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Category: Comedy
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Joel van Vliet and Kevin Avram of J/K Around take the magic out of comedy by paying tribute to their heroes and interviewing burgeoning talents from the Capitol City of the Nation!

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Podcast Episode's:
0209 Tom Green
This episode starts on a lonely tip because Joel isn’t sure Kevin is going to call. And, as to not ruin the surprise, I’m not going to say whether he calls or not here. After that cliff-hanger, Joel and Kevin discuss what they’ve been up to for the last month. It’s a very interesting journey […]
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0208 Kevin James
This episode begins with a discussion about the EchoBox Kevin uses to speak to Joel and record the ‘cast. Then they get the 411 (information) on where in the world this Kevin guy is anyhow. He’s doing comedy in a shanty town and boy, some of those jokes are drop dead hilarious! They they talk […]
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0207 Carl Reiner
Joel has exciting news right at the top of this episode involving Capitol City University Radio and a special person named Kelly Dimples. And the CCUR comedy record collection. Of course, Kevin is also out of the Enchanted Forest, but also discuss ideas for Joel’s new radio show. Then we get into our hat which […]
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0206 Aziz Ansari
This week’s episode features an in-depth discussion about whether comedy is magic, art or science right off the top. This stems from Kevin telling me about a wizard and a faun in the Enchanted Forest. Joel wonders if maple syrup on cereal could be the catalyst to finding their elusive answers. Then they give a […]
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0205 John Ritter
Our episode kicks off this week with a little back story about the beginning of our ‘cast. We were so excited to start talking about the Comedy Tree. Everyone will be happy to hear that Kevin is safe out of the desert and he’s now on the outskirts of the Enchanted Forest. We go into […]
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0204 Phyllis Diller
This week’s episode is super upbeat and exciting! Joel and Kevin are both is high spirits. Kevin is still in the desert, loving it! The conversation sort of devolves into more political talk, but it’s still important and fun! Joel announces the new comedy wing of Capitol City University. It is met with super energetic […]
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0203 Seth Rogan
In this week’s episode Joel has a cold and Kevin is thirsty (in the desert), but that doesn’t stop them from being very illuminating about Seth Rogan’s career. We will be doing Give Us A Handle with Kevin and Joel, if you have a circumstation, let us know! Check out our YOUTUBE page, share our […]
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0202 Tracy Morgan
This week’s episode starts out with a discussion about how exciting it is when we post these podcasts and the post podcast ritual we partake in. Then the conversation turns to Kevin’s ongoing travels and the fun week Joel is looking forward to as it is Kite Week in the Nation. Of course, the conversation […]
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0201 Richard Pryor
We start the year out with a bit of a different thing from last season. Kevin has left Joel in the lurch, so to speak, by deciding to do the 199 days of travel. This week he’s in the Westernmost Mountains. They talk about his Sherpa (Korojo), Joel’s photography website and other intriguing travel related things. Joel asks some […]
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S01E21.5 Exam Answer Key: Semester I
Here are your answers for this semester’s exam. PLEASE do not listen to this until you’ve completed your exam! Check out our YOUTUBE page, share our podcast clips with your friends! Subscribe on iTunes!! And RATE and REVIEW us!! Questions or comments? Email: thejkaround@gmail.com Our twitter: twitter.com/thejkaround Facebooker? Like: facebook.com/thejkaround Have a great week! Semester dismissed.
