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Category: Comedy
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No Shirt. No Shoes. No Topic. Hosted by husband and wife comedy duo Ender Bowen and Emily Steele.

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Hawaii Podcast
Podcast Episode's:
Episode 4.05 – Here Comes The Family
The Lead: The family is coming for a visit, Emily pushes her chest out, Ender’s a jerk, stretching your back, doing the “Gumbo”. The Segway: Emily doesn’t like Ender because he’s mean, bitter and “endorseful”. National Word Association: One of the most ridiculous segments we have ever done. We’ve joined the National Word Association, and […]
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Episode 4.04 – I Am Not A Jew
The Lead: People are apparently very confused about whether or not Emily is a Jew. The Segway: Home brewing at Tennessee Brew Works. What Craft beers do you recommend? Current Events According to Emily: The Ukraine/Russia Crisis & The LA Clippers. Emails: What has been our favorite TV show to watch this year and why? […]
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Episode 4.03 – Afterbirth
In the afterbirth… • Nurses aplenty • Dave from It’s A Man’s World visits • A rough first night • The big “let down” • The other nurse • The battery goes bad • The whole thing about the mangoes • Visits from friends • Going to class • Calling baby tech support • Weighing […]
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Episode 4.02 – During
“During” didn’t happen as we planned – sorry • “Squeezing the living life…” • An honorable discharge • Emily has pain • You cannot pre-register enough • Ender’s English joke • Blowing the vein • Things get real fast • Ender’s truth about watching the birth • The spew felt round the world • Emily was […]
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Episode 4.01 – Before
Fetch-Heart Gopher gets the milk • “Those characters from Cleveland” • The premise behind the “trilogy” • Getting “all expectant” • Getting “all up in that cervix” • Reverse-sneezing • The secret things men do during labor • Ender is anxious • January is too close • Paying for the “baggage” • Italians always do […]
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Episode 3.30 – The Best of 2013
It’s the end of the year again, which means it’s time for another Topical Vacation Best Of! Enjoy the best of 2013 as a nice post-Christmas treat! Episode 3.01: The Cold Freeze Episode 3.01: Polar Bears Love Coke Episode 3.03: 49ers Battle Cry Episode 3.04: Fart blame & Burping your pants Episode 3.04: What did […]
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Episode 3.29 – I Do Not Like Them, Sam I Am
Ender gets “plantar wart” wrong • Warts keep coming back • Horse ranching your warts • Microphone problems • How Green Eggs and Ham helps with pain • Who throttled who • The Segway: Child Birthing Class • Learning how a C-Section works • Rocking chair levers • Horrible assembly instructions • Stripped screws • Emily’s […]
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Episode 3.28 – Happy Anniversary, Me!
Ender tries a new way to podcast • The joys of Zoom H4n with Garageband to record, and as a sound board • The start of Hanukkah • Emily celebrates 14 years of having sung with Meat Loaf • Ender almost touched Bono • Emily’s story of when she sang with Meat Loaf • Emily […]
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Episode 3.27 – It’s My Game Now, Bitch!
Ender gets political anyway • Today, we have a topic • The truth of Ender’s origins • The story of Ender’s Game • Vaccinating the conversation • Proper Facebook conduct • Getting “sweet & low” • The cat hisses • Ender asks for fair dialogue • Emily sums it up • “We’re not moving forward without a right and a left” • A quick review of Ender’s […]
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Episode 3.26 – Like It’s My Last Meal
How to properly eat candy corn • Belly up to the candy corn bar • Candy corn addiction and the candy corn racket • Trying something new • Gay stereotypes • GMX podcasting panel • Shout out to Adam and JP • Halloween recap and the near-cancellation of joy • Interrupted by the dogs • […]
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Episode 3.25 – Kickin’ & Screamin’
Abysmal sounds • The baby kicks • The baby farts • Pop goes the world • “The Safety Dance” video • The “Take On Me” Volkswagon commercial • What is the best music video of all time? • Ender is a chronic proposer • Meeting people in person • Remember pagers? • Ender cheats on […]
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Episode 3.24 – Flip Flop
Ender’s phone goes off • Emily’s phone goes off • Presidential cultural lexicon • Flip flop pretzels… are gross • Girls’ night math • Dillweed Flakes – not a cereal • Cheesecake dip • The show turns into a recipe show • Fall TV Premiere Week • The premieres we are looking forward to • […]
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 3.23 – Let Me Paint You A Picture
Ender goes all Mr. Science • Peanut butter and jelly rolls • Emily talks out of her eyes • Our story about Pastel Paints – don’t use them • The legend of Johnny Vargas • We still say LivingSocial and Groupon are awesome! • Colored pee • We’re coming for you, Johnny Vargas! • Read That Stuff: He’s Just Not That Into […]
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 3.22 – I Want A Muffin
About eating muffins • Well-known water drinkers • Muffin cramps • Doggy fostering • Emily burns Ender • The sound of a sizzle • Adam Frank • Getting sick • Filming birth • Email us about why you filmed your child being born (or why you didn’t) • Adam and JP Show M.C.ing podcast panel […]
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 3.21 – Don’t Listen If You’re New (This One Is Only For Hardcore Fans)
And it begins… • The intro gets cut off • Phantom of The Topra • This is for hardcore fans • Emily burps • Ender puts a hole in the wall and learns how to “sparkle” • Johnny Vargas • Emily burps • Common Sense for Dummys Live in September • Vote CS4D videos “funny” on Funny or Die • Emails isn’t happening today • Read […]
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Episode 3.20 – W.T.F.S.
