomic - Something Divine (Micky More & Andy Tee Mix) 28:30 Prospect Park - Till You Surrender (DJ Fudge Disco Mix) 34:00 Purple Disco Machine feat Joe Killington & Duane Harden - Devil In Me (PDM Club Dub Mix) 38:50 Illyus & Barrienos - Total Distraction (Original Mix) 43:00 Block & Crown - Remember The Good Times (Jackin Club Mix) 46:50 Kevin McKay - Crazy About You (Original Mix) 50:30 Spendogg - Forget You (Original Mix) 54:45 Iban Montoro & Jazzman Wax - Larry Levan (Street Mix)
Watch: vodcast - video/mp4

House Is A Feeling, Paradise Revisited Volume 1
<img src="http://assets.podomatic.net/ts/81/1e/10/podcast9362/1400x1400_12464629.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Polish off your disco balls and get ready for this special edition of my House Is A Feeling podcast. A collection of brand new tracks inspired by the sounds of the legendary Paradise Garage. Full track listing: 0:00 Ryan Briggs (City Soul Project) - Paradise 6:20 Belezamusica - Running Away (Dr Packer Remix) 13:10 The Shapeshifters feat Teni Tinks - When Love Breaks Down 18:50 Reverendos Of Soul - So Special (Micky More & Andy Tee Edit) 24:00 Gy Fos - Can You Handle It 28:50 Housemechanix feat Marley Munro - Fantasy (Jay Vegas Disco Remix) 34:00 Makito - Yes It Was (Original Mix) 39:00 Gianni Bini & The Rituals - Shake Your Booty 44:40 Alex Kostadinov - Do The Thing (Earth n Days Remix) 48:20 DJ Spen presents Tsalikee - Discoteque 2020 (Spen & Thommy’s Tock The Discotheque Remix) 53:40 Vozmediano - Paradise Garage (Original Mix)
Listen: podcast - audio/mp4

House Is A Feeling, Episode 8, 2017
<img src="http://assets.podomatic.net/ts/81/1e/10/podcast9362/1400x1400_12330480.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Continuing the summer pool side vibes with a collection of 13 new disco house tracks. Full track listing: 0:00 Serge Funk - Cherry Bomb (Original Mix) 4:40 Angelo Ferreri - Come On (Original Mix) 8:50 Random Soul - If We Let Go Tonight (Classic Mix) 13:30 Samuel Sartini - Ever Been (ft. Smashing Beat) (Original Mix) 17:30 Andre Le Phunk feat. Maiya Sykes - Back To My Love (Original Mix) 22:00 Timo Garcia & Enzo Siffredi ft Prema - Sonny 27:40 Nihil Young, The Saunderson Brothers & Ann Saunderson - Happy Days (Extended Mix) 33:00 Vlada Asanin, Joe Red - Losing You (Original Mix) 37:40 Rob Hayes - Shake Me (Original Mix) 41:30 Spendogg - Forget You (Original Mix) 45:50 Moon Rocket - Underneath (Original Mix) 50:20 Pete Le Freq - Fo’ Sizzle 55:45 Richard Grey, Eddie Pay - Be Free (Original Mix)
Watch: vodcast - video/mp4

House Is A Feeling, Episode 7, 2017
<img src="http://assets.podomatic.net/ts/81/1e/10/podcast9362/1400x1400_12269585.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Picking up the tempo this time with a collection of Tech House and House tracks with a moodier edge. Full track listing: 0:00 Camelphat & Elderbrook - Cola 5:30 Martin Hellfritzsch & Killed Kassette - At The Party (Original Mix) 10:50 Klangkuenstler - Heat It Up 16:10 Hog Presents The Groovelines - Got To Dance Disco (Simone Vitullo Remix) 21:15 Risk Assessment feat. KE - Feel That (Main Mix) 26:25 David Tort & Tom Stephan feat. Fierce Ruling Diva - Music’s In Me (Original Mix) 32:15 Caucasian Boy - Northern Lights (Kevin McKay Remix) 36:45 Sonny Wharton - Reload (Original Mix) 42:30 DJ S.K.T. - Jack That Jack 46:40 Roog & Leon Benesty - Beats Get Loud (Original Mix) 50:45 ATFC ft. Capitol A - The Head Honcho (Roger Sanchez ’S-Man’ Remix) 56:00 Apollo Pan - Feel It
Watch: vodcast - video/mp4