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S01E21 Exam: Semester I
Click this sentence or the image below to download exam! Please follow the instructions on page 5 and try your best! Check out our YOUTUBE page, share our podcast clips with your friends! Subscribe on iTunes!! And RATE and REVIEW us!! Questions or comments? Email: thejkaround@gmail.com Our twitter: twitter.com/thejkaround Facebooker? Like: facebook.com/thejkaround Have a great […]
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S01E20 Interview: David Green
This is the last episode of this semester on The JK Around Podcast. It’s an honour to interview the daddy of his local scene (in Niagara of Canada), the master of words, David Green. There’s a lot of learning in this episode, students! We start out immediately wondering if David will ever be transgendered. And […]
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S01E19 Tribute: Margaret Cho
We start the podcast with a sad message about the end of the semester of The JK Around podcast (season 1). We mention School’s out for the summer by Alice Cooper. It’s time for summer vacation! It’s time for recess. We discuss the different climates in other parts of the world and how they don’t […]
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Theme Song Lyrics
Comedy Soup We give you ingredients for a comedy joke And you make the soup Where’s the soup? Can I Be Your? Times were crazy, but I was happy I held your hand and we walked by the sea Can I be your? Can I be your? Can I be your? Tweets That comedian, oh, why’s […]

S01E18 Interview: Justin Laite
This episode begins with a bit of a weather report, which is unusual for our podcast. It’s the rainy, snowy, beach-weather season in the Nation. For the second time, a guest begins to talk before they’re introduced on the podcast and it excites the dynamic comedy duo that is the JK Around. The guest is […]
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S01E17.5 Extra Credit: Ylvis – Stonehenge
We talk about the song Massachusetts and break it down line by line. Enjoy! (You can DOWNLOAD the song on iTunes, LIKE them on Facebook and watch the video below). Subscribe on iTunes!! And RATE and REVIEW us!! Assignment: Give us your ideas of what the purpose of Stonehenge could be! Questions or comments? Email: […]
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S01E17 Tribute: Demetri Martin
The episode begins with Joel and Kevin suggesting that Prince could do a cool rock and roll version of their theme song. That gets Joel talking about hippity-hop and how he doesn’t enjoy the “music” or lyrics, but really loves the sexy videos they make to go along with those things. Then the JK Around exposes […]
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S01E16 Interview: Matt Ker
What a beautiful Monday for the JK Around Podcast. We don’t waste much time to introduce our guest: Matt Ker! Matt is an old, not particularly current, friend of Kevin’s. We start in by talking about the history that Kevin and Matt share. It’s pretty underwhelming. The joke they shared didn’t even seem that funny, […]
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S01E15 Tribute: Sam Kinison
The podcast cracks off on an interesting conversation about time, death, tragedy and comedy. They immediately turn the comedy plus time equals tragedy equation on its ear. Then we reiterate what we’re doing with the show, interviewing amateur comedians in order to stay away from just discussing WHO the people are, but rather, WHAT they […]
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S01E14 Interview: Jen Meyers
We start the podcast by commenting that comedy is eternal, like the blue milk after a bowl of Lucky Charms, the brown milk after a bowl of Count Chocula or Cap’n Crunch mouth. And then our guest interrupts and introduces herself, in a sense: Jen Meyers! Jen immediately impresses us with her use of Latin. […]
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S01E13 Tribute: Chris Farley
We open the episode discussing the throwback to the silent film era! The days of Charlie Chaplin when they used title cards to describe emotions. You’d be watching Journey to the Center of the Moon and music would be the indicator as well as a title sign. We discuss the importance of musical indicators. (That’s […]
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S01E12 Interview: Ben Whipps
This week begins by making sure everyone understands that our ‘cast isn’t just for “students” of comedy, but for everyone who enjoys hearing about comedians and the discipline of comedy. Then we introduce our guest: Ben Whipps! We discuss how exciting it is that our podcast will always be online and people can listen to […]
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S01E11 Tribute: Jerry Seinfeld
We open the podcast reminding our students about the ongoing, very late Garfield meme assignment. Then we talk about the Sunday funnies and how our government is keeping down the strong liberal and conservative voices of heavy hitters like Doonesbury. But this episode hopes to enlighten the listeners and make them red with passion like […]
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S01E10 Interview: Mikey Henley
Today starts off with exposing our rap alter egos: K-Love Flavrum and Joel van Violence. Then we introduce Mikey Henley! We get straight in to talking about the belt wearers and non-belt wearers of Islam and the Scots (kilts). And then we get on Worldwide Wrestling Federation. Are they competing with Cowboys for biggest belt […]
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S01E09 Tribute: Ricky Gervais