The new studio has clutter • Peach pie enunciation • Setzer chimes in • Having the right peach • Hannah Montana is horrible and Disney sucks • Horrible actor siblings of great actors • “Why The Five Songs”? • Happiness sounds like a dog licking a pie • Emily was a loser magnet • What […]
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 3.19 – I Think We All Know What Really Happened
The Diamond Episode of the show • Global Warming and A-Rod are to blame for Trayvon Martin • Ender isn’t convinced • “God, Not Rod!” • The Yankees‘ Taint • The Segway: Friday Night Lights (The TV Series) • Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton • North and South • Comparing The Civil War to Silence of […]
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Episode 3.18 – Use Me!
The finger-pointy dance • Inquiring within • Emily pitches for the 48 Hour Film Festival • Through-The-Roofers • The woman goal • The man goal • Looking good in a swimsuit • Men just don’t want to die • The Segway: Melissa McCarthy and other women in comedy • Bad Lip Reading • The flavor of our show • A review of This […]
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Episode 3.17 – I Can’t Be The Only Thought Provider
Quoting Michael Bolton • Why it’s difficult for Ender • Holding up the end of the bargain • Dinnerizing • The Segway: A Spoiler-free-ish Review of Man of Steel • Don’t stay through the end-credits • Pillow humping • Emails: Historical figures in the 21st Century, Nirvana‘s legacy, When you’re ill • The End of The Show: Hot and Muggy, Happy […]
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 3.16 – I’ve Been Mugged
Playing for the people at home • Emily is “The Take” • A French mugging • Teacher out of water • French 5 – the one everyone pretends didn’t happen • Canadian politics • Larry O’Brien is not Larry Bird • How the Padres lost the World Series • Teachus Christ • Being a teacher’s […]
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Episode 3.15 – Change Is Good
Not very good watermelons • Fruit isn’t in to staying ripe • Crunchy bananas • Bananas are closer to being peanuts • The Segway: Pulling the goalie • Moving things around • Ro-Ro and Cheese • The eastern shoreboard • SEO • Common Sense for Dummys starts Season 2! • Emily listens to the podcast […]
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 3.14 – I’m Outta Here!
Emily does another dance • Quality of the Quantity • Ender isn’t lazy • No more phone calls • A cheap plug for Joint Custody Productions • Free quotes • Ender gets real • The Segway: What is summer? • Nope, we didn’t get storms • “Topical Storm” names • Clipping the dog • CS4D […]
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Episode 3.13 – This Sucks!
Chicken Bop • Vacuum cleaner time • Drinking game with The PWA Show • Ender’s shoddy idea for a Topical Vacation drinking game • Send us your ideas on a Topical Vacation drinking game! • Shut up! • Ender thinks there’s a camera • Adam And JP ask a question on Twitter • Starting a […]
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Episode 3.12 – The Revenge of The Poop Mower!
Wanting to do the show live • Sing Along! • Emily’s weird dances and pantomimes • Putting the cart before the horse • Common Sense for Dummys at Out Front On Main • The Segway: The Poop Mower • Emily’s Craigslist story • The shorts angle • Air guitar or electric chair execution? • Read That […]
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 3.11 – Ouch!
The Sound of Pollen • Garfunkel cookie • The Segway: Bozo The Clown, IT, wild turkeys • We get racey, and it’s kinda wrong • How to make the dog go in the toilet • Milo and Otis with a Chicken • Nazi turkeys • Thanks to Adam and JP Show • Emily Words • […]
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