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Category: Business
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FUEL for the Real Estate Industry. Agent Caffeine goes to the source engaging the most influential, passionate thought leaders in all disciplines of business so you can do business better.

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Podcast Episode's:
199 Rock Solid Social Media for Real Estate with Katie Lance
You’ve heard the naysayers:  “Focus on your business and forget social.” Well what if social in today’s business landscape is an integral part of how you connect with clients?  Still want to forget it?  Katie Lance is one of the brightest lights in the  #realestate   social landscape.  Relied on by big companies and brokers ...<a class="moretag" href="http://www.agentcaffeine.com/199-rock-solid-social-for-real-estate-with-katie-lance/">Read more >></a>
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202 The Open House Doctor with Kasia Olek
Listen to the Podcast In real estate you are instructed to do what works. Phone calls, door knocking, Cold calls, Open Houses, whatever you can do when you first start out. Then find the formula that helps you the most and focus on that. The easiest way to differentiate yourself as a realtor / agent ...<a class="moretag" href="http://www.agentcaffeine.com/202-the-open-house-doctor-with-kasia-olek/">Read more >></a>
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201 Luxe Meets Tech in Real Estate with Brightdoor’s CEO
Listen to the Podcast Brightdoor’s CEO, Michael Worthington prepares to blow our minds with his latest venture using beacon technology. The product is called Beamly and how it is being used to market luxury property is intriguing and effective.  #luxury  #realestate #technology  #luxurymarket What you will learn: 1. More informed on the possibilities of connecting all aspects of ...<a class="moretag" href="http://www.agentcaffeine.com/201-luxe-meets-tech-in-real-estate-with-brightdoors-ceo/">Read more >></a>
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200 Luxury Real Estate Mindset w/ Jack Cotton
Listen to the Podcast Reminder for those wanting to do more luxury real estate. Tonight’s show will share compelling perspectives on how to do it better, how tech is enhancing and nuggets for working with sellers and getting the listings sold. As the market shrinks for home buyers in with affluent budgets, proper positioning, marketing ...<a class="moretag" href="http://www.agentcaffeine.com/200-luxury-mindset-for-real-estate-w-jack-cotton/">Read more >></a>
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198 Protect, Control & Monetize Data with Saul Klein
Listen to the Podcast Real Estate Data issues are some of the most controversial, questioned and misunderstood aspects of our industry. Saul Klein, known as the “real estate industry’s first Internet Evangelist.” Few understand the opportunities, challenges and dynamics the way Saul does. Many do not understand the extent and need to protect, control & ...<a class="moretag" href="http://www.agentcaffeine.com/198-protect-control-monetize-data-with-saul-klein/">Read more >></a>
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197 How to Get More Luxury Listings with Mark Fitzpatrick
Listen to the Podcast If you are interested in owning the luxury market you should know qualified buyers are all over the country and as the dollar price goes up that circle of qualified people extends globally. How do you attract those elusive buyers and speak a universal language on behalf of your sellers? With ...<a class="moretag" href="http://www.agentcaffeine.com/197-how-to-get-more-luxury-listings-with-mark-fitzpatrick/">Read more >></a>
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196 The Zen of Real Estate with ‘REAL’ author, Dave Crumby
Listen to the Podcast The Zen approach to success in real estate. Often the way we are initially engaged in the business of real estate gives us the wrong idea. We all know we sign on for the most part as “Independent Contractors” which is misleading unto itself. This new, more holistic approach to building ...<a class="moretag" href="http://www.agentcaffeine.com/196-the-zen-of-real-estate-with-real-author-dave-crumby/">Read more >></a>
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195 Agent Security: Key Lessons in Safety with CEO Lynn Robertson
Listen to Podcast Safety is something we often take for granted until something happens to someone we know or close by. We joke about pop-tart agents at times, but most of us have done the pop-tart thing at one time or another. Most. Not all. Thursday’s show opens with a former agent now FEMALE CEO/Start ...<a class="moretag" href="http://www.agentcaffeine.com/195-agent-security-key-lessons-in-safety-with-ceo-lynn-robertson/">Read more >></a>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

194 Driving Social Behavior with Technology feat. Dizzle CEO
Listen to the Podcast Ever wonder how people become the pied pipers of social networks? Will Caldwell, CEO of Dizzle has the strategy down and he’s going to share a few secrets with you. Social is one of the biggest drivers of marketing today and the consumer is responding.  Find out how you can become ...<a class="moretag" href="http://www.agentcaffeine.com/194-driving-social-behavior-technology-feat-dizzle-ceo/">Read more >></a>
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193 Client Collaboration Strategy with Real Scout CEO
Listen to the Podcast Working with clients in a complimentary role has become more critical than ever.  Client collaboration is key. No more are you the gatekeepers to the MLS but the educator of all community information and strategic information in buying and selling a home.  This is a huge opportunity to gain a competitive ...<a class="moretag" href="http://www.agentcaffeine.com/193-client-collaboration-strategy-with-real-scout-ceo/">Read more >></a>
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184 The Art & Science of Social with Guy Kawasaki & Peg Fitzpatrick of Canva
Listen to Podcast Guy Kawasaki on Agent Caffeine. With a new book on the horizon (The Art and Science of Social Media) and a new company (Chief Evangelist of Australia’s Canva) he joins Peg Fitzpatrick and Kelly Mitchell to talk about Power Strategies in Social. We get a sneak peek at the real estate piece ...<a class="moretag" href="http://www.agentcaffeine.com/184-the-art-science-of-social-with-guy-kawasaki-peg-fitzpatrick-of-canva/">Read more >></a>
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