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Category: Comedy
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DamnWeek is a comedy, news-centered, podcast. Enjoy hearing about the news with some questionable

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Hawaii Podcast
Podcast Episode's:
DamnWeek Does Dating!
From Nazi’s to shit-shows we’ve got a little of everything in this episode and if you’re a DamnWeek fan you will not want to miss this episode!
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Pokey the Bear
Smokey the bear has been treated multiple times for sexual addiction, but these treatments have failed to bring relief.  He has instead decided to seek out treatment on his own, and while controversial, there have been promising results.  His book ‘Large Trees And Bull Gags’  has topped the New York Times bestseller lists and is […]
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Adopt a Slither Snout!
Please Spay and Neuter your slither snout
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Break the internet Marilyn monroe
Superbowl Sunday. Is Marilyn monroe a whore? Blind man uses echolocation to see. Uneven Couples Why is Josh sexist? Saved by the bell reunion, no turtle? Screech porn obviously.
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Hubcap Frisbee
Hi, how you doing?.. yea its’s been awhile, no I’ve just been busy with life.. it’s not you.  but… Welcome back to DAMNWEEK!!! you’re so moonie.  
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Sstupidity virus got this one.
From a guy advertising for a fake family to another man stuck in the walls of a Marshall's store, to a woman that was assaulted for putting her foot in her mouth. Alas, we find that these people might've been involved in these events because of the direct result of a recently discovered virus they each could have known as the '"stupidity virus." Starting over in Cleveland, where if you're a single woman with a child you could be up for sale. A man there listed an ad on Craigslist looking for a fake family in order to increase his salary.
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To Pee or not to pee.
DirectTV made the news this week when they upset people of the shy bladder advocacy group with their advertisement staring, Rob Lowe, as this "nerdy" man standing in front of a urinal and admitting that he can't pee with other people in the room. Even with the outrage DirectTV has no intention of flushing their commercial. And if that isn't upsetting enough people, the newest show on Discovery channel surely will. The show is about a man who intends to wear a snake proof suit in order to be fed to a live anaconda and still survive.
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Sexy Stalin
Walmart fat shaming, Honey Boo Boo's Mom pedophile rekindling, and Lake Tahoe putting a stop to bear selfie's. Starting with Walmart upsetting many people with their store's online costume section offering a new size, "fat girl," this new addition caused Walmart to remove the section and extend many apologies via twitter.
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Love Finds A Way
This week we discovered where people form relationships and where they end them. Sean Johnson, met the object of his affection at his local Walmart store in the toy aisle. His desire was too strong to wait as he engaged in sexual acts that led to his arrest for indecent exposure and criminal mischief. So yeah, it's bad to start humping inside a store but it's even worse when the one getting humped is not even a human being but rather a brown, stuffed horse.
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Rapey Michelin Man
Damn it’s been another DamnWeek! This week the ebola virus has been on everyones mind as worry over it spreading has the nation gripped in fear, however, for businessman, Todd Spinelli, his only fear is of the virus going away. He’s been selling, Ebola C, a dietary supplement aimed to boost the immune system and […]
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