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Category: Comedy
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Hank and Petra are podcasting from deep in the hills of Appalachia. We are laughing and talking about ourselves, our community, and the world in general. We like to think of ourselves as educated Hilljacks.

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Podcast Episode's:
HNT 195: Olympics, The Godfather, Everyday Lies, Old School Country Music, New Emojis
The Olympics are not quite as exciting as they were when we were kids. I feel sorry that today’s kids missed that experience. The Godfather Part 1 is one of the best movies I have ever seen and it holds up very well over time. I am not alone in this opinion. Let’s get our […]
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HNT 194: Guys Only Ski Trip, Fancy Restaurant Etiquette, 1984 The Musical!
Hank has been on a guys trip. Nothing like meeting new people to make you appreciate your own life. Petra found an article about what NOT to do in a fancy restaurant. Whoever adapted 1984 as a play was either an idiot, our our local Theatre Troupe are idiots. We are not sure which is […]
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HNT 193: Momma Stories, Hawaii Scare, Technology Sucks, WVU Basketball
Petra visited her mom. That always produces some fun stories We are living in a crazy time. There are daily weird stories that should scare us all to death. We had a mass false nuclear missile launch warning that lasted 38 minutes! Technology sucks. At least a lot of it does. WVU has a killer […]
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HNT 192: It’s Cold! Texting. A Wet Lab. House Slippers. Federal Pot Crack Down. Top 20 TV Shows of All Time.
Where ever you are, it’s COLD! We are about to hibernate. Hank wants to know why people can’t just answer texts. Because a renter didn’t—we had one very wet lab to clean up. We got super nice house slippers from my mom for Christmas. Little Old Man Slippers. What’s with the federal crack down now […]
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HNT 191: Star Wars, Xmas Traditions, UFO ID Program, New Asteroid Discovery,
I have some word choice issues! I think I was still recovering from Hank’s Family Christmas. Spoiler Alert!!! We both LIKED Star Wars The Last Jedi. We can’t help but spoil some of it in our discussion. The Pentagon had a top secret UFO investigating department only a few years ago! We hope they’re investigating […]
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HNT 190: Hillbilly Moon Explosion, Text Messaging, Welcome to Hell, Drunk Opossum, Dogs vs Cats, Complex TV
Hank and I have had a lingering cold. The anniversary of the first text! We laugh because I had never texted before meeting Hank. http://abc7.com/technology/omg-its-the-25th-anniversary-of-the-text-message/2736062/ SNL delivers som sexual harassment humor with Welcome to Hell. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/saturday-night-live-snl-welcome-to-hell-skit_us_5a23fee8e4b03350e0b760bf A possum breaks into a Florida liquor store and ties one on. https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2017/12/03/Drunk-opossum-found-in-Florida-liquor-store/9161512333784/ Hank found an article to point […]
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HNT 189: Hollywood Allegations. Sephora Disaster. Justice League. Magic Sex Orb.
We talk about the allegations in Hollywood, Joss Whedon and Louis C.K. http://groknation.com/women/joss-whedon-cheating-whedons-work/ https://www.msn.com/en-us/entertainment/celebrity/louis-ck-on-sexual-misconduct-claims-these-stories-are-true/ar-BBEONlY?li=BBnb7Kz The disaster in Sephora! Parents, leave toddlers at home some. They don’t belong everywhere. https://www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/whats-hot/a-child-reportedly-destroyed-over-dollar1000-of-makeup-at-sephora-—-and-the-photos-are-horrific/ar-BBF3ALF?li=BBnb7Kz#image=1 Justice League gets two thumbs up from us. And everyone needs a magic sex orb. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Alsy-8-in-Color-Changing-LED-Glow-Ball-Lamp-19237-000/205208125 Sent from my iPad
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

