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Category: News/Politics
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Your escape vessel from the ordinary. Join the Rev. Johnny Lemuria, his co-hosts, and a special guest each week while we discuss the events of the day from an offbeat, bohemian perspective.

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Podcast Episode's:
Erotic Art Show Kickstarter
I’m doing a kickstarter in order to have the budget to do this year’s art show right. Contribute, won’t you? You’ll help advance the causes of art and sexual liberation, receive valuable rewards, etc, etc.

2019 Call for Artists
The Upper Delaware Erotic Arts Council (UDEAC) is looking for high quality, original works of erotic art for its th Annual Erotic Art Show on June 22nd, 2018, at Lady’s Wicked Playground, near Allentown. Rules for Participation Media- We will accept, painting, photography, multimedia, digital, sculpture, audio/video, and performance works of art. Eligibility Requirements- All participants must be 18 years&#8230; <a href="http://johnnylemuria.com/2018/12/2019-call-for-artists.html">(more...)</a>

2019 Goals
Get 100 subscribers on my patreon. Put on a the 4th Annual UDEAC Erotic Art Show, and make it the biggest, most successful yet. Organize a solo art show based upon the Serene Republic of Lemuria. Start a local chapter of the Libertarian Party.

Some New Artwork
&#160; You can buy prints and other merchandise of these pieces, and others of mine, at my Redbubble store.

King List of Ruritania
After months of recovering from my last Pathfinder campaign, I&#8217;m ready to start designing a new one. I&#8217;m going to be reusing a lot of the stuff from previous campaigns, because I&#8217;ll be playing with a new group (let&#8217;s just call those previous efforts rough drafts.) But I&#8217;m going to be adding a lot of new stuff as well. One&#8230; <a href="http://johnnylemuria.com/2018/09/king-list-of-ruritania.html">(more...)</a>

“Welcome to Lemuria”
&#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; A popular poster issued by the Most Serene Republic of Lemuria Tourism Board.

Lamia Queen
I&#8217;m going back to Lemuria. I&#8217;m starting a multi-media, mult-disciplinary art project. I&#8217;m (along with all sorts of collaborators) going to create fictional country, complete with flags, anthem, regalia, national costumes, holidays, mythology, history, landmarks, the works. A micronation, the Serene Republic of Lemuria, as art. More details as they develop.

February Steampunk Salon

‘Path of the Black Flag’ Kickstarter Campaign in now Live
For far too long, I have been working on a RPG supplement for the Pathfinder RPG game, called &#8220;Path of the Black Flag.&#8221; It features new archetypes, feats, spells, uses for skills, Gods of Anarchy, and a lot more. It is designed for people who want to play anarchist adventurers, and for gamemasters who want to use anarchy in their&#8230; <a href="http://johnnylemuria.com/2018/01/path-black-flag-kickstarter-campaign-now-live.html">(more...)</a>

Steampunk Weekend Update 2018
The Honesdale Steampunk Weekend event will be happening from July 20th through July 22nd. From my initial wild explosion of ideas for this year&#8217;s event, we&#8217;re now down to three: The Costume Contest, the Art Exhibition, and The Lion literary journal.

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