This podcast gets off to a great start with us reminding our students what we’re actually doing: taking the magic out of comedy. We take care to remind out listeners that we all could die every day and, most importantly, this year, so make the most of it! We talk about what comedy is in […]
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S01E08.5 Extra Credit: Ylvis – Massachusetts
We talk about the song Massachusetts and break it down line by line. Enjoy! (You can DOWNLOAD the song on iTunes, LIKE them on Facebook and watch the video below). Subscribe on iTunes!! And RATE and REVIEW us!! Questions or comments? Email: thejkaround@gmail.com Our twitter: twitter.com/thejkaround Facebooker? Like: facebook.com/thejkaround Kevin the Great’s Blog: http://itskevinthegreatblog.tumblr.com Have […]
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S01E08 Interview: Jonny Clark
Our first interview episode of the year is with Jonny Clark! He is a zany, alternative comic with a love of prop comedy. After doing a “here’s Jonny” throwback to the Johnny Carson show, we get right into it. Jonny didn’t always do the Carrot Tip type thing with props (beach ball bicycles for instance). […]
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S01E07 Tribute: Bill Cosby
We start by teaching about surprise in comedy (breaking the dialogism) to our students. We get right into to talking about our tributee because we learned from our mistake on the Sarah Silverman episode, to stop taking so much time NOT talking about them. Today we tributize a true, classic legend Bill Cosby! We talk […]
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S01E06.5 Extra Credit: Special December Time Episode
The Grumpus Who Stole December Time from the Children When the Nation was sleeping from the beach to the city (Capitol City) Behold in the forest, where everything dark grows There came a low moaning which didn’t sound pretty A sound not heard ‘fore then, but now everyone knows Now, children and spinsters were hanging […]
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S01E06 Interview: Carly May
Today’s podcast features Carly May as our special guest comedian* for a special December Time episode! The show starts off on an educational tip as Joel and Kevin teach our listeners about synthesis and photosynthesis. Our podcast picture is a great example of these concepts. We, again, mention how funny hard C (or K) sounds […]
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S01E05 Tribute: Sarah Silverman
Today’s episode begins with wasting time talking about the alphabet and Kangaroo Jack, comedy film. This film is loved by Liberals and Conservatives from Australia to all around the world. After we reintroduce ourselves to the students, we draw attention to the hard C or K sounds again in the podcast. We use Jack Black […]
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S01E04.5 LM (Listener Mail) #2
A couple folks have some very legitimate questions for Kevin and Joel gets a very exciting email that could change his and Kevin’s lives forever. Subscribe on iTunes!! Questions or comments? Email: thejkaround@gmail.com Our twitter: twitter.com/thejkaround Facebooker? Like: facebook.com/thejkaround Kevin the Great’s Blog: http://itskevinthegreatblog.tumblr.com Have a great week!
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S01E04 Interview: Levi Mann
Today we interview Levi Mann, comedian! The conversation is hot right out of the gate as we discuss what he uses as fodder for comedy. Does his material stem from television shows like Marvel‘s S.H.E.I.L.D., of which Levi is a huge fan? Or does his material come from people (not the magazine, actual people)? Is […]
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S01E03 Tribute: Russell Peters
This week we tributize Russell Peters! But we don’t get into his story right away… We question why Ricky Gervais had a wildly popular podcast, but we don’t! how did he have millions of downloads? We thank our listeners while trying to educate our listeners about subscribing on iTunes. We’re also on Player FM for […]
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S01E02 Interview: Zach Shade
Our first Interview episode couldn’t be better with our guest Zach Shade! We start in right away enjoying how not unlike Shaft Zach’s name is. Of course, that highlights how incredibly white and nerdy he is (not unlike the song by “Weird Al” Yankovic), which happens to be a brilliant segue into his Jewish based […]
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S01E01.5 LM (Listener Mail) #1
This is our first Listener Mail (LM) episode where we talk to YOU the listener about emails that you’ve sent us regarding the podcasting that we’ve been doing for you. It seems a little circular and redundant, but maybe in a deep way, that’s life. Kevin mentions his BLOG and gives the INCORRECT link, so […]
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S01E01 Tribute: Louis C.K.
In this first Tribute Episode, we don’t just celebrate the “comedian’s comedian” Louis C. K., we also give him some tough love advice to get on the cover of GQ Magazine and to open for Mike Birbiglia! As we try to de-magify Louis’ comedy, we dip into a very intense conversation which really should be […]
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S01E00 Introduction
Welcome to the first Episode of J/K Around Podcast. Here we discuss what you can expect from the podcast (interview and tribute episodes) as well as some of the greats we might be discussing: Mike Birbiglia, George Carlin, Lenny Bruce, Jeff Dunham, Charlie Sheen, Larry the Cable Guy and Jeff Foxworthy. We touch on amazing […]
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