HNT 188: Coffee Naps, Sex Ed, Aliens?, Stranger Things 2, JFK Files
Petra has an article about a new way to nap. Hank is skeptical. What is the best age to have sex? Something weird flew past the Earth and scientist don’t know what it was or where it came from. These JFK files piss Hank off and weirds him out. Stranger Things 2 has been released […]
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HNT 187: Petra Visits Las Vegas, Oysters Rockefeller!
Petra recently went to Las Vegas with a girlfriend. She shares some stories. Petra had Oysters Rockefeller for the first and last time.
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HNT 186: Hank’s Ramblings. Read What You Sign! Million Dollar Ideas. Guys Trip.
Read any contract before you sign it! Read it all. Do you support a jerk worker? There needs to be a channel for Super Heroes. Hank will judge you. Hank had a memorable Guy Trip, and I’m glad he’s home in one piece.
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HNT 185: Fake News, Momma Drama, Old People and Millennials, One Hit Wonders, And Driving Through
There such a need for fact checking and so much fake news circulating that there’s a headline tab on MSN for fact checking! What’s wrong with us??? http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/factcheck Momma Drama has been tough this week. I feel so bad for her. Hank had a bad time talking with an old person, and that leads to […]
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HNT 184: The Eclipse, Building Clean Out, KC & The Sunshine Band, Game of Thrones
The Eclipse: Reminds us of the inner working of the universe. The universe is amazing and we are such a small part of it all. KC & The Sunshine Band: Had a great time seeing this classic band. Building Clean Out: I have been working like mad trying to cleanup a 100 year old building […]
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HNT 183: Country Food, Eclipse 2017 KY Style, Taylor Swift, Mean Girls
– I raided my dad’s garden. That is a great thing about being a Hillbilly – We have out of work coal miners protesting the galaxy – Petra may now be a Taylor Swift fan. – Freedom od speech ends where someone else right start.
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HNT 182: Frat Pic Nic, Smoking Hot Models, Made in America, Devil’s Outback
– Hank went to his old fraternity’s summer pic nic. – Is smoking in ads back in style? – Outback Steakhouse may be devil worshipers!
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HNT 181: West Virginia Critter Stories. Cheech and Chong. Locker Room. Peaches
Petra’s back home stories continue with critters this time, including the biggest mother F-IGN spider ever. Cheech the renter threw out Chong. Naked men in locker rooms? And Peaches for everyone.
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HNT 180: Petra’s Back, Journey, Fyre Festival, War on Everyone
– Petra is back! She has been away helping her mom. – Hank had a man date to the Journey concert. – We have a movie review for your. “War on Everyone” is currently on Netflix. – The Fyre Festival organizers are now being criminally charged for a variety of offenses.
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HNT 179: Best of Show: General Trius of Future Folk
Petra has had a death in the family. Her dad passed away unexpectedly and she has been staying with her mother to help her through this tough time. Petra’s mom lives about 4 hours away so we have not been able to put out an original show for a while. Thank you for your patience […]
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HNT 178: Kathy Griffin, 30 Songs That Turned 30, Tiger Woods, “Is it Funny”
Kathy Griffin posted a very controversial pic. Society did not collapse. The system is still working. Petra found a list of 30 songs that are 30 years old. Now I feel old. Tiger Woods is a damn mess. Get your act together son! Petra tells you some jokes to see how many knowins you have.
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HNT 177: Billboard Music Awards. Holding Hands. 80’s Beauty Trends. A Beauty Hack. NFL Celebration.
We play fashion police of the Billboard Music Awards. We haven’t even heard of some of the winners. And Cher won the show with her Icon award. Melania Trump is certainly smacking away Donald’s tiny hand. http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_slatest/2017/05/22/melania_appears_to_slap_donald_trump_s_hand_away_video.html Here are some 80’s Beauty Trends making a come back this year! Honestly, some have never waned. http://www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/beauty/15-beauty-trends-from-the-1980s-making-a-comeback/ss-BByTnaj#image=1 […]
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HNT 176: Vampire Deer, Flip or Flop, Toxic People, Pyramid Marketing
We have a TON of deer in our area. Their has been a recent discovery about them that makes us nervous. These Flip or Flop people on HGTV are pissing me off! Plus we have our own local Flip and Flop. 10 type of toxic people you have to avoid at all cost. Friends who […]
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HNT 175: Hair Band Concert, Fyre Festival, Diets
Petra went to a hair band concert. Had a great time with some good stories. People who went to the Fyre Festival did not have such a great time. Our eating habits are all over the place lately. And, we have a correction. It’s Dr. Rhonda Patrick. Check her out. Very worthwhile info.
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HNT 174: Turkey Hunter. Sibling Visit. Daddy Issues.
Hank’s coworker is a surprisingly good shot. We visited Hank’s sister and watched horse races. Hank’s father visited. Hank needed a therapeutic rant.
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HNT 173: Korn’s New Bassist, United Airlines, SNL’s KY Skit, Superbad, Coal Mine Museum
Korn has a new bassist for their upcoming tour. A 12 year old kid! This kid is living a fantasy life here. United Airlines is just screwed for a very long time and they have totally done it to themselves. SNL did a skit involving President Trump and Kentuckians. It’s sobering to realize how the […]
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HNT 172: Random Thoughts. Journal. Sink. Slime Porn. Voicemail. School Stories.
Hank shares some random thoughts. He’s been keeping a journal, but I need to find mine. We got a new sink! And there’s a heck of a story behind it. Hank’s watching Japanese Slime Porn. If talk to text doesn’t understand you, enunciate! This voicemail is great in its awfulness. And we’ve got great school […]
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HNT 171: UK Loses, Daughters, Logan, Wall Builders, Martian Cows, Millennial Drivers
UK lost in the Elite 8. Damn it! We hung out with a family as weird as we are. Especially their daughter! The movie Logan is a new type of movie. It need it’s own genre. Guess who is gonna build the Mexican Wall? Best evidence yet of life on Mars. Millennials disappoint Hank yet […]
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HNT 170: Hank’s Feel Better Documentary. Renter Drama. Medicine. New Zealand. Flat Earthers. NCAA Drama.
Hank watched The Curse of the Man Who Sees UFO’s so he could feel better about himself. We’re going to meet with the jerk tenant we faced off with a few episodes ago. It could be interesting. I need some Impeachara! New Zealand is an interesting option for those Impeachara doesn’t help. Can you believe […]
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HNT 169: Nashville, Petra’s New Job, NCAA Tourney, Snake Escape
– We took a trip to Nashville to see UK play in the SEC tournament. Fun town. – Petra has started her new job. She had an interesting first day involving a dead body! – The NCAA tournament is happening now! It’s a great one of a kind sporting event. HANK LOVES IT! – There […]
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HNT 168: Oscars, Vitamins, Police Pranks
Oscars. Vitamins. Police Pranks. The Oscars were more exciting than usual this year! It was interesting to notice who the commercials were geared towards. But I missed the best part. Since we’re on a big healthy kick we talk about vitamins. The disturbing trend of using police to propose or prank someone doesn’t sit well […]
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HNT 167: We have an ASSHOLE for a renter!
The B52s are a group who has some old music worth checking out. We are dealing with a renter who is an ass of epic proportions! Apartment Complex rules.
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HNT 166: War of the Stars, Playboy, 2nd Date Woes, Mermaids, German National Anthem
What Have We Been Doing? The War Of The Stars. Playboy’s Back. Bill For a Date. Mermaid For Hire. German National Anthem. A rundown of what we’ve been put to. A great way to rewatch Star Wars. Completely entertaining! Sleazy Grandpa and artsy porn. Would you send a bill after a date? http://www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/love-sex/this-woman-was-sent-a-bill-for-refusing-a-second-date/ar-AAmZ1dG?li=BBnbcA0 A working […]
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