House Is A Feeling Acid Trax Episode 1, 2017
<img src="http://assets.podomatic.net/ts/81/1e/10/podcast9362/1400x1400_12236795.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />It's a House Is A Feeling special episode this time around. A collection of contemporary Acid House tracks celebrating the bleeps and squelches of the Roland TB303. 30 years on and still rocking the world's dance floors. Full track listing: 0:05 T& P, Tim Sweeney and Lauer - Hail Falls 5:44 Born To Funk - Needin U (Acid Mix) 11:32 Toni Rios - Whizzer (Pepe Fulgheri Acid Remix) 15:58 0010x0010 - Acid Made Me Do It (Original Mix) 21:38 Acid Klowns From Outer Space - Stranger Things (Acid Dub Mix) 24:38 Jason Rivas, Klum Baumgartner - Acid Amnesia 26:46 Charles Ramirez - I Want A Real Trip 34:40 G U - Battery Acid 39:35 Disco Ball’z - Acid Dream (Original Mix) 44:10 MrT2s - Acid Boogie Tribe (Original Mix) 48:55 Darren Emerson - Deadlock (Pure Acid Dub) 54:15 Louie Cut - Acid Disco Drop (Original Mix)
Listen: podcast - audio/mp4

House Is A Feeling, Episode 6, 2017
<img src="http://assets.podomatic.net/ts/81/1e/10/podcast9362/1400x1400_12171711.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />A second episode this month returning to a selection of more sundrenched, poolside vibes. The heat is on. Full track listing: 0:00 Devote feat Wado - Found Love (Mattei & Omich Remix) 6:10 Earth n Days - Try 10:30 John Julius Knight - Cipe 16:00 Alfred Azzetto - Down Down (Original Mix) 21:20 Will Dawson and Shniece - Missing You (Full Intention Mix) 25:55 Full Intention ft Cevin Fisher - Keys To My House 31:10 Unit 2 - Sunshine (Kink Remix) 36:50 Alessio Cala - This Sound (Original Mix) 41:10 Block & Crown - Sonic Groove (Clubmix) 45:00 Alex Barattini feat Dr. Feelx - The Best Sound (Club Mix) 49:10 Holter & Mogyoror - Hundred Lives (Juloboy Remix) 54:20 Angelo Ferreri, Iban Montoro & Jazzman Wax - Mr Trammps (Oiginal Mix)
Watch: vodcast - video/mp4

House Is A Feeling, Episode 5, 2017
<img src="http://assets.podomatic.net/ts/81/1e/10/podcast9362/1400x1400_12169444.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Turning up the heat with a collection of new House tracks with a Tech vibe and building to a Techno & Rave influenced crescendo. Full track listing: 0:00 The Shapeshifters - Lola’s Theme Recut (Purple Disco Machine Remix) 5:30 Luisen & Inaky Garcia - Just As Long (Back To The 90s Old Skool Remix) 10:10 Angelo Ferreri & Hiva - Piano Forte (Original Mix) 14:30 Zilverstep - Come With Me (Extended Mix) 18:50 Low Steppa & Dennis Quin - Roots (Original Mix) 23:40 Kenny Summit - Real Cute 28:00 Ricardon Volilobe - Loe Hate 33:00 Mindek - Kegals (Original Mix) 36:40 Kevin Saunderson as E Dancer - Behold (Extended MIx) 42:00 Danilo De Santo - My Mind Zoomin (Original) 47:10 Aiby & The Noise - Hit The Dancefloor 53:20 Sonny Wharton - No Frills (Original Mix)
Watch: vodcast - video/mp4

