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Category: Games/Hobbies
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A regular Porsche-related podcast from FrazerPart covering a multitude of Porsche-related subjects from historic air-cooled vehicles through to the modern water-cooled examples.

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Podcast Episode's:
<p>In this month's FrazerPart Porsche podcast, Max meets with a friend and also one of our customers, Jerry, who has spoken to us at great length in the past about a track day experience that he had been on. We thought it would make a great podcast!</p> <p>During the interview, Jerry introduces us to the format of the "Porsche Driving Experience" held at Porsche's purpose built Silverstone facility, what he learnt, what he experienced in terms of Porsche handling and performance.</p> <p>Our conclusion is that this is a great way to experience how your Porsche behaves in an extremely safe environment that can only benefit your on-road driving skills.</p> <p>More information on the Porsche Driving Experience can be found at <a href="http://www.porsche.com/silverstone/en/experience/porschedrivingexperience/">http://www.porsche.com/silverstone/en/experience/porschedrivingexperience/</a><a href="http://www.cccedinburgh.co.uk/"></a></p>
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<p>In this month's FrazerPart Porsche podcast, Max meets with a friend and also one of our customers, Matt Nichols, who runs a members only classic car club in Edinburgh, Scotland.</p> <p>During the interview, Matt talks with great passion and enthusiasm about his business, how membership works, what Porsches he can offer and the restrictions placed on them when members take them for a 24 hour (or longer if desired) test drive/journey.</p> <p>Our conclusion is that this is a great way to try a Porsche before you commit to buying one.</p> <p>More information on the Classic Car Club can be found at <a href="http://www.cccedinburgh.co.uk/">http://www.cccedinburgh.co.uk/</a></p>
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<p>In this month's FrazerPart Porsche podcast, Max meets with one of our customers, Martin Hall, who built and raced his own Porsche 924 race car in the Porsche Championship.</p> <p>Continuing with our series of affordable Porsche motoring, we now explore the world of affordable Porsche motorsport. The rules and regulations for the Porsche Championship restrict the amount of modifications and enhancements that can be made to transform a standard Porsche 924 road car into a track ready race car. This in turn keeps the costs of racing down and makes the racing far more competitive.</p> <p>During the interview, Martin talks with great passion and enthusiam about his race car, how he built it, how he prepared it and how he felt when he got his first podium finish! He raced the same vehicle, on a shoe string budget for 5 seasons and having had a break during the 2010 season, is now talking about racing again in 2011!</p> <p>More information on the Porsche 924 Championship can be found at <a href="http://www.porsche924.co.uk/">http://www.porscheracingdrivers.co.uk/</a></p>
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<p>In this month's FrazerPart Porsche podcast, Max meets Peter & Rich, the current committee members of the Porsche 924 club.</p> <p>The Porsche 924 club is the only club in the world dedicated to the Porsche 924 car. An internet based club with members from all over the world, the Porsche 924 club does everything possible to keep this particular model (including the 924, 924 Turbo, 924 Carrera GT and 924S) of Porsche alive.</p> <p>During the interview, Peter and Rich talk with great passion about their organisation, and describe it as more of a "family" than a club. They describe how the club offers technical and moral support to any member with any kind of Porsche 924 problem. They also talk about some of the member events that are organised throughout the year.</p> <p>More information on the Porsche 924 club can be found at <a href="http://www.porsche924.co.uk/">http://www.porsche924.co.uk/</a></p>
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<p>In this month's FrazerPart Porsche podcast, Max meets Phil Raby, the current editor of Total 911 magazine.</p> <p>Total 911 magazine is the world's only magazine dedicated purely to the Porsche 911. Going to press every 4 weeks, the magazine is published 13 times a year. Each edition sells in excess of 35,000 copies in over 80 countries around the world. In addition to the print version, the iPad edition also sells in big numbers.</p> <p>During the interview, Phil shares with us some of his Porsche enthusiam, reveals his favourite 911 and some of his favourite driving roads in both the UK and in Europe.</p> <p>More information on Total 911 magazine can be found at <a href="http://www.total911.com/">http://www.total911.com/</a></p>
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<p>In this month's podcast, Max meets Darren Jones whose business, Autopia Service Centres (<a href="http://www.autopiaservicecentres.co.uk">www.autopiaservicecentres.co.uk</a>) offers vehicle workshop facilities rental for Porsche DIY maintenance enthusiasts.</p> <p>Located in the North West of England, Autopia Service Centres is one of the first vehicle maintenance/DIY self service facilities in the region offering their customers vehicle bays, ramps and tools for hire.</p> <p>During the interview, Darren discusses the range of facilities he can offer his customers, the level of support and encouragment that he and his team can provide and also outlines the kind of work that can and can't be done by any Porsche enthusiast using his vehicle ramps and garage/maintenance facilities. </p>
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<p>In this month's podcast, Max meets Steve Bennett, the current editor of <em>911 and Porsche World </em>magazine.</p> <p><em>911 & Porsche World </em>magazine is one of the UK's biggest and most popular Porsche enthusiast magazine with a regular monthly circulation of over 35,000 copies distributed globally in over 80 different countries.</p> <p>During the interview, Steve shares with us some of his Porsche passion, his dream Porsche and his thoughts on the future of Porsche now that they are owned by VW.</p>
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