HNT 165: Super Bowl Recap, Lady Gaga, Don’t Kink & Drink
– Petra watched the Super Bowl with me. Kinda. – Lady Gaga’s Halftime show review – No not mix excessive alcohol with your Kinky fetish.
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HNT 164: Website Woes, Asia, LSD, Trends to Stop
Our website has been down. The group Asia has had a bandmate die. MIcrodosing LSD is a thing now. Would you do that? Trends to get rid of for 2017
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HNT 163: Lexington KY, Superfoods, Martellus Bennett
Our Lexington Trip. Superfoods. Martellus Bennett. http://greatist.com/health/25-greatist-superfoods-and-why-theyre-super Why a bakery sent Martellus Bennett a cake with 'You're awesome' written on it
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HNT 162: Minimalism Documentary, Study on Wearing Makeup, Our Property Acquisition Project
What We’ve Been Up To! Minimalism. Should Woman Wear Makeup? We’ve had a busy couple of weeks! Bought some property, and I passed my state boards. We enjoyed a documentary on minimalism. I’m minimalist on some things, maximalist on others. Hank’s positively Spartan. And should women wear war-paint um makeup? I say YES to work, […]
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HNT 161: Mike Hamilton from Oniichan Games
Our guest is Mike Hamilton from Oniichan Games. He develops and sells original card games. There is a whole community of people making and creating unique games. Who knew? You can find his work at www.oniichangames.com
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HNT 160: Our Post Christmas Special!
We have a funny get together with Petra’s family.
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HNT 159: Birthday. Family Christmas. Music Soothes. Petra’s Embarrassed.
Birthday. Family Christmas. Music Soothes. Petra’s Embarrassed. Since it’s my birthday, let’s see how many ways we can embarrass me! Hank got me a couple of lottery tickets. I still haven’t scratched one off! We survived his family Christmas. I came out mostly unscathed. Hank wasn’t so lucky. K C and the Sunshine Band has […]
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HNT 158: Guest Kathe Kline from the Rock Your Retirement Podcast.
Rock Your Retirement With Kathe Kline As we’re getting ready to make major life changes, we’re consulting with an expert on making the next phase of life the best it can be. Kathe Kline of rockyourretirement.com and The Rock Your Retirement Podcast joins us to talk about more than finances moving into “after work years”. […]
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HNT 157: Appalachian Whining Sickness. Scary Jammies. 12 Days of Christmas. Canadian Cop Torture. Pot of Gold.
Appalachian Whining Sickness. Scary Jammies. 12 Days of Christmas. Canadian Cop Torture. Pot of Gold. Hank and I both have Appalachian Whining Sickness, or a head cold. Yuck! A kid got sent home from preschool because his jammies were too scary. That’s just ridiculous. I have seen some inappropriate kids clothes, but these weren’t in […]
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HNT 156: Thanksgiving. Black Friday. Barbershop. Roofie Song. Cuba.
Thanksgiving. Black Friday. Barbershop. Roofie Song. Cuba. Thanksgiving was survived by declaring politics off limits at Petra’s mom and dads. So instead we talked about acupuncture and an essential oil pyramid scheme. We totally avoided the Black Friday mess. Hank got his haircut and a story. Why does anyone like Baby It’s Cold Outside? That’s […]
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HNT 155: Westworld. Doctor Strange. Arrival. Steven Hawking. A Trump Story. Hamster. Ghost Cats.
We love Westworld and were delighted to watch the 1973 movie. Doctor Strange is another excellent superhero movie. Two thumbs up here. Arrival is my new favorite move! I love everything about it. It’s deep, thoughtful. Well laid out and edited. Most of all, I love that a movie this smart was made! Steven Hawking […]
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HNT 154: WTF America? Psychic Monkey. The Great Wall of Texas. McDonalds
We talk about politics and the election. A psychic Chinese monkey predicted the winner of our election. McDonald’s has a new Big Mac, a Nutella “burger,” and new sizes for Big Macs. My rollers melted. WTF?
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