House Is A Feeling, Episode 4, 2017
<img src="http://assets.podomatic.net/ts/81/1e/10/podcast9362/1400x1400_12129612.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Mixing it up this episode with a more Tech House selection but continuing with the old school feel. Full track listing: 0:00 T & P, Tim Sweeney & Lauer - Hail Falls (Hammer Remix) 5:40 Heart Saver feat Amrick Channa - Body Rhythm (Original Mix) 9:50 Franky Rizardo - Work It To The Bone 14:20 Eli Brown - Got The Power 19:50 Micky More & Andy Tee - I’m Another Man (Angelo Ferreri Remix) 24:15 Angelo Ferreri - Rock It (Original Mix) 28:40 Adam Beyer vs Pig & Dan - We Are E 34:45 Rubix - Deep Inside (Original) 41:25 Zero B - Lock Up (2016 Remaster, Jonathan Ulysses & Sam Dungate Remix) 46:20 Rick Marshall - Zoomin (Original Mix) 51:20 Luca Debonaire - Dub My Breaks (Original Mix) 54:45 Benny Camaro - Louder
Watch: vodcast - video/mp4

House Is A Feeling, Episode 3, 2017
<img src="http://assets.podomatic.net/ts/81/1e/10/podcast9362/1400x1400_12100869.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Continuing the Summer vibes with another collection of Soulful Vocals, Disco House and Piano House. Full track listing: 0:00 Hemi - Gentle (Phonk D Remix) 5:20 Jazzy Rossco - I Wanna Love You (Original Mix) 10:25 Groovefore, Giorgio Sainz - House Is A Feeling (Groovefore Mix) 16:15 Aly-Us - Follow Me (Erik Hagleton Rework) 20:45 Javier Penna - Feelin Love (Original Mix) 24:25 Sweet Female Attitude & Fake Remedy - Never Had Love (Holly Jay Remix) 29:00 Hazzaro - Love 2 Love 34:10 Ben Dooks - Nocturne (Jojo Angel & Matteo Rosolare Remix) 40:00 Glen Horsborough & In It Together feat Laura Louise - Don’t Go (Original Mix) 44:20 Matt Knight - Let Me Down Easy (Original Mix) 49:20 East 57th Street ft Donna Allen - Saturday (Full Intention Club Mix) 55:10 Block & Crown - You Started This Fire (Original Mix)
Listen: podcast - audio/mp4

House Is A Feeling, Episode 2, 2017
<img src="http://assets.podomatic.net/ts/81/1e/10/podcast9362/1400x1400_12038253.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Looking ahead to the summer with a collection of sun drenched, poolside vibes. Soulful vocals, piano and disco house beats to beat the last of the winter chills. Full track listing: 0:00 Klein Aber Fein Allstars feat. Emory Toler - Again (Disko Danzin Remix) 3:44 Audica 81 - Sun Goes Down (Original Mix) 7:34 TwentyFifteen - We knew (Harvey Wallbanger Remix) 12:30 Marcus Wedgewood & Glen Horsborough feat Laura Louise - High (Original Mix) 16:30 Mattei & Omich vs Re-Tide - Bass Culture (Original Mix) 21:40 Max & Sims - Disco Balls (Original Mix) 26:20 Seven People - From Sky (Massey & Bull’s Class of 92 Mix) 31:10 Ronnie Canada - I Just Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love (Victor Simonelli & Kevin Fernando Club Mix) 36:50 Kristine Blond - Love Shy Most Precious Love (Sam Divine & CASSIMM Extended Remix) 41:30 Milk & Sugar - Higher & Higher (Milk & Sugar Remix) 46:30 Ian Carrera - House Music (Original Mix) 51:20 Federico Scavo, DJ PP, Jack Mood - Mind (Original Mix) 55:30 Full Intention - I Miss You (Full Intention Remix)
Watch: vodcast - video/mp4

