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Category: TV/Film
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SciFi4Me Radio produces several programs focused on the science fiction and fantasy genres. News, talk, babble, with digressions. Maybe some snarks & boojums along the way.

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Aloha Podcast Network

Hawaii Podcast
Podcast Episode's:
The H2O Podcast #173: In Which We Discuss the Trip to C2E2
This hour, we talk about the trip to Chicago for C2E2 -- tech issues, big crowds, and goals (un)met. What did we learn for next time?

The H2O Podcast #172: In Which We Discuss the New DCEU
This hour, we discuss the "new" faces of the DC Comics movie universe. Is it changing for the better?

The H2O Podcast #171: In Which We Discuss Our Visit to THE FP
In this episode, we discuss our experience co-hosting with the Alamo Drafthouse Theater in Kansas City: the double feature, The

The H2O Podcast #170: In Which We Discuss Plans, Schemes, and Upcoming Events
This week, the discussion centers around our plans for covering upcoming events. But first, a little feedback on last week's show...

The H2O Podcast #169: In Which We Discuss Attacks, Allegations, and the Culture War
SWATting, sexual assault accusations, political diatribes, random insults hurled via Twitter... Just another day in the Culture War.

The H2O Podcast #168: In Which We Discuss Season Finales & the Choice to End a Show
This week, we talk about shows that ended with a plan and shows that got the axe before anyone was ready.

The H2O Podcast #167: In Which We Discuss Bill Maher and Getting Along
Bill Maher had some things to say about fandom, and we have some things to say about Bill Maher.

The H2O Podcast #166: In Which We Discuss Superhero Movies You Haven’t Watched Yet
This week: superhero movies you might have missed, especially if you're new to the whole "superhero" movement led by Marvel and DC. There have been heroes for a very, very long time.

The H2O Podcast #165: In Which We Discuss the Legacy of William Goldman
This week, we look at the storied career of William Goldman, considered by many to be one of the greatest screenwriters of the modern film era.

The H2O Podcast #164: In Which We Discuss the Legacy of Stan Lee (and other things)
It's back! SciFi4Me's longest-running podcast returns for episode 164 -- complete with digressions and gremlins!

LIVE FROM THE BUNKER: Mandela Van Peebles Talks JIGSAW
Actor Mandela Van Peebles brings an interesting perspective on the movie industry, growing up in a renowned Hollywood family, and insights into his part in JIGSAW, the newest installment in the SAW horror franchise.

The War on AMC's The Walking Dead starts to build up a bid count... are logic and sense among the casualties? Team Zombie has the thoughts! It’s Zombpocalypse Now!

THE TIM HARVEY SHOW #8: Horror Films For Halloween
Everyone knows the HALLOWEEN's, the FRIDAY THE 13TH's and the SAW's, but there are a lot of great horror films that don't get the love they deserve. Mr. Harvey has some to recommend!

AMC's The Walking Dead is back with its 100th episode! There's a war coming! Rick is having visions of some kind! Will there be "Mercy"? It’s Zombpocalypse Now!

Mr. Harvey ponders THE PUNISHER, Netflix's latest MARVEL series, and asks wether Frank Castle can really be the "hero" of a story? 

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