HNT 153: Apology. Doctor Strange. Rabbit Tobacco. Business Thoughts.
We apologize if you listened to last week’s show. It was more a fight than a show. We’re working through it. We saw Doctor Strange, and I loved it. Well done movie! Go Disney! Hank has a get rich scheme in rabbit tobacco. By the way, www.rabitttobacco.com is for sale. And we’re working on our […]
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

HNGT 151: Podcast Shoutouts. Petra’s Trip. High School Football in Kentucky.
Hank embarrasses me more than the patient that walked in on me at the Dr’s office. I finally found a ray of sunshine in the whole Trump campaign debacle. I took a trip to New Hope PA for a haircutting class from Matt Beck at Free Salon Education. I had stories! Keith and the Girl […]
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HNT 150: Trump’s Leaked Tape, Halloween, Addictive Substances, KFC’s Comeback
What else this weekend? Politics! We discuss Trump’s leaked conservation about women. We’re getting ready for our favorite holiday, Halloween. We even have our own ghost story! The 5 most addictive substances, and I’m still shocked caffeine isn’t up there. And due to great marketing KFC is making a comeback. Hank called it.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

HNT 149: Our Ghost Story. Rick Flare. Trek Against Trump. Living Debt Free.
Hank seeks out local ghosts. Rick Flare got lost on Space Mountain. Trek Against Trump has Petra’s support. http://www.msn.com/en-us/movies/news/star-trek-universe-aligns-against-donald-trump/ar-BBwPqn1#image=AAinUH3%7C4 https://www.facebook.com/TrekAgainstTrumpOfficial/posts/887685388029999 Trump talks trash about others taxes. Living Debt Free.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

HNT 148: Las Vegas! , Presidential Candidate’s Survey
We have been on vacation! Sorry we have not had a show out for 2 week. Thanks for sticking around. Las Vegas is an awesome place in some ways and not so much in others. Overall, we had a great vacation with lots of adventures to share with you. We have a survey to help […]
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

HNT 147: Cincinatti, Ann Colter, Colin Kaepernick, Clowns
Cincinatti: Great town. We love visiting the big city and bringing back ideas to our area. Ann Colter: Is there a limit to how much and how you insult someone at a celebrity roast? Colin Kaepernick: It’s s complicated issue. Can you bring your personal protest into your work setting? Is that a right? Clowns: […]
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HNT 146: KFC, Sex Tips, World’s Largest Pearl, Proxima b
KFC: They have been doing a great job of marketing lately. We live in Eastern KY, so Hank has a soft spot for the fine poultry. Sex: Petra found an article on improving your sex life. World’s Biggest Pearl: How much do you think it is worth? Proxima b: This may be where the jerk […]
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

HNT 145: Olympics in Review, Civil War Pension, Helicopter Parenting
Olympics: Highlights of some of the best stories from the Olympics from our point of view. Civil War Pension: There is someone who is still receiving a pension from the Civil War in America. Fact! Helicopter Parents: Would you all please stop. Just stop. Your ruining the world for the rest of us because we […]
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