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Category: Comedy
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Ben’s PodJohn is a magazine style podcast, produced monthly to a theme and comfortably full of words, stories, sounds and various whatnots all compered by the inimitable and eponymous Ben. The PodJohn is a cabaret for the ears.

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Hawaii Podcast
Podcast Episode's:
Ben's PodJohn I - Creation
Welcome one and all to the first in what we hope will be a long line of PodJohns. This week we start, as one should, at the beginning, with the inaugural theme of Creation. We apologise for the less than perfect sound quality in this early episode.
Watch: vodcast - video/quicktime

Ben's PodJohn II - England
Yes. We're back. It's episode two of the PodJohn and, like a baby, we're just getting richer. The theme is England and we bash it about from every angle. PotW, JQT, RSG: just a few of the tasty delights in store for you today. So grab your audio output of choice, brew an oolong pot and sing yourself the exclusive description only jingle: Listen up and listen on, 'cos here it is, it's Ben's PodJohn.
Listen: podcast - audio/mp4

Ben's PodJohn III - Theatre
Roll up! Roll down! Roll over! It's the theatre and the show must go on so break an arm before the fat lady sings and the Scottish play is in the gods. The scene is set, the curtains pulled and in the wings stand our stars. The broad ways outside glow and sparkle in the glare of their light bulb names. Never knowingly upstaged and never knowingly staged. Props and greasepaint fly. It's opening night, find your seat. The lights go down, the ushers hiss. The show begins.
Listen: podcast - audio/mp4

Ben's PodJohn IV - Supper
Have you had you supper? Why not? Granted its not as important as Breakfast or Lunch but it's pretty essential. Just a little something. You'll suffer for it in the morning. No, you will. Come on now just eat something. Noodles, some broth, anything. Fine.
Listen: podcast - audio/mp4

Ben's PodJohn V - Heaven
'No man may maketh one heaven that so doeth for all men that may cometh'. Until now. Join us in our PodJohn Heaven. New jingles, new stories, a guest song by hip-hop stars Fatman Scat, the penultimate installment of POTW and some Q+A from our problem page in 'Dear PodJohn'.
Listen: podcast - audio/mp4

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