House Is A Feeling, The Valentine Episode
<img src="http://assets.podomatic.net/ts/81/1e/10/podcast9362/1400x1400_11960602.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />A special Valentines episode for all the House Music lovers and lovers of House Music. Some new tracks and some classic tracks brought bang up to date all with a love theme. Full track listing: 0:00 Intro 0:30 Sha-Lor - I’m In Love (Wayne Dudley Edit) 4:50 Frankie Knuckles pres Jamie Principle - Your Love (Director’s Cut Signature Mix) 12:40 Sound Syndicate feat Donna Summer - Love To Love You Baby (House Original) 18:10 Groove Eternal - Love Can’t Turn Around (Original Mix) 23:10 Apexape ft. John Barry - Joy & Pain (Alex Ross Remix) 27:50 Jerry Ropero - Passion 2017 (Original Mix) 33:20 Peter Brown - Saturday Love 38:20 Blaze pres UDAUFL feat Barbara Tucker - Most Precious Love (Yass 2015 Remix) 45:20 K-Klass ft Bobbi Depasois - Let Me Show You (K-Klass 2015 Remix) 49:45 Terence Parker - When Loves The Feeling (Kenny Summit & Lenny RX Classic Mix) 55:10 Rick Marshall - So In Love With You (Original Mix)
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

House Is A Feeling, Episode 1, 2017
<img src="http://assets.podomatic.net/ts/81/1e/10/podcast9362/1400x1400_11945331.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />It's back to basics to kick off the new year with over an hour of pure house beats. Call it Lofi? I call it House. Full track listing: 0:00 Brett Gould - Say It Loud (Kevin McKay Mix) 5:15 The Wizard Brian Coxx & Morsy - Feel It (New York Groove Mix) 9:40 Peter Brown - Jack That Body 14:00 D Ramirez feat Luke Neptune - Under Arrest (Original 90’s Mix) 19:30 Marshall Jefferson & Full Intention press Sleezy D - Do You Believe (Dennis Quin Remix) 23:30 Michael Watford - Love Change Over (Alex Arnout Remix) 28:20 Hifi Sean ft Crystal Waters - Testify (Steve Mac Mix) 33:10 True Spirit - 90s (Original Mix) 37:15 Javier Penna - Good Vibes (Original Mix) 41:35 Bram Van Houtum & DJ Synchro - My (Original Mix) 45:50 Ryan Blyth - Eleven (Original Mix) 50:00 Mendo & Yvan Genkins - Breaks (Original Mix) 54:55 Pierre J & Petter B - Nice Meeting You Mr Tenaglia
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

House Is A Feeling, Episode 7, 2016
<img src="http://assets.podomatic.net/ts/81/1e/10/podcast9362/1400x1400_11805340.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Back to the Underground sounds this month with the usual classic house sounds and some Techno flavours. Full track listing: 0:00 Maliblue, Paunovich & Sinnerman - That Sound (Original Mix) 5:05 Skapes - Drop The Needle 9:55 Emanuel Satie vs Roberto Rodriguez featuring Max C - Ride Your Body (Sabb Afterdark Mix) 14:40 Pallace, Rude Jude & Lazy Flow - I Need To Know (Lazy Flow Classic Mix) 18:10 Electrik Cat - Beat Goin On (Original Mix) 22:40 Static Revenger - Happy People (Doorly Extended Remix) 28:50 Risk Assessment - Baby Move Your Butt 32:50 Saeed Younan & Electronic Youth - Boom Track 37:45 Idris Elba - Make It Bump 42:15 Soul Vision - Someone Else (Sandy Rivera’s Take It Back Mix) 45:35 Ido, Dj Dan & Mike Balance - No Stoppin’ Us (DJ Dan & Ido Remix) 49:45 Gordon John - Freak Da Funk (Original Mix) 54:00 T99 - Anasthasia (Kevin Saunderson & Dantiez Extended Remix)
Watch: vodcast - video/mp4

House Is A Feeling, Halloween Episode 2016
<img src="http://assets.podomatic.net/ts/81/1e/10/podcast9362/1400x1400_11758920.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />A special Halloween episode of the darkest House, Techno & Acid tracks and jam packed full of horror movie film clips. Full track listing: 00:00 Intro 00:46 Maur feat. Nocturnal - Volume (Original Mix) 04:49 Soul of Hex - The Clapper 09:28 Andrea Oliva - Scream 14:48 Mark Knight - Yebisah (Original Mix) 21:44 Anna - Artha 27:25 CMOS - TR Trax (Original MIx) 31:55 Acid Klowns From Outer Space - Mars Attacks Again! 34:54 Paul Rudder & Hurlee - Acid Junk 39:25 Keskem - Hidden Places 43:50 DJ PP & Jack Mood - Phantom (Original Mix) 48:15 Kalyde & Youth - Tied (Original Mix) 53:10 Alan Fitzpatrick - We Do What We Want 60:58 Outro
Listen: podcast - audio/mp4

House Is A Feeling, Episode 6, 2016
<img src="http://assets.podomatic.net/ts/81/1e/10/podcast9362/1400x1400_11743933.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Back with another mix of Soulful House, Tech House, and House with an old school vibe. Enjoy! Full track listing: 0:00 Malachi feat Moji - How It Feels (Full Intention Remix) 4:50 John Davis & The Monster Orchestra - Bourgie’ Bourgie’ (Louise Vega Mix) 13:45 Carl Hanaghan & Inaya Day - Lovin’ You (Vocal Mix) 18:30 Bando (GR) & Jorgie feat Mr V - The Music (Harvey Wallbanger Remix) 23:15 Tom Garnett - The Bomb (Original Mix) 28:15 Martin Ikin - Rage! (Original MIx) 32:30 Todd Terry & Limelife - Baby Can You Reach (Roog & Dennis Quin Tribute To The Maestro Mix) 36:10 Andrea Carissimi & Michele Chiavarini - Needle On The Record (Angelo Ferreri Remix) 40:40 Simun - Trippin’ All Night 45:10 Room 2 - Closed For Re(Modelling) (Original Mix) 49:40 Alex Kenji - Hands Up 53:30 David Grant - Next Rhythm (Original Mix)
Watch: vodcast - video/mp4

House Is A Feeling, Rio 2016
<img src="http://assets.podomatic.net/ts/81/1e/10/podcast9362/1400x1400_11622434.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />A special episode celebrating the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Jam packed full of Brazillian style house and latin beats. Full track listing: 0:00 Intro 1:10 Camilo Franco - Latino (Original Mix) 5:40 Vlada Asanin & Jerome Robins - Mas Que Nada 10:25 Federico Scavo vs Erid - Capoeira (Minking Remix) 15:50 Bongotrack - Roda Do Capoeira (Original Mix) 20:30 Junior Jack - E Samba (Rasmus Faber Rem ix) 27:30 Stefano Mango & Simon Adams - Samba (Marco Molina & Marco Vistosi Remix) 32:45 Salvo Dj Nurchis - Samba feat Manuela Leon (Original Mix) 37:40 Sted-E & Hybrid Heights - Samba Style (Original Mix) 41:30 Franchno DJ vs Ivan Kay - Brasil Nine Hundred (Ivan Kay Club Mix) 44:50 KauraDJ - The Bossa Nova (Original Mix) 49:30 XL Project - Samba XL (Latin Flavours Vocal Mix) 54:10 Romullo Azaro feat Amannda - Aquarelo do Brasil (Ale Amaral Remix)
Listen: podcast - audio/mp4

House Is A Feeling, Episode 5, 2016
<img src="http://assets.podomatic.net/ts/81/1e/10/podcast9362/1400x1400_11560581.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Another 60 min mix of brand new tracks with a pure House vibe and old school sensibilities. Full track listing: 0:00 Twism & B3RAO & Rick Marshall feat Sarah Kennedy - When I Think Of You 4:10 Deeptrack - My Own Man (Original Mix) 8:50 Makito - The Message (Original Mix) 14:10 Roger Sanchez - Morning Prayer (Original Vocal Mix) 18:40 Todd Terry & Alexander Technique - Do You Believe In House (Freeze Mix) 23:10 Robbie Rivera - Jack That Beat (Original Mix) 27:30 Soul Speech - Soul Speech (Original Mix) 32:10 Simon Hardy - Samba 36:25 Cream Sound Factory - Uuh Ooh (Original Mix) 40:05 Federico Scavo - Bug (Original Mix) 45:00 Peter Brown - It’s Party Time (Original Mix) 49:20 Gene Farris & Mihalis Safras - Like This (Original Mix) 54:55 Dominica - Gotta Let You Go (Freestylers Club Mix)
Watch: vodcast - video/mp4

House Is A Feeling, Episode 4, 2016
<img src="http://assets.podomatic.net/ts/81/1e/10/podcast9362/1400x1400_11455624.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />More Summer vibes and tracks with that classic 90's House sound. Full track listing: 0:00 Kevin Mckay - What U Want (J Paul Getto Classic Mix) 5:30 Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco feat Tommie Cotton - Something About Your Love (Grant Nelson Remix) 10:40 Yolanda Be Cool - From Me To You (Superlover Remix) 16:10 Sneaky Sound System - I Ain’t Over You (Doorly Remix) 21:40 Syap - Busy Time (Original Mix) 25:40 John Andrews - Las Palmas (Lost In Palmas Mix) 31:10 Lee Walker vs DJ Deeon - Freek Like Me (Armand Van Helden Remix) 36:50 Peter Gelderblom & Randy Colle - Got To Be Good (Original Mix) 41:40 Tonja Dantzier - In And Out Of My Life (Armand Van Helden Mix) 46:10 Melvin & Klein - Keep On Jacking (Original Mix) 51:05 Etienne Ozborne, Zoltan Kontes feat Ron Carroll - Get On Up (Original Mix) 55:05 Marcus Wedgewood - Le Soleil (Original Mix)
Watch: vodcast - video/mp4

House Is A Feeling, Episode 3, 2016
<img src="http://assets.podomatic.net/ts/81/1e/10/podcast9362/1400x1400_11410634.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Back to the pure House sounds with this episode and starting off with some soulful, summer vibes before building to an all out 90's style climax. Full track listing: 0:00 Claude Vonstroke - The Rain Break (Original Mix) 5:15 Rescue & Steve - Don’t Let Go (Original Mix) 10:10 Diephuis & Eastar feat Jocelyn Brown - Don’t Quit (Be A Believer) (Original Mix) 16:35 Karlos Cheadle - Can’t Stop (Original Mix) 22:30 Todd Terry - Beat Like This (Original Mix) 27:00 Eric Kupper - Do It (Original Mix) 32:20 House Of Virus and Jimi Polo - Better Days (Original Mix) 36:25 Babert - Think (About It) (Raffa FL Remix) 41:30 DEL-30 - Half Step (Original Mix) 45:25 Majesty - Turn Up The Bass (Original Mix) 49:40 Cozzy D feat Roland Clark - Make The World Go House (Vocal Mix) 55:10 Seraphiks - Want Some More (Future Heroes Revision)
Watch: vodcast - video/mp4

Acid House Is A Feeling, Episode 1, 2016
<img src="http://assets.podomatic.net/ts/81/1e/10/podcast9362/1400x1400_11369961.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />There's a feeling in the air and the sounds of bleeps and squelch's are all around. It seems like a revival is slowly creeping upon us. Well we can hope! House Is A Feeling brings you another special Acid House mix showcasing the best in new Acid tracks. Full track listing: 0:00 Steve Cobby & Trudie Dawn Smith - We Start Over (Tuff City Kids Private Acid Mix) 5:00 Xar Lee - Reach The Acid 9:50 Hoodrat - Acid Reflux (Original Mix) 14:55 Andre Salmon & Chris C - Only (Sishi Roach’s Acid Rub) 20:20 Riva Starr & DJ Pierre - Acid Train (Original Mix) 26:50 Organic Noise From Ibiza - Acid Boiler (Klum Baumgartner & Jason Rivas House Mix) 30:10 Paul Funkee - Funkee Acid Noise (Original Mix) 36:30 Supernova - Acidays (Original Mix) 41:50 Acid Klowns From Outer Space - Mars Attacks Again! 45:15 Kozy - Walkin With Acid (Original Mix) 49:35 Jason Rivas & Old Brick Warehouse - Let’s Party (Acid Dub Mix) 53:20 Bosco - That Girl’s Wild (High On Acid Mix)
Listen: podcast - audio/mp4

House Is A Feeling, Episode 2, 2016
<img src="http://assets.podomatic.net/ts/81/1e/10/podcast9362/1400x1400_11335313.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />The second instalment this year and a collection of soulful, vocal house, piano, and classic house tunes. Full track listing as follows: 0:00 Fusion Groove Orchestra feat Steve Lucas - If Only I Could (Oh Yeah) (Sir Piers & Russ Jay “curious” remix) 5:50 Capulet ft Robert Owens - Holding On (Original Mix) 9:50 MK & Becky Hill - Piece Of Me (Extended Mix) 14:10 Steve Silk Hurley - Jack Your Body (Ki Crieghton Back To Jack Remix) 20:05 Vladi Solera - Sofia’s Theme (Keep Warm) (Original Mix) 25:35 DJ Fresh & High Contrast ft Dizzee Rascal - How Love Begins (Philip George Remix) 31:15 Sisy Ey - Do It Good (Riva Starr Back To Detroit Mix) 36:05 Simeon Belle ft SJ - Huarache Hoes (Original Mix) 40:50 Stuart Ojeley - To The Music (Original Mix) 45:15 LongPlay & Asha Rae - Caught Up (Man Without A Clue Remix) 50:20 Jon Costas - House Train (Original Mix) 54:50 DJ PP & Jack Mood - Dream (Original Mix)
Watch: vodcast - video/mp4

House Is A Feeling, Episode 1, 2016
<img src="http://assets.podomatic.net/ts/81/1e/10/podcast9362/1400x1400_11227154.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Back with a vengeance after a bit of a break and hope it's been worth the wait. Kicking off 2016 with a little bit of disco and some classic House style vibes. Full track listing: 0:00 Alfred Azzetto - Funkasso (Oh Yeah) (Alfred’s Piano Mix) 4:40 Dirty Secretz - A Little Bit Of Disco (Original Mix) 10:00 Simon Adams & Stefano Mango - Soul Panda (Man Without A Clue Mix) 14:30 Rubix - I Came 2 Jack (Original) 20:30 Oscar G feat Katiahshe - My Life (Original Mix) 26:30 Rescue - Get Up (Original Mix) 32:15 Gene Farris - Time (Original Mix) 37:40 Roland Clark, Urban Soul - President House (Diephuis Remix) 44:00 Luca Debonaire, Matt Auston - Just Go 48:30 Chaka Kenn - All Night (Kenny’s 1997 Mix) 51:55 Kenny Summit, Mousse Blanc - Born Again 55:30 Tucci - Keep Up Don’t Stop (Original Mix